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Updated family Audi A4/S4 became multimedia

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Audi a4. В России 63% продаж Audi A4 приходится на самую простую переднеприводную версию 35 TFSI с турбомотором 1.4 (150 л.с.) и семиступенчатым «роботом» S tronic. Универсалы спросом не пользуются: за весь прошлый год было продано всего 89 машин, из которых 59 это A4 allroad.

In Russia 63% of sales of Audi A4 is the most simple front-wheel drive version with the 35 TFSI 1.4 turbo (150 HP) and a seven-step “robot” S tronic. Generalists demand not: for the whole of last year sold a total of 89 vehicles, of which 59 this A4 allroad.

The fifth generation Audi A4 was available in the summer of 2015 and this fall in Europe will begin selling the updated family. Looks like has not changed too radically, but almost all exterior panels are new: they left untouched the roof, hood and trunk lid (five door wagon). “Charged” S4 and vehicles with S-line package has found an unusual gap between the front bumper and hood that mimic the intake.

The front headlights are now led, and for a fee available matrix headlights with automatic high beams. The color palette is increased to a dozen due to a new metallic Terra Gray.

The architecture of the interior remains the same, but the A4 went through a major multimedia upgrade: display increased from 8.3 to 10.1 inches diagonally and is touch, so the Germans got rid of the MMI controller on the centre tunnel. As on the older models ( A6 and A7), the screen responds to the tap of clicks, making the experience more tactile. Our database continues to be declared analog instruments, but for a fee you can get a “virtual cockpit” with Full HD resolution and more advanced than before of the restyling, graphics.

In the cabin, a new steering wheel, an expanded selection of finishing materials and added contour lighting.

The machine has learned how to interact with urban infrastructure and, in particular, with traffic lights, giving the driver guidance on the optimal speed for movement in the “green wave”. However, such a feature works, to put it mildly, far not everywhere: now this Ingolstadt and Salzburg, next year will connect Hamburg and Stuttgart, and later catch up with Madrid, London and other European cities.

App myAudi (not available in Russian App Store and Google Play) lets you remotely monitor the state of the machine and a smartphone with Android operating system and all can be used as a key: the car opens and starts, while holding in memory individual settings of 14 users.

Multimedica MIB 3 at the stuffing similar to the one that will appear on the updated Passat, but the interface of your Audi. “Charged” S4 got extra skin dashboard with special graphics. Instead of the touchpad with the controller on the tunnel now box of stuff.

Chassis remained the same, but the line of power units shook up. Six engines of the eight received moderate hybrid encumbrance: all two-litre petrol turbo (150, 190 and 245 HP) and a pair of diesels of the same volume (136 and 163 HP) equipped with 12-volt starter-generator with a belt drive. Bezlimitnyj remained only modification 40 TDI (2.0, 190) and 45 TDI (3.0, 231 HP).

The Audi S4 is the body pattern of the grille. But the main thing — stuffing: company 354-HP V6 3.0 TFSI amounted to a three-liter diesel combined with turbocharging (pictured), the return of which is 347 HP and 700 N•m.

And here is the Audi S4 the filling is interesting: contrary to disilicate sedans and wagons got the powertrain of the crossover SQ5 headed diesel V6 3.0 where is the turbo combined with an electric compressor. The last together with the starter-generator is served by a 48-volt network with a separate lithium-ion battery in the trunk. Hundred from the place of this “s” model does in 4.8 seconds is only 0.1 worse than the old S4 with a gasoline 3.0 TFSI (354 HP), which will remain in service, but only outside Europe.

Sedans and station wagons, including a raised A4 allroad, will appear in Russia in early 2019. Powerful “Asok” we have never had. But in Russia, sold more sport-wagon RS4, which has not yet had time to be updated.

Russia’s choices will be limited. It’s safe to say that there will be petrol front-wheel-drive sedans and station wagons A4 35 TSI (1.4, 150 HP), 40 TFSI and A4 (2.0, 190) and A4 45 TFSI quattro (2.0, 249 HP). A raised A4 allroad quattro will be strictly “forty-five”. Diesels still open to question. Last year’s sales, the Quartet of Audi with a score of 2164 machines lost and the”three rubles” BMW (4250), and Mercedes “cesca” (2648), and three months of this year, the gap with the C-class grew: for sale only 355 A4 sedans (station wagons do not make the weather) vs 956 Mercedes. The third series in that time have found 1259 the buyer.

It became


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Former Jaguar designer opened his own firm Callum

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“That sounds controversial, but I believe that after the development of the car and weight of components to it, you can probably design most of the other things […] is important To me that I was creative, this is a stimulus to life,” says Kalam on the eve of his 65th birthday.

A month ago Ian Callum left brand Jaguar, where he worked for 20 years, explaining that it’s “time for personal and professional development.” Now in the British Warwick has started a new company Callum with specialization in “design and engineering business,” “integrated design, development and manufacturing of small series and custom”. Kellam in the firm are not major, and one of the founders. He admits that he is already working on the appearance of a new car.

The company Callum four “fathers” (left to right): technical Director Adam Donfrancesco (Noble, Aston Martin Vantage GT8 and GT12, the Jaguar F-type GT4), design Director Ian Callum, commercial Director Tom bird (PwC, Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, Jaguar C-X75), program Director David Fairbairn (18 years of experience in the automotive industry, Jaguar Lightweight E-type).

“The focus [of the company Callum] will be only those things that we like. I don’t want to design the interior of a train or a kettle. I was interested in doing art, not pure practicality, explained Ian in an interview with Top Gear. — The new car will be. This is a large and ambitious project. Chassis, power plant, exterior, interior — we’re going to work through. One day I want to build a machine entirely, and it is a good place to start”.

In an interview with Pistonheads online designer added: “I want to take some of those cars are worked, and slightly alter them. I have such a right, whether Aston or Jaguar. This is a good starting point to engage in promising projects. Don’t want them to think I was just a store.”

“My name hanging over the door, but if I want to succeed I need to surround yourself with good people […] In the team’s four Directors, all with equal rights, there’s no hierarchy,” explains Ian. Stylized letter “C” — company logo Callum.

In Warwick the company of 18 employees is situated on an indiscreet area in 1858 m2. All the necessary equipment and the latest technologies are available (like with the support of an unnamed investor). In mind there are providers and contractors. Details about the first draft will be published “in the coming weeks.” Ian Callum seem happy: “I was very lucky. Don’t get me wrong, but now I have the choice of what to do each day. I’ll be the designer of your future. I had, maybe, 15 years old, and I want to use them to the maximum.”


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Sedan Hyundai Sonata Hybrid boasted a sun roof

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hyundai sonata
hyundai sonata hybrid

Hyundai sonata,Hyundai sonata hybrid. Основное визуальное отличие от обычной Сонаты заключено в особой каскадной решётке радиатора с набором фигурных вырезов. Ещё тут легкосплавные «аэродинамические» колёсные диски с оригинальным рисунком и тоненький спойлер на крышке багажника.

Leonid Popov, 7 hours ago. Photo: Hyundai

The main visual difference from the regular Sonata is enclosed in a special cascading grille with a set of shaped cut-outs. Yet there alloy “aerodynamic” rims with the original drawing, and a thin spoiler on the trunk lid.

Just last week, Hyundai said the unusual system of change gears for hybrid Active Shift Control (ASC), which was supposed to debut on the hybrid Sonata. And now the Koreans have unveiled the hybrid. Strictly speaking, pre-production prototype of the home to the public the company showed in the spring, but at that time there were no details. Now followed the official pictures, the technical details and features. In particular, the authors told about the implementation here, the “solar roof”.

One of the highlights of the model: solar battery , Solar Roof. By calculations of authors of the hybrid, if it will be six hours a day in the sun for a year, he accumulated 1300 gratuitous kilometers. Even if evaluation and optimistic, the benefits will still be.

The power plant of this Sonata consists of atmospheric ice Smartstream G2.0 GDi HEV, the traction motor and six-speed hybrid drivetrain (like “machine”, but without the torque Converter). Described the last time the ASC system with high precision coordinates the speed of motor and transmission when switching to transmit alternated the maximum seamless, but quickly. Here one engine develops 152 BHP and 188 N•m. the Indicators for the motor 38 kW (51,6 HP) and 205 N•m. the Combined efficiency of the system reaches 195 HP, while average fuel consumption is of 4.97 l/100 km, wheel diameter 16 inches and 5.24 litre with 17-inch.

The length of the hybrid is equal to 4900 mm, width and height — 1860 and 1445 mm and wheelbase 2840 mm. extends the boot capacity is equal to 510 L.

The equipment of the Sonata hybrid is technology “phone as a key” (you need a smartphone with an NFC transmitter), allowing to use not only their own cell phone instead of a key, but also to allow friends to use a car in certain periods of time. The car received a set of driver assistance systems. It includes automatic braking with detection of pedestrians and cyclists (there are radar and front camera) and containment system in the center of the strip running at speeds from zero up to 145 km/h on the highway and in the city. The release date of this version of the Sonata in different markets, the manufacturer did not specify.


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Edition Bentley Flying Spur First Edition received the flags of Britain

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bentley continental flying spur
bentley flying spur

Bentley continental flying spur,Bentley flying spur. По сути First Edition представляет собой Flying Spur в богатом оснащении, плюс несколько особых дизайнерских штрихов.

Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Bentley

In fact, the First Edition is a Flying Spur in a rich equipment, plus a few special design touches.

French coast of the Mediterranean sea and Villa Dorane collector Gina Pigozzi will serve as a stage for the premiere of the sedan Bentley Flying Spur First Edition. The company will reveal it on July 24, during a ball organized by the Elton John Foundation for AIDS. The car will be sold at auction and the proceeds will be directed to charity. In General, First Edition — this limited edition welcome new Spurs. It is not limited edition, but release only a year.

Retractable bow figurine Flying B with glowing wings is shown from the bowels of the machine at the approach of the owner. The series was adorned with a Union Jack emblem on the rear pillar, and this British flag vertical stripe turned into unity. The same symbol appears on the front panel, and sill is the inscription First Edition.

In the depths of the First Edition is hidden all the same engine W12 6.0 TSI (635 HP, 900 N•m), as in ordinary Spur, so that the First is faster: from zero to hundreds accelerates in 3.8 s and allows to develop the maximum speed of 333 km/h In the standard equipment of the sedan includes a set of options, Touring Specification (the lane departure warning, night vision system, head-up display and adaptive cruise control helps to drive traffic), ambient lighting with seven colors in two shades each (dim and saturated), and brightness adjustment. The appearance of complement 22-inch alloy wheels included in the package Mulliner Driving Specification.

The interior features a range of veneer options, including two-tone combinations, rotating the Central display (the screen can give way to an analog thermometer, compass and chronograph or wood panels).

Embroidered winged letter “b” on the headrests of the seats, panoram. roof with motorized roller blind from Alcantara and sliding section included in the equipment “First edition”. In addition, the first buyer will have the opportunity to personalize their sedan under the programme of Co‑Creation Luxury Service. To give the car a exceptional combination of colors and materials the owner will be able to work together with one of the designers of the company. However, different variants of the personalization of the exterior and interior will be available and the rest of the customers, with all the cars.


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