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Unusual apartment in Stockholm

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Unusual apartment in Stockholm

This beautiful and unique apartment inspired by the style art Deco is located almost in the center of Stockholm, in the area of Stockholm and is owned by Camille Wallin (Wallin Camilla). Camille has her own business and most of the time she works from home via the Internet. Despite the fact that the house is very close, literally three steps from the busiest subway lines, the apartment is quiet and peaceful.

Almost inaudible sounds of the square, which is overlooked by the living room and kitchen. Bedroom with small balcony and EN-Suite bathroom, and work space in the apartment with an area of 83 square meters overlook the cozy and in the summer, covered with greenery inner courtyard.

Квартира в Стокгольме

Stockholm – the old district of Stockholm, which is also called “stone town”, as it was originally built up with stone houses. On some streets the houses are so close to each other that you can freely walk on the roofs. In the area for almost 70 years, lived the famous Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. It is not surprising that the hero of her works Carlson lived on the roof of one of the houses!

Интерьер шведской квартиры 

Мебель в Швеции 

Шведский интерьер

Camille says she loves the layout of the apartment and the only thing it did when I moved – it’s an easy cosmetic repair. Most of the time she spent on furniture in the bedroom. “The bed I put so that I don’t see the door opening, and it may not be right according to Feng Shui, but now I sleep well!“- says the landlady.

Кухня в Швеции 

Интерьер квартиры в Стокгольме 

Дизайн интерьера квартиры в Швеции

The apartment in which he lives, Camille is in an old house with stucco on the roof, large rooms, creaking floors, and ceilings so high that even a huge sofa in the interior looks like a little doll furniture. But what makes the apartment is unusual is the ability to join Camille in her apartment a very versatile furniture, home decor and artwork into one beautiful and functional whole. Perennial green plants, which the hostess had brought, create an additional sense of comfort.

Ковер в интерьере 

Спальня в Швеции 

Дизайн прихожей

I like to combine seemingly incompatible things, and even really like vintage, rare and unique furniture and decor items. I am inspired by the style of art Deco and colonial style. I admire the interiors of the houses of the Danish writer Karen Blixen, which are located in Denmark and Kenya, which I visited during various trips! They are ravishingly beautiful!” – said Kamila.

Камилла Валлин у себя дома

On the walls of the apartment you can see a pattern emerging artists and a series of photographs from Kenya, made by a friend Fredrik Cheltenham-Cavallius.

Irina Rusina

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In Italy with the company ESTIMA Ceramica. Impressions of the winners of the contest “Granite architecture”

In Italy with the company ESTIMA Ceramica. Impressions of the winners of the competition “ceramic Granite in architecture”

In July, he made another trip to Italy of a group of architects and designers – winners of the VII contest “ceramic Granite in architecture” . The competition is held on the initiative of the company ESTIMA Ceramica is the largest Russian manufacturer of porcelain tiles. This year 8 architects and designers from cities of Russia and Kazakhstan was visited by 7 Italian cities, one of the smallest countries in the world – the Republic of San Marino. What was the most memorable? – this is told by the participants.

Natalia Chernukha, interior designer, design Bureau “ROCAILLE Studio”, Saint-Petersburg:

We decided to take part in the competition “ceramic Granite in architecture” under the impression from what you see on the portal “Building Expert” interior project, made by designers from other offices. This interior was used the TM granite ESTIMA®, and the project seemed interesting. A little later, turning to the manufacturer, we came to the indescribable delight from the abundance of assortment.

About company ESTIMA Ceramica we have heard for a long time, with the products which we got to work, preparing a competitive project. Non-standard the decision to use porcelain tile on the walls in the living area was born right after the approval of the concept. We were looking for the “same” material, which would be a “highlight” of our project, but nothing suitable was not from the same manufacturer. Accidentally met on the Internet porcelain from the collection of R ust all doubts have disappeared. It remained only to hope that the true color and texture of the tiles will not differ from those in the photo. And lo and behold – it really matched! The tile had a distinct colour and when touched, its surface seemed warm, exactly how we wanted. This is not all manufacturers that we are very interested.

On a trip to Italy. In such cases it is often asked: “What do you remember most?”. Answer: “Everything!”. Colleagues from our group – so different and talented; places, which was the route; the architecture of different ages; people with whom we met; our guide Enrico Guaitoli – all this priceless gift! The visit was more than intense. At first it did scare me a little, but by the end of the second day, I somehow tuned itself to receive interesting and useful information and absorption of Italian food, huge portions.

Felt a strong emotional impetus from the architecture of Italian functionalism and industrial design, from going to the roots of these interesting phenomena – the architectural heritage of the past centuries. Such a powerful stream of visual information prompted another look at their work to see it from an unexpected angle, gave inspiration, based on familiarity with the beautiful architecture.

Поездка в Италию

Julia Butrimova, private designer, Rostov-on-don:

In September 2018, design center West, I happened to be in the company presentation ESTIMA Ceramica. There he learned about the competition “ceramic Granite in architecture”. The TM range of ceramic granite ESTIMA® seemed very inspiring, relevant current trends, in a contemporary colour scheme. A collection of close to me as a designer. I wanted to try something new, to test their creativity, especially since in such competitions previously, I was not involved. Performing competitive work, has set a goal to create a quality project for portfolio and reveal himself as a designer in a new direction – the objects of transport infrastructure.

Winning the competition was a pleasant surprise, and the ceremony was held at a high emotional level. The trip to Italy combined 8 very different, but similar in professional attitudes. Had a lot in common to talk about, fun, experiences. It was a very interesting and talented. Many thanks to the organizers of the trip, our translator Olga and inimitable tour guide, Enrico, who formed the rich individual architectural route.

Remember the built of the architect Giancarlo De Carlo, especially the campus in the city of Urbino, where students live like monks surrounded by concrete walls and panorama. The strong impression of fabulous Nut and the first Christian Church. The most important result is the understanding that by participating in contests of this kind, we lose nothing, but gain the experience, skills, and in the case of the victory and trip to Italy – meeting with interesting people and new experiences. Thanks ESTIMA Ceramica for such a great opportunity!

Путешествие в Италию

Andrew Sukhotsky, Director of the architectural Studio MAC, Samara:

– I am familiar with the products of the company ESTIMA Ceramica quite a long time – more than 10 years. We always used the TM ceramic granite ESTIMA® in our projects and very happy with the result. The decision to participate in the contest for I was received by customers. They probably believed in the success of your home even more than we architects. Frankly, I do not expect them to have already forgotten about the participation in the contest. Even after receiving an invitation to the ceremony, I could not think that our project will take I place in the nomination. By the way, the trip to Italy as a prize for victory was also a surprise for me!

It would seem that our Italian vacation has ended, you need to enter in the business rhythm and to immerse yourself in everyday architectural concerns. But there it was! Emotional specified a journey, does not want to let go. It is impossible to identify specific episodes and events that you remember or impressed particularly. The General atmosphere of this journey, formed of a kaleidoscope of cities, awesome people, whom it was sad to leave, the weather, which allowed us to contemplate the splendid scenery is what made the unique 5 days architectural trip to Italy!

Svetlana Grineva (Kurbanov), JSC “Giprozdrav”, architect, Moscow:

– I decided to take part in the competition “ceramic Granite in architecture” on the recommendation of friend. And did not regret! High assessment of my project to the jury was a complete surprise to me. To work with a company ESTIMA Ceramica was simple: I changed several times the select collection, but always the employees of the company drew my attention to all the details of the material and helped to bring the project to implementation!

The trip to Italy was a dream come true because I was there for the first time, although I have long wanted to visit this country! During the trip I was surrounded by a company of talented architects and designers (winners of competition), funny and charismatic employees of the company ESTIMA Ceramica, the real Italians and architect – our guide Enrico – greatest allies in this architectural tour is hard to imagine. We visited 7 small Italian cities and the magical Republic of San Marino. At times, it seemed that we were like in the movies: small, provincial, at the same time with such authentic atmosphere of half-empty medieval streets, beautiful stone architecture, the sun and rain, incredible sunsets!

A lot of experience (and positive) remained from a trip to Italy. We looked not only old churches and castles and interesting buildings of the twentieth century were Acquainted with the work of the architect Giancarlo De Carlo that was a real revelation! And, of course, local food has not left me indifferent: there was a lot of delicious food. Will definitely return to Italy, and maybe not once and certainly will continue to cooperate with the company ESTIMA Ceramica!

Впечатления об Италии

Anastasia Novozenina, Ani Design, designer, Penza:

Always said and will repeat: “Friends, participate in contests, as contestants or as the people gave their vote for their favorite work.” “Granite in architecture” – a real creative competition, the same as those that organize worldwide for musicians, singers, designers, etc.

For project float center in Penza we acquired the TM ceramic granite ESTIMA® . This project has entered the competition “ceramic Granite in Architecture” and won! Further – all as in a fog. Italy is an incredible country that inspires simply because it exists. The route of our architectural trip that lasted 5 days, was truly charming, and the most amazing uncrowded. Puzzling is only the fact that among the historical medieval building might appear modern cars… As they are allowed to pass where every stone breathes great past?

During the first two days got a boost of impressions for the rest of the month. And then there was personal acquaintance with the architecture of Norman foster, which was previously only seen in magazine and book publications. Remember the great San Marino with incredible views from the highest point of the country. Despite the fact that sometimes it was raining, this did not prevent us to enjoy the journey through this amazing country and society all the wonderful people who accompanied us on the trip. Olga, Natasha, Enrico – still in touch with them, as with other members of our architectural tour.

I’m all for contests, for the winners and for the emotions that talented people deserved to get!!! I still remember this trip, I want to win in the next contest and again to visit Italy.

Anton Petrakov, Design Studio Brain Twister, architect, Republic of Kazakhstan:

– The trip was attended by 8 people, each of which is definitely a bright and creative personality with its own special view of the world and the people inhabiting it. Genuine centers of universal attraction became our guide – the inimitable Enrico and infinitely cute translator Olga.

5 days traveled 7 of the Italian cities and even the small Republic of San Marino, visited many objects of world heritage by UNESCO, become acquainted with the true masterpieces of modern architecture. All this was accompanied by fellowship with wonderful people, laughter and fun and of course delicious food. I can say one thing: if I suggest to repeat this journey will throw everything and fly to the “architectural gap” again. Many thanks to the company ESTIMA Ceramica for the highest level of organization and an incredible experience left a fabulous Italy!

Sergey Serbinenko, private architect, Saint Petersburg:

Three years ago, ran into an article about the granite from the company ESTIMA Ceramica, and learned that the company is holding a contest “ceramic Granite in architecture”. Decided to try it. Turned out won! The prize was a trip to Italy.

Our trip was organized for the winners of several regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. We are all different in age, character, Outlook on life, all of us share a love for architecture and design!

Our journey in Italy is a wonderful 5 days accompanied by a very prominent specialists in their field. Our company was headed by Enrique – famous Italian architect-restorer and part-time facilities guide. His right hand was Natalia and Olga is engaged in translation and organization of the event. During the trip we visited 7 cities in Italy (Ferrara, Rovenna, Rimini, Urbino, Gubbio, Assisi, Spoleto) and the Republic of San Marino (San Marino). Each city is unique in its streets, courtyards, squares, cathedrals, castles, and, ultimately, indescribable atmosphere.

ESTIMA Ceramica company took care of the diversity and richness of the program. The route was pre-designed for us by Enrico guaitoli the Italian architect-restorer. During our tour, an acquaintance not only with buildings of the XVII century, but the buildings modern famous architects. We visited the main attractions and little-known tourist spot, for greater immersion in the life of Italy, its history. But how can we experience the atmosphere, culture, delicious and abundant food: Lunches and dinners at sunset, bathed in red sun.

What did you like most? Clearly, the Republic of San Marino, with its winding roads, castles located on the tops of the rocks. From there, a panorama of Italy, the beauty of which is impossible to convey in words. Once there it is hard to know where you are. Struck by the fact that in San Marino the President is elected every 6 months.

About each of the cities we visited, you can tell a lot. But why? – words do not convey all seen; odour, surrounded by which we were; feelings that we have experienced in these moments. To continue the acquaintance with Italy, you just need to win the competition “ceramic in architecture 2019” again. And finally learn Italian, to get maximum pleasure from communication with Enrico and cheerful Olga.

In conclusion remains to add that the ESTIMA Ceramica company does everything at the highest level – this applies to the granite, do not give cause for complaints, and the architectural journey through the cities of Italy!

We remind you that the reception of creative works to the next, the eighth season of the competition “ceramic Granite in architecture”. Competition entries will be accepted until October 1, 2019 Summarizing will take place in Moscow in November 2019.

The winners will receive: an unforgettable journey through the architectural route to Italy, a visit to the world’s largest industry exhibition 2020 CERSAIE : International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, acquaintance with the novelties of architectural ceramics, and other surprises.

Detailed information about the contest posted on the official website of the company ESTIMA Ceramica architectural portal “Construction Expert”.

The founder of the competition: ESTIMA Ceramica Organizer: RIA “Construction Expert”

Coordinator of the competition: Natalia Dubyna – head of projects Department, tel 8-963-667-8663, [email protected]

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English Real Shaker kitchen from deVOL company

Tractor Supply Company is the largest retail farm and ranch store chain in America. Tractor Supply Company serves an expansive customer base including full and part-time farmers and ranchers, hobby farmers, homeowners and contractors.Tractor Supply Company has an incredible selection of products se

English Real Shaker kitchen from deVOL company

English furniture company deVOL is well known all over the world. It produces beautiful and functional kitchens in the shaker style. In the 18th century in England there was a religious movement of the shakers preached ascetic attitude to life and a maximum dedication. Artisans, followers of this movement, began to produce simple, understated in decor, functional and very affordable furniture. Moreover, the quality of the furniture was spotless, the religious beliefs of the shakers just didn’t allow them to produce low-quality products.

It’s been many years, but modern British craftsmen remain true to the traditions and are producing beautiful and quality furniture. A striking example is deVOL furniture company, which produces functional, austere in design, a neutral colour palette of the kitchen in the shaker style.

Английская кухня 

Кухонный шкаф

More recently, the company opened a new office in new York (Bond Street, New York), and presented their products. All four of the line kitchens by deVOL is very interesting. They are called The Classic English Kitchen, The Real Shaker Kitchen, The Kitchen Sebastion Cox and The Real Haberdasher”s Kitchen.

Кухня в стиле шейкер 

Английский дизайн

Special attention is drawn to the kitchen Real Shaker. It is made in a classic style and is the most popular and affordable. The kitchen looks very elegant: clean lines, painted cabinets, natural materials. As noted by creative Director Helen Parker, the kitchen was designed to show how a room with ordinary modular cabinets, painted in the usual classic grey, can be turned into a stylish, comfortable and atmospheric room. Only need to find the right color combination, in this case, wall colors, ochre and grey furniture, and how to add accessories and decor items.

Краны на английской кухне 

Английский стиль

Kitchen wall painted with yellow paint Farrow & Ball India Yellow, which gives it a warm atmosphere. The cabinets are painted “Lead” from its collection of flowers from deVOL Shaker. Partition of glass and wooden panels have also been painted and distressed to give a sense of time and allow sunlight to penetrate to the darkest corners of the room. Yellow background wall and slightly subdued light passing through the wall, illuminating the whole room creates a special atmosphere and turns a dark room into a beautiful and cozy kitchen.

На кухне 

Английский интерьер кухни

All the decorative items that adorn the kitchen with clay pots, paintings, Spanish basket, figurines, dishes are carefully selected and brought from different corners of the world. Finding inspiration in the homes of East London, the company’s designers have recreated a little piece of England right in the heart of Manhattan.

Irina Rusina

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How to return the furniture to the IKEA store?

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How to return the furniture to the IKEA store?

IKEA has launched a new service that will appeal to parents. Now young mothers and fathers will be able to return the cots and changing tables for babies, when their kids get a little older.

Return is accepted the furniture purchased in IKEA stores from January 1, 2019. In return you will receive a return card face value of 40 percent of the value of the returned goods. So IKEA makes the first step to opening the service for the rental of furniture.

It is important to know that in order to be able to return the furniture for the babies back to the store is necessary to keep a check podtverdili your pokupok. Well, of course, the furniture should be in good condition. At the present time to deliver the furniture at any IKEA store, IKEA in addition to Khodynka Field.

The furniture had been in operation in consequence will be exposed in the section of discounted products to the IKEA store.

Мебель для младенцев в ИКЕА 

Пеленальный столик ИКЕА

Vyacheslav Rusin

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