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The 20 Best Hotel Pool Views in the Entire World

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Sometimes when people head out on vacation, they look to cut corners when it comes to one of the most important aspects of any vacation experience: accommodations. Sure enough, when you’re traveling a great part of your experience will be determined by the sights, sounds and smells of where you’re visiting. But, that’s not all!

In fact, when you choose to actually splurge on your accommodations, you can end up transforming an already good vacation into something that’s nothing short of extraordinary. And, if you’re going to splurge when it comes to accommodations, don’t you want to stay at a hotel or resort that has one of the best pools out there?

That’s what we’re going to be focusing on below. In the 20 pictures that follow, we’re going to show you the 20 most incredible pool views on the planet. Now, to be sure, all of these hotel pools are based in places that are incredible on their own… But, when you add that incredible hotel pool experience to an already cool place? Well, you’ve got something that you’ll want to write home about. Let’s take a look.

1. Villa d’Esta (Italy)

Here you’ve got a floating pool that extends out into Lake Como, one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy.

2. Four Seasons Shanghai Pudong (Shanghai)

What could be more luxurious than enjoying a jacuzzi with high-up views of one of the world’s most technologically advanced skylines?

3. The 1 Hotel South Beach (Florida)

Miami is known as a land of beaches, pools, and cocktails, and this hotel pool offers the best of all worlds.

4. Thomspon Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

Weighing in at a whopping 30,000 square feet, this might be one of the biggest infinity pools in the world.

5. Fasano (Brazil)

The rooftop pool at this hotel, which is located in Ipanema, will have you singing that famous song…

6. Encore Beach Club (Las Vegas)

Sometimes you want a pool with a party atmosphere. Well, here’s the best party pool in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas.

7. Singita Grumenti Sasakwa Lodge (Tanzania)

While you’re wading in this incredible pool, you can look out over the vast expanse of the Savannah.

8. Andaz West Hollywood (California)

There are plenty of rooftop pools in Los Angeles, and this is our pick for one of the best.

9. The Standard DTLA (California)

But, if you really want to rub elbows with celebs, you’ll have to check out The Standard’s pool on a Saturday night.

10. The Cambrian Adelboden (Switzerland)

A heated infinity pool that’s set amid the soaring peaks of the Alps… What more do we need to say?

11. Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino (San Juan)

This stunning property’s infinity pool is the perfect place for taking in the beauty of San Juan’s skyline.

12. Scrub Island Resort (BVI)

Multi-tiered and overlooking a stunning lagoon, you may never leave after wading into this stunning hotel pool.

13. Amangiri (Utah)

What could be better than a pool that literally incorporates the beauty and majesty of the Utah landscape?

14. Casa Palopo (Guatemala)

Overlooking Lake Atitlan and volcanoes just beyond, you’ll quickly discover why San Antonio Palopo won’t be a hidden gem for long…

15. InterContinental Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Infinity spa pools that overlook the absolutely stunning Hong Kong skyline? This is luxury you can’t put a price tag on…

16. Delamore Lodge (New Zealand)

Literally constructed into a Cliffside, this pool really immerse you in the natural beauty of New Zealand’s landscape.

17. Hotel Indigo (New York City)

On the lower east side, you can visit a rare New York City rooftop pool that offers incredible views of the skyline.

18. Four Seasons Punta Mita (Mexico)

This incredible infinity pool offers sweeping views of the ocean and the staggering rocks just off shore.

19. Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort (Costa Rica)

Located in Herradura, this wonderful pool gives you the chance to check out the gorgeous beach just beyond or the rainforest surrounding.

20. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc (France)

In the coastal town of Antibes, you’ll find this hotel pool that will make you feel like you’re swimming on top of the world.

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World’s First All-Weather Autonomous Bus Rolls Out in Finland

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Most autonomous vehicles require great weather and clear roads to function, which means they can’t drive during certain, less pleasant times of the year. But a new robot bus has been designed to drive even in heavy rain, snow, or fog — and it’s rolling out in Finland.

The Gacha, which features tech by Finnish autonomous-driving company Sensible 4 and a design by Japanese retailer Muji, is the world’s first autonomous shuttle bus for all weather conditions.

[embedded content]

Gacha’s autonomous driving technology ensures the vehicle’s superior positioning, navigation, and obstacle detection performance thus allowing autonomous driving throughout the year regardless of the environment and conditions, according to a statement from the City of Helsinki.

Gacha is 14.7 feet long, 7.8 feet wide, 9 feet high — it can seat 10 passengers with space for six additional standing adults.

Photo Credit: Justus Hirvi / Bonzu / MUJI

The four-wheel-drive all-electric autonomous vehicle is capable of maximum speeds of 25 miles per hour, plus the electric motor has a range of 62 miles with wireless charging offered as an option.

After its unveiling in Helsinki, Gacha is set to drive and take passengers in three Finnish cities as part of real-life traffic tests. Sensible 4 and Muji are finalizing plans for the first Gacha fleet, which is expected to roll out in 2020.

Photo Credit: Justus Hirvi / Bonzu / MUJI

In Finland, weather has been an important factor in opening the market for autonomous buses or robotaxis. Sensible 4 has focused in testing and validating self-driving technology test in the arctic Lapland conditions.

“We are developing these vehicles so that they can become part of daily transportation service chain. Autonomous vehicles can’t become mainstream until their technology has been insured to work in all climates,” said Harri Santamala, CEO of Sensible 4.

Photo Credit: Justus Hirvi / Bonzu / MUJI

Design-wise, Gacha boasts Muji’s minimalist aesthetic. Gacha is designed with no front or back, and features a LED light belt, made from the combination of the headlights and communication screen, while the seating follows the soft, rounded square shape of the bus.

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This Little Robot Blasts the Bacteria in Your Hotel Room Bed

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We all know the drill: A hotel room may look tidy, but there’s bacteria lurking in those neatly pressed sheets. In a 2012 study, researchers found 81 percent of hotel room surfaces sampled had some fecal bacteria.

But before you start stressing about your next vacation, there’s a little robot that can help. Ventur Studio’s CleanseBot is a travel-sized cleaning robot designed to sanitize and disinfect hotel room surfaces — no chemicals used.

[embedded content]

Equipped with with artificial-intelligence tech and 18 sensors, CleanseBot uses multi-directional, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation — UV-C lamps — to blast away 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria on any surfaces, but most importantly, on your hotel bed.

The UV-C light has also been proven to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses, according to Ventur Studios.

Photo Credit: CleanseBot/Ventur Studio

To blast away the bacteria on your bed, just set the robot down on the bed for 30 or 60 minutes, and it works to sanitize and disinfect sheets and blankets. Its sensors can detect obstacles, allowing it to change directions and climb over materials.

You can then pick up the bot in handheld mode to sanitize electronic devices, light switches, hard surfaces, children’s toys, and even pet toys. When in handheld mode, sensors automatically switch off the upward-facing UV-C light.

Photo Credit: CleanseBot/Ventur Studio

Weighing less than half a pound, Ventur Studio says the CleanseBot kills 99.99 percent of bacteria, germs, and dust mites. In addition to its three cleaning modes (under blanket, climbing, and handheld), CleanseBot is also a power bank able to charge devices with its 3700 mAh battery.

Ventur Studio currently has patents for the CleanseBot, including technology that keeps the tiny machine from falling off a bed, and another for the wheel technology, which allows the robot to go over any type of material or surface.

Photo Credit: CleanseBot/Ventur Studio

On Jan.7, CleanseBot hit the ‘million club’ on Kickstarter — 10,474 backers had pledged $1,187,861 to bring the project to life.

The Kickstarter sale price is $99, and all orders and units are expected to ship in April 2019.

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This $800 Robot Suitcase Will Follow You Around Airports

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Wheeling clunky luggage before a flight can be stressful. Thankfully, ForwardX Robotics, an autonomous-focused company, developed a better travel companion: A robot suitcase that follows you around airports.

On Monday, ForwardX Robotics announced in a press release that it will showcase the Ovis Suitcase, an autonomous piece of luggage that’s powered by AI and self-navigates through terminals, at  CES 2019. ForwardX Robotics said the Ovis Suitcase, which will cost $799, will be available to customers by the first half of 2019.

After debuting the CX-1, a suitcase prototype model, at CES 2018, ForwardX Robotics upgraded the Ovis Suitcase with cool high-tech features, including side-follow movement, a GPS tracking module, and a manual mode for escalators and stairs.

Unlike standard luggage, the Ovis Suitcase uses self-driving technology and algorithms to side-follow users anywhere, including airports, city streets, and hotels. Computer vision technology enables the Ovis Suitcase to spot obstacles and move around them, so users won’t have to worry about it bumping into objects.

On escalators and stairs, users can place their hand on the Ovis Suitcase handle to switch it to manual mode. Users can wear a smart band that notifies them when the Ovis Suitcase is more than 6.5 feet away, and a GPS tracking module allows users to find their Ovis Suitcase if they leave it behind in a car or hotel.

Ovis Suitcase (Photo Credit: ForwardX)

Following CES 2018, ForwardX Robotics raised more than $1.4 million for the Ovis Suitcase through its Indiegogo campaign. ForwardX Robotics, which previously raised $10 million in series A funding, just closed its series B funding round with another $20 million. With the Ovis Suitcase, ForwardX Robotics aims to provide customers with high-tech, hassle-free travel experiences, so they don’t have to worry about luggage issues on the go.

“Most robots today are programmed to do a single task. Our AI-enabled robots can perform several different functions with very limited help from humans, similar to self-driving vehicles,” Nicholas Chee, the CEO of ForwardX Robotics, said in the press release. “We see that as the next true breakthrough in robotic technology.”

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