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The problem is the bottleneck of the highway M-4 “don” will be decided early

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In the summer of 2019 plot in the Voronezh region will gather many kilometers of traffic jams, but within a year, the travellers will be able to quickly get Yes resorts.

A new section of the highway M-4 “don”, which takes place from 633 715 km away, can pass on the year-earlier period. If earlier it was planned that it will be opened to traffic by the end of 2020, it has now moved to the end of 2019. This was stated by first Deputy Chairman of the state company “Avtodor” Vyacheslav Petushenko, checking the progress of work on this leg of your journey.


The construction of the bypass of the town of Pavlovsk and the village of Losev is important to improve the carrying capacity of the track. The current phase of M-4 “don” is recognized as the “bottleneck” of the whole road. In the holiday season, it collects many kilometers of traffic jams that drivers circle on the field. Some take detours, but the majority of tourists gets stuck in traffic jams for several hours.

The representative of the “Avtodor” has told that the company now has three main objectives that relate to gas, electricity and foreclosure of farm land. According to Vyacheslav, Petushenko, to date, 35 km of a new section “asphalt concrete”. Recall that its length upon completion of the work will be 85 km.


To reduce the time of delivery of the object Avtodor could due to the fact that rerouted money on it with several other projects. About it reported in the summer of 2018. Work in this area began in 2017, the contractor – JSC “Transstroymechanizatsiya”. This company deals with the reconstruction of two sections of motorway M-4 “don” in the Tula region, working on the M-11 “Moscow – Saint-Petersburg” and participated in the construction of Crimean bridge.

We will remind, highway M-4 “don” is paid. She was transferred to the trust management of Avtodor, in 2010. Total length is 1 552 km, it passes through the route: Moscow – Voronezh – Rostov-on-don – Krasnodar – Novorossiysk.


Recently it became known that another section of the highway M-4 “don” in the Rostov region – will be paid: in the fall of 2021 for the movement of the open part of the way with 1 024 1 036 km. the fare not yet determined.

Earlier we talked about other issues of tourists traveling to the sea coasts. So, many kilometers of traffic jams in the Crimea will not disappear until 2020. The most difficulty movement on the part of the village of seaside and Feodosia (route M-17, part of the European route E-97). Here is to help the track “Tauris”, but it will open soon.


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Patent application hinted at a pickup truck GMC Canyon ZRX

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If sportively Canyon to follow in the footsteps of an ancestor, it will be based on the version with single cab, Extended Cab (less Canyon), and rear wheel drive. Just imagine here the rims are bigger, but ground clearance is less.

The concern General Motors has filed a patent application for trademark ZRX. Discovered its publication built a curious chain. Index ZRX applied on the “heat” of limited-edition pickup GMC Sonoma in 2003. As the heir to a SONOMA — GMC Canyon. It is likely that we are waiting for Canyon ZRX, fast and aims to operate primarily in the city.

Pickup Sonoma ZRX used the same aspirated 4.3 V6 (182 HP, 332 N•m), which met on other versions of SONOMA. It was combined with Quad-band “automatic” and rear wheel drive. The cargo platform was short, cabin — single or semi-double. Added rails on the edges of the cargo compartment, appliques on the doors and most importantly — retuned suspension with custom shock absorbers and a rear differential lock.

The most powerful of motors in the Canyon now — it’s aspirated V6 3.6 impact of 312 HP and 373 N•m, combined with an eight “automatic”. The Americans might put it, limiting other modifications. But it could use something more productive, for example, turboservice 2.7 (314 HP, 472 N•m) from a Silverado or aspirated V6 4.3 (289 HP, 414 N•m) from him (compared to the 3.6 he wins at the moment). In any case, you can expect stiffer suspension lowering, retuned dampers and various additives in the hardware list. Rear differential with automatic lock — in itself.

An example of a return to the past in the new phase we have seen recently, in April. This pickup Syclone SVE, created on the base of the Canyon and imitating very fast models GMC Syclone 1991 (in turn based on SONOMA). In a new interpretation of the legend appeared 461-strong Assembly 3.6 with driving the supercharger.

It is unclear whether the dare company to return the version of the ZRX in the system now, or wait for the alternation of generations of a pickup truck. Edition GM Authority reported that the current pair of fellow Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon will undergo a modest set of changes to the 2021 model year like a adjustments in the decor, the options, materials, finishes and the like.

The impending adjustment of the Canyon and Colorado, GM does not consider even a full upgrade or restyling. Nevertheless, the same Canyon is the modified radiator grille: it will become larger and merge with the openings in the bumper.

The new generation of this pair is expected only in the years 2022-2023. Fellows must jump from platform GM GM 31XX 31XX-2, slightly upgraded version of the previous “truck”, although previously heard the suggestion about a more modern VSS-T. The engines are partly borrowed from the previous generation, but there is a chance to add to the range of any naduvnoj of the Quartet.


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The drive door was the reason for the withdrawal of the Volkswagen Multivan

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Volkswagen t6,Volkswagen multivan. Под кампанию в России попали короткобазные Мультивэны, а вот в Европе дефект затронул и собратьев с названием Transporter, впрочем, по сути это одна модель — вэн T6.

Under the campaign in Russia hit rough terrain Multivane, but in Europe, the defect has also affected fellow with the name of the Transporter, however, in fact it is one model — van T6.

Van in the Volkswagen Multivan electric sliding doors and tailgate were insufficient seal between the plastic trim motor sliding door and a valance. Here can seep water (especially when pressure washing), and then she gets to the control unit of the electric drive.

Russian description of the defect is limited to this definition, and we found a similar opinion in Europe said that there is a possibility of erosion of the contacts due to a short circuit, and in the most adverse circumstances — and fire. In Russia, for this reason revoked 2490 of Multiview implemented in the period from 2016 to 2019. The machines will perform the necessary sealing of the sidewall. Download a list of VIN codes of vehicles that fall under the campaign by clicking the link on the website of Rosstandart.

The drive side door is arranged simply: electric motor, pulleys, steel cable.

Van sold in different variations as Multivan, California, Caravelle and Transporter in Russia, the leader of the segment (slightly more than disagree only gazovskih Sables de facto shortened the Gazel minivans). The latest product of the Volkswagen in special “crime” was observed. However, in February of this year, the car came under review because of the gas generator in the airbag, and in 2017 — again because of gas generators in arbagar and the seat belt pretensioners. Apparently, the van failed component suppliers.


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Battery Opel Corsa-e was the basis for a rally car

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Opel concept,Opel adac e-rally car. Спасибо раскраске, ведь она не даёт спутать прототип со стоковой Корсой. Новый передний бампер наделён расширенным воздухозаборником. На капоте (вероятно, углепластиковом) и задней двери установлены «быстрые» замки, ну и 17-дюймовые колёса тут непростые.

Konstantin Bolotov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Opel

Thanks to the coloring, because it does not confuse the prototype with the stock a withdraw and their. New front bumper is endowed with advanced air intake. On the hood (probably carbon fiber) and rear doors have quick locks, and of 17-inch wheels then difficult.

Opel Motorsport division set out to build a rally car, whose price will be “significantly less than” 50 000 euros. As a result of mass hatchback Corsa-e weight kg 1550-1660 got rid of the tangible parts of it and got an integrated roll cage. The length of the hatch has not changed (4060 mm), width and height added five millimeters (1770, 1440), and the wheelbase — two (2540 mm). Battery capacity is the same (50 kWh), the output of the motor also (136 HP, 260 N•m) actuator front.

Meanwhile, the suspension is replaced by combat (with rigid joints with Uniball), there is a Torsen limited-slip differential, mounted four-piston calipers with ventilated discs (332 mm front, 264 rear). The engine and transmission are protected, and the ABS, ESP and traction control disabled. There is a sprinkler system.

[embedded content]

“Corsa-e is a electric car for all that relates to motorsports, — the General Director of Opel Michael Roseller. — Using a production car as a basis, we became the first automaker in the world to develop electric rally car”.

Opel, together with the German automobile club ADAC is hosting the first rally championship for electric vehicles — e ADAC Opel Rally Cup. The beginning of a series planned for the summer of 2020 as part of the traditional competitions in Germany. It is expected that will sit behind the wheel, young riders from 18 countries, is now fighting for “gasoline” cups ADAC Opel Rallye Cup and the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior. For them to be prepared 15 cars.


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