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The OBI company released the “Great encyclopedia of repair”

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The OBI company released the “Great encyclopedia of repair”

New company directory the OB came in the form of an encyclopedia. A book called “Big book of repair”, contains step-by-step information on product repair work from roughing to design decor. The publication presents a number of ready-made interior solutions and ideas of interior design that you can realize by purchasing products sold in OBI stores.

In the edition of 232 pages in an accessible form tells about almost all types of repair and electrical work, which sometimes have to deal with customers. In the book you can find tips and useful guidelines. The size of the book is fairly compact, which allows it to fit even in a handbag.

Big book of repair” in the OBI stores have already appeared on the shelves. It is available to customers free of charge. Also on the website of the store you can download an electronic version of the encyclopedia.

Большая энциклопедия ремонта ОБИ

Vyacheslav Rusin

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The IKEA store in the shopping center “Aviapark”

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The IKEA store in the shopping center “Aviapark”

Video of the IKEA store of a new format opened in Moscow in Europe’s largest shopping center “Aviapark”.

Watch videos of Design Studio IKEA. Kitchens and wardrobes, which is located on the second floor of the Mall.

[embedded content]

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Where to find builders to repair?

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Where to find builders to repair?

Home need to make repairs or you bought an apartment without finishing, then it’s time to think about who is going to do it. You can try yourself, but it is better to consult specially trained people. We decided to compare specialists of different levels and forms of work, and you have to make a choice.

Working with private owners out, if you do the repairs yourself is not possible, and budget is small. But in this case you should be prepared for surprises. Ravshan and Jamshud become synonymous with unskilled construction workers, and most importantly not to run them. Sometimes traders show up as masters of all trades, but they are rarely experts even in the same species. Let’s see where to look for repairs.

Дизайн интерьера 

Интерьер гостиной с камином

If you need to replace the toilet, then call one time plumbing. Service announcements are on the Bulletin boards, the Internet and even social networks. Some at your own risk select workers from the roadside and driven to the site. But if there was a question about larger repair, even cosmetic, then I’ll need not one person but several – painter, tiler, electrician, plumber, in addition to find a firm that will establish the ceilings or Windows. Here you have a little longer to search for artists, and most importantly, to coordinate their work, to calculate how much you should pay each and coherence is no guarantee you.

And besides, the qualification of untested masters in question, they will not give a guarantee of the performed works, and maybe run, not finish the repair or take it more and property owners. There is already a matter of luck, you can follow your intuition or the recommendations of friends who did the repair. On time is not necessary and in your case something could go wrong even with a decent professionals.

Где искать строителей для ремонта 

Ремонт квартиры от профессионалов 

Современный дизайн интерьера

They only seem attractive because of low cost. If you read the forums about the repair, there are many complaints of such workers, but to bring them to justice is difficult and sometimes impossible.

The second option is search crews with a foreman who is responsible for coherence. The interaction easier, because you will have to settle all the issues with it. The cost of the work, too low, and the presence of the superintendent adds to the seriousness.

Стильный дизайн 

Интерьер небольшой комнаты 

Как сделать ремонт в квартире

But here, from the unfairness of working to insure impossible. Even if the customer is a contract for services on their own, to bring to justice the masters of private teams in the event of defective work will be extremely difficult, as well as to verify the professionalism in the wild brigades, too, can stumble across non-professionals. Besides, you have to constantly monitor the process of work, if you understand the construction and have free time, then this may be your option. But if not, the team is not for you. In addition, often the customer himself has to procure and deliver materials and workers to the site, and it’s a waste of time and effort. Documentary and guarantee they can’t give you.

There is a third option, where to look for the workers to contact the construction company offering a full range of construction services with a guarantee. Any official firm values its reputation, therefore in its interests to neutralize all the roughness, but as a rule they rarely occur. These companies are engaged in the repair of “turnkey”, which means you do not need to think about anything. For comparison, take the company “Rodnov”, which has more than five years on the market of construction services. Starting from the design of the project and the agreement of BTI to repair, install Windows and complete set of object furniture company allows you to do extra work. On the design of the project are: architect, designer, foreman, employees constantly attend courses of qualification improvement in various specialized centers Rehau, Knauf, etc.

Стильный интерьер 

Интерьер loft помещения 

Дизайнерские работы

Of course, the cost of work is higher than that of workers, but customers can be issued credit without overpayments and the initial payment for a period of 1 year, additional discounts for the affiliate program for furniture, Windows, and finishing rough materials.

During any works can occur forms majeure, and therefore, each object is insured before the beginning of repair and finishing works. All work is supervised by the Manager, which is assigned to the client. It may explain, even if you are far from construction. Every week the customer is sent a schedule of works and at the end of the week, the report that was done. You don’t need to come on the scene and worry about it and to worry that work will not meet the deadline.

+7 (495) 532-43-25

+7 (926) 093-83-03



Красивые дома 


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IKEA opens new format stores in Russia

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IKEA opens new format stores in Russia

On 14 June the Swedish company IKEA is the largest retailer of furniture and home goods in the world, opened Russia’s first small-format store. In fact, the store is a combined design Studio kitchens and wardrobes, IKEA and reception of orders. It is located in the shopping center the Fleet and occupies an area of 300 square meters. Here in the design Studio with the help of experienced professionals any visitor will be able to easily plan a kitchen or closet, and order with home delivery of goods from online store

At the opening of the new store format was attended by Gerhard Moritz – Deputy General Director of retail chain IKEA in Russia. In his speech, he noted that Russia is a strategic market for the company, and IKEA plans to further develop its activities in Russia. He also explained that in their work the specialists of the company keep their fingers on the pulse of time, watching the changes occurring in the world, and pay attention to the needs and wishes of buyers. He noted that his colleagues who worked on the creation of a new store format, was able to bring to life the essence of IKEA: “We see before us a beautiful Scandinavian design, excellent quality, excellent functionality and affordable prices“. And that is a very important point, now IKEA has become closer. Now to the new store can be reached from downtown in 20 minutes.

Герхард Моритц

Speaking about the new online store which was launched last year, Gerhard Moritz noted the good momentum. Already, sales through the online store accounted for about 7% of the total turnover of IKEA in Russia and the opening of the new store is the next step in the formation of multi-channel retailers. Also, the new store is a new experience, new knowledge that will be used for the development of shops of such a plan. “If the experience we gain here will be positive, in the next few months we are ready to open 5-7 small stores in different cities of Russia, “said Gerhard Moritz.


Even in his speech he noted that during the past years, IKEA has lowered prices on about 2.5 thousands of products. Such goods in full assortment, will be presented in the new stores. In the new store to test a new approach to shaping the customer experience. All store staff have undergone special training in order to best respond to the demands of customers to result the buyer was completely happy with your purchase.

From the face of the Mall, the Fleet was made by the Director of leasing , Julia Dyakova. She said the shopping center “Aviapark” is famous for his desire to open something new, unique, interesting. And so happy to have provided IKEA platform for the implementation of the new project.

Юлия Дьякова

Coverage area of the SEC’s five million people, and now they can all reach the IKEA store in just 20 minutes. A full range of home goods, accessories, and related products is now more accessible for a large number of buyers.


Then a word took the Director of the new design Studio Anton Artamohin. He noticed that IKEA always cares about its customers. And that is why the store of a new format will be closer, more convenient and can be placed where it is most needed.

Антон Артамохин

The shop is mainly represented by two types of products: kitchen and storage, as well as decorative items and related products for the home. Buying a kitchen, for example, requires deliberation and specialists from the design Studio always ready to share ideas for home improvement and will help each buyer make the right choice.


Also, the store new format will be tested completely new format of meeting with the buyer, is pre-recorded. Everyone can use a convenient time to come and comfortably with the help of experts to plan the kitchen or the necessary storage system.

Concluding the official part, Gerhard Moritz made a small retreat, he remembered the company’s founder, Invar Kamprad of IKEA. It was a man who very consciously approached the cost, he never cut the ribbon at the opening of the store. He understood that the company will open new stores, and this ribbon can be used again and again. Gerhard Moritz symbolically “cut” the ribbon and opened the first store of a new format in Russia.

Разрезание ленточки на открытии магазина ИКЕА

Author photo Vyacheslav Rusin and Anna Kuznetsova

Irina Rusina

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