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The concept of Fiat Fastback anticipated serial “coupe”

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fiat fastback
fiat concept

Fiat fastback,Fiat concept. Премьера шоу-кара состоялась на открывшемся сегодня для СМИ автошоу в Сан-Паулу. Размеры машины неизвестны. Мысленно заменяем зеркала-камеры на традиционные, добавляем дверные ручки, упрощаем всё остальное с оглядкой на пикап Toro — серийный Fastback готов.

The premiere of the show car took place at the media for the auto show in Sao Paulo. The size of the machine is unknown. Mentally model of the mirror camera in the traditional, add a door handle, simplify everything else with an eye on the pickup truck Toro — serial Fastback ready.

Kupeobrazny crossover utility vehicle Renault Arkana along with Russia, China and South Korea will be sold in Brazil. Today it presents a potential rival Arcana Fiat Fastback, which insiders warned a year ago. Only one of the “slanted eyes” it is clear that before us is a close relative of a pickup truck Fiat Toro. And although the manufacturer stuffing hides, murder will out, as the platform GM Fiat Small Wide 4×4 US, in common with the models of the Jeep Compass and Renegade.

Coupe designed in the Latin American design center and embodies the four new principles is its focus on the person, the courage, the spirit of time and continuous driving pleasure.

Concept tinted glass, and the interior exists only on a computer rendering. And the reason is clear: there is no need to do the show-Kara this expensive salon, because in the series will not be anything like.

Theoretically Fastback get a normal name and will be replaced in some markets hapless Freemont. Obviously, the new crossover will be produced the same plant in Goiana that produces the Toro and Fiat platform Jeep. They say it will only happen in 2020, that is, the final version will debut again in Sao Paulo, but exactly one year later. Powertrain model borrows a pickup truck only partially. A very likely release a seven-seat version that the whole “kopanisti” will lose.


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New SUV Chevrolet Tracker will appear in China in the spring of

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chevrolet tracker

Chevrolet tracker. Даже удивительно, насколько сильно передок второй генерации Трекера похож на лицо нового Chevrolet Orlando. Решётка и бампер — один в один. Будто два варианта той же модели. Правда, отличается сопряжение фар с центральной поперечиной, зеркала лишены ножек и так далее.

It’s amazing how much the front end of the second generation of the Tracker is similar to the face of the new Chevrolet Orlando. The grille and the bumper — one to one. If two options of the same model. However, a different pair of headlights from a Central cross bar, mirrors, deprived of legs and so on.

Twin compact Opel Mokka, which is known in the United States and China called the Chevrolet Trax, the change of generations will build its second, “more respectable” name of Tracker. From a legacy platform GM Gamma II Tracker and his brother-clone of the Buick Encore , it is time to move out. Probable destination — “trolley” E2XX/S1. On it are going to grow roots, for example, Cadillac XT3 petrol and Buick Enspire. But all the twists and turns of the Tracker happens behind closed in SAIC-GM doors, and while there are only scraps of information from the Ministry of industry and trade of the PRC. But with the pictures, and then in the teaser there is little seen.

Size Tracker and current Trax though differ slightly. Length — 4270 mm (+15), width — 1791 (+15), height — 1602-1627 (the Treks 1675), wheelbase — 2570 (+15). To believe this “tag” 100% is impossible, since such information is then often at odds with reality.

Premiere Tracker the Chinese media are predicting in March, and the power unit only predict: a three-cylinder 1.0 turbo (115 HP), as sedan sedan, Chevrolet Monza, paired with a six-speed “robot” with two clutches. Power is not enough. The current Trax in China is equipped with a 143-horsepower turbocharged 1.4 and almost useless — sold several hundred machines a month.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian “unison”, which produces the Tracker previously the first generation, received from the FAS permission to buy mothballed in 2015 General Motors plant in Shushary, according to “Fontanka”. The deal seems to be not yet completed, but it is only a matter of time. What models will be produced, is unknown, and the choice of candidates is large and heterogeneous: cars PSA, the Chinese Zotye and is, in fact, GM.


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SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will soon change the appearance of

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mitsubishi pajero sport

Mitsubishi pajero sport. Решётка радиатора и бампер ощутимо преобразятся. А ещё, судя по прототипу, фронтальная оптика станет двухэтажной с крупными секциями по углам бампера, как на паркетнике Eclipse Cross.

Leonid Popov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

Grille and bumper significantly transformed. And yet, judging by the prototype, the front optics will be two-story with large sections in the corners of the bumper as the SUV Eclipse Cross.

Winter test of the car somewhere in the North of Sweden allowed photospin to take the first pictures of the updated SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The current generation of models appeared in the summer of 2015 and, of course, micro-updates, implements for a particular model year, a full facelift can not replace. So, this year we should see redrawn Sport.

Camouflaged machine does not allow to consider all details, even on a larger frame. And yet it seemed to us that the new lights not only adjusted the schedule, but he disappeared “flowing” down the section. It was one of the most memorable features of the model, although very controversial.

Modern Pajero Sport sold in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines (as Montero Sport) and Thailand, several countries in the Far and Middle East and, of course, we have. But in Western Europe (except Britain) and the United States, for example, a model no. But the situation may change after the facelift. In any case, Europe is more likely. Edition even calls potential name for the model in this region — Shogun Sport (designation SUV is now present in Britain). And if the car reaches the US, it could be called half-forgotten there, the name Montero (or Montero Sport).

Probably, the designers intervened in the design of the rear rack, but in the interior of the radical innovations are not expected.

Recall that the current Pajero Sport is equipped with gasoline “aspirated” V6 3.0 MIVEC 6B31 (209 HP, 279 N•m, in some markets 220 HP) and a modern diesel engine 4N15 2.4 MIVEC (181 HP, 430 N•m) with variable turbine geometry. In addition, in Indonesia there is a modification with the old 2.5 diesel 4D56 136 “horses” (314 N•m). In any of these aggregates may be correct. And if you look at market trends can dream about adding in the range of a hybrid version of the Sport tailored to the experience of the creation and evolution benzoelektrosila Outlander.


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Ready for any winter: 5 new SUV with highest ground clearance

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In your town had a three-month norm of precipitation, and snow removal equipment not delivered? For the last three days you are stuck 6 times and wiped his bottom all the snow gauge in the yard? Let’s see how much money you need to buy a car with such ground clearance, which is enough to forget about these problems forever. At least in the city.

Te who are waiting to see the list of the best hardcore exclusively body-on-frame SUVs, badly wrong. Those who hope that most will be luxury crossovers with air suspension, is also only partly right – because pnevmologika raises only the body, but does not affect the actual clearance. In General, let’s move from speculation to actual facts.

Infiniti QX80

  • Clearance: 234 mm
  • Price: from 4 790 000 rubles

Sunset in the class the tallest looks a little discouraging: just take a swing at a decent ground clearance and 5 million. But in General Infiniti QX80 update was a little lower – if used under the bottom was more than 250 mm, in its present form the ground clearance is claimed at around 234. And yet, despite this, he bypassed colleagues from Toyota and Lexus: Land Cruiser 200 LX570 and have a ground clearance of 230 and 225 mm, respectively.

Infiniti QX80 5.6 '2017–н.в.j infiniti_qx80_5.6_35

High price, however, is not the only feature of QX80. He is ready to surprise and age technical base, which is built – because the update looks in 2017 does not affect the internal filling, even the engine power remained the same. At the core of the design is the frame and four-wheel drive, despite the presence of pangani, implemented via the electromagnetic clutch, causing the front wheels – that is, the scheme here is closer to the crossover. The movement of the machine causes all the same a 5.6-liter V8 with a capacity of 405 HP, docked with a 7-speed automatic. Given the fact that the total mass of the car is almost end-to-end fit within the scope of category B, accounting for 3.4 tons, the maximum speed should be considered for the benefit. But in favor of the clearance, and in favor of comfort is the fact that there are no bridges at the front and rear multi-link suspension here.


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