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Study rubber spike future tyre ContiIceContact 3

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To produce rubber spikes will be the same owned by the Kontinental c 2007 the Finnish company Tikka Spikes that makes a classic.

Velcro or spikes is one of those perpetual disputes, even though the ruble we vote is clear: in Russia one of the friction tires have four studded lover. Their share may grow, when in August-September 2019 the market will go Continental IceContact 3 with unusual spikes. In conversation they are often referred to as rubber, although they just obrezinena (shell hardness reminiscent of the protector material), and the grip meets the usual carbide insert with aluminum support flange.

The flight, size and weight of the spike correspond to common values of the regulated. Even the number of inserts is not particularly going to change ― a little less than two hundred on the wheel. However, the claimed improvement of coupling properties on ice by seven percent. In this case the wear of the coating should be reduced by 20% ― that is, theoretically, without violating the homologation requirements, the number of spines could be to increase accordingly.

It is not “the three” and the pilot IceContact2 c index RS is equipped with a rubber spike. These tires are a limited edition sent to dealers. On a new tire insert FlexStud visually indistinguishable from conventional: they are bathed in the same gray-beige retainer structure.

However, talking about a possible tightening of European regulations on the wear of the coating with the studded tires. In the industry a very bad way of looking at hyperspace Michelin X-Ice North 4, each of which has 250 or more steel inserts. Apparently, the Continental margin, or just really believe in their new technology. On paper, everything is really beautiful. The soft body of the spike allows hard core deeper bite into the ice (spike’s working angle — see illustration below) and not to “cut” waste asphalt. And ― very important ― rubber walls work like damper noise and vibration. Checkmate, fans of stickers?

Under the action of lateral and longitudinal forces of the tongue tends to lie down. Aluminum body prevents him to keep contact with the ice, and on asphalt waste is harmful to themselves and to the coating. Elastic case these problems like deprived: grip ice is growing at seven percent and wear reduced by 20%.

The practical part of the seminar devoted to the new Contico, at the site of Jaguar Land Rover Experience serious organized strangely. Let’s start with the fact that commercial bus current series IceContact2 and pilot IceContact2 RS of the same dimension 235/45 R18, but with spikes FlexStud, mounted on cars of different classes. In the first case it is the Jaguar XE, the second is more expensive XF. In addition, we are not allowed behind the wheel. It is proposed to evaluate the difference of the acoustic and vibration comfort from the passenger seat. What can I say?

It was my first time on the range Jaguar Land Rover Experience. Nice complex with good potential, but was surprised by one of the instructors who tried to teach me how to brake with your left foot.

In the Parking lot and by rotating the wheel to place the latest FlexStud also postrelivat metal on the asphalt, and 20-30 km/h note the lower level of the resonant rumble and high-frequency small itching on the floor. But it is difficult to objectively judge the extent to which it is a merit of the tires and in a car of higher class. Abstracting as much as possible from aggregatelevel and based on experience with tires, I can assume that the acoustic properties of the novelty is located approximately in the middle between the classic “shipovymi” and the latest friction tires VikingContact7, which also was able to ride.

The main large-scale new Conti ― friction “Scandinavian” VikingContact7. The transition to the drain symmetrical pattern explain the increase in winter temperatures. Canola oil allows the rubber compound to allow for reliable lateral grip to soften in the heat (ie, at a temperature around 0 ºC).

This, of course, not a test. But it will be interesting to try FlexStud on snow and ice. Not only fresh, but also with the mileage, because the tire manufacturers promise that rubber spike wear out more evenly, almost completely retaining its properties of the engagement as the operation.

Do not forget about primocanale. In the course of the production tire is removed from the mold a bit “underexposed”, mounted, inflated, and then the automation inserts the spikes, covered with a special compound. Then the bus devulcanized in an autoclave where the structure connects the tongue with rubber. Let not tightly, but in order to pull it requires four times more effort than the usual studding.

Brand photographs illustrating the wear of the stud. Top ― new rubber FlexStud, bottom ― serial spike tires IceContact2, stronger losing their properties.

This year, the Continental plant in Kaluga was five years old. Half of its production is exported. Latest IceContact3 will be developed simultaneously with the German plant in Korbach ― only these two factories can do studded Conti.

By the way, technology primocanale patented Continental “length and breadth”, so is eight years and remains unique on the market ― the competitors have no right to reproduce it. All the research arm of the company, including not only tire manufacturers (in the amount of 30 thousand scientists and engineers!), per year gets about a thousand patents. On this basis, we can assume that the rubber spike is unlikely in the next few years will learn something.

Behind the scenes

The second topic of the seminar was an attempt to once again compare the behavior of studded and non-studded tires. But winter in Moscow is not in a hurry, forcing us to work exclusively on wet pavement. Weird, but in a predefined weather conditions for the latest season 2018-2019 friction ContiVikingContact7 on road handling seems preferable to spikes, no seeds IceContact2. Slide is not as deep, and breakdowns ― a little smoother. Journalistic competitions I won and those and others. However, we must remember that the main loss nesipbek falls on snow and especially ice in the temperature range from zero to -15 ºC.


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SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will soon change the appearance of

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mitsubishi pajero sport

Mitsubishi pajero sport. Решётка радиатора и бампер ощутимо преобразятся. А ещё, судя по прототипу, фронтальная оптика станет двухэтажной с крупными секциями по углам бампера, как на паркетнике Eclipse Cross.

Leonid Popov, 6 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

Grille and bumper significantly transformed. And yet, judging by the prototype, the front optics will be two-story with large sections in the corners of the bumper as the SUV Eclipse Cross.

Winter test of the car somewhere in the North of Sweden allowed photospin to take the first pictures of the updated SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The current generation of models appeared in the summer of 2015 and, of course, micro-updates, implements for a particular model year, a full facelift can not replace. So, this year we should see redrawn Sport.

Camouflaged machine does not allow to consider all details, even on a larger frame. And yet it seemed to us that the new lights not only adjusted the schedule, but he disappeared “flowing” down the section. It was one of the most memorable features of the model, although very controversial.

Modern Pajero Sport sold in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines (as Montero Sport) and Thailand, several countries in the Far and Middle East and, of course, we have. But in Western Europe (except Britain) and the United States, for example, a model no. But the situation may change after the facelift. In any case, Europe is more likely. Edition even calls potential name for the model in this region — Shogun Sport (designation SUV is now present in Britain). And if the car reaches the US, it could be called half-forgotten there, the name Montero (or Montero Sport).

Probably, the designers intervened in the design of the rear rack, but in the interior of the radical innovations are not expected.

Recall that the current Pajero Sport is equipped with gasoline “aspirated” V6 3.0 MIVEC 6B31 (209 HP, 279 N•m, in some markets 220 HP) and a modern diesel engine 4N15 2.4 MIVEC (181 HP, 430 N•m) with variable turbine geometry. In addition, in Indonesia there is a modification with the old 2.5 diesel 4D56 136 “horses” (314 N•m). In any of these aggregates may be correct. And if you look at market trends can dream about adding in the range of a hybrid version of the Sport tailored to the experience of the creation and evolution benzoelektrosila Outlander.


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Ready for any winter: 5 new SUV with highest ground clearance

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In your town had a three-month norm of precipitation, and snow removal equipment not delivered? For the last three days you are stuck 6 times and wiped his bottom all the snow gauge in the yard? Let’s see how much money you need to buy a car with such ground clearance, which is enough to forget about these problems forever. At least in the city.

Te who are waiting to see the list of the best hardcore exclusively body-on-frame SUVs, badly wrong. Those who hope that most will be luxury crossovers with air suspension, is also only partly right – because pnevmologika raises only the body, but does not affect the actual clearance. In General, let’s move from speculation to actual facts.

Infiniti QX80

  • Clearance: 234 mm
  • Price: from 4 790 000 rubles

Sunset in the class the tallest looks a little discouraging: just take a swing at a decent ground clearance and 5 million. But in General Infiniti QX80 update was a little lower – if used under the bottom was more than 250 mm, in its present form the ground clearance is claimed at around 234. And yet, despite this, he bypassed colleagues from Toyota and Lexus: Land Cruiser 200 LX570 and have a ground clearance of 230 and 225 mm, respectively.

Infiniti QX80 5.6 '2017–н.в.j infiniti_qx80_5.6_35

High price, however, is not the only feature of QX80. He is ready to surprise and age technical base, which is built – because the update looks in 2017 does not affect the internal filling, even the engine power remained the same. At the core of the design is the frame and four-wheel drive, despite the presence of pangani, implemented via the electromagnetic clutch, causing the front wheels – that is, the scheme here is closer to the crossover. The movement of the machine causes all the same a 5.6-liter V8 with a capacity of 405 HP, docked with a 7-speed automatic. Given the fact that the total mass of the car is almost end-to-end fit within the scope of category B, accounting for 3.4 tons, the maximum speed should be considered for the benefit. But in favor of the clearance, and in favor of comfort is the fact that there are no bridges at the front and rear multi-link suspension here.


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600LT Roadster McLaren coupe Spider lost only a little

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Konstantin Bolotov, 1 hour ago. Photo: McLaren

Of course, the couple has the same engine 3.8 V8 Twin Turbo (600 HP, 620 N•m), mated with seven-step “robot” SSG with two wet clutches. However, the dry weight of the Roadster due to the sliding mechanism of the roof is 50 kg more than the coupe (1297 kilo), hence “losing”.

In acceleration to 200 km/h version behind Spider coupe McLaren 600LT only 0.2 C (8,4), however, a set of hundreds supercar with an open top similarly quick and 2.9 s, the speed of the Spider just below (323 vs 328 km/h), and the initial price is higher — $500 vs 256. $240 000. However, the circulation of “long tails” of the younger family Sport Series is limited, and if buyers do not snatch them for a few weeks, blame it on the only possible Brexit.

“I am pleased to report that when retracted the roof exhaust system sounds and looks even better!” — urged on by Executive Director Mike Flewitt. At the client’s request, McLaren will be removed from the interior excess weight in the form of audio system and climate control.

Three-piece hard top, made of composite materials, at the push of a button extends the actuator 15 at speeds up to 40 km/h. a wind screen over the heads of the riders is activated independently of the roof. The developers are proud that they, unlike the makers of the cabriolet, not had to further strengthen the structure for greater rigidity. Besides, the downforce was not injured, aerodynamic losses no.



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