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The LC concept Lexus Convertible has spoken about the future model


lexus lc convertible
lexus concept

Lexus lc,Lexus lc convertible,Lexus concept. Производитель в описании шоу-кара делает упор не на технику, а на облик «вдохновляющего гало-автомобиля для всей линейки Lexus». Он, якобы, и сохранил черты купе, и приобрёл свои, неповторимые.

Leonid Popov, 17 hours ago. Photo: Lexus

The manufacturer in the description of the show car does not focus on technique, and on the appearance of “inspiring halo car for the entire line of Lexus”. He allegedly retained the features of the coupe, and purchased their unique.

After some time, the family model Lexus LC appears with an open body. His appearance and the interior clearly suggests the LC concept Lexus Convertible which the company intends to show to the public next week in Detroit. The main designer of the show car Tadao Mori says: “This concept takes the unmistakable coupe design LC and makes it into a future convertible. It combines all the best aspects of the original coupe with dynamic design model under the open sky”.

The length of a concept is equal to 4770 mm (+10 mm to the coupe), width — 1920 (equal), height — 1340 (-5 mm), base — 2870 mm (identical to the coupe). The diameter of the wheels is 22 inches.

The emergence of a convertible in the family LC is logical, because the ideological precursor for the LC is considered to be just an open model Lexus SC 430. However, her convertible top was hard. And in the new car it will be fabric. Soft roof lately is experiencing a real Renaissance in the automotive industry and heavier hard — not in favor.

Black and white leather trim with yellow stitching, chosen specifically for the concept and the overall design of the interior repeats the compartment. On the second row, judging by the pictures, it’ll be tight, but still space is there.

Interestingly, the demand for the Lexus LC coupe in all its forms is experiencing a downturn. So, in the United States in 2017 were sold 2484 machines, and in 2018 — only 1979. In Europe last year was crowned with the figure of about 800. Thus, one of the main markets in the USA, Lexus LC for sale ten times worse than the Corvette.

[embedded content]

Recall that in a serial LC coupe Lexus is naturally aspirated “eight” 5.0 (477 HP, 540 N•m) and install hybrid (3.5 V6, two electric motors, combined 359 HP and 475 N•m). Open version nothing prevents to acquire the same set.

We believe that a special edition of the Japanese sports car will not help much to increase popularity of the LC, but the expansion of the range of modifications — completely. Recall that in addition to the open version we expect from the producer of “charged” coupe F LC. Photospin already seen it on road tests. On the engine there is only forecast: unofficial sources promise a car biturbomotor 4.0 impact in the area of 630 HP and 640 N•m Of convertible LC F is possible only to dream.



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Test hatch Audi A5 Sportback revealed a new design

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audi a5 sportback

Audi a5,Audi a5 sportback. В отличие от «а-четвёртой», обновление A5 не затронуло дверные панели. Но традиционный для середины жизненного цикла набор перемен соблюдён: бамперы, решётка радиатора и вся оптика — новые.

Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

In contrast to the “a-fourth”, the update A5 did not affect the door panel. But traditional mid-life cycle recruitment changes observed: bumpers, grille and optics all — new.

Pyatidverka Audi A5 Sportback the current generation is available in 2016 without radical change. However, on the nose of the planned update, which should go according to the script already redrawn the family A4. Until the end of the year (probably Frankfurt in September) all secrets will be revealed, and while our forecasts.

The interior is close to this photoset in the picture not included, but we know that it can wait for “a-fourth”: there will be a new touchscreen Central display with a diagonal of 10.1 that will allow you to remove the MMI controller on the tunnel.

Large honeycomb in the grille of the test sample implying that we got a copy with the S line package. And it looks like there will not be a controversial design element: false air intake at the junction of the grille and hood, like the A4/S4. But the prototype of Sportbike there was another fake — huge trapezoidal exhaust pipes at the edges of the rear bumper, alas, purely decorative. By the way, the recent spy pictures of the facelifted S5 Coupe showed the same design of the nose of the car, only exhaust pipes she had some “honest” four kruglyashey.

Although the headlight there from a distance resembles the optics of A4, in fact, their shape is not identical. But the new running lights/turn signals in the form of a dotted line on top edge — similar to “a fourth.” The front bumper is also similar to the A4 model and still not the same as the number of elements.

Correction appearance update “a fifth” is not limited. As the pyatidverka, and coupe we’re waiting for changes in the engine lineup — in particular, adding a moderate hybrid systems based on a simple 12-volt network for the four engines and on the basis of 48-volt — V6 (for example, the April technical update S5). All the new clothes in appearance, interior and electronics will move later on the “hot” model of the Audi RS5, which we can assume a small upgrade impact (now there is a 2.9 V6 turbo engine at 450 HP and 600 N•m).

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Other Renault Sandero dropped camouflage: cross-version, but perhaps not Stepway

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Other Renault Sandero dropped camouflage: cross-version, but perhaps not the Stepway


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New Land Rover Discovery Sport has equalized the price with the Ewok

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Konstantin Bolotov, 15 hours ago. Photo: Land Rover

The latest reforms would be enough to change generations. Thanks to the new platform PTA the SUV has grown in all directions. Changed the design, improved equipment, increased comfort and safety, expanded multimedia capabilities. Payback — the highest prices in the segment.

Crossover Land Rover Discovery Sport after a deep restyling arrived in Russia without a front-modification of the hybrid system and “mechanics”. He received the same powertrains as the “second” Range Rover Evoque. Model available for order with a couple of petrol versions turbochetverki 2.0 (P200, 200 HP, 320 N•m and P250, 249 HP, 365 N•m) and 2.0 turbodiesel in two versions boost (D150, 150 PS, 380 N•m and D180, 180 HP, 430 N•m). Box in all cases — nine-storyed “machine” ZF.

The initial variation is no longer of the diesel and gasoline P200. She’s estimated at 2 930 000 rubles (basic Evoque with the diesel more expensive by 11 000). That is, formally launch the Disco Sport added to the price of 80 000. However, when compared with the previous petrol Sports at 240 HP, it turns out cheaper to 193 000. Ceiling for the execution P200 — 3 698 000.

Media system InControl Touch Pro with a screen diagonal of 10.25 inches — standard equipment, and digital clean-up of 12.3 inch option 49 800. The fee for the third row — 80 500. The projection display will take 70 700, Pro-Navigator — 139 500 leather from 106 to 400 302 200.

Diesel Sports have the following price ranges: D150 — 2 939 000 3 707 000 (from Ewok 941 894 2 000-3 000), D180 — 3 038 000 to 4 082 000 (3 042 000-4 637 000). Top model P250 stretches from 3 128 000 to 4 144 000 (3 130 000-4 694 000). Don’t forget about the fee for body color. “Metallic” will cost 59 500, “premium metallic” will rise to 88 700. Contrasting roof will require another 33 400, panoramic — 99 600. And so on. The results of machinery to customers scheduled for the autumn.

Model and accessories Motor (horsepower, HP), transmission* Price, RUB.
BMW X1 sDrive18i 1.5 (140), P7 2 020 000
X2 BMW sDrive18i 1.5 (140), P7 2 070 000
Volvo XC40 D3 2.0 (150), AT8 2 268 000
Mercedes GLA 200 “Special series” 1.6 (150), P7 2 310 000
Lexus NX Comfort 2.0 (150), CVT 2 557 000
Jaguar E-Pace Standard 2.0 (150), AT9 2 664 000
Land Rover Discovery Sport Standard 2.0 (200), AT9 2 930 000
Range Rover Evoque Standard 2.0 (150), АТ9 2 941 000
* AT8, -9—, eight-, nine-storeyed automatic transmission,
P7 — a seven-speed robotic gearbox.


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