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The 20 Best Hotel Pool Views in the Entire World

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Sometimes when people head out on vacation, they look to cut corners when it comes to one of the most important aspects of any vacation experience: accommodations. Sure enough, when you’re traveling a great part of your experience will be determined by the sights, sounds and smells of where you’re visiting. But, that’s not all!

In fact, when you choose to actually splurge on your accommodations, you can end up transforming an already good vacation into something that’s nothing short of extraordinary. And, if you’re going to splurge when it comes to accommodations, don’t you want to stay at a hotel or resort that has one of the best pools out there?

That’s what we’re going to be focusing on below. In the 20 pictures that follow, we’re going to show you the 20 most incredible pool views on the planet. Now, to be sure, all of these hotel pools are based in places that are incredible on their own… But, when you add that incredible hotel pool experience to an already cool place? Well, you’ve got something that you’ll want to write home about. Let’s take a look.

1. Villa d’Esta (Italy)

Here you’ve got a floating pool that extends out into Lake Como, one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy.

2. Four Seasons Shanghai Pudong (Shanghai)

What could be more luxurious than enjoying a jacuzzi with high-up views of one of the world’s most technologically advanced skylines?

3. The 1 Hotel South Beach (Florida)

Miami is known as a land of beaches, pools, and cocktails, and this hotel pool offers the best of all worlds.

4. Thomspon Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

Weighing in at a whopping 30,000 square feet, this might be one of the biggest infinity pools in the world.

5. Fasano (Brazil)

The rooftop pool at this hotel, which is located in Ipanema, will have you singing that famous song…

6. Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas)

Sometimes you want a pool with a party atmosphere. Well, here’s the best party pool in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas.

7. Singita Grumenti Sasakwa Lodge (Tanzania)

While you’re wading in this incredible pool, you can look out over the vast expanse of the Savannah.

8. Andaz West Hollywood (California)

There are plenty of rooftop pools in Los Angeles, and this is our pick for one of the best.

9. The Standard DTLA (California)

But, if you really want to rub elbows with celebs, you’ll have to check out The Standard’s pool on a Saturday night.

10. The Cambrian Adelboden (Switzerland)

A heated infinity pool that’s set amid the soaring peaks of the Alps… What more do we need to say?

11. Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino (San Juan)

This stunning property’s infinity pool is the perfect place for taking in the beauty of San Juan’s skyline.

12. Scrub Island Resort (BVI)

Multi-tiered and overlooking a stunning lagoon, you may never leave after wading into this stunning hotel pool.

13. Amangiri (Utah)

What could be better than a pool that literally incorporates the beauty and majesty of the Utah landscape?

14. Casa Palopo (Guatemala)

Overlooking Lake Atitlan and volcanoes just beyond, you’ll quickly discover why San Antonio Palopo won’t be a hidden gem for long…

15. InterContinental Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Infinity spa pools that overlook the absolutely stunning Hong Kong skyline? This is luxury you can’t put a price tag on…

16. Delamore Lodge (New Zealand)

Literally constructed into a Cliffside, this pool really immerse you in the natural beauty of New Zealand’s landscape.

17. Hotel Indigo (New York City)

On the lower east side, you can visit a rare New York City rooftop pool that offers incredible views of the skyline.

18. Four Seasons Punta Mita (Mexico)

This incredible infinity pool offers sweeping views of the ocean and the staggering rocks just off shore.

19. Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort (Costa Rica)

Located in Herradura, this wonderful pool gives you the chance to check out the gorgeous beach just beyond or the rainforest surrounding.

20. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc (France)

In the coastal town of Antibes, you’ll find this hotel pool that will make you feel like you’re swimming on top of the world.

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The 7 Best DIY Campervans And Building Guides

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One of the latest trends that have been popping up around the world is the “glamper camper”. A beautifully designed and built campervan made into often times an old van or bus. Chucking a bed in a van has been around since at least the 60’s when surfers and hippies made the Volkswagen Kombi van as iconic as the Beatles, but these new designs have taken them to the next level. Here at PlacesYoullSee we decided to make a list of our favourite 7.

#1 Mercedes Sprinter by Daniel B

van build 1

Decked out in white with a sideways bed and kictchenette Daniel has made an absolute masterpiece. See more pictures on his instagram.

#2. More Bedroom Than Van

inside van 2

We loved how much this van looked like a bedroom compared to a van with a bed in it. The use of wood on the floor and ceiling gives this camper a touch of class that you rarely see. Little touches like a bookshelf show just how much planning went into the design and building on this campervan. Read about the conversion here.

#3 The Top and bottom split

top bottom van setup

This van takes a different approach to give you a lot more storage room. By splitting the van into 2 levels the entire bottom half of the van can be used for storing anything large (think mountain bikes, canoes etc). The upper level has a large bed and classy wooden roof. See more build photos here.

#4 Wood Wall To Walls In A Ford Transit

all wood van

The more wood the better! This beautiful design fits out a Ford Transit with a luxurious interior. To see some build photos click here.

#5 Drop Down Table And Beds

trailer room

This van made our list due to how well they have taken advantage of limited space. Much smaller than a lot of the other vans used here the use of fold down beds and a hanging table allows for a great use of available space.

#6. Simple And Stylish

simple van setting

This simple and elegant design has couches that can be converted into beds by removing the back cushions. To see the build click here.

#7 Window Addons To Enjoy The Great Views

open window van build

This build has had window flaps cut into their Mercedes Sprinter so you can enjoy the amazing views you see as your travel. If you’d like to build something like this you can read all about it here.


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20 Things You Have to Do When You Visit Mexico

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When you’re looking to take an incredible vacation, it’s definitely worth considering a trip south of the border. Mexico is an incredibly diverse country, and one that’s home to some of the very best travel destinations on the planet.


If you’re looking to have an incredible time on the beach sipping tropical cocktails while letting the cool ocean breeze wash over you, then you can do that. If you’re looking to tour ancient ruins that will awe you in their majesty, then you can do that too. You can even visit some of the world’s finest museums and sample some of the best cuisine on the planet. Mexico has all of these things and so much more!

The point is this. There’s much and more to see in Mexico, and if you want to have the best experience possible when visiting, then you have to know what those things are! On the list below, we’re going to share out 20 picks for the things that you absolutely have to do when you visit Mexico. From incredible museums, to great places to eat, and even the very best beaches, we’ve got it covered. So come take a tour with us, and learn about all the things you need to see, hear, taste and do the next time you head south of the border.

1. Monte Alban

Just a short way away from Oaxaca, these Zapotec ruins are some of the most incredible things you’ll see on the planet.


2. San Miguel de Allende

There’s a strange magic and beauty to this city, which is why Travel + Leisure recently rated it as the world’s best.

3. Puerto Vallarta’s Baby Turtles

Sea Turtles use Puerto Vallarta as a place to lay their nests and rear their young. When the baby turtle’s hatch, it’s a thing of beauty.

4. Rio Secreto

Have you ever dreamed of checking out an underground river? Well, you can when you visit this spot in Mexico!


5. Tulum Clifftop Castle

This castle is the focal point of Tulum and is itself a relic of the ancient Mayan civilization that once abounded.

6. Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres

When you want to visit the very best beach that Mexico has to offer, then take this as our recommendation.

7. Mexican Wrestling

Forget about what you think of the WWE. There’s no substitute for the fun of visiting a bona fide Mexican wrestling match.

8. Frida Kahlo’s Home

Fans of this artist must make it a point to visit her home in Mexico City, which doubles a museum.

9. Chichen Itza

Perhaps the most famous of the Mayan ruin sites in Mexico, this is one of those things that isn’t done justice by pictures.


10. Las Pozas Surrealist Gardens

Created by an eccentric artist over a period of two decades, this incredible garden in the jungle is supposed to resemble the ruins of a fictional ancient civilization.

11. Museo Soumaya

Having finished construction in 1994, this museum is itself a world of art, which is to say nothing of the incredible works of art you’ll find inside.

12. Sunset at Land’s End

From the right vantage point, you can watch the sun as it dips below the horizon through the unique rock formations just off shore.

13. Cancun Underwater Museum

Provided you’re a capable scuba diver, you can head to Cancun and check out one of the world’s only underwater sculpture gardens.

14. Palacio des Bellas Artes in Mexico City

One of the most incredible examples of architecture in the entire world, this place is not to be skipped if you’re in Mexico City.

15. Playa del Carmen

A bit more laid back than the party atmosphere you’ll find in Cabo, Playa del Carmen is the perfect place to go if you want to relax on your Mexican vacation.

16. Guadalajara

You definitely want to pay a visit to this incredible city, which perfectly mixes the modern world with classic and ancient architecture.

17. The Tequila Trail

Hop on a train, start drinking some tequila, and then learn about this unique Mexican libation as you do so. What’s not to love?

18. Day of the Dead

You’ll never think of Halloween in the same way after you’ve had a chance to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico on November 1st.

19. Playa Escondida

It’s a beach that’s literally located inside of a cave… If that doesn’t sell this as a must-see destination, we don’t know what will!


20. Island of Dolls

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this landmark was created by one man over many years and has a very haunting quality to it.




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20 Places that Look Like They’re From Another Planet

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As you get stuck in the day-to-day of life, it can sometimes feel like the world is becoming a very boring place. You pass by the same places day in and day out, and you have the same kinds of experiences day in and day out, too. But, it’s terrible that we all come to feel this way in our lives at one time or another! The fact is that it’s a great big and incredible world out there, and it’s one that’s full of all kinds of secrets and cool things to see!


In fact, there are some places on this planet that look and feel as if they’re not a part of this planet in the very least. They look like places that you’d see in a science fiction film – and in fact some of them have even popped up in just those kinds of films!

On the list below, we’re going to share 20 places on our planet that look like they’re from another planet. From crazy rock formations, to incredible geysers and even to beaches the light up at night, it’s all here. So, if you want to open your eyes to majesty of the world once again and see things different, then read on… These places are about to blow your mind!

1. Socotra

There’s an incredible diversity of flora and fauna on this small island, a diversity that exceeds even that of Galapagos.


2. Hillier Lake

Due to bacteria and algae, this Australian lake get a bright pink color that closely resembles Pepto-Bismol.

3. Fly Geyser

An abandoned well is responsible for this amazing sight, which is made from calcium carbonate.

4. Giant’s Causeway

These strange columns in Ireland were actually created by a volcanic eruption a long time ago


5. Fingal’s Cave

And wouldn’t you know that ancient volcanic activity is also responsible for the unique look of this incredible Scottish cave.

6. Lake Baikal Ice

During the month of March, fissures open up in this frozen lake revealing iridescent blue ice.

7. Cascata Bigar

These are some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, and they’re rightly considered to be sacred by those who live near them.

8. Uyuni Salt Flats

After it’s just rained, you can walk out onto these salt flats and get the sensation that you’re actually walking on the sky.

9. Skaftafell Ice Cave

Located in a national park of the same name, these distinctive ice caves get their blue hue from the way the ice refracts light.


10. Lake Natron

This incredible lake gets its deep red color due to the small organism that inhabit this incredibly salty body of water.

11. Aogashima

What makes this small volcanic island so interesting? How about the fact that it features a volcano inside of a volcano.

12. Glowing Waters in Maldives

Because of bioluminescent phytoplankton, the waters around Vaadhoo Island appear to glow at night.

13. Glowworm Caves

Speaking of bioluminescence, it’s bioluminescent worms that give this New Zealand cave its distinctive look.

14. Playa Escondida

With a name that literally means “hidden beach”, this is just what it sounds like!  Beach hidden inside of a cave.

15. Yuanyang County

When you’ve got just the right vantage points, these working rice terraces become a thing of unrestrained beauty.

16. Cano Cristales

A variety of different algae give this pool its signature rainbow look. When you see it, you won’t believe your eyes!

17. Pamukkale Thermal Pools

These hot spring are the most beautiful in the world, if you ask us, and they get their almost ice-like look due to the fact they’re made from limestone.

18. Naica Mine

These huge crystals, which are made of selenite, are caused by the heating of the planet and definitely resemble the Fortress of Solitude.

19. Dead Vlei

Once long ago, there used to be a forest that stood here… Now, these dead trees are all that remains of that forest.


20. Sentinels of the Arctic

What on Earth cold these be? Well, the answer is quite simple! They’re trees that are forever covered in snow.




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