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Sedan Geometry A surprised high performance at a low price

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geely ge11

Geely ge11. Напомним размеры: длина — 4736 мм, ширина — 1804, высота — 1503, колёсная база — 2700 мм. По базе машина попадает в сегмент С, по длине может претендовать и на D. Будем считать «С+».

Leonid Popov, 1 day ago. Photo: Geely

Recall dimensions: length — 4736 mm, width — 1804, height — 1503, wheelbase — 2700 mm. At the base of the machine falls into a segment, the length may apply to D. We assume “+”.

The electric car, which is under development called Geely GE11, April 11, was presented at a special event in Singapore. It turned out, Geely Auto has created not just another electric car, but another brand Geometry. The sedan also received the name Geometry A. Stated that under this brand will go electric “high end model” with an enviable settings and equipment. Controlled by the Geely group innovative brand Lynk & Co jealous, willing to relocate to China Smart alert, and own the electric car brand Geely expect that they will share their innovations.

The company explains the choice of name: “Geometry arose thousands of years ago to describe the world as it was seen by people. Brand Geometry is the Geely vision about the future, in which technology is used to create a sustainable environment and safe mobility, which leads to a harmonious relationship between man and nature.”

The final parameters of the motor are: power of 120 kW (163 HP), maximum torque of 250 N•m From zero to hundreds sedan accelerates in the 8.8 s. Traction batteries have two to choose from: capacity 51,9 kWh, power reserve in the combined cycle NEDC 410 km and 61.9 per kWh and passport range of 500 km and a Specified average power consumption is 13.5 kWh/100 km, the Beijing electricity prices this is equivalent to 0.07 yuan per kilometer (0.67 EUR).

From quick charging column sedan is able to fill its battery from 30% to 80% in just 30 minutes. The electric car can and share energy with external equipment. The Super E Energy Station allows you to power from the car, laptops, lamps, microwave ovens and similar equipment in the nature.

The car uses a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets. Management system called the intelligent motor as the temperature control system of the traction battery that gives it the best mode in any weather. However, this intelligence begins with the description of driver assistance systems and safety. The company says he is China’s first fully electric model with a level of autonomy “two plus” (here to read some kind of trick, almost three but not quite).

The design of the sedan the developers describe the epithets “high-dimensional”, “live”, “minimalist”, “elegant” and “avant-garde”.

In practice, this means a set of cameras and radar that enable the adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go function, operating up to a speed of 150 km/h and automatic braking with detection of pedestrians. Also, there are working systems collision warning front and rear, blind spot monitoring mirrors, lane departure the lane and assistant lane change, warning of the dangers when you open the doors.

Inside and out set the tone pronounced geometric shapes and patterns, in line with the brand name.

This e-Supplement, do not end there. In sedan, there are intellectual samarkandyk “one button”, the system of 360 degree, smart voice assistant, on-Board recorder, smart system pre tension seat belt of the driver, automatic control of high beam. When receiving a telephone call to the subscriber’s number will be displayed on the projection display so that it is visible only to the driver. The glove box can be locked by password. When passing the machine to someone from friends or relatives, the owner can set the speed limit.

Seasoned design in Geely Vikings Peter Horbury (Vice-President of design) and guy Burgoyne (head of the Shanghai design centre, where he created A Geometry). Under the supervision of the electric car has created (from left to right top row) — exterior designer Ajay Jain, interior designer Zhang Hua; bottom row: designer materials and colors, Zhou Feng, an engineer in aerodynamics Lo Bannan.

In General, the security of the sedan Geometry A the authors have paid special attention. In the body structure of the applied aluminum alloys and composites. Parameters strength somehow indicated the durability of the roof in case of rollover. It withstands the load 4.12 the self-weight of the machine that “exceeds the American standards the IIHS”. (Hint to addressing not only the Chinese buyers).

Some pictures show the sample is still with the label GE11.

And yet, the designers of the Geometry boast of braking from a speed of 100 km/h at a distance of only 37.1 m. This is not a record for road models, and yet the setting is very good. And yet it is a tweak to the Tesla 3, which when entering the market for independent tests, Consumer Reports showed 46,33 m when stopping from 60 mph (97 km/h). Later Tesla recognized an unsuccessful configuration the ABS did update the software and reduced braking distance up to 40 m (the average in the class).

The Chinese are touching indicate the coefficient of air resistance with four decimal places (0,2375). This is one of the best options among production cars (sedans Mercedes-Benz A-class — 0,22, Tesla Model 3 — 0,23, Audi A4 — 0,23). Have 99.9% of models on the market streamlining significantly worse.

And finally the price. Modification of the Standard Range is from 210 000 yuan (2.01 million rubles) excluding subsidies, or about 150,000 yuan (1.44 million) with the benefits. Modification of Long Range from 230,000 yuan (of 2.21 million), or 170 000 yuan (1.63 million) with subsidies. For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 in China is from 377 000 yuan for the version with rear wheel drive and mileage on a charge of 460 km on the NEDC.

Company Geely said that in the sedan Geometry A has already collected more than 27,000 orders, of which 18,000 are outside of China (received orders from Norway, France and Singapore). Further — more. By 2025, the brand Geometry bring to the market ten electric models, among which will be sedans, crossovers and minivans.


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SUV Lincoln Corsair promised a relaxed atmosphere

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Leonid Popov, 18 APR 2019. Photo: Lincoln

The word Corsair (“the Corsair, the privateer, the pirate”) is somewhat strange choice for a quiet and comfortable SUV. It seemed more suited to a hot hatch. But the Americans say about the connection with the Latin “cursus” (“traveling, traveling”). And this name is historical: in the 1960s, Ford used the designation Corsair for sedans, convertibles and station wagons.

In new York debuted a compact crossover Lincoln Corsair, the successor to the MKC, a fellow SUV Ford Kuga/Escape next generation. C2 global platform has enabled the car to improve handling and raise body rigidity, but also to tighten electronics. Among the advantages of the Corsair called the standard set of security systems Lincoln Co-Pilot360 and technology “the Phone as a key.” It gives the opportunity not only to open and start the car, but to create a personal profile set of systems are automatically activated when you log in. In case of theft or loss of phone function, you can remotely cancel.

As explained by the company, the new SUV reflects the philosophy of the Quiet Flight (“quiet flight”), and hence, the focus is on smoothness, quietness and a relaxing atmosphere in the cabin.

[embedded content]

At the same time Quiet Flight — this design theme. According to the creators of the machine, a relatively simple form of compact multiple smooth lines turned into a “virtual mobile sculpture” that creates a sense of motion even in stillness.

Engineers dispatched to Corsair two four-cylinder boosted engine EcoBoost: 2.0 to 253 HP (373 N•m) and 2.3 284 HP (420 N•m). The first motor is five HP more powerful than the previous generation with the same thrust, and the second added six Newton meters, but lost five forces. Both are combined with vosmidiapazonnym “automatic” (the last generation was a six-speed). With each of the motors, you can get all-wheel drive. In normal conditions the thrust goes to the front axle to reduce fuel consumption, and if necessary thrown back.

The Corsair will debut three new versions of the painting of the interior: Beyond the Blue (blue-white colors), Cashew (rich brown plus black) and a Medium Slate (“soft grey” plus “ebony”).

The driver choose from five driving modes, named Normal (Normal), Excite (sports), Slippery (slippery road), Deep Conditions (mud and sand) and Conserve (spare fuel). Of course, the queries of Lincoln adapted the global suspension. Here, the authors machine isolated rear suspension with special “integral bushings”. Judging by a related Focus, we are talking about memorycache, which bushings have different stiffness in different directions and is thus better than a conventional, absorb vibrations and shocks without losses from handling.

Multimedia system Sync 3 eight-inch touch-screen friendly with smartphones and distributes Wi-Fi. Among the options include head-up display, a premium Revel audio system with 14 speakers, front seat Lincoln Perfect Position with 12 adjustments.

Like the new Aviator, Corsair has received six unique audible alarms (bells), recorded by the Detroit Symphony orchestra. They are distributed in twenty-five situations (from the seat belt of the forgotten to open the fuel tank flap). These symphonies should be particularly good to appear on a background of inner silence, not only of conventional soundproof materials, but rare for cars of this class a double wall between the engine compartment and interior. There is also a system of active noise cancellation. Staff at Co-Pilot360 automatic braking with pedestrian detection, monitoring of blind zones of mirrors, holding in the band, automatically switching the high beam and rear view camera.

The second row moves in the longitudinal direction 152 mm. At the conviction of the company, the legroom here more than in some crossovers.

Optionally it is possible to Co-Pilot360 Plus, which includes adaptive cruise control with lane departure in traffic (Stop&Go) technology to hold on the center of the lane, the speed limit by reading signs, assistant to the evasion of obstacles (work, when to stop before it does not work), system of emergency braking when reversing and full samarkandyk (steering wheel, gas, brake), launched by one button. To make Lincoln the Corsair will be a plant in Louisville (Kentucky). In the U.S. the car will appear this fall. Prices not yet announced, but the previous generation model (MKC) is sold in the USA with a price of $33 995 (2.18 million rubles at the exchange rate).


Crossover Lincoln MKC appeared in 2013. It was built on the Global C platform as the Kuga/Escape that time. In fact, the model can be represented as a more luxuriously decorated Kuga in the corporate design of Lincoln.

The car was equipped with four 2.0 EcoBoost (248 HP, 373 N•m) and 2.3 (289 HP, 414 N•m), six-speed automatic transmission, front-or all-wheel drive. Optional was adaptive suspension.

In 2017, was held restyling. Most strongly changed the front part, which received a new grille (photo collage on the bottom right). At the same time was expanded capabilities of the mobile app Lincoln Way, and the automatic braking began to react to pedestrians. The demand for large MKC will not name, but it is surprisingly stable. In 2016, the U.S. was purchased 25 562 cars in 2017-m — 048 27, 2018 — 26 241.


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Jaguar electric car I-Pace is recognized as the world car of the year

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Konstantin Bolotov, 18 APR 2019. Photo manufacturers

In March I-Pace was awarded the title of “car of the year in Europe”, so there is a combo! The best way to congratulate model — buy it. The prices range from 6 246 000 rubles. For the money the buyer will receive a 400 HP, 696 N•m, the acceleration to a hundred in 4.8 seconds and a range of 480 km cycle WLTP.

In new York announced the winners of the competition World Car of the Year, and the crossover Jaguar I-Pace was the winner in several categories. In the struggle for the main prize of the “Brit” walked another electric car Audi e-tron, as well as a pair of Volvo S60/V60. In addition, the “Ah-pace” award for the best design of the year (World Car Design of the Year) and the title of “most green” (World Green Car). For the brand Jaguar is already a second triumph at the WCOTY, because in 2017 the victory was won by the SUV F-Pace.

SUV Suzuki Jimny fourth generation was the leader in category World Urban Car (best city car), ahead of the Hyundai Santro and the Kia Soul. It seems the jury (86 motoring journalists from 24 countries) started the Jimny trolling hard, but the Japanese did not seem offended.

In the segment of autoreclose (World Luxury Car) was not equal to Audi A7 (behind Audi Q8 and BMW eighth series). Award for performance (World Performance Car) earned McLaren 720S, not the Aston Martin Vantage or Mercedes-AMG GT. Man of the year (World Car Person of the Year) named Sergio Marchionne, who died last summer. The jury noted the achievements of Manager at the helm of FCA, and his concern for Ferrari.

The catalog of cars


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Foreign roots, pre-heater and hard-top: myths and facts about GAZ-69

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Myths and facts about GAZ-69 –

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