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The term “driver” in the Russian traffic regulations can rewrite

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In Russia, the practice of challenging the rules of the road. This time the Supreme court has asked a human rights activist from Chelyabinsk lion Voropayev, who believes that the rule of traffic regulations requiring drivers to wear reflective vests in case of forced stop on the road in the dark, illegal.

Red warning triangle with a broken down car

This point the SDA came into force relatively recently, in mid-March 2018. According to him, in case of an emergency stop or after an accident on the highway outside of the village in the dark by drivers when exiting vehicles are required to wear a jacket or vest with reflective elements.

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Reflective elements on the upper clothes want to make a mandatory

To oblige industrial enterprises to place reflective elements for manufactured children’s, school and sports clothes, considers it necessary, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on legislation and state construction Vyacheslav…

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The plaintiff in his appeal indicates that the obligation to wear a vest apply to drivers. According to paragraph 1.2 of the SDA, the people running the vehicle (as well as teachers teaching driving). However, a person who is outside the car, is considered a pedestrian.

Lev Nikolaev notes that, based on the current edition of the traffic regulations, the driver in fact may not be on the roadway or roadside, it can only be pedestrian. For this reason, he requested the Supreme court to recognize invalid the paragraph of the Rules, which requires drivers to wear reflective vests emergency stop or accident.

The Ministry of internal Affairs does not agree with the position of the plaintiff. According to “Kommersant” with reference to the representative of the Ministry in the Supreme court Nut Mariana, according to the SDA, the duties of a driver does not confine itself to the movement of the vehicle. So, before starting the driver must check the condition of the car; in addition, emergency stop, he is obliged to get out of the car and put the appropriate sign. When making an accident, the driver should photograph the scene. If he performed these duties, it becomes a pedestrian.

The representative of the Ministry noted that the requirement to wear vests with reflectors in the dark when you exit the car on the road is meant to protect drivers. The fact that there were cases when drivers are forced to staying on the roadside was shot down due to the fact that other motorists they are not noticed.


It can be assumed that the human rights activist opposed to the new rules of the SDA due to the fact that fear of traffic fines: previously, the Agency discussed the possibility of bringing to justice those drivers who are not wearing the vest in the dark on the track. It was about the article 12.27 of the administrative code “Failure to comply with obligations in connection with the accident,” the penalty for violation is equal to 1 000. Subsequently, however, and the first Deputy chief of traffic police Vladimir Shvetsov and the head of the SAI Mikhail Chernikov said that punishing drivers for the lack of a vest, the inspectors will not.

the police officer in an office form stops the car

According to the lawyer, an expert on BDD Kateryna Solovyova, the plaintiff drew attention to the “gap” in traffic: she believes that the concept of “driver” in the existing Regulations need to be adjusted, because it’s really hard to determine the exact moment when the driver becomes a pedestrian.

Recall, in case, if you count drivers out of cars, pedestrians, the obligation to use reflective elements (while on the road in the dark), they will remain. The relevant provision came into force in the summer of 2015.

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Edition Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe Competition only get US

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audi r8 plus competition

Audi r8,Audi r8 plus competition. Все образцы будут окрашены в цвет Suzuka Gray. По краям бампера — антикрылышки (канарды), подсмотренные у гоночных версий. В остальном оформление носа — обычное, только добавлен «чёрный» дизайн-пакет: глянцевые окантовки решётки радиатора, воздухозаборников спереди и вентиляционных окон сзади.

Leonid Popov, 2 days ago. Photo: Audi

All samples will be painted in the color Suzuka Gray. The edges of the bumper — anticrisis (kenardy), all borrowed from the racing versions. Otherwise, registration of the nose is common, only added the “black” design pack: glossy edging of the grille, air intakes, front and rear ventilation Windows.

In November ten Americans will be able to buy limited edition Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe Competition package. This is the coupe edition based on the R8 V10 plus especially for US. The car received a complete package of performance parts from Audi Sport. Version Competition not more powerful “plus”, but has more downforce and a little bit easier.

Version Competition by default put black racing seats-buckets with red stitching, full leather trim including door cards, steering wheel in Alcantara with the zero mark, 550-watt Bang & Olufsen sound system with 13 speakers, shift paddles of carbon fiber.

Aerodynamics and should, first of all to give this version more speed on circular tracks with a large number of turns. Only 150 km/h the downforce is there, more than double the original model (now equivalent to 52 kg), and at 315 km/h grows up to 250 kg, a hundred higher than the serial “a plus”. Payback — increased drag. Because the maximum speed there is only 315 km/h instead of 330. Acceleration is not specified, and the common V10 plus — 3,2 with up to hundreds. There are about the same.

In carbon for aerodynamic kit also includes a large splitter, expanders sills, a fixed rear wing on the pylons with the inverted fastening, flaps at the corners of the rear bumper and diffuser with developed longitudinal ribs. Tires — Pirelli P Zero.

Decoration model — matte black, fully machined 20-inch wheels, the same wheels racing version of the R8 GT4 (that, however, the diameter is 18). They saved the compartment 12 kg curb weight. Another quart engineers have dropped, putting the titanium base plate carbon fiber brake pads. Other features: dynamic steering, adjustable three parameters suspension type coilover.

The 5.2 V10 engine (610 HP and 560 N•m) has not changed. By the way, under the curtain of the life of the first generation R8 she is also a Competition specifically for US, and there was “only” 578 “horses”. However, it’s more than not just a simple “er-eighth”, but modification of the GT.

Dealers of Audi in the U.S. model R8 V10 plus Coupe Competition will be in November. Valued this car at $237 350 (at current exchange rate from 15.58 million), plus another $2550 should pay for shipping and taxes. For comparison, the serial R8 V10 plus costs in America $194 400. We will add that in the next few months the entire family awaits the Audi R8 update, which will affect the appearance (slightly) and on the technique. Atmospheric dozen should slightly improve in power, and as never before, the initial versions will be forced V6 unit 2.9. However, official information about such a radical step no.



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Sedan Mercedes-AMG is A 35 not at all repeat the hatchback

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mercedes a
mercedes a amg

Mercedes a,Mercedes a amg. В новой серии кадров машина предстала с минимальным камуфляжем, тогда как в прошлый раз заклеено было все, что только можно.

Leonid Popov, 1 day ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

In a new series of machine frame appeared with minimal camouflage, while the last time was pasted over everything.

Buyers in the United States, with a particular interest in looking at new spy shots of the sedan Mercedes-AMG A 35. The fact that A 35 hatchback to the American market will not reach, but the four-door sibling will be sold. In Russia a simple sedan A-class will appear for sure, and no “heated” it will not be. So, look to the frames.

On the roof of A hatch 35 engineers hoisted a full wing, but smooth aft of the saloon to spoil the “bench” the Germans did not, limiting the spoiler, although not-so-little. This is not the case, not counting the body type of course.

Supercharged “four” M 260 with a return of 306 HP and 400 N•m, combined with a seven-step “robot” AMG SpeedShift DCT and all-wheel drive 4Matic, accelerates the hatchback A 35 to a hundred in 4.7 s. We do not think that the sedan will show a difference of at least a tenth of a second. As of piatigorski, there must be added to the amplifiers stiffness of the body, an electronically shock absorbers, AMG Ride Control, an enhanced switching of the driving modes and settings of the stabilization system.

Exhaust pipes and diffuser — same as “warmed-up” hatchback.

The front especially has nothing to hide. The same mesh in the grille, the same two horizontal straps as the hatch. But in the corners of the bumper are not set kenardy (small spoiler). It seems that in terms of aerodynamics of the sedan, A 35 would be less “evil” than similar pyatidverka.

Given the importance to the overseas market, we can assume the premiere of the sedan, A 35 or in November in Los Angeles, or in January in Detroit. In the first half of 2019, the model will arrive on the market. If someone would think it “small” will need to wait for the family of “lighters” with the index 45. There are at least preparing the hatchback A-class, the crossover GLA and liftback CLA. Sedan A-class in this version, the company also likely will be built. “Forty-five” under the hood will be installed again “two liters”, but with hybrid additions (including waiting for electric compressor), while the capacity will reach 400-410 HP


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Nicer and cheaper: Chery fixed a bad design Tiggo 5x

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Tiggo 5x has entered the Chinese market last fall, and almost immediately the Russian office Chery announced the intention to sell this model in our country under the name Tiggo 4. A year has passed, but the promised novelty in the salons of the Russian dealers did not appear, and this week it became known that Tiggo 5x endured early restyling. The fact that the original is very peculiar appearance of the SUV to the Chinese consumer is not liked, therefore it was sold sluggishly: from January to August this year, 608 sold 40 copies. For comparison, proportionate Baojun 510 (whose appearance, by the way, is also, frankly, for an Amateur) in the same period, found 250 507 buyers.


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