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Rover Audi AI:Trail pleased with unusual solutions

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Audi ai-trail,Audi concept. Кузов выполнен из смеси «высокотехнологичной» стали, алюминия и углеволокна, однако тяжёлая батарея в днище доводит массу машинки до 1750 кг. В подвеске применяются стойки McPherson с винтовыми пружинами и адаптивными амортизаторами. Специальные колёса — 22-дюймовые.

Konstantin Bolotov, 13 hours ago. Photo: Audi

The body is made from a mixture of “high-tech” steel, aluminum and carbon fiber, but the heavy battery in the bottom to bring the weight of cars up to 1750 lbs. In the suspension used McPherson strut with coil springs and adaptive shock absorbers. Custom wheels — 22-inch.

Four electric motors installed near the wheels and bring them in directly. The maximum performance of 320 kW (435 HP, 1000 N•m). However, full power is rarely used, and the actuator on one axis is sufficient. Lithium-ion battery integrated in the underbody: the reserve when riding on the pavement and light off road is 400-500 km in the cycle WLTP. In difficult conditions the mileage is less than half. Ceiling speed — 130 km/h, clear as an aquarium, the cabin accommodates four passengers. Environmentally friendly SUV Audi AI:Trail quattro taking them on nature. Path lights flying drones.

[embedded content]

Monocab, according to Audi, “become the gold standard in the era of electric vehicles.” If you compare the dimensions of the Trail with the SUV, then the closest Audi Q2. Length — 4150 mm, width 2150, height 1670 wheelbase unknown. Ground clearance — 340 mm. Half-meter broad is not terrible.

The glazed walls of the cabin expands to the “waist line”. The resulting side ledges give passengers extra space around the shoulders and elbows. Visibility do the aquarium, still and panoramic roof. The riders can while movement watch from the window behind the suspension. It is also interesting that the windshield and the back door open, providing access to branches for things. Dirty is stored in a special compartment built into the rear bumper. The thresholds act as retractable steps for easier loading of the roof rack.

The wheel, pedals, smartphone and a few buttons — all controls. Huge displays are not, because nature must look! The decoration is deliberately used rough to the touch surface as well as secondary processed products. Under the windshield is arranged a platform for Luggage. Folding rear seats like loungers or hammocks.

A variety of sensors and ESP are working together to pre-determine the condition of the coating in front of the car and adjust the tyre pressure, because it is useful to reduce automatically, for example when driving on sand. Instead of the traditional lamps and lanterns are applied independent sources of light. They are located under the pillar and you can Shine as the outside and inside of the cabin. The brightness is adjustable.

In addition, a Audi Light Companion in the shape of a large flashlight. It is possible to stick to the front of the seat, including ambient interior lighting, or take it outside, put three fold-out legs and sit down around the campfire. Several cameras “companion” will take the gatherings on videos and almost themselves lay out the video in the social network. However, Light Companion, relying on the staff of the Navigator, projecting on the ground the symbols indicating the direction of motion of the hike.

The icing on the cake — five “triangular” Audi Light drones Pathfinders, landing on the roof, where they will be inductive charging. Drones usually fly in pairs and not only illuminate the road but also transfer via Wi-Fi video to the display in front of the driver.

Presented today in Frankfurt AI:Trail quattro completed the formation of the “visionary of the Quartet”, which includes show cars Aicon, AI:ME and AI:Race (former PB18 e-tron). Together, they “embody a completely new mobility concept for the brand with the four rings”. Electric cars will be sold to customers in rent for a limited time. This scheme does not change the personalization. On the contrary, the client can when booking to configure the machine according to personal preference: are even cabin temperature, seat settings and music library. Apply will help mobile app myAudi.


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The next Honda Jazz hybrid will be only in Europe

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Honda jazz. Шеф британского офиса Хонды Дейв Ходжеттс сообщил Automotive News, что новый хэтч «сильно отличается» от нынешнего: «Jazz получит элементы дизайна от электрокара Honda e, так как компания попытается привлечь к автомобилю более молодую аудиторию».

Konstantin Bolotov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien Honda

The chief of the British office of Honda Dave Hodgetts told Automotive News that the new hatch is “very different” from the present: “the Jazz will receive design elements from the Honda electric vehicle e, as the company tries to attract to the car a young audience”.

To electrify all models for the European market by 2025, Honda pursues a strategy of Electric Vision. About the stages of the Japanese are told in the framework of the Frankfurt auto show. The first step was the launch of a hybrid version CR-V, the second serial electric car Honda e, and the third will be made at the Tokyo exhibition, which opens to the public on October 24. There debut hatchback Jazz/Fit fourth generation. The expected expansion of the engine range will not happen. On the contrary, the installation of hybrid i-MMD will be in Europe uncontested.

In Germany, the Jazz now have two petrol atmosfernika: 1.3 (102 HP, 123 N•m) and 1.5 (130 HP, 155 N•m), with a six-speed “mechanics” and CVT. Price range — from 17 to 20 290 690 euros. According to JATO Dynamics, European sales in the first half of the year fell by 20% (to 17 140 pieces).

There is no doubt that with the hybrid system “in the” Jazz is significantly more expensive. New design models, no matter how spectacular he may be, is unlikely to compensate for the price jump. Moreover, in 2020, the arena will be fourth Toyota Yaris, whose predecessor has a hybrid version, which accounts for almost half of sales. But way back at Honda no, because without total electrification it will not meet the regulations on emissions of CO2.


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718 coupe Porsche Cayman GT4 RS will get a “robot” PDK

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Porsche cayman,Porsche cayman gt4,Porsche cayman gt4 rs. Одно из внешних изменений на прототипе: жабры на месте заднего бокового окна. Вероятно, поставляющие больше воздуха в мотор. Смотрятся кустарно, но в серии могут быть оформлены аккуратнее.

Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

One of the external changes on the prototype: the gills on the rear side Windows. Likely supplying more air into the motor. Look homemade, but in a series may be issued accurately.

In the line of Caymans now with a quick option — 718 Porsche Cayman GT4 (6 897 000). It is equipped with the atmospheric “six” 4.0 (420 HP, 420 N•m) and six-speed “mechanics” (without alternatives), gaining a hundred in 4.4 seconds and develops 304 km/h. the Car is dangerously close to the senior rank of “nine hundred eleventh” as in price and ability. For example, 718 Cayman GT4 is the Northern loop in 7:30 (by the way, two seconds faster than the Porsche 911 GT2 997 sample 2007). While the modern coupé 911 Carrera S 992 are achievable as of 7:25. And soon the gap may disappear: on the tests seen model Cayman GT4 RS.

New, raised higher, the wing — perhaps the primary external acquisition of Cayman GT4 RS. Linings conceal the support that should eventually look more elegant. Like the racing models 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

The most intriguing point in this story: will give the company “erase” “robot” instead of “mechanics” to “just” GT4. All models of the brand with the letters RS to maximize the focus on the track and here really good results can only be obtained for two pedal drive versions. Of course, the addition of the letters RS will result in a further reconfiguration of the chassis, and probably some force of the engine.

The NACA air inlets on the hood is another noticeable difference of the prototype, now driving along the Northern loop, from the usual Cayman GT4.

There are, of course, the chance that the company will create a crash and lightweight variation of the Caiman again with the “mechanics” (for such it is possible to return to everyday life almost forgotten the name of the Cayman R), but observers in the North loop of the claim that discussing the prototype while switching sounds exactly like a machine with a rapid-fire “robot”. We will add that in the range of Caiman (and also related to the Boxster) is expected to have a version of Touring with the same “six” 4.0, as in GT4, just derated.


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Hypercar SCG 007 turned out with a hint of sixties

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Leonid Popov, 59 minutes ago. Illustrations and photos: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

The authors of the models confirmed that will produce a race of “zero-zero-seven” for their own factory team and sales to other private teams, and even produced a limited edition road versions of this hypercar.

It took half a century since then, as Ford GT40 last time won in the overall classification “24 hours of Le Mans”. Since then, American automakers didn’t succeed (though there is a subtlety: the winner of 1969, a variant of the MkI was designed and built in Britain). To return to those glorious days going company Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, prepared for the new regulations of Le Mans and the WEC championship hypercar SCG 007. The Americans were posted only a teaser, and now released a full image of the car.

Founder and CEO at SCG James Glikenhaus never revealed the secret, what does the rear of the machine in the style of the concepts , the Alfa Romeo BATand the rims, typical of sports cars of this brand. We wouldn’t be surprised official cooperation with alpha.

SCG 007 coupe will perform in the new class Hypercars, which will replace LMP1 that will into effect starting with the 2020/2021 season WEC. Developers told that the motion of SCG 007 should bring the V6 3.0 engine with two turbochargers. Its origin is not defined. The company had previously mentioned and front electric motors. Regulations Hypercars allows the machine to be a hybrid with electric motors at the front, complementing the engine behind the cockpit.

That renders the company able to turn into a real car show model SCG 003 (its the racing version of the c 2015 participates in the VLN series and nürburgring 24 hour race) or submitted a month ago buggy SCG Boot.

Model SCG 007 turns and modern, and at the same time with references to racing masterpieces of the 1960s. for Example, in front of the SCG 007 is something of a Ferrari 330P4.

In the new top class of Le Mans formed a motley company. In addition to SCG 007, there will be fighting hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie and Toyota GR Super Sport. In addition, there will be the famous Swiss “stable” Rebellion Racing (LMP1 in she has sportprototip Rebellion R13, built by the French firm Oreca, theoretically it can be recycled under the new rules). More on his part said the German-Austrian team ByKolles Racing, cooking something on the basis of a prototype ENSO CLM. In addition, the interest in the new class said the companies Lamborghini and Koenigsegg.


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