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The term “driver” in the Russian traffic regulations can rewrite

In Russia, the practice of challenging the rules of the road. This time the Supreme court has asked a human rights activist from Chelyabinsk lion Voropayev, who believes that the rule of traffic regulations requiring drivers to wear reflective vests in case of forced stop on the road in the dark, illegal.

Red warning triangle with a broken down car

This point the SDA came into force relatively recently, in mid-March 2018. According to him, in case of an emergency stop or after an accident on the highway outside of the village in the dark by drivers when exiting vehicles are required to wear a jacket or vest with reflective elements.

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Reflective elements on the upper clothes want to make a mandatory

To oblige industrial enterprises to place reflective elements for manufactured children’s, school and sports clothes, considers it necessary, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on legislation and state construction Vyacheslav…

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The plaintiff in his appeal indicates that the obligation to wear a vest apply to drivers. According to paragraph 1.2 of the SDA, the people running the vehicle (as well as teachers teaching driving). However, a person who is outside the car, is considered a pedestrian.

Lev Nikolaev notes that, based on the current edition of the traffic regulations, the driver in fact may not be on the roadway or roadside, it can only be pedestrian. For this reason, he requested the Supreme court to recognize invalid the paragraph of the Rules, which requires drivers to wear reflective vests emergency stop or accident.

The Ministry of internal Affairs does not agree with the position of the plaintiff. According to “Kommersant” with reference to the representative of the Ministry in the Supreme court Nut Mariana, according to the SDA, the duties of a driver does not confine itself to the movement of the vehicle. So, before starting the driver must check the condition of the car; in addition, emergency stop, he is obliged to get out of the car and put the appropriate sign. When making an accident, the driver should photograph the scene. If he performed these duties, it becomes a pedestrian.

The representative of the Ministry noted that the requirement to wear vests with reflectors in the dark when you exit the car on the road is meant to protect drivers. The fact that there were cases when drivers are forced to staying on the roadside was shot down due to the fact that other motorists they are not noticed.


It can be assumed that the human rights activist opposed to the new rules of the SDA due to the fact that fear of traffic fines: previously, the Agency discussed the possibility of bringing to justice those drivers who are not wearing the vest in the dark on the track. It was about the article 12.27 of the administrative code “Failure to comply with obligations in connection with the accident,” the penalty for violation is equal to 1 000. Subsequently, however, and the first Deputy chief of traffic police Vladimir Shvetsov and the head of the SAI Mikhail Chernikov said that punishing drivers for the lack of a vest, the inspectors will not.

the police officer in an office form stops the car

According to the lawyer, an expert on BDD Kateryna Solovyova, the plaintiff drew attention to the “gap” in traffic: she believes that the concept of “driver” in the existing Regulations need to be adjusted, because it’s really hard to determine the exact moment when the driver becomes a pedestrian.

Recall, in case, if you count drivers out of cars, pedestrians, the obligation to use reflective elements (while on the road in the dark), they will remain. The relevant provision came into force in the summer of 2015.

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Ford recalls Focus and Kuga in Russia because of the threat of fire from under the hood

Federal Agency on technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) and OOO “Ford Sollers holding” has agreed on a programme of review of the Ford Focus, C-Max, Mondeo and Kuga. The campaign has touched 3 968 cars that were sold in Russia in the period from 2011 to 2016. A list of VIN numbers of cars that fall under a new review on the website of the Department.


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Elon Musk spoke about the details of the privatization of Tesla from Saudi Arabia

According to the publication Automotive News, Elon Musk broke the silence and before the end of negotiations on the sale of Tesla stated that it was negotiating with the representatives of the Sovereign wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia about the sale of the shares. According to him, the proposal came to the Council for consideration of shareholders at the beginning of last year, but it is only recently that negotiations acquired a serious nature, when the words of the investors were supported by the case, and they bought 5% stake in the company.

bmw-m850i-xdrive-prototype (1)

According to the Mask, July 31, he met with a representative of the Fund, during which he expressed regrets that the transaction on sale of all shares are still not concluded, although no barriers on the part of the authorities was not. However, the results of the meeting the head of Tesla was still happy, because the Saudi side expressed strong intention to continue negotiations.

As for the details of the transaction, it is reported that investors are going to buy shares of only those owners who do not want to keep a stake in the company after her departure from the exchange, and it is less than two-thirds of the shareholders of the total. In this regard, investors will not have to spend all $ 70 billion on the transaction.

As the Mask broke the silence before the completion of all formalities, August 11, he was sued by some shareholders who said that his message has affected the company’s stock on the exchange.


It is expected that investors will bring to the company “live” money, and the operation is not limited to redemption of borrowings that would increase an impressive amount of debt.

Previously portal of the reported that the Tesla Model 3 by the end of July “defeated” German and American competitors in the U.S. market.


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Honda Civic 2019 received the refreshed exterior, the new version and equipment

The Honda Civic ‘2019 made evolutionary changes to the design of the front and rear. The front of the car received a glossy black finish top of the “wing”, a redesigned lower grille and bumper, as well as finishing and optics, and in the stern added chrome trim on the bumper. Also, the manufacturer has prepared a new wheel designs, including larger 18-inch version for Touring.

Honda Civic Coupe Sport 2019 модельного года

Honda Civic Coupe Sport 2019 model year

In addition, the model got a new set of Civic Sport, which took place between the LX and EX. Features of this version is a glossy black finish at the bottom of the front, side, rear spoiler sedan, a-style panel splitter in the rear bumper, chrome-plated polygonal exhaust pipes on the motives of the Civic Si and the larger 18-inch wheels with 10-spoke design black color Berlina. Sport package is equipped with two-liter VTEC engine paired with a CVT with manual shift function and the infotainment system Display Audio with seven-inch screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Honda Civic Coupe Sport 2019 модельного года

Honda Civic Coupe Sport 2019 model year

Package security system Honda Sensing becomes standard equipment on all models. It includes the emergency braking system to mitigate the consequences of a collision with the function of warning of a frontal collision, assist the movement within a band with the function of warning the crossing markings and adaptive cruise control.

We will remind, on the Russian market model Honda Civic, not sold in USA it is available in two body styles – sedan and coupe at a starting price of 18 940 19 and $ 350, respectively, (approximately 1 284 000 1 312 000 rubles at the current exchange rate).

Honda Civic Sedan и Coupe 2019 модельного года

Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe model year 2019

Japanese model selling well in the American market, for example, in 2017 the sales volume of the model was 41 285 units, and for the first six months of this year sold already edition 23 630 machines. True rivals Civic doing better. For comparison, sales of the Mazda3 for these periods was 75 and 41 018 062 vehicles, and Chevrolet Cruze – 184 751 instance last year, this year, unfortunately, there are no statistics.

Recently portal “Wheels.”ru told me that Honda Civic Type R has become the champion of the Portuguese track of Estoril.


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