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The term “driver” in the Russian traffic regulations can rewrite

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In Russia, the practice of challenging the rules of the road. This time the Supreme court has asked a human rights activist from Chelyabinsk lion Voropayev, who believes that the rule of traffic regulations requiring drivers to wear reflective vests in case of forced stop on the road in the dark, illegal.

Red warning triangle with a broken down car

This point the SDA came into force relatively recently, in mid-March 2018. According to him, in case of an emergency stop or after an accident on the highway outside of the village in the dark by drivers when exiting vehicles are required to wear a jacket or vest with reflective elements.

News / Car and society

Reflective elements on the upper clothes want to make a mandatory

To oblige industrial enterprises to place reflective elements for manufactured children’s, school and sports clothes, considers it necessary, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on legislation and state construction Vyacheslav…

1267 0 0 16.03.2018

The plaintiff in his appeal indicates that the obligation to wear a vest apply to drivers. According to paragraph 1.2 of the SDA, the people running the vehicle (as well as teachers teaching driving). However, a person who is outside the car, is considered a pedestrian.

Lev Nikolaev notes that, based on the current edition of the traffic regulations, the driver in fact may not be on the roadway or roadside, it can only be pedestrian. For this reason, he requested the Supreme court to recognize invalid the paragraph of the Rules, which requires drivers to wear reflective vests emergency stop or accident.

The Ministry of internal Affairs does not agree with the position of the plaintiff. According to “Kommersant” with reference to the representative of the Ministry in the Supreme court Nut Mariana, according to the SDA, the duties of a driver does not confine itself to the movement of the vehicle. So, before starting the driver must check the condition of the car; in addition, emergency stop, he is obliged to get out of the car and put the appropriate sign. When making an accident, the driver should photograph the scene. If he performed these duties, it becomes a pedestrian.

The representative of the Ministry noted that the requirement to wear vests with reflectors in the dark when you exit the car on the road is meant to protect drivers. The fact that there were cases when drivers are forced to staying on the roadside was shot down due to the fact that other motorists they are not noticed.


It can be assumed that the human rights activist opposed to the new rules of the SDA due to the fact that fear of traffic fines: previously, the Agency discussed the possibility of bringing to justice those drivers who are not wearing the vest in the dark on the track. It was about the article 12.27 of the administrative code “Failure to comply with obligations in connection with the accident,” the penalty for violation is equal to 1 000. Subsequently, however, and the first Deputy chief of traffic police Vladimir Shvetsov and the head of the SAI Mikhail Chernikov said that punishing drivers for the lack of a vest, the inspectors will not.

the police officer in an office form stops the car

According to the lawyer, an expert on BDD Kateryna Solovyova, the plaintiff drew attention to the “gap” in traffic: she believes that the concept of “driver” in the existing Regulations need to be adjusted, because it’s really hard to determine the exact moment when the driver becomes a pedestrian.

Recall, in case, if you count drivers out of cars, pedestrians, the obligation to use reflective elements (while on the road in the dark), they will remain. The relevant provision came into force in the summer of 2015.

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Decipher the Russian VIN retro-Vintage B3 coupe BCC

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When you create a machine even used a full-size plasticine model. Trial and error led to her designer Bilenkina trying to work only in the digital environment with large-scale layouts. It is a collective image, without specific quotes from the past.

Cyril Bilenkin made a name for its meticulous restoration. He is obsessed with the details, but it is not always possible to adhere to historical accuracy — sometimes the customer is simply not ready to accept the car in its original form. Some unfair demand from the classics meet modern quality standards. Even worse, when trying to constructively modify for performance, comfort and safety — a path to nowhere, the experience Bilenkina. Vintage — his version of the perfect car: retranscrire on the basis of modern technologies. Well as modern, a decade ago…

[embedded content]

During the preparation of the material a Vintage have risen from $228 000 to 290 thousand. The BCC is explained primarily by growth in the prices of donor cars in good condition. This is a significant item of expenditure in the budget.

Need more ingenuity to pick up the factory optics for such a machine. Front collected a bizarre combination of modified elements Porsche, Mini and even land Rover. In molding are skillfully implanted side repeater BMW. Back lighting original.

In terms of the feeling from the test drive I have nothing to add to the video. From an engineering point of view, Alpina B3 does not become better as the result of transformation in the autumn Vintage. Emotionally, of course, is another story. A very positive car, as it should be things, which invested a lot of manual labor with good energy. In the end, I don’t regret having got into this rather okolovenoznoe story, because with all the controversy of the project they involved people with the right degree of obsession.

The interior, divided into weight is not always easy, but beautiful detail, long not addictive. Bilenkin criticizes modern mass salons for failing to hold the interest of the consumer… the Right customers, refusing a multimedia system.

Deflectors — stainless steel! Block light control interlocked with the node, once located in the center of the panel, why the keys “emergency” and the castle was in the blind spot under the steering wheel. Starter button combined in one socket with a regulator of illumination of devices.

Conceptually, I take Vintage. The level of personalization a little scary, but it’s great when the thing is created as if a secondary market does not exist. The idea of a car-holiday works: just look at the details in our updated gallery “closeup”! But if you, like me, inside and see two different machines, there is an objective reason. Vilenkin recognizes that Vintage merged two of the project, a great approach even when it is created. Only here to share does not want them under any circumstances. Therefore, we will not see the original skirts a La Vintage or kits for makeover salon.

Little mirrors too modern, in my opinion, for the selected retro-style, reminiscent of the BMW of the early 1990s. the Filling is really bambesa, but the case for BCC. Under the bumper is also part of the Mini c unit from the reverse lights and foglights.

Chromium is an essential part of the image. BCC are very proud of the quality and even the average chrome plated rack, not to mention a lot of custom aluminum moldings. The rear glass is made specifically for Vintage, as evidenced by the markings. BCC wish she was “circle”.

The price is comparable to a rolls-Royce, of course, breathtaking, but the maniacal attention to particulars is quite on the level. Belenkin says: our approach — this approach rolls Royce to turn it into a mass manufacturer. Another thing, what a delightful particulars can not see the character of the machine. Over such a project like Vintage, lacks a proper aggregate base. Broke my head thinking what should be the basis for Vintage to the process of driving brought no less pleasure than the contemplation and tactile contact. Offer a version?

The elegant wheel is actually skillfully painted stamping crossovers from BMW. White stripe on serial tires Michelin Primacy 3 are welded, and the German supplier.

Silver with gold refined: the machine is not called simply “Autumn” and “Indian summer”. From BASF received welcome to use the logo near the paint formula. Beamberry VIN crossed Alpina. Carbon fiber hood inlaid with silver. Edition — full-time Akrapovič Alpina.

The results of this test cannot be extrapolated to the entire circulation of Vintagey. They are all unique not only because of the peculiarities of decoration, but due to differences in the technical condition of the donor “treshek”. Those from the youth differed greatly from modification to modification. E92 behavior strongly depends on the type of drive, podmazochnyh packages and choice of tires. The perception of the car greatly affects the power unit, and the coupe was produced both gasoline and diesel, with the “mechanics”, “automatic” or “robot”. Add to this the variety of combinations random factor operational complications…

This is not even andtimer. Any BMW dealer can order spare parts and carry out the maintenance. Resetting past history of the machine, BCC resets the odometer and gives a two year warranty without mileage limitation.

This system only looks like a Hi-End: standard amplifier Alpina augmented acoustics Focal. But for the BCC charge sets, and lamp components.

Single story “emka”. Of course, the Vintage would benefit from a relationship with this charismatica as M3. But for BCC, M-machine is not very interesting because of the high cost on the secondary. It remains to rely on some desperate customer willing to buy the rare “emka” with a little run somewhere in the auction. Because just to work with the M3 I can see the potential for the development of engineering expertise within the program Bilenkina E92.

Imagine eight Vintage with traditional hydromechanical “machine gun”, for example, and the civic chassis! But it’s a completely different level engineering tasks and certification difficulties. Certificate on safety of the vehicle, and with him and desired a private VIN number it is much easier to obtain without affecting the basic design. At the same time Vintage as a product suggests that BCC is not looking for easy ways.

Here asking some more vintage furniture, but BCC maintains regular chairs with pillows for safety reasons and in order not to complicate certification. The prints on the skin — a matter of taste, and painted in the body color of the base of the seats and control keys look really expensive.

The compartment has a pair of complete rear seats and they’re decorated with the same chic, and the front of the cabin. Pockets in the front and backs are sewn from fabric Hermes that used on the ceiling and uprights. On the backs of wrought — iron bolsters with silver tips.

However, it is important to understand that the development of BCC business need to do away with the used machinery market, agreeing with some manufacturer about the supply of bodies and aggregates. Vilenkin cites the example of David brown, who in the same niche has the support of the concern Jaguar Land Rover. You will notice that Vintage is much more original of any of the machines brown, where the too obvious presence of the factory components in the cabin. In General, it is difficult to imagine the European price of the car with the same amount of manual labour as Bilenkina.

Because of retranscrire specified interiors, Vintage is not to blame for the odd puffy tires and a noticeable roll.

Attention to detail is amazing. For example, in the red zone of the tachometer diamonds, used as internal lines, are replaced by rubies. Painting on wood combined with mother of pearl inlay. The lighting in the passenger’s footwell engraved serial number. Silver emblems, jewelry filled resin, installed even on wool rugs.

Vintage heavier donor compartment, usually on 65-70 kg, which has a beneficial effect on the thrill ride. Comfort add profile tyres. After this test I ordered the winter wheels the same custom size 225/50 R17.

Customers on the whole want something bigger “treshki”, and ideally it is the universal platform, allowing to produce different types of bodies — for example, on the eighth series BMW. Or, say, the Mercedes E-class… Actually, as I understand it, BCC is ready for any alliances, if only the brand was a premium. But the Alliance with the automaker is, according to Bilenkina, only one of the three pillars of success. Also requires a different level of investment and the emergence of the team of marketers, visionaries capable of giving the developers proper terms of reference.

Regular filler converted into a compound node. The junction of exterior paint colours, covered, elegant scarlet stripe. Despite the frequency of use, double-headed eagle on the emblem Bilenkina, and especially the flag of St. Andrew exist as though separately from the product.

I saw five compartment: two demonstration and three ordered a gift like this. Good gift for man who has everything. In a perfect world Bilenkina machine always remains in the same family and is inherited.

The company now feeds the individual orders for the Vintage, although from time to time people come up with outlandish ideas. However, a sustainable future depends on the ability of BCC to find something repeatable, scalable project. Bilenkin hopes with the advent of the market Executive sedan Aurus. Alas, despite a good relationship with US, BCC no access to project documentation, to prepare the offer in advance. Waiting for them to get into the hands of the living machine.

Here you can see how long BMW Vintage: compartment for small items screwed to the native threshold “treshki”. On later machines this tray is covered by a decorative flap. The lid and the entire trunk, decorated inside with designer fabric and it seems very difficult because of the tight loops.

At the time of publication 17 coupe Vintage built with different powertrains. That such a machine can tell us about the customer, besides the fact that it is free from prejudice? Perhaps he is better versed in the applied arts than in cars.

And how to still be a man with the drive in the soul, if you have a crush on Vintage? To take seriously the selection of a donor car. Not to agree to any proposed aggregatelevel with low mileage from a BMW will depend on the nature of the retro car. Experiment with materials, do not rely only on the taste of the manufacturer. To dissuade I won’t. It is possible, in this project, you will be able to take the maximum from the company Bilenkina. If a BCC strategy is being implemented and will be released on the coveted 150 cars a year, with you, no one will be worn as it is today.

Passport data

BCC Vintage B3
Body type coupe
Number of doors/seats 2/4
Length, mm 4853
Width, mm 1821
Height, mm 1375
Wheelbase, mm 2760
Track front/rear mm 1500/1513
Curb weight, kg 1725
Full weight, kg 2040
Trunk volume, l 450
Type petrol turbo
Location front, longitudinally
The number and arrangement of cylinders 6 in a row
Number of valves 24
Working volume, cm3 2979
Max. power, HP/rpm 360,4/6000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 500/3800
Transmission automatic, six-speed
Drive rear
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc
Tires 225/50R17
Ground clearance, mm 120
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 285
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 4,8
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 14,8
— extra-urban cycle 7,9
combined 9,9
Emissions Euro 4
Fuel tank capacity, l 63
Fuel AI-98


The compartment of the third series index E92 made its debut in 2006, having no common exterior panels with the platform sedan E90 model 2005. With the same wheelbase, the coupe is 60 mm longer than the sedan (4580 mm) due to the increased rear overhang, and BCC Vintage even longer. Native coupe is slightly lighter than the sedan. Bilenkin heavier construction to 65-70 kg.

McPherson strut with aluminum levers and steel subframe front and rear mnogoryichazhka unified with the sedan, however, applied a more rigid dampers, springs, stabilizers and silent blocks. Alpina B3 is configured using components from the coupe BMW 335i Sport, 335d and 335xd, but also more subtle original rear anti-roll bar.

The Russians are familiar aluminum inline-six N54 with Hitachi turbocharger for each three cylinders, direct injection (piezo injectors spray the fuel under pressure up to 180 bar) and high pressure fuel pump problem. She repeatedly became the “Engine of the year”, but cost BMW money to the courts and opinions, particularly in the United States. BMW 335i motor lasted until the restyling in 2010.

Cars Alpina B3 was equipped with a forced version of the N54 with the original control block, modified oil cooler and reinforced pistons. A six-speed “automatic” ZF 6НР21 also provided with albinowski controller.

Behind the scenes

Not all clients are allowed to publish photos of their cars, so left-overs a couple of interesting projects that the BCC team worked while we were doing this material. To remove in the spray booth, the operator Denis Smirnov had to pack the camera in cellophane, and himself in a protective suit… from Time to time Bilenkin returned for restoration at the request of a particularly esteemed customers. Thus, I have a picture with carefully restored by ZIM… Preparing for the test, I have traveled to the exhibition Vintage, of the first. Crystal handles and door panels with internal illumination create a strong impression, but this car with cloth interior from Etro and the exorbitant concentration of yuvelirki not so good on the go as client.


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The problem is the bottleneck of the highway M-4 “don” will be decided early

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In the summer of 2019 plot in the Voronezh region will gather many kilometers of traffic jams, but within a year, the travellers will be able to quickly get Yes resorts.

A new section of the highway M-4 “don”, which takes place from 633 715 km away, can pass on the year-earlier period. If earlier it was planned that it will be opened to traffic by the end of 2020, it has now moved to the end of 2019. This was stated by first Deputy Chairman of the state company “Avtodor” Vyacheslav Petushenko, checking the progress of work on this leg of your journey.


The construction of the bypass of the town of Pavlovsk and the village of Losev is important to improve the carrying capacity of the track. The current phase of M-4 “don” is recognized as the “bottleneck” of the whole road. In the holiday season, it collects many kilometers of traffic jams that drivers circle on the field. Some take detours, but the majority of tourists gets stuck in traffic jams for several hours.

The representative of the “Avtodor” has told that the company now has three main objectives that relate to gas, electricity and foreclosure of farm land. According to Vyacheslav, Petushenko, to date, 35 km of a new section “asphalt concrete”. Recall that its length upon completion of the work will be 85 km.


To reduce the time of delivery of the object Avtodor could due to the fact that rerouted money on it with several other projects. About it reported in the summer of 2018. Work in this area began in 2017, the contractor – JSC “Transstroymechanizatsiya”. This company deals with the reconstruction of two sections of motorway M-4 “don” in the Tula region, working on the M-11 “Moscow – Saint-Petersburg” and participated in the construction of Crimean bridge.

We will remind, highway M-4 “don” is paid. She was transferred to the trust management of Avtodor, in 2010. Total length is 1 552 km, it passes through the route: Moscow – Voronezh – Rostov-on-don – Krasnodar – Novorossiysk.


Recently it became known that another section of the highway M-4 “don” in the Rostov region – will be paid: in the fall of 2021 for the movement of the open part of the way with 1 024 1 036 km. the fare not yet determined.

Earlier we talked about other issues of tourists traveling to the sea coasts. So, many kilometers of traffic jams in the Crimea will not disappear until 2020. The most difficulty movement on the part of the village of seaside and Feodosia (route M-17, part of the European route E-97). Here is to help the track “Tauris”, but it will open soon.


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Restyling turned to citroën’s C3-XR loss of power

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citroen c3-xr

Citroen c3-xr. Подтяжка лица в новом корпоративном стиле будто бы отчасти «вдохновлена» концептом CXPerience. Заменены капот, решётка, фары, бампер, колёсные диски. Сзади другая графика фонарей, и всё.

Konstantin Bolotov, 2 hours ago. Photo: Citroen

Facelift in the new corporate style though partly “inspired” by the concept CXPerience. Replaced the hood, grille, headlights, bumper, rims. Other graphics rear lights and everything.

About the misadventures of the SUV Citroen C3-XR, we talked in the fall and will not be repeated. Fortunately there is new information. In General, the premiere of “x-Ara” in China was furnished nicely, because exactly in the year of the centenary of his birth brand Citroen finalized SUV lineup for China. It rests on three pillars: children C3-XR, mediocre — C4 Aircross (aka C3 Aircross) senior — C5 Aircross. That all was like a fairy tale, where “the youngest was a fool”, the French combed Crosshatch, trimmed his Chevron at the neck and top turbowire 350 THP taken away — matches to children not a toy.

All interior components remain in the same places, but decorated differently and look more modern. The Central diagonal of the display has increased from seven to nine inches. The whole room turned as the model C3/C4 Aircross, only easier and cheaper.

Turboservice 1.6 THP (167 HP, 245 N•m) left Arsenal Citroen C3-XR, because it took the C4 Aircross. And our hero was left with two modifications of the same power — base of atmospheric THP 190 (1.6, 117 PS, 150 N•m) and lost 20 forces THP turbo 230 (1.2, 116 HP, 230 N•m). The alternative five-speed “mechanics” continues to provide a dedicated six “automatic”. As a consolation prize is the system using all-terrain Grip Control has five modes of the “Sand” and “Snow”.

Sales should begin in March. Dorectal still available, only it is very little unnecessary for 2018 sold 15 978 cars to 24, 555 in 2017. Crumbs by the standards of China and the worst result in the history of the model in Citroen why it released the English-language release calls the successful model. For the price range 108 800-171 800 yuan (about 1.06–1.67 million roubles) significant influence discount.

It became



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