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The Beau Monde. Buzova opened his restaurant Busted

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The opening of the restaurant by Olga Buzova “Busted” was simple and clear title “BUZапокалипсис” (see photo). June 10, the five-thousandth crowd completely paralyzed traffic on Floral Boulevard to see his idol and free to try out the healthy cooking masterpieces.

Hungry young almost broke down the door of the establishment. But the event was finished, surprisingly, with no casualties and BUZfood has already received the first positive rating for the quality of service.

The realization of a longtime dream

Gопулярная star of domestic show business, received this year’s award “Ru TV” and “MUZ-TV” has long wanted to open its own network of public catering. But Buzova took 5 years to restaurant “Busted” opened and the first photo appeared in the media.

All this time the artist was looking for a suitable partner have developed a project with a team of professionals.

Olga personally found a space for his creation. Address Floral Boulevard., 2 chosen by chance. The room is located near the Shopping center. Parking is available nearby and the metro station.

Aspiring restaurateur immediately positioned the school as a place focused on General consumers. The assurances Buzova average score in BUZfood will not exceed 1000 rubles.

The idol of young people also personally selected staff and training on customer service.

Project features

The restaurant “Busted” is designed for 60 people, the room is very bright and the first thing that catches my eye – a photo Buzovoy on all the walls. Many plasma televisions will broadcast only the hits and performances of the owner of the institution. It is most likely that they are connected to the personal channel of Olga, the opening of which was announced a couple of months ago.

The restaurant’s menu is focused on the adherents of a healthy diet. As stated Buzova, in the kitchen are used only natural, ecologically pure products, grown in Russia. They are served in the classic manner of “McDonald’s” is in cardboard boxes.


Among other dishes, customers can try the salad “Buzzzer” food and drink mineral water Busaqua.

One of the main features of the restaurant – ability to pay with cryptocurrency BUZcoin launched by the singer in the spring of 2018. Such love to use their own names as the brand even launched a humorous wave. In particular, visitors expect to the autumn menu should appear wine “Buthole”.

The opening ceremony

First visitors of the restaurant “Busted” took in 2 calls. Beginning June 9, the brainchild of Buzova appreciated stars of the Russian showbiz, but photos from a private party, for obvious reasons, the network has not appeared.

It is known that the list of invitees and celebrities who appeared were:

  • Grigory Leps;
  • Philip;
  • Andrey Malakhov;
  • Vitaly Gogunsky;
  • Maria Pogrebnyak.

But these names the list is not limited. Rumored friends Olga was pleased with the service. And the next day before BUZfood began “Basepackages”.

Singer advance conducted a large-scale PR campaign, stating that on the opening day, anyone can come and try the kitchen of the restaurant totally free. So, a few hours before opening traffic on the Moscow Flower Boulevard was completely paralyzed. The ecstatic crowd of teenagers numbering about 5,000 people lined up in a huge queue.

Fans of freebies were not only interested in food. Bystanders say that most young people wanted to see their idol. And Olga Buzova did not disappoint them. The actress spoke to the audience, confessing that all her actions are based on love to the fans.

And then the door of the restaurant barely had time to open. The crowd almost caused the premature closure “Busted” for repairs.

Still, the small room was not designed for such an abundance of visitors. Fortunately, the opening ceremony there were no casualties, and now anyone can try food from Buzova, just popped on Floral Boulevard.


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News. Glucose has shared his secrets to a perfect figure

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Natalia Ionova, better known as the singer Glucose, is currently on vacation with her husband and two children. On instagram she eagerly shares how they spend time in the hot Koh Samui. Natalia also gives advice to all the followers who admire her perfect figure.

One of the photos Natalia appeared before the fans in a bright swimsuit fuchsia. The pose of the singer allowed the subscribers to consider not only the narrow waist, but tight buttocks. Most commentators agreed that her loin looks luxurious.

Do not dissemble, Natalia uncovered the secret to a perfect butt. Glucose admitted that it is simple and known to all is squats.

However, Natalia enjoys not only classes in the fitness room, the singer of the last few years actively developing yoga asanas. Some of them, she jokingly shares with followers.

A few days ago the singer published one of the difficult asanas and signed, that’s what a good wife should meet her husband from work.


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News. The police confirmed that Priluchny beat Agatha muceniece

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On 28 December before the holidays all news feeds headlines that the family of Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece scandal. According to rumors, the actor beat his wife in their country house. But witnesses said that he had seen at the gates of the mansion a police car.

However, shortly thereafter, Agatha began to angrily deny gossip arose and openly to sneer on this subject: “I Forgot to write that Paul beat me to death. No, I’m actually in a coma. And here’s my favorite that I have two years pregnant and can not have! And whose is even a baby? The curtain!” – shared muceniece their emotions with subscribers. Most fans still believe the spouse Priluchnogo, please ensure that the conflict turned out to be wrong. In addition, denied the quarrel spouses and assistant muceniece. In the interview, the girl said that they are trying to deal with the nonsense that was written, and wondering about how to attract the journalist who published this news, to justice. Separately, she stressed that the actors are all good.

Still, the journalists themselves decided to contact the police. And it confirmed that at a specified time their staff really went to the address where the family home Priluchny. According to representatives of law and order, December 28 at the remote duty received a call from a woman who reported that in a neighboring house in the village of Trouville going on family scandal with assault and battery. The call hastily left the police. Then all was limited only to the interview with both spouses. A statement by the woman her husband decided to try it. Currently, neither Paul nor Agatha does this message not comment.

[embedded content]

Recall that a few months ago muceniece Priluchny and dispersed. The couple write to each other in social networks and did not communicate. However, very quickly the conflict has been overcome, and the family was reunited.


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News. Singer Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against his father

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American singer Rihanna has filed a lawsuit on his own father. According to the girls, a close person trying to enrich themselves at her expense, drawing attention to his business relationship with the star. Also the man is accused of trying to illegally arrange a tour daughters.

Giving numerous interviews, the thirty years Rihanna has never hidden that her father was not a warm relationship. In childhood, the man paid little attention to their children and absolutely not engaged in their education, preferring to not quite the right way of life. But when his eldest daughter from his marriage to Monica Braithwaite is Rihanna has become a world-famous singer, father immediately figured out how this can be used for their own purposes.

According to documents that became public, Ronald Fenty opened the company to find talent and called her Fenty Entertainment. All who appealed to his organization, he talked about the opportunities that can be obtained through the relationship of Rihanna in the world of show business. Moreover, Ronald called himself the representative of the singer that was not the reality, illegally sold her part in their show and even negotiated with the famous hotel chain about the use of those trademark Fenty. And all this the girl’s father managed to earn good money.

[embedded content]

Naturally, this approach to business didn’t like Rihanna, because it undermined her reputation. That’s why she went to court to protect his name from the actions of the father. However, before you jump to such drastic actions, the singer wrote several times to the relative letters with the requirement to stop using the trademark Fenty. But Ronald to the requests of the daughter did not listen. Also, in addition to the suspension of Entertainment Fenty, Rihanna expects to receive from parent a reimbursement for the damage. SOURCE

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