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Targa Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was an engineering masterpiece

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The model Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with an index of C8, the eighth generation of the legend, represented the United States at a special event. Say a direct comparison of this sports car with the predecessor is not quite correct: we have before us essentially new machine with the old name. For the first time in its history, the Corvette was mid-engined, although concepts and prototypes with this layout the GM has built in a considerable number since the sixties. Actually, mid-engined could be the last Corvette C7. This option was considered but was rejected for cost reasons. Now, this decisive step has been made.

No common ancestor, no, but angular lights, divided into four sections, remind me of the Corvette. Even labels you do not want to feel the kinship.

Behind the back seat of a new aspirated V8 6.2 LT2. Structurally, it comes from a friend on the previous Corvette LT1 motor, but got a lot of rework required to adapt to a mid-scheme. He develops 502 HP and 637 nm (with the optional performance exhaust) vs 466 HP and 630 N•m, which was the common Corvette in the past generation. This is one of the few atmosferico in the segment (from the mid-engined models, you have to remember Huracan with its V10 5.2).

But the transition to such a layout, among other things, caused and active involvement in the races even with the motor in front of the cabin of the previous Corvette managed to win Le Mans in its class. But now in the senior categories GT almost all of the competitors are mid-engined (even the Porsche 911).

The LT2 engine is aluminum block and cast iron cylinder liners, two valves per cylinder, a compression ratio of 11.5:1 direct injection on 150 bar, dual phases change, the disabling of the cylinders, lubrication is dry sump. The “robot” index M1L. There is a very large gear ratio, the first to start the seventh and the eighth designed for fuel economy, and operating range for the track — the second to the sixth.

This “eight” is connected to the first for a Chevrolet eight-speed “robot” with two clutches, developed in cooperation with the firm Tremec, which built an electronically limited slip differential. With the Z51 Performance package, the new sports car scores 60 mph from zero in less three seconds. Never before has the base model of the Corvette was not so dynamic, says Chevrolet.

Of course, this result depends on many factors. For example, the dry weight of model is only 1530 kg. the New power structure built around a Central tunnel, which is (by definition of the developers) spine that holds everything else. This basic detail provides such a high rigidity that has allowed it to make rather large door openings (relative to the mid-engined rivals) and save on Corvette removable center section of the roof. And for the first time the Corvette will be produced and right-hand drive too.

The cockpit is like hugging the driver. For releasing more space used a very narrow baffle ventilation and climate control stretched vertical stripe. The decoration applied leather, stainless steel (Bose speakers Performance Series), aluminum and carbon fiber (the latter on the console and doors, you can choose).

The main part of the superstructure is a total of six parts of aluminum alloy, cast under pressure. This decision reduced the number of joints and increased stiffness. In an industry first, the car received a bent I-beam rear bumper made of CFRP. Front and rear racks, as well as the instrument panel is made from a new material combining fiberglass with a special resin. They are so light that they can float in the water. Other body parts: different types of glass and carbon fiber.

Electronic selector drivetrain offers pull key drive and reverse push buttons neutral, the manual mode and the Parking lot.

And front and rear suspension uses aluminum double-wishbones of unequal length (the top hammered, bottom cast). With the Z51 package you can buy the adaptive suspension Magnetic Selective Ride Control 4.0. Brembo brake calipers chetyrehporshnevye “circle”, rear monoblock. With the Z51 package — all-in-ones everywhere. Diameter brake discs (front/rear) is equal to or 321/339 mm 345/350 with the Z51 package. Interestingly, the brake system is equipped with a new booster, E-boost, more accurate responses and having the ability to customize.

Tyres: 245/35 ZR19 front and 305/30 ZR20 rear Michelin Pilot Sport ALS “in the database” (this is new vsesezonka capable of lateral overload about 1 g) or Michelin Pilot Sport 4S with the Z51 package (it also includes an improved exhaust system, manual adjustment of the supports of the suspension springs, the other main gear, reinforced cooling units).

The selector driving modes in addition to the programs Weather, Tour, Sport and Track offers two new: MyMode (personal settings with memory), and Z mode, named after the versions of the Z06 and ZR1 and the Z51 package. This is also a personal combination of parameters, but more athletic. Is activated by a separate button on the steering wheel. By the way, the paddle shifters in the new sports car not only change the transmission in manual mode. If you press them both at once, double clutch “robot” opens all clutch.

Attention to detail is worthy of every respect, whether the emblem on the nose, the slope on the back cover or the optics (rear turn signals, by the way, animated). The engine is deliberately put on display under the rear glass.

The Americans promise better handling due to optimal weight distribution and low centre of gravity. The driver shifted closer to the front axle than in the past generation (the layout of the cab, says the company, inspired by modern fighters such as F22 and F35) in front of him — located below the tidy, steering wheel and hood. This contributes to a better visibility and a heightened perception of the road. In the same piggy Bank recorded the steering is sharper than before (15.7:1), clamping force, reaching up to 181 kg and Launch control.

Claimed space in the trunk touching specified in tenths of a liter (356,8). This number represents the sum of the two compartments, as the front of the Corvette also has a trunk that can accommodate a bag, considered to be hand Luggage on the plane, and the bag with the laptop.

Other advantages of the model firm include on-Board Performance Data recorder with high definition camera and new tools for the analysis of the round, digital clean-up on 12 inch with graphics that are changing depending on the driving modes, two possible Bose sound system (10 or 14 speakers), the latest generation multimedia system with a screen larger resolution, interfaces, Bluetooth and NFC, wireless charging and voice control that adapts to your speech. Both chairs are now equipped with memory, and steering wheel — heated.

Of the twelve possible colors of the body, the authors of the Corvette added six color themes in the cabin to choose from, plus six shades of seat belts and tri — stitching. And besides basic chairs there are three types of optional. The number of combinations is huge.

And the machine has a lift system the front suspension 40 mm for 2.8 C, for the passage of difficult sections of the road, speed bumps and so on. Interestingly, this device can work automatically by GPS (in the memory 1000 stores the coordinates of such places). Serial production of the new Corvette will start at the plant in Bowling Green the end of 2019. The prices the company promises to announce later, but she has already surprised the audience with a statement that the “base” version will cost at least $60 000 (of 3.77 million). For a mid-engined sports car is a very attractive price.

The Story Of Robert Yessenov, Leonid Popov


It all started back in 1951, when the management of General Motors took the decision to develop a small two-seater type Roadster Nash-Healey. In January 1953 at the GM Motorama event in new York Americans showed a pre-production prototype of the sports car Chevrolet Corvette first generation (C1). Mass production in flint (Michigan) was launched in the same year. Buyers offered two-seater with an open body and rear wheel drive.

At different times on the Corvette put six engines. The first couple of years customers have been satisfied with only the row “six” with a capacity of 3.9 150-155 forces, but from the second half of 1955 under the hood of the Corvette prescribed atmospheric V-shaped “eight”: 4.3 (195-240 HP), 4.6 (220-315) and 5.4 (250-360). Gearbox, depending on version — manual with three and four degrees, or dual-band “automatic”.

It is noteworthy that due to low demand, the heads of General Motors wanted to roll production of the Corvette. People are not satisfied unconvincing dynamics of acceleration and weak brakes of a sports car. The situation has changed thanks to the efforts of engineer Zachary Arkus-Dante’s (also referred to as the father of the Corvette) and the emergence of V8 engines. In 1953 it was made 300 cars, but only until 1962 released 69 015 Corvettes.


Machine of the second generation, published in 1962, known worldwide under the name Sting Ray (stingray with English translates as “SKAT”). Perhaps this is one of the most compelling from the point of view of the design of the Corvettes in history — Larry Shinoda under the direction of bill Mitchell did a good job. In sale cars with bodies coupe and convertible, and the engines were all eight-cylinder. The least powerful was the unit working volume of 5.4 l (250-375 forces). Next in the ranking followed V8 6.5 (425), and on the top of the range was seven-liter engine (390-435). A set of transmission remained the same. But the engineers have increased rigidity, improved weight distribution along the axes, facilitated the design of the chassis, brakes. Rear independent suspension with transverse leaf spring. Steering is sharper, and a special damper on the steering shaft to get rid of the rim from impacts.

The popularity of the Corvette grew in the eyes — from 1962 to 1967 was issued more than 117 thousand cars.


The next Corvette (also Stingray) is a result of deep modernization of its predecessor. Changed design, a new interior, but the technical stuffing, which is still responsible Russian immigrant Zora Arkus-of Danton, updated slightly. The range almost entirely consisted of familiar engines, but has expanded gradation of power from 165 to 450 forces. Especially for the market of California was a version with the 5.0 V8 engine (180 HP), and the most powerful modifications put a monster V8 with a volume of 7.4 L.

Remained in the ranks of the “mechanics” with three or four gears and two-step “machine” was replaced with automatic transmission with three or four ranges. The production of C3 Corvettes were engaged in factories in Missouri and Kentucky, and from 1967 to 1982 made 542 741 car.


The machine is the fourth generation was the first completely new Corvette for the last 15 years. Launched in 1983 the car was based on rear wheel drive platform Y-body with independent suspension on all wheels. A completely new body became rigid, and the outer panels are made of fiberglass and plastic. The rear window was lifting. Springs, shock absorbers, the angular stiffness of the suspensions — all became denser, the settings are revised in the direction of greater sportiness. Curb weight of the basic machine was equal to 1469 kg.

The diversity of the line motors has evaporated — only V8 5.7, which was developed depending on the year and version from 205 to 405 forces. On sale Corvette C4 came with Quad-band “automatic” and the exotic four-speed manual transmission with Overdrive on the top three gears (the development of the Doug Nash). But from 1989 it is in the model established six-step “mechanics” ZF.

A special place is the Corvette ZR-1 sports car on which worked the engineers of the company Lotus (at the time British owned General Motors). For version ZR-1 produced 375-horsepower engine V8 5.7 LT1 series with improved fuel systems, intake and exhaust. Up to 97 km/h coupe accelerates in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 290 km/h. For six years, was released 6939 Corvette ZR-1, not counting the 25 cars with active suspension. And the company in Kentucky until 1996 produced 366 227 car of the fourth generation.


In 1997, stood up on the conveyor C5 Corvette. Keeping the platform Y-body sports car has acquired a more rigid bodyshell of the new design, the creation of which was used hidrotermica steel elements. Dvuhdverka became larger: length increased to 4564 mm and a width of up to 1869 mm While kerb weight has not exceeded one and a half tons — 1439-1473 kg depending on body type. Transmission was attributed to the leading rear axle. On a standard Corvette put the V8 engine 5.7 LS1 impact forces up to 350 and 495 N•m Versions of the Z06 got the 5.7 V8 LS6 series, which took 405 “horses” (to 97 km/h in 3.9 s).

Buyers are offered a choice of two types of transmissions (six-speed “mechanics” BorgWarner or Quad “machine”) and three types of suspension (normal, active, and track). Enterprise Bowling Green Kentucky released from 1997 to year 2004, more than 248 thousand Corvettes C5.


At first glance, the Corvette C6 did not differ almost from the predecessor, but the novelty was not a single shared exterior panel with the machine of the fifth generation. Yes, “truck” has remained the same, but the interior has greatly changed and the seat became more. The length was reduced to 4435 mm, but the wheelbase added 31 mm (up to 2685). Rear-wheel drive model received new engines.

The first three years of production under the hood installed the 6.0 V8 (400 forces, 542 N•m) and later 6.2 V8 (430 and 580, respectively). The choice of the clients were offered manual (Tremec T56) and automatic transmission (initially four, and later six ranges). The total circulation of the “sixth” Corvette — 201 657 units.

The status of “charged” wore two Corvette C6 — Z06 and ZR1. The first sported an aluminum space frame instead of steel (the weight of the car is 1440 kg) and 505-horsepower V8 engine 7.0 lubrication system dry sump, an electronically chassis and uglerodosoderzhaschie brakes (optional).

But the Z06 with acceleration to 97 km/h in 3.6 s — was a sort of prelude to the version of the ZR1. Here it is, a real eater kilometers! Targ weight 1519 kg force V8 engine 6.2, equipped with a power blower. Return — 638 strength and 820 N•m. Under this power have been retuned and the suspension — springs and active dampers have been recalibrated for better handling and greater stability in motion. Transmission — six-speed “mechanics” with the convergence close gear ratios, brakes — plastoquimica. Sprint to 97 km/h in 3,4 s and the maximum speed reached 330 km/h And the price was appropriate — $112 600. A normal Corvette cost $49 600, and Z06 — $75 600.


In early 2013, was presented the seventh generation Corvette, which received a historical prefix to the name Stingray (last used on the Corvettes in 1976). In January, the Americans showed the base of tarsu, and in March — Roadster. In the original version settled aspirated V8 6.2 LT1 with direct injection, a phase shifter and disabling part of the cylinder (output: 460 HP, 620 nm, and later, with another exhaust — 466 HP and 630 N•m). He was assisted by a seven-speed “mechanics”, located on the circuit transaxle (related to rear axle). Almost immediately in the form of options appeared a six-speed “automatic”.

Only in General terms C7 resembled the earlier model. Suspension (two and mnogorychazhka with transverse composite springs) became easier, and the body lay down new spatial platform of aluminum alloys. Outer panels were made of different plastic material (including carbon). Dvuhdverka was 45 kg lighter than its predecessor, although the rigidity of the body torsion has increased by 57%. (Right bottom picture — ZR1.)

A variety of packages, special editions, and versions like the Grand Sport has enriched the family of the Corvette in the coming years. But, of course, special mention should be made of the “charged”. In 2014 got out of the Corvette Z06 with the compressor V8 engine LT4 6.2 (659 horsepower, 881 N•m), which was combined with either a seven-speed “mechanics” or with the latest vosmidiapazonnym “automatic” (later the “fluid mechanics” eight gear engineers have presented and the underlying atmosferico). And for the first time in 51 years the company made Targ Z06 coupe Z06.

For a version of the Z06 (and with “mechanics”) — outstanding for a Corvette time on the North loop — 7:13.90, shown in 2017. In the merit is not so much brute power as suspension settings, aerodynamics, and tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP. At that time it was the fastest car of GM.

The top range of the C7 Corvette in 2017, according to tradition, was the Corvette ZR1 with the new compressor V8 6.2 LT5, eye-catching overhead camshafts. Its impact amounted to 765 HP and 969 N•m. for the First time in the Corvette ZR1 with the index in addition to the “mechanics” the Americans offered an optional “automatic”. You can select it and the wing (low Wing Low “in the database” and a High Wing on high poles as an option). Low Corvette ZR1, measuring, developing 345,82 km/h And then, for the first time in 47 years, was released Roadster ZR1. Well ended the career of “the seventh” Corvette June 28, 2019 when the last instance (it was a black Targa Z06) were auctioned Barrett-Jackson for $2.7 million Copies of the seventh generation has exceeded 160 thousand, and the total of all generations — more than 1.6 million


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Pickup Ford F-150 LM650 offered an alternative to third-party tuning

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Ford f-150. По идее, тюнинг от дилера мало чем отличается от тюнинга в специализированной компании. Но дилер может демпинговать, а ещё даёт гарантию на машину в пять лет или 60 000 миль.

Leonid Popov, 3 days ago. Photo: Long McArthur, Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

The idea is that the tuning of the dealer is a little different from tuning to a specialized company. But the dealer can dump, and even gives a warranty of five years or 60,000 miles.

Model Ford F-150 enjoys the love of tuning Studio, which offer a variety of options update, up to such extreme as Shelby F-150 (it has several power levels up to 765 “horses”). But the price of Shelby — a hundred thousand dollars, even without taking into account many important features. Here, the Ford dealer Long McArthur of Salina (Kansas) thought, “Why not offer customers something similar but more affordable?”. And announced the release of the original specifications of the pickup — Ford F-150 LM650.

Casacci offered his pickup truck with a very long list of installed options at an attractive (given the equipment) price.

The letters LM obviously mean Long McArthur, but the 650 is a power in the American “horses” (metric is 659 HP). To achieve this level used drive supercharger Roush hoisted on a five-liter “eight”. At Long McArthur say that this is the same powerplant that is in the newly introduced “mad” truck Roush F-150 Nitemare (by the way, the maximum torque there is 827 N•m). Dynamics LM650 not announced, but Nitemare double cab accelerated from a standstill to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.1 s. In General, Long McArthur selects bread from the Raouche. And it’s not just in the identical impact.

A ten-minute overview of the model from the Manager Tim Barth can view the link.

The basis for the F-150 was taken LM650 version of the Lariat Luxury Package with cab Crew Cab, with heated seats in two rows and ventilation on the ground, leather upholstery, Bang & Olufsen sound system, led headlights, a blind spot monitoring mirrors (including the area around the trailer), automatic hold in the band, all-round visibility, a voice-activated navigation, dual panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, all-wheel drive, rear differential with electronic lock, motorized running boards, styling package Lariat Sport Appearance and increased in volume fuel tank.

Meanwhile, the original F-150 ready to change the generation, prototype pickup 2021 model year is already seen on the tests.

Moreover, Long McArthur added LM650 body kit includes a modified hood and front bumper with additional led backlight and ventilation slots on the wings, privacy glass, contrasting stripes on the back, a suspension lift is 51 mm, hardy Fox shocks, 20-inch wheels with bedroomi and 35-inch tires BF Goodrich T/A K02, package Ford Off-Road Survival (it is a compact blades, saws and the like), protective awning in the cargo Bay, red brake calipers, original floor mats, mentioned above drive the compressor is active and Roush exhaust system Roush. And for all this the company has asked for $89 945 (5.9 million rubles) excluding the current dealer discount of $5500, but including the cost of the original truck. To assemble this truck from the Raouche, perhaps, will be much more expensive.


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Electric car Porsche Taycan redefined the first 911

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Porsche taycan. Директор по дизайну интерьеров Porsche Иво ван Хултен заявляет: «Меньше — значит, больше», описывая салон Тайкана, в котором минимализм линий сочетается с новыми возможностями по управлению.

Leonid Popov, 2 days ago. Photo: Porsche

Director of interior design Porsche Ivo van Hulten says: “Less is more”, describing the salon of Taikang in which minimalist lines combined with new opportunities for control.

On the eve of the debut of the fourth of September, electric car Porsche Taycan opened his salon. This is another step in the hybridization of technologies and the appearance of simplicity after the Porsche 911 of the eighth generation. The designers were inspired by the first Porsche 911 1963: look at the uncluttered front panel extending straight lines from side to side, you should look for an elongated oval clean-up, with rounded edges. She deliberately made wider than the helm that matches the style of the first 911.

Digital instrument cluster — it’s a curved screen with a diagonal of as much as 16.8-inch, with a real glass polarizing and anti-reflective coating. At the edges appeared a touch panel for light control and chassis.

The power button located left of the steering column as the ignition on all the usual Porsche. And the right of the column is a small switch of direction as on the model 918 Spyder. Wheel from the Taikang can be of two types: the basic “classic”, with colored inserts to choose from, and GT, with visible bolt heads and switch driving modes.

And this is the 911 of the first generation (in this case 911 S 2.0 Targa 1967). For the Porsche 911 was the beginning of an era of development of the legendary sports cars. Taycan and also special, still the first production electric car brand.

Tidy can switch between Classic mode (chain typical Porsche round indicators in the center instead of the usual tachometer — power meter), Map mode (the power meter is replaced with a map), Full Map mode (map is stretched to full screen) and Pure mode (the amount of information is reduced to the minimum speed, road signs and navigation arrow showing the way). “Classic design features (s) was reconsidered and postponed in the digital age,” explains producer the basic idea of the salon. The number of mechanical switches is minimized. Most of the functions given to the screens.

Even the deflectors of ventilation does not require touching: they are motorized and are transferred between modes Focused (increased cooling, concentrated stream), Diffused (diffuse flow) and the Virtual Airflow Control (fully automatic thread allocation). Yes voice control, responsive to the phrase “Hey Porsche”. Console — touch display of the climate system (8.4 inch) with tactile feedback and handwriting recognition input for address navigation. With the optional four-zone climate control, Advanced on the second row appears its touch control panel (5.9 inches) with tactile feedback.

Two touch screen, Central (10.9 inches) and passenger (diagonal not specified), connected in dark glass tape, visually merging with the panel.

Promised great opportunities for personalization of finishes. In the car you can order a leather classic or Olea in the tanning process which uses olive leaves. You can select “printology” option even without using a skin material Race-Tex on the basis of microfibers, including polyester recycling. The flooring uses the Econyl fiber, part of the feedstock for which is an old fishing net.

In addition, there are a few packages contrasting accents (matte black, silver, neodymium, or champagne color). And for Taikang stated he is only available interior colors (Black-Beige Lime, Blackberry, Atacama Beige and Brown Meranti) doors and console can be trimmed in a choice of wood, matte carbon fiber, stamped aluminum or cloth.

Porsche has teamed up with Apple Music to create the first “fully integrated musical flow” in Taikang. “The Apple Music subscribers can stream more than 50 million songs without any advertising, thousands of playlists and global live Beats 1 and three years of free Internet data. The world’s first full integration of the Apple Music in any car”.

The main parameters of the electric vehicle is already known, although the final numbers may be refined. The company said that total power of electric motors of Taikang more than 600 forces, reserve on a single charge over 500 km, acceleration from zero to hundreds in less than 3.5 seconds, to 200 km/h is about 10 s, maximum speed — 250 km/h on-Board system there is 800 V, and this means that you can charge from the column with a constant current of the same voltage.

At a given power charging station in 320-350 kW (example — the new European network Ionity) traction battery Taikang is filled to 80% in just 15 minutes. This feature has helped to set a record: on the track of nardò in Italy Taycan drove 3425 km in 24 hours.

Slightly disguised Taycan (around the headlights there are fake stickers) for new York, show the audience on the stage of Formula E. Behind the wheel was Porsche factory driver Neel Jani.

Of course, the authors of the record took a lot of stops to recharge (and changing drivers). And yet this is a very impressive number, considering that the speed on the track was kept around 200 km/h (and the energy consumption in this case considerable). With the introduction of serial stations on 450 kW the above charging time will be reduced to approximately 12-13 minutes. We add that, according to unofficial data, the Taikang is not the only one modification. And it is also known: on the conveyor after a time fall and brother of Taikang — raised station wagons, the forerunner of which was the concept of Mission E Turismo Cross. Technically it would be battery sedan.


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Brand Lamborghini has announced a mysterious model


Leonid Popov, 1 day ago. Photo: Lamborghini

So the light pattern should be extended to various Lamborghini models: for example, with the change of generations, and even when restyling. In a separate limited projects will also be something similar.

Posted online the shows running lamps, optics, a similar concept Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, but the teaser is, of course, not he himself, and the car, developing the specified Millennio style. In relation to the identity of the supercar announced for the September motor show in Frankfurt, there are different versions. The first (more probable): in Germany, will host the public debut of the limited edition hypercar, informally known as LB48H.

This shows Terzo Millennio. It was buggy with four electric motors (one per wheel) and supercapacitors. It is unknown how it all worked in reality. However, before the Lamborghini comes to serial electric vehicles, companies still need to be put on stream hybrids.

The mysterious hypercar last year was presented in a closed presentation for clients and, as they say, quickly sold out (its circulation — 63 pieces, price — $2.5 million). In the depths of the compartment includes a V12 engine and electric motors. To a certain extent for Lamborghini this is a trial project only grope design and technical solutions for the future heir to the modern of the Aventador.

By the way, the launch the successor to the Aventador coupe, the Italians first moved from 2020 to 2022, and according to the latest data, altogether 2024-th.

Second assumption: the teaser had something to do with the impending replacement of the Junior coupe — Lamborghini Huracan. This model is younger than the Aventador, because it was presented in December 2013, while the Aventador in March 2011. But it is possible that a generational shift from the ten-cylinder supercar will happen sooner. In this case, the car in Frankfurt may prove to be a harbinger of the production model. Change the order of the release can be triggered by increasingly stringent standards on emissions. With less powerful Junior coupe their implementation will be easier to maintain, and with the flagship will have a lot of trouble.


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