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Hongqi brand has revealed the first concepts from Giles Taylor

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Hongqi translates as “Red flag”. Say, on the approach of a global name — Red Flag or R Flag. Limousines stamps from the 1960s called “Chinese rolls Royce”, and with the arrival of designer of Taylor flattering epithet sparkle with new colors.

Brand Hongqi– owned group FAW, presented in Frankfurt two concept: a large electric crossover Hongqi E115 and hybrid hypercar Hongqi S9. The first is a serial in 2020, the second — in 2021-m Both designed by former chief designer of rolls-Royce Giles Taylor. This is his first work in Chinese companies established in strict accordance with its strategy.

[embedded content]

“Intelligent” all-wheel drive Hongqi E115 like sprints to hundred in less than four seconds, passes without recharging 600 km, has air suspension with seven modes and autopilot fourth level. He almost lit up. Similar to Rolls-Royce Cullinan?

[embedded content]

Carbon fiber hypercar Hongqi S9 with a hybrid system V8T built around a petrol turbosmart allegedly develops over 1400 HP and accelerates to a hundred for 1.9 s. Maximum speed — 400 km/h Price — about two million euros.

Recall that the strategy separates the model Hongqi in four categories: L limousine S sports cars, H — sedans, Q — crossovers. Obviously, hypercar S9 opens the series S, and SUV E115 on a modular platform FME launches new electric line E. Already in 2020 “Red flag” wants to sell 100,000 cars a year. Models L5, H5, H7, E-HS3, HS5 and HS7 to achieve the goal is clearly insufficient.


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Giant Continental has introduced low-voltage hybrid system

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Leonid Popov, 3 days ago. Photos and illustrations: Continental

In the illustration depicting the placement of new electric motor (in the foreground), the Continental drew an abstract machine, but, in fact, the unit was already tested for the redrawn hatch Ford Focus the previous generation.

German industrial giant Continental, known not only for tiresbut also works in the field of UAVs, on-Board electronics, braking systems and electric drive, has developed a curious hybrid installation. In fact, it occupies an intermediate position between the mild hybrids (MHEV), in which the motor-generator develops 5-15 kW, and a full-fledged, traction motor which is comparable in power with the internal combustion engine (50-100 kW). New named 48-Volt High-Power Technology. Here the electric motor produces 30 kW (40,8 HP).

On the left is the main character of this material (he, by the way, water cooling). Right — other developments Continental: 48-volt starter-generator belt drive 14 kW, 48-volt 20-kilowatt module eDrive, designed for installation in a transmission, and a high voltage of 150-kilowatt integrated module (motor, electronics, gearbox) for electric vehicles.

As is clear from the title, the 30-kilowatt unit is powered by 48-volt onboard systems, often used in modern hybrid type MHEV. This means the absence of high voltage circuits (hundreds of volts) and high security at a moderate cost of components. Hybrid MHEV systems usually do not involve movement at only one electric, and fully capable of such a regime, but relatively expensive. The complex 48-Volt High-Power costs about as MHEV, but it can move the car without running the engine (unit is embedded between it and the transmission). Moreover, the electric motor alone provides the movement of the car at speeds up to 90 km/h.

In Frankfurt, Continental revealed also demonstrator of Networked Mobility (mobility with a permanent connection to the Network) comprising an electronic platform Integrated Interior Platform (“hardware and software”) to communicate with the vehicle and the environment.

The screen, according to the plan of the Germans, comes up in standalone mode and is reduced to a narrow strip in normal.

Complete with a new engine is integrated power electronics with high efficiency when the motor on the results of thrust, and in the mode of energy recovery on braking. The developers claim that the new system saves about 20% fuel compared to the same model, equipped with only one engine. Even more interestingly, on the basis of technology 48-Volt High-Power it is possible to build a charging network hybrids Plug-In type, which usually use high-voltage electrical system.


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Vote for the localization of a raised hatchback Skoda Kamiq

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Skoda kamiq. В Германии базовая Skoda Kamiq всего на 600 евро дороже Скалы. Диапазон цен ― от 18 000 евро до сорока с небольшим тысяч. Продажи уже идут.

In Germany, the base Skoda Kamiq only 600 Euro more Rocks. Price range ― from 18 000 Euro to forty thousand. Sales are already underway.

Russian office of Skoda refused to comment on the future of this car. Say, while you just study the hatchback Skoda Kamiq, but we’ll see. For rent, is no accident. Hero test ― quasinational European version of piatigorski Scala, standing on podstupeni above Fabia. The platform MQB-A0 combines Kamiq with the new Polo, and almost certainly with the upcoming rapid, which will be produced in Kaluga… How can you not remember that proportionate Kia Rio X-Line or Renault Sandero Stepway sold only slightly worse than the corresponding sedans?

[embedded content]

The name with the letters “K” and “q” suggests that skodowski system of values Kamiq is considered a crossover. Boldly, because the drive is only a front, and the form factor coincides with the bestselling Kia Rio X-Line, except that Skoda is wider than it is 46 mm.

In short, I’d be extremely surprised if Kamiq a few years there will be localized in Russia. The market suffers cross-hatchback segment b+, and the like Skoda would fit neatly in crossover the line, where de facto the number of Nizhny Novgorod splattermania Kodiaq and Karoq. Another thing ― what the beginner will get to Kaluga conveyor. I would not want to lose much in the equipment or the perceived quality. Because urban baby budget brands Kamiq good!

The handbrake is only mechanical. Start button is hidden on the steering column. Truncated the steering wheel rim as in the photo, the unnecessary part of the package Dynamic. From the materials just upset cardboard ceiling trim in cars without the panoramic roof.

Not skodowski interesting interior successfully frames the highly exposed Central ekranische. Quality finishes adequately, visor instrument panel and front door panels are made of soft materials. Digital devices, electric tailgate, coming from under the bumper the tow bar, not to mention skodowska baubles of type of umbrella or flashlight and retractable protective edges of the doors… Seems like never a list of options for the machine price of 18 000 Euro in Germany was not so rich.

Optional dashboard ― no discount on “budget”. The modern media system, only voice control is not yet trained in Russian. Main unit climate control cuziat, and the speed of the fan or the flow are selected on the screen.

No localizers will not be able to reduce the salon. When compared with the Kia Rio X-Line, at equal length, and comparable in the trunk of the Skoda is significantly more spacious back seats. However, a decent supply of space in front of the knees (three to four toes for human growth 187 cm, sitting in the same driver) does not come from the ceiling. Landing behind the wheel is very similar to the current Rapid. The wheel I want to put forward yourself another couple of inches. But it is impossible, so you have to move closer to him, bending his legs more desirable. So reclaim the space for the back seat.

The body lift exposed the ugly gap between the wheels and arches. With a thin 18-inch tires (as the splash photo) a view of the profile gets weird. Somewhat nicer the car looks on the 17-inch wheels.

They are generally good: the sofa is heated, has air vents, a huge panoramic roof, private outlets USB-C (and front)… fully open Glass lifts with auto mode. Except that the in-out harder than in the full crossover the threshold of broad and high. But Kamiq above the base of the Cliff by 39 mm, of which one centimeter accounts for the larger diameter wheels. To sit on a high seat more comfortable than in conventional cars. And with a clearance of the order: Frank 19 cm, as revised Rio X-Line. Russia can do without rough road package.

Front seats ― medium hard, with moderate lateral support. Rear spacious as the car a class above. Even on machines with non-opening panoramic roof (curtain goes ahead) is a classic ceiling handles.

The genre drive Kamiko put only the front. There are not programs for off-road traction control. And in the rear suspension it uses a semi-beam. Therefore attempts to consider skodova Kamiq the successor of a full-fledged crossover Yeti will leave on their conscience, but blame will not, because the range is already Karoq.

Among the chips of Skoda ― scraper with depth gauge for tyres to protect the edges of the doors on the Kodiak, umbrella in Superbe… Good idea with the rubber cover-funnel in the washer reservoir. On Драйве2 I have seen people rig it on other machines.

However, “exalted” the suspension is rigid. Waves and small bumps it fulfills acceptable, but deep pits cause the crashes and breakdowns. Handling Kamika I like it more than Rio. Skoda rather follows mild (2.7 turns) the wheel, adequate returns to its “zero” position. To sports, however, far away. Despite the small rolls, the limit turn all boring: the game gas chassis does not respond. Lowered by 10 mm sportchassis with adaptive shock absorbers sharpens reactions, but still noisier and rougher is uneven, sometimes losing orbital stability. Without this option dispense.

The claimed 400-liter trunk volume includes the underground in combination with a sealant instead of dokatki. The rear backrest is in the reclined position form an angle of 15-20 degrees to the horizon, but available foldable backrest front right. Loading height ― 70 cm

How not to us and European three-cylinder turbo engine. I have traveled and at the base, with a capacity of 95 HP with a five-speed “mechanics”, and 115-horsepower version with a six-speed gearbox or with DSG. At city speeds enough traction to everyone, and then 100-120 km/h acceleration is given hard. The old “four” 1.2 TSI can be compared only 115 HP petrol engine with the “mechanics”. And all versions suffer from excessive vibrations and noises. Elementary ― throughout the Rev range. More powerful ― up to 2000 rpm, but in this zone keeps the tachometer needle seven-step “robot”, and low frequency hum particularly unpleasant. Salvation is sportbike box.

The bodywork provides good visibility, but spoiling her a small mirror and a marked (6-7 cm) negohot the left brush to the rack. A picture from the rear view camera is so-so, the prompt is static. Even a small accident is easy to damage the VIN, which is fraught with problems with the traffic police.

Probably more powerful version more interesting: with a gasoline engine 1.5 TSI (150 HP) and a turbodiesel 1.6. But what do we care? In Kaluga has long produced aspirated 1.6, and soon promise to localize four-cylinder engine 1.4 TSI. Sure, he Kamiq going and more fun, and quieter. If localizers, of course, will not thin out quite adequate for a city of class noise isolation. Suggest it is better to attend to the technological processes of Assembly of the cabin, and then two of the three tested cars interior panels creaking in the rough.

Dynamic turn signals are used as front and rear — for the first time at Skoda. Sensors Keyless entry installed only in the front pens. For this segment, this is normal.

And most importantly: stop playing cat and mouse! Kamiq combines compact size with traditional skadovskii values, like the spaciousness and practicality, and decent suspension and a decent chassis. Go on, admit it: we need a car, and the Skoda. Most of the shortcomings are easy to correct, mastering production at the local plant. And even if the Russian Kamiq will be five percent more expensive than the popular Kia Rio X-Line ― mass buyer he will find exactly.

Passport data

Skoda Kamiq 1.0 TSI (70 kW) 1.0 TSI (85 kW) 1.0 TSI (85 kW) (A)
Body type hatchback hatchback hatchback
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4241 4241 4241
Width, mm 1793 1793 1793
Height, mm 1553 1553 1553
Wheelbase, mm 2651 2651 2651
Track front/rear mm 1531/1516 1531/1516 1531/1516
Curb weight, kg 1139-1298 1156-1315 1176-1331
Full weight, kg 1702-1730 1710-1746 1732-1765
Trunk volume, l 400-1395 400-1395 400-1395
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 3 in a row 3 in a row 3 in a row
Number of valves 12 12 12
Working volume, cm3 999 999 999
Max. power, HP/rpm 95/5000–5500 115/5000–5500 115/5000–5500
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 175/2000–3500 200/2000–3500 200/2000–3500
Transmission mechanical, five-speed mechanical, six-speed robotic seven-speed
Drive front front front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension semi -, spring semi -, spring semi -, spring
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk disk
Tires 205/60 R16 205/60 R16 205/60 R16
Ground clearance, mm 188 188 188
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 181 194 193
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, with 11.1 V 9,9 10,0
Fuel consumption combined cycle, l/100 km 5,1–6,3 5,3-6,6 5,5-6,8
Emissions Euro 6D Euro 6D Euro 6D
Fuel tank capacity, l 50 50 50
Fuel AI-92–98 AI-92–98 AI-92–98


European Kamiq on the platform MQB-A0 should not be confused with the eponymous Chinese model on the same PQ25 architecture. Kamiq maximally unified with hatch Skoda Scala, but the rear overhang was shortened by 12 cm For increased ground clearance modified springs and dampers and front knuckles. Along the way, “sandwiched” front stabilizer bar, associated plastic rods with racks McPherson, and rear-semi-beam of the modified attachment points. Corrected gear ratio of the steering mechanism. By analogy from the Kamika is the system Mode Select Driving modes Normal, Sport, Eco, Individual and underestimated by 10 mm suspension Sport Chassis Control with “sport” settings of the adaptive shock absorbers.

In the body structure is dominated by high-strength steel, 39%. Conventional varieties only 21%, the rest is extra high strength steels. Along with other solutions and active safety systems Kamiq received five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP Agency.

Under the heavy hood without gas stops can be closed with two locks, can be the same powertrain that Rocks. The series opens turbotrans 1.0 TSI (95 HP, 175 nm or 115 HP, 200 N•m, the left and right photos), followed by gasoline engine of 1.5 TSI (150 HP, 250 N•m), then diesel 1.6 TDI (115 HP, 250 N•m) methane and 1.0 G-TEC (90 HP, 145 N•m). Transmission — “mechanics” with five or six steps and “robot” DSG seven.

Behind the scenes

The test started in a curious place ― in the airport of Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg. The world’s only air Harbor, managed jointly by the two countries, Switzerland and France. To move from one terminal to another, it is necessary to go through customs. Well, we went to France, where surprised to find out that all rural roads now operating limit of 80 km/h against the former 90 km/h and the German 100 km/h. it Turns out that this new law introduced from 1 July 2018. You have to understand that France is not Russia, and the roads here are not like ours, and all speed limits were adjusted and justified. No wonder that the ill-conceived 80 km/h became one of the catalysts for the movement of the “yellow jackets”, and for 2018 the Protestants knocked out more than 6,000 traffic cameras!


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