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Toyota Camry vs Mazda6: what would you chose?

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Withrumours of her death are considered premature! We about the Toyota Camry the sixth generation (wide body): what was, such and remained. Do not believe the propaganda that each carries a kettle in favor of the Yankees, the car was ruined. Seedlings waiting.


We have to test drive the Toyota Camry with the engine of 2.5-liters. However, this is not the American version with the dual injection system D-4S and a compression ratio of 13.0, and the motor is well known to us over the past generation Camry with distributed injection.

Our test Mazda is equipped with system of regeneration of energy of braking. Whether you need to pay for it and what it affects in our test drive involving a Toyota Camry vs Mazda6. At the same time, we will tell you whether to buy a new Toyota Camry inhabitants of the Moscow microdistrict Northern Chertanovo.

Mazda-i-Toyota-3 Mazda-i-Toyota-4
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Oranges from osinki: test drive Lada Vesta Sport

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The Renault group will build Europe’s largest energy storage

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Konstantin Bolotov, 52 minutes ago. Photo and illustration: Renault

Hatchback Renault Zoe remains the most popular electric vehicles in Europe. The photo shows 500 cars for car-share ZITY launched in Madrid the joint efforts of Renault and firm Ferrovial at the end of 2017.

Today Groupe Renault announced the beginning of work on the stationary energy storage system (Advanced Battery Storage), which will use battery electric vehicles. The largest in Europe, this drive will be due to its capacity of 70 megawatts and a capacity of 60 MW•h of a System to maintain the balance between consumption and electricity production (supply and demand). It will ensure the stability of industrial frequency (50 Hz) and to increase the share of renewable energy sources (windmills, solar panels, hydro) in the total volume.

Batteries are collected in containers that can be beushnye, and completely new that will replace the older clients during after-sales service.

The first objects in the system will be built in France and Germany in early 2019 at the three sites. Renault’s plants in Douai and Cleon, as well as former coal-fired plant in North Rhine-Westphalia. Capacity 60 MW•h (equivalent to daily consumption of 5000 households) will be reached by 2020, when the stores are going 2000 batteries from electric cars. Obviously, Renault is trying not to lag behind colleagues from Nissan, which promote more energy initiatives.


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Sedan Audi A8 will get a luxury version of the Horch

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Audi a8. Сейчас самый дорогой седан A8 L с мотором W12 6.3 без учёта опций стоит девять с половиной миллионов рублей. Прикинуть наценку за спецверсию позволяет Mercedes-Maybach S-класса, который в среднем на два миллиона дороже стандартной длиннобазной модификации.

Kirill Vasilyev, 1 hour ago. Photo Drive and manufacturers

Now the most expensive sedan to the A8 L with the W12 engine 6.3 without considering the options is nine and a half million rubles. To estimate the margin for the special version allows the Mercedes-Maybach S-class, which, on average, two million more expensive than the standard long-wheelbase modification.

The sources Automotive News, Audi reported that belonging to the firm of mark Horch, frozen after the Second world war, could be revived in coming years. We are not talking about a single line of cars, and the special version of sedan A8, which will be presented together with the restyling in two or three years. If the 12-cylinder cars, contrary to expectation, will not persist in the line, the Horch will be a top model with a V8 engine.

Look closely: because of the different height of the letters on the logo Horch to form the teeth of the heraldic crown.

It is assumed that the A8 Horch will receive special equipment, and externally will be identified by the design of the wheels and the respective nameplates. Presumably, Horch will not be further stretched that the concept differs from the S-Maybach. And speech while goes only about the flagship sedan, but it is possible that a nominal can be the little brother. For example, under the škoda Laurin&Klement surendiran Yeti, Octavia, Kodiaq and Superb.

Another distinguishing feature Horchow — winged mascot on the hood. Wait for it on the special version of the A8 hardly will not allow modern requirements of safety of pedestrians.

Mark Horch is well-known to collectors around the world, mostly thanks to Executive cars 1930-1940, but the mass public will have to explain what it is. At the time, DaimlerChrysler was faced with the same problem while trying to resurrect the Maybach. Perhaps Audi will need an equally massive PR support, as Horch does not run as a separate brand. We can slowly prepare.

Cylinder motor first Horch developed the five forces. Was located in the front and rear wheels operated via a leather belt.

Engineer and businessman August Horch founded the company Horch & Cie. Motorwagen Werke in 1899. Ten years later he was forced to leave because of a conflict with the Board of Directors. Opening a new company, he could not, by law, to use their own name, in tune with the imperative of the verb hören — to listen. The imperative “listen!” he translated into Latin — so there was Audi. Until 1932, Horch and Audi existed in parallel until merged under the “four rings” Auto Union — ironically, August Gorham as Chairman of the Board.

The two Horch with index 830: limousine and sedan-convertible.

In the “Auto Union” Horch firm became famous as a manufacturer of luxury cars. Outstanding representatives of this era was Jorge series 830 with Europe’s first V-shaped eight-cylinder engine. It was one of the most expensive cars of its time: depending on body price exceeds ten thousand Reichsmarks. Worth two Mercedes W143, as Stirlitz in the movie. Tellingly, in the book he went to the Horch.

One of 28 Typ 12 cabriolet Horch 670 presented in the Museum of Audi in Ingolstadt. If the volume 6031 cm3 V12 engine developed 120 HP and could accelerate a car weighing 2300 kg up to 140 km/h.

However, at the same time mass produced series 930. And although she also had eight, in a hierarchy of models ranked below the “hundred and thirty”. Of special note is the Horch 12 series 600 and 670 c motor V12 with a volume of over six liters. It seems, on the idea of marketing Audi, with such machines and should be associated A8 sedan in top configuration.

In the Museum of technology Vadim zadorozhnogo a Park Horchow. The most photogenic in a Museum context — convertible Horch 930S 1939. By the way, this body was unified with models of Audi and Wanderer.

I wonder how the Volkswagen group will deal with the Imperial heritage of the brand. Until the collapse of the Third Reich Jorge enjoyed great popularity among the higher German leadership and military command. After the victory of the allies firm actually ceased to exist, and a lot of cars in the Soviet Union as trophies. Today, many machines are presented in Russian private collections. You might even say our target audience is quite prepared for the return postage.

Performance the Mercedes-Maybach very successfully. In Russia of 1100 sold in the first half of 2018 S-class more third — Maybach. For reference, during the same period sold a total of 180 A8 sedans.

As for the odious past, claim Mercedes-Benz is not much prevented a huge number of photos with the führer. And drawn to the light at the end of the 1990s Maybach during the war is also not easy peck. And the failure of the resurrected brand is not exactly related with reputation, but rather to the stupid grocery policy. And the failure of this language does not turn to call after the miraculous transformation of the brand in the popular name for the top-end Mercedes. It seems that Audi learn from others ‘ mistakes and went to the last stage.


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