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Toyota will make a contribution to space exploration

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toyota jaxa pressurized rover

Toyota jaxa pressurized rover. Гипотетический ровер представляет собой электромобиль на водородных топливных элементах. Длина махины — шесть метров, ширина — 5,2 м, высота — 3,8. Жилая площадь в 13 м² рассчитана на двух человек. В аварийных ситуациях на борту разместятся четверо.

Konstantin Bolotov, 7 hours ago. Illustration: Toyota, JAXA

Hypothetical Rover is an electric vehicle with hydrogen fuel cells. Length colossus — six meters, width 5.2 m, height 3.8. Living area 13 m2 designed for two people. In emergency situations on Board will accommodate four.

The Japanese space Agency JAXA has repeatedly landed probes on the surface of asteroids. Not later than February camera Hayabusa2 “anchored” to Ryuga. But mobile Rovers for moon and Mars at the office there. This machine will appear in the best case 10 years, but more likely in 2030… In may 2018 JAXA agreed “to consider cooperation” with the Corporation and Toyota as a trial step to conduct a preliminary conceptual study. Its first fruits in the form of computer rendering and cartoon we have the happiness to observe.

[embedded content]

Under the terms of the task, piloted the Rover must be able to drive on a surface more than 10 000 km. This does not mean that the car is Toyota able to make a similar voyage. Ideally, on Board the Rover will be possible to live a fixed time, wearing space suits-only access to the outside.

“To date, JAXA and Toyota learned the preliminary concepts for a manned system and the Rover, identified technological problems. In the future we want to use technology, resources, knowledge, Toyota and Agency JAXA to solve these problems, — has explained the Vice-President of JAXA Koichi Wakata. — We believe it is important to bring together the technological capabilities of our country and act in space exploration as the Team of Japan. The cooperation with Toyota is the starting point for creating Team Japan”.

President Akio Toyoda said that he is happy to serve your native country, then advertised the durability and performance of cars of Toyota as well as eco-friendly fuel cell technology. Note that the Lunokhod lunar Audi quattro never flew, but was widely used in PR. There is nothing stopping the same Fret to draw for Roskosmos beautiful Rover.



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Electric car Dacia Duster paved the way mysterious model

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Quick release bonnet and rear from talking about sports the purpose of the prototype. Upon closer inspection, also found the skeleton in the cabin and racing seats.

Unusual Dacia Duster first generation (and even previous) recently spotted by the photographers near the Arctic circle. The engineers of Renault Sport Department has tested this unit on one of the frozen lakes. The car is noteworthy in many respects. First, it is fully electric. Secondly, racing and three-door (or rather two, because the back opens with no wing, and a body section).

On the front of the prototype mounted Brembo brake calipers, rear — Renault Alpine.

Explanation the prototype, there are several. First: experts Dacia and Renault Duster use this as a prototype for testing some solutions racing all-wheel drive electric vehicle. This brings to mind the French championship races on ice Andros Trophy, which was made by Dacia. Interestingly, it even was used adapted ice track compact MPV Lodgy. However, the next racing partner apparatus can be battery-operated Duster.

In the championship, the Andros Trophy for several years there is an electric class. It uses the same rear-wheel drive 122-horsepower electric company Exagon engineering (pictured). In 2020 there should appear in its own category electric poluprovodnikov, reminds the edition Autoevolution.

It is not known yet what form the electric apparatus will be presented. But at least for the Duster wouldn’t be the first insight into the Motorsport, including a thorough processing of the entire structure. Suffice it to recall the mid-engined 850-horsepower rally car Duster No Limit with barbastelle from the Nissan GT-R, created several years ago for pikes Peak.

Indirectly, the prototype says about another. Brand Dacia, with the assistance of its partners, the group gains experience with electric drive. So, in the future can to please buyers of any serial electric vehicles. On this scenario, that is, the conversion of electric vehicles from expensive products in bulk and more affordable, and talk to other brands of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. And even show you an example of conceptsthat hold the course. So in a perspective of road Duster on batteries may not be such a fantasy.

The pictures in the news car shows in the snow, but she was taken out and on the ice. The tires were studded.

There is an alternative explanation for the experiment. In the body of the Duster can hide units future electric SUV brand Alpine. Then we are not talking about budget machines, and on their direct opposites — prestigious models on batteries. In this case, Duster paves the way rival such SUVs as the Mercedes-Benz EQC, I Jaguar-Pace and Audi e-tron.


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Make Suzuki clones the Toyota RAV4 and Corolla

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toyota rav4
toyota corolla touring
toyota corolla

Toyota rav4,Toyota corolla touring,Toyota corolla. Версия Рафика от Suzuki будет гибридной: бензиновый двигатель 2.5 вместе с электромотором (или двумя) выдают 218–222 силы. Коробка передач — вариатор, полный привод E-Four — опция. В России локализованный «пятый» RAV4 был обещан в первом квартале, до окончания которого осталось 11 дней.

Konstantin Bolotov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Toyota

Version Rafik from Suzuki will be a hybrid: gasoline engine 2.5 along with electric motor (or two) issue 218-222 force. Transmission — CVT, all-wheel drive E-Four — option. In Russia, localized “fifth” RAV4 was promised in the first quarter, the end of which stayed for 11 days.

The agreement, which Toyota and Suzuki was signed in the spring of 2018, was quite abstract. Now partners have provided “specific details of cooperation,” of the eight points. Perhaps the biggest news is that Toyota has allowed Suzuki to clone the crossover RAV4 and wagon Corolla Touring Sports for the European market. And to produce twins with nameplates Suzuki will Toyota. It is only on the hybrid versions, since Suzuki is allowed globally to use the power plant to the THS (Toyota Hybrid System).

Benzoelektrosila wagon Corolla Touring Sports as a hatchback, comes in two types: aspirated 1.8 (122 HP) and 2.0 (180 HP). Actuator — front or full, CVT uncontested.

Suzuki clear benefits, what about Toyota? It needs support in the markets of India and Africa. So the sedan Suzuki Ciaz compact MPV Ertiga, hatch Baleno and SUV Vitara Brezza transformirovalsya model Toyota directly on the factory Suzuki. But Suzuki engines for the small car will be produced in Poland at the facilities of Toyota. Partners assert that “continue to fairly and freely compete with each other”. The rivalry did not prevent them to work together to develop the MPV C-segment and 2022-go to run crossover Vitara Brezza on the conveyor Indian plant Toyota Kirloskar Motor.


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Toyota RAV4 and Corolla will transform into a new model of Suzuki

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Japanese companies also spoke about their collaboration: Toyota will share hybrid plants, and Suzuki – newly developed motors. In addition, both firms will “share” models.

A Memorandum of cooperation between Toyota and Suzuki was signed in early 2017. As it was reported, the companies intend to jointly develop the latest in green and information technologies, and to cooperate in the security sphere. Last year, the Japanese entered into another agreementunder which Toyota will sell in India under their own brand crossover Brezza Maruti Suzuki Vitara and Baleno hatchback, and the second firm will start there under its own brand sedan Corolla. Now the company has shared new details of the partnership.


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