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The Beau Monde. Biography and the family of Maxim Galkin

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Maxim Galkin has a rich biography as well as interesting and happy personal life. The presenter leads a healthy lifestyle and looks very young, why not all of us can believe how old he is, knowing the year of birth.


Maxim Galkin could be the usual biography of a Soviet person from an educated family. He expected to have a career as a scientist or writer.

Parents Maxim Galkin were not public people. Father Alexander Alexandrovich Galkin was Colonel-General of armored forces. In his biography many state awards and prizes. His birth year of 1935, on a nationality the father of Maxim – Russian.

Alexander was born in the Chelyabinsk region, graduated from a military school and was promoted to General. He was a Deputy of the state Duma in 90-e years and held a high position in the Ministry of defence.

Mother, Natalia G. Bragina, was born in a difficult time, her birth year came in 1941. Born in Odessa, by nationality, she was Jewish. Natalya Grigoryevna had scientific degree of candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, worked at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Until Maxim in the family was another child – a son Dmitry, who is a little older than Maxim Galkin. He was born in 1964. In his biography, was 10 years of personnel military service and successful business career. Despite the fact that Dmitri is older than Maxim, born in 1976 whose parents were able to instill in them a sense of mutual support.

Dmitry early in his career, Maxim has actively promoted it, serving as producer. The brothers always support each other. This helped them to survive the premature death of his father and mother. Alexander died in 2002, and Natalia G. in 2004, and the cause of death they were one and the same – Oncology. Especially the death of his mother who was only 63 years at the time of death, was a blow for Maxim. He took her to be treated in the United States and Israel, but nothing helped.

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The older brother Maxim your successful business:

  • production center;
  • company engaged in the sale of oil;
  • the company, which produces armored vehicles.

Dmitry Alexandrovich three children – two sons and one daughter. Maxim is in regular contact with the family of his older brother, who at one time was his producer.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Maxim Galkin at the beginning of his biography had a lot of moving – like all the military, his father was transferred from one garrison to another. Year of birth of the youngest son came in 1976. At this time, the family lived in the military town of Naro-Fominsk district of the Moscow region. Over 10 years of garrison duty the family lived in different places:

  • in the Moscow region;
  • in Buryatia;
  • in Odessa;
  • In Germany.

The 5th grade Maxim Galkin lived in Moscow, as his father was transferred to a senior position in the Ministry of defence. According to his senior brother’s little Maxim was a quiet and humble kid trying to take a rational approach. He himself, he said, was more lively and rowdy.

Dmitry always considered it his duty to support his younger brother. And today, having achieved success, the two brothers very close contact with each other.

Maxim Galkin even in kindergarten actively participated in various productions, playing different roles from chicken to Ostap Bender. In the 6th grade at Moscow school he organized himself a puppet show, in which he voiced all the characters different voices. He was very good parody, he successfully imitated Gennady Khazanov, but to become an actor at the time didn’t want.

At school he was fond of Zoology and geography. But after the lesson, he met with the digestive system of the animals on the layout, quickly lost interest in Zoology. He also liked to write stories. As a child he was trying to write my own novel.

After high school Tina enrolled in a linguistic faculty RSTU. In 1988, he graduated and enrolled in graduate school. To write a scientific research and defend the thesis he did not, because at this time in his life again appeared the scene, and the first children’s enthusiasm overpowered everything else.

Creative career

Maxim Galkin in his biography of success began immediately. Despite his young age, he successfully debuted with his parody in a student theater MSU, where he began playing in 1994. The young talent was noticed and was invited to program the Theater Stage “Debuts, debuts, debuts”.

Then Maxim went on tour together with the famous Mikhail Zadornov.

In 2001 young artist award of the prize “Triumph” and “Golden Ostap”. The actor tries himself in a new musical genre, performing successfully in a duet with Alla Pugacheva song “Be or not be”. He begins to appear in television projects. He was invited as presenter in different programs:

  • “Dancing with the stars”;
  • “10 million”;
  • “One to one”;
  • “Best of all””;
  • “Just exactly”;
  • “Stars under hypnosis”

He creates his own author’s program “Maxim Maxim”, which is engaged in a dialogue about the cinema and public figures, show business. Very popular project with his participation “the best” in which children of different ages and of different nationalities demonstrate their achievements in a particular field.

Galkin has toured extensively, giving solo concerts for which tickets sold out almost immediately.

Height, weight, age

No one suspects that the artist 42. Maxim Galkin looks young and happy.

With the growth of 180 cm, weighs 75 kg. the Actor says he does not regularly attend a gym, and the trainers had no time. You should Maxim dedicates to children.

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Personal life and family

All fans of Maxim Galkin interested in his personal life. Largely for the reason that he married the most famous singer of the Soviet and Russian pop stars – Alla Pugacheva, despite the age difference, almost 30 years.

About my personal life before her marriage with Donna Galkin says jokingly. He said that the school novels were set against him, and they did not go beyond correspondence.

With Alla the artist met in 2001 when she was married to Philip Kirkorov. The meeting took place at the famous festival “Slavic Bazaar”. After that, they again met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, where Galkin for the first time danced with Alla. After he called her and invited her to a meeting.

When Alla got divorced from Philip, they began to live together. Galkin says that he is 10 years sought the hand and heart of the singer, wishing to formalize their relationship. They secretly married in December 2011, inviting wedding celebration in the Italian restaurant “Olivetta” – only ones.

The children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva

Today, Maxim Galkin in his personal life the most important is it with Alla the kids, the enchanting twins Lisa and Harry that bear his name.

Galkin was one of the first in a stellar coterie who created star family focused on the birth of children. The famous couple babies born from a surrogate mother and very much like their parents.

The Galkin family lives in his mansion, which he built in the exclusive village of Dirt in the suburbs. Photo and video children actor posted on his page in Instagram.

Their marriage has repeatedly predicted the imminent end, but in spite of all the evil languages, these two people remain fondly attached to each other for over 10 years. Giggly and charming young actor was not only very intelligent and rationally-minded person. He was the only husband of Alla Pugacheva, who was able to give her what every woman dreams of – a real family happiness.

It seems that despite the large age gap, that Maxim is the main in their family. He assumes all man’s job around the house, actively involved in the upbringing of children, protects the alloy from life’s tribulations and troubles.

Interesting facts of life

42-year-old Maxim Galkin, according to “Forbes”, the Annual revenues in 2017 of $ 4.8 million. In the list of the richest people of Russia Maxim Galkin is in 18th place. Their official income it receives from the concert and creative activities.

An affair with Alla Pugacheva – the first serious relationship with a woman which resulted in marriage. All his spare time he devotes to his children, introducing their fans with their creativity. Maxim not only puts the pictures and videos of their kids, but brings them to light.

Latest news 2019

Central news reporting on the 70-year anniversary of Alla Pugacheva, added cute video posted by Maxim Galkin about his children. All Russian Internet users like the “butterfly Dance” which was danced little Lisa for mom in her birthday, and the video, which the kids watching the jubilee concert of his star mother.

On the NTV channel, was recently shown documentaries on the history of relations between Maxim and Alla. Movies “Alla+Maxim”, “Confession of love”, “Alla and Maxim. All goes on!” like the Russian viewer.

[embedded content]

They are two well-known in Russia, people told simply and sincerely about their relationship. The viewer sees that their marriage is truly based on sincere attachment to each other. They are smart enough, restraint and self-control to not pay attention to those rumors, which are always swarming around their families. Of course, the main meaning of life of celebrities are their cute kids – Lisa and Harry.

Maxim Galkin has a rich biography and personal life that interesting to watch his every fan.


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Hollywood smile – as do the methods

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Self-care is not a privilege but a necessity. And not enough to regularly visit a cosmetologist, Barber, and follow the trends in fashion. All these efforts will be in vain if the teeth are far from ideal. That’s why people who want to look perfect in any situation, do not neglect the services of dentists. And their main goal — a spectacular Hollywood smile, which is achieved in modern practice in several ways.

Ways to create a Hollywood smile

Professional cleaning

Used on healthy teeth to remove Tartar and soft plaque. Performed ultrasound and therapeutic mixture. To maintain results it is recommended to use every 6 months.


Allows you to whiten tooth enamel by 8-10 shades in one session. During the procedure, the teeth to apply the whitening gel that is activated under exposure to a special lamp of cold light.


Represent a special “nozzle” (Capa), which are used to align the teeth or correct the bite.




Are the fastest and most effective way to achieve Hollywood smiles of the owners of imperfect teeth with minor defects. Ideal in cases where a violation of the dentition minor, and other methods of treatment to apply is impractical and time consuming. Enjoy wide popularity due to simplicity and safety in installation and durability of the result.

Features veneers

Imagine an ultra-thin lining (0,2–0,5 mm) made of special material (composite, glass-ceramic, zirconium), which are mounted on the enamel of the tooth using dental cement. Recommended for installation in the presence of:

  • chips;
  • cracks;
  • a small curvatures and/or irregularities;
  • the dark spots.


  • make the smile beautiful and white;
  • completely repeat the shape of the tooth, so they look natural and do not cause discomfort;
  • resistant to temperature changes and staining by food dyes (coffee, turmeric, etc.);
  • securely mask aesthetic defects;
  • serve for a long time.

How is the installation

Typically, the desired result of three visits to the doctor.

The main stages

1.First diagnosis of the oral cavity, exclude contraindications, taken preparatory measures— cleaning, additional surveys, etc.

2.After that the surface facing the teeth to future veneers is a “sit” during the installation. This step is absolutely safe and painless, as nerves and soft tissue are not affected.

3.Next is a cast of the corrected areas, which is transmitted to the dental laboratory. Here veneers are created specifically for each patient, taking into account features of the location and condition of his teeth. The manufacturing process of the plates takes some time, so the patient is put on temporary structures to protect the enamel.

4.Once the veneers are custom made, held their final installation:

  • pads are tried, are adjusted so that a perfect repetition of forms of the native tooth (if needed);
  • on completion of the fitting, the veneer is attached to the tooth using special cement.

Important points

  • veneers are installed only on healthy teeth and can not be used in places where there is no tooth root;
  • it is useless to mount the plate on the sealed grounds, it will not stick;
  • set veneers only on the front teeth. For the side zones, they are not suitable due to excessive masticatory load.

Do not neglect their own health and look for cheaper alternatives to the standard veneers — available in selling the finished lining. First, they are created by the template and will not repeat the native form of the teeth. Secondly, it is impossible to be confident in the quality and safety of the supplied glue. Thirdly, the installation of veneers can be contraindications, to see that only the dentist.

It is important to remember that even when you contact the clinic, the result depends on professionalism of a doctor. Therefore necessary to address to an experienced specialist. After the installation of veneers is an irreversible process and, in violation of the methodology, the consequences can be so dire that to remove them would be long and expensive.

Care after installation

To veneers has served for a long time, should follow simple rules:

  • choose toothpaste without abrasive particles;
  • to floss as needed;
  • do not expose the linings of a high impact — sunflower seeds, snacking thread teeth, etc.;
  • be sure to visit the dentist every six months.

The lifespan of veneers

Depends on the selected material.


Cheap, can be installed directly on the tooth, without creating a separate overlay. Susceptible to staining and rapid destruction. Not add some Shine to the teeth. Service life — approximately 3 years.


More expensive but better quality. Do not lose properties over time, resistant to external stimuli. Look aesthetically pleasing and natural. Service life — 15 years or more.

Contraindications to install veneers

  • bruxism;
  • large fillings;
  • increased abrasion;
  • fascination traumatic sports;
  • malocclusion;
  • the simulation of smiles;
  • diseases of the oral cavity — first, they need to be addressed.

With the advent of veneers beautiful teeth now — not a dream but an affordable reality. Most importantly, do not forget about security and use proven clinic. Only in this case, you will be satisfied with the result, and will be able to smile, confident in the perfection of your smile.

Source: Esthetic dentistry “Proprius”


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The Beau Monde. Inessa Shevchuk before and after plastic surgery

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Departed quickly from the project “House 2” Inessa Shevchuk does not cease regularly to accommodate for its users posts on his page on instagram. Recently she posted new pictures before plastic and after. These photos attracted the attention of subscribers.

Participation in the TV project “House 2”

Fame Inessa Shevchuk before the plastics took part in a controversial project “House 2”. And after she posted a photo of his new teeth on instagram, former member of telestroke again has become incredibly popular.

On the TV show she came in September 2014 at the age of 22 years.

In Moscow the girl came from the Far East. She was born in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Then her family moved to Khabarovsk, where she graduated from high school. She at the time of moving to Moscow was already a great experience on regional television and in the modeling business. By the time of the arrival of “House 2” Inessa was able to get a higher education and learn the Chinese language.

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Meanwhile on the draft Inessa Shevchuk were not allocated a special appearance to plastics, but the girl managed to attract the attention of the audience, which did not decrease even after she was outside the perimeter of the transmission.

Inessa managed it, and after leaving the project. Pictured in “House 2”, she looked not so impressive, as it is now after the plastic.


While participating in the reality show she started to build a relationship with Sergei Katasonova. Young people United by an interest in drawing. The relationship of the couple during the entire time was rough. She all the time was jealous of the elect to his former family. Within a few months that she participated in the “House 2”, it attracted the attention of the audience uneasy relationship with her partner.

The audience constantly discussed the relationship pair in the network that did Shevchuk popular this reality show, even though short-term participation in the project. The girl left the project results of the public vote in March 2015.

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Inessa Shevchuk before and after plastic surgery

After the girl left the project in 2015, she has become heavily involved with their appearance. In March 2015 she displayed her pictures on his page on instagram after plastic surgery.

The girl began to blog on various plastic surgery that she was experiencing. She had posted pictures before visiting a plastic surgeon and after, and shared their impressions.

While Inessa Shevchuk appealed to the most expensive clinics of St. Petersburg. At first she had a boob job, putting the photos before plastic and after the brace. Then came the photo, which was corrected nose. In addition to breast augmentation and rhinoplasty girlfriend cheated on:

  • teeth;
  • lips;
  • hair.

Interesting! Darin Erwin before and after plastic surgery

Members noted that the chest after the correction looks natural. Her little snub real nose became after rhinoplasty thinner. Lips, enhanced with hyaluronic acid, have become more sensitive. Has changed dramatically teeth Shevchuk. She put the perfect veneers that made her smile in Hollywood.

Subscribers acknowledge that the appearance of the girls has improved significantly. The cost of all of the procedures performed is very high. Some believe that the girl could receive a significant discount on all procedures plastic surgeons and dentists, as her page with the results of plastic and dental procedures like advertising reality show, which gathers a large audience of potential customers.

Also, the subscribers notice that the proportions of the girl’s body processed the photos in a special editor, so that they become perfect.

Career model and expert

Inessa Shevchuk with knowledge of the case came to change their appearance. It is not just it improves, but actively and energetically promoting. This allowed her to make a successful career as a model and participating in TV projects.

To achieve a large number of proposals from representatives of the fashion business allows her active self-promotion. The girl puts the numerous selfies that she carefully prepared. She’s always on the pictures is removed only in the carefully applied makeup difficult.

Shevchuk said that the girl, who often work on camera, you need to monitor their appearance.

Of his private life, the girl made a real fashion show, constantly spreading the network a huge amount of their photos. This attracts the attention of a huge number of users instagram to her page, including not only girls who are trying to beauty lessons, but men who like to admire the beauty Inessa.

[embedded content]

Inessa Shevchuk leads an active lifestyle. She continues to appear in “the House 2”, but not as a participant in the reality show, and a respected expert. And her photos before and after plastic surgery never cease to amaze…


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The Beau Monde. Darin Erwin before and after plastic surgery

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At the end of last year in the media appeared information that Darin Erwin has done some plastic surgery. Given that all procedures of a plastic surgeon are expensive, Darina Erwin helped them to pay Alexander Tsekalo. After that was the news that Alexander and Darin were married.

What operations did Darina

Accurate information about how often Darina visited a plastic surgeon, no. We can only guess how many times she resorted to the services of a professional, if you compare the pictures “before” and “after”. Looking at them we can say that Darin used the services at least 4 times.

Among the operations we can mention:

  • facelift;
  • rhinoplasty;
  • the increase in breast volume;
  • Botox injections and lip augmentation.

Professionals who can distinguish the body “before” and “after” claim that the girl was doing even liposuction, adjust the shape of the lower jaw.

Compare the face Darina “before” and “after” to decide what she did.

Interesting! Biography Of Tatiana Bulanova

Plastic on the face

In the “before” picture, the eyes of the girl look interesting in the East. The cut was fairly narrow, which is common for the Asian girls. The fashion for wide-open eyes did the trick and the girl went to the surgeon. After the surgery eyes began and raised corners. Except that had surgery on the eyelids, so also was the work of the upper and middle third of the face and the nasolabial area.

After plastic surgery, the girl began wearing the lenses, thereby changed the color of her eyes. Now her eyes are sky blue.

Please note! Before the girl had a round face shape, and after it worked surgeons are ovals. Also added emphasis in the area of the cheeks.

All changes that were made on the girl’s face began to resemble a fashionable aristocratic features.

As for the body, Darin was never complete. So thinness was probably achieved independently.

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Nature has given to Darin’s beautiful nose, which was combined with other facial features. But despite this, the nose also seen changes. He was now much narrower and what outlines clearer. Many believe that the new nose is not in harmony with the facial features. Given that cheekbones from Darina is not small, the new nose does not really fit with her image as a whole.

Rinoplastica is a serious operation. The doctor’s responsibility is not only that it should pass without consequences, so also the physician should calculate how well his new creation will look on your face.

Voluminous lips

Looking at the face, it should be said that lips are by far increased. But despite this, a smile was charming, and left. Speaking about the result, it can hardly be called good, because her lips are too big and not natural.

Fashion for plump lips have long passed, so expect soon a wholesale reduction.

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Breast augmentation

Comparing pictures, it can be concluded that Breasts Darina was increased with the use of implants. The photographs “before” Breasts were small in size, “after” increased. Fourth breast size is impossible not to notice. Bust the girl really is, as it stands out against the contours of the body.

[embedded content]

No matter what operations did Darin Erwin, she really changed after plastic surgery. Now she looks younger and more spectacular, she did have a aristocratic features.


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