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Volkswagen universal ID. Space Vizzion is a serial

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Volkswagen concept,Volkswagen id space vizzion. Название концепта указывает на его тесное родство с седаном I.D. Vizzion, хотя оформление носа у «сарая» собственное, а рельеф бортов похож лишь отчасти.

Leonid Popov, 2 days ago. Illustration: Volkswagen

The name of the concept indicates its close relationship with the sedan I. D. Vizzion, although the design of the nose at the “barn” of their own, and the terrain boards are similar only in part.

The mysterious concept of the family Volkswagen, ID., the announced a week ago, turned out to be a universal ID. Space Vizzion. Its premiere will take place on November 19 in Los Angeles, and while volkswagenaudi shared the official sketches and some technical information. In particular, it is claimed that this electric car can go 590 km in the complex cycle WLTP or 300 miles (483 km) on U.S. EPA standard.

The concept “combines the aerodynamic characteristics of the Gran Turismo with the roominess of an SUV” — says the manufacturer, says about the discovery “of the new electric segment.”

All members of the family ID. use a modular electric platform MEB, which allows to vary the traction electric motors and batteries. Sedan Vizzion, in particular, the battery had a capacity of 111 kWh and provided a range of 665 km. the Concept had a pair of electric motors (one front and back), with a total capacity of 306 “horses”. From the universal we can expect such features.

Sedan I. D. Vizzion had neither helm nor tidy, nor the exterior mirrors. The universal ID. Space Vizzion got all these elements, alluding to its proximity to the future production version.

The company Volkswagen has previously said that the serial interpretation of the sedan I. D. Vizzion should appear in 2022. However related to this sedan wagon ID. Space Vizzion will be released even earlier — at the end of 2021. In the series he will certainly receive a different designation ID. with a dial, similar to the already standing on the conveyor hatchback Volkswagen ID.3. Recall that the firm Volkswagen has reserved for their models on the platform MEB denoted by ID.1 to ID.9. Among them are van, mid-size and large crossovers, and the sedan with the wagon.

The wagon will get the interior decoration of environmentally friendly materials, including faux-leather AppleSkin in the manufacture of which uses waste from the production of Apple juice.

It should be noted that the electric hatchbacks, sedans, vans and SUVs the world has seen enough. But the electric wagons — a real rarity. Even if we assume that concepts and prototypes. You can think of a limited batch of battery model Skoda Octavia Green E, inconclusive experiments with models of Lada Ellada and the Saab 9-3 ePower, special cases of conversion of wagons in the cart like project Blue Bandit and products tuning such as shuting-break based on Tesla. In the series we are waiting for a raised station wagon Taycan Porsche Sport Turismo, which is due out in 2020. Well, the hero of this material, Volkswagen ID. Space Vizzion, according to the company, will be available “in different versions” in the markets of North America, Europe and China.


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Crossover Jaguar E-Pace updates the design in the new year

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Jaguar e-pace. Корректировки ожидаются в решётке радиатора, бампере и верхней части фар. Что-то ещё (вроде вентиляционных прорезей, шильдиков) пока остаётся под камуфляжем.

Leonid Popov, 10 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

Adjustments are expected in the grille, the bumper and the top of the headlights. Something else (like the ventilation slots, signboards) is still under a camouflage.

SUV Jaguar E-Pace, born in July of 2017, in 2020, in the second half, needs to be updated. Proof: redraw the sample, seen only on tests, allowed to throw the first look at the external changes in the model (though they will not end).

Lights similar to the previous, but inside the red lines were thinner. The design of the exhaust is not visible, but there may be changes (depending on motor).

Now at the disposal of “e-pace” there are two-liter gasoline (200 HP, 340 N•m; 249 HP, 365 N•m; 300 HP, 400 N•m) and diesel (150 PS, 380 N•m; 180 HP, 430 N•m; 240 HP, 500 N•m) motors from the family of Ingeniumin combination, depending on configuration and engine, with front-or all-wheel drive, a six-speed “mechanics” or devyatietazhnyj “automatic”. Theoretically, a good upgrade could be a 48-volt mild hybrid MHEV system is tested on the family crossover Range Rover Evoque latest generation, launched later in November 2018.

On the test machine there are elements of masking in the cabin, and therefore, there will be some adjustments, for example, in a multimedia system and (or) the deflectors of ventilation.

Recall that in 2020, Jaguar will also need to present the restyled mid-size SUV F-Pace and radically updated sports car F-type. And in 2021 we expect agarawal large crossover J-Pace and “charged” the electric car I-Pace SVR. Somewhere in between, to celebrate the premiere and flagship XJ of new generation.


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The Toyota Camry took the full drive of the SUV RAV4

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Toyota camry,Toyota avalon. Полноприводная Camrу не приходит, а возвращается в Америку, так как в период 1988–1991 годов седан генерации V50 оснащался системой Alltrac. Будто бы с тех пор клиенты и дилеры завалили Тойоту просьбами. Теперь компания пошла навстречу, ведь спрос на полноприводники «значительно возрос».

Konstantin Bolotov, 4 hours ago. Photo: Toyota

All-wheel drive Samsu not come, and returned to America, as in the period 1988-1991 sedan generation V50 was equipped with a system Alltrac. Though since then, customers and dealers filled up the Toyota requests. Now the company has met, because the demand for polnoprivodnyj “significantly increased.”

American office of Toyota announced the four-wheel drive for the “eighth” sedan Camry (XV70): sales start in the early spring of 2020 exclusively in the United States. The 4×4 version is only possible with aspirated 2.5 (206 HP, 250 N•m) and an eight “automatic” because this unit has the donor system Dynamic Torque Control AWD is a “fifth” of the crossover RAV4. Rafig was taken multiplate clutch connecting rear axle, transfer case, rear differential and multi-link suspension components. Driveshaft shared “fourth” Highlander.

With full rear-wheel drive is thrown up to 50% thrust. The system option will be available already in the second configuration, LE and XLE versions, the SE and XSE. Behind the sedan with the 3.5 V6 engine (305 HP, 362 N•m) and hybrid (211 HP).

The University nameplate with the heavier AWD sedan monoprivodnom 75 kg. To adapt the transmission had to change the design of the floor and change a flat tank with a larger tank that looks like a saddle. As a result, back seat remained at the same height, and trunk volume is not affected. A team of engineers from the center TMNA R&D in Michigan, has created a Camry AWD, thanks for this flexible architecture, TNGA.

The visual difference between version allows only 4×4 badge on the boot lid. The second AWD-sedan driven by Rafiq will be the flagship Avalon (pictured), but 2021 model year.

Note that there is a sort of global trend. Indeed, in Japan from September 2019, the proposed Camry c electric all-wheel-drive E-Four from the Prius. In the Russian office Toyota Camry AWD call unique to North America. Say, for adaptation to our market requires additional study, including the study of the real demand on the market. So if a similar version will appear, not soon.


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Coupe Hennessey Resurrection will continue to cast out demons

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Technically a modified muscle car almost not released externally. Issues the novelty is that grown in size of carbon “hump” on the hood and a branded black graphics on the back.

Atelier Hennessey on tuning show SEMA 2019 has unveiled its most powerful coupe the Chevrolet Camaro is on the basis of the version of the track ZL1 1LE. It is an evolutionary development of the project Hennessey Exorcist, the inspiration for which at the time was the coupe Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The new product was given the name Resurrection, which translates as resurrection. The standard engine LT4 (659 horsepower, 881 N•m) lost the seat Assembly LT5 from supercar Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. But after completion of “eight” 6.2 with a drive supercharger gives insane 1216 HP and 1356 nm instead of 765 and 969 respectively.

[embedded content]

It is noted that the engine in addition to the usual gasoline can digest biofuels. In the revision of the engine was attended by the Pennzoil company, which Atelier Hennessey is preparing a project of its own supercar Hennessey Venom F5.

Assembly LT5 got a new cylinder head, improved intake and exhaust valves and different camshafts. Also a long list of changes included modernized system intake and exhaust, power and new software.

Blower drive got a new intercooler, pulley and belt. As transmissions are offered a six-speed manual with Centerforce clutch and new flywheel or desjatilopastnye “automatic”, which is equipped with the upgraded torque Converter and increased clutch pack. According to the manufacturer, the car spends on acceleration to 97 km/h in less than 2.3 s, and to overcome a quarter of a mile it takes less of 9.3 s, the speed of passes for 354 km/h. Texas tuners give one year warranty, provided that the mileage does not exceed 12 thousand miles (less than 20,000 km).

Brembo brakes as usual ZL1 and 1LE ZL1: six-piston calipers with 390 mm discs at the front and four-piston calipers with 365 mm discs at the rear. Adjustable dampers Multimatic Inc. no changes inherited from the original model.

From the donor to the upgraded car went and forged aluminum wheels with polyline wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R (305/30 ZR19 in front and 325/30 ZR19 rear). Total Americans going to build 24 such oil-Kara. On the dashboard and the engine cover will be present the serial number of a specific instance. Order Hennessey Resurrection is possible as directly in the Studio, and dealer Chevrolet. The price is $200 000 (about 12.8 million), including donor Camaro ZL1 1LE.


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