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Rolls-Royce announces exclusive series “Wraith Luminary Collection”

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Rolls-Royce is an exclusive series of “WraithLuminaryCollection”. In light of the growing demand for collectible series from Rolls-Royce brand will release a Wraith in the 55 unique personalized design, which will occupy an important place in the private collections of connoisseurs of luxury from all over the world.

“WraithLuminary is a stunning collector’s car. It reflects the contemporary spirit of the brand Rolls-Roycе, progressive and innovative, and demonstrates a masterful craftsmanship and authentic luxury. This car is addressed to the visionaries that open up new heights in their fields. In fact, this series is designed for true “light” of this world,” says Torsten müller-Ötvös, CEO Rolls-Royce motor cars.

The car body is covered exclusively developed paint “SunburstGrey” depicting the hue of dawn. Dark gray color with warm copper sheen due to the metallic particles simulates the sky at sunset or the hour before dawn. Decorative line along the body and contrasting rim in the Central part of the disks of red color SaddleryTan echo the color scheme in the cabin.On the front wings of the car flaunts a figure showing the rays of the hiding sun.

The interior and the interior of the doors decorated in fine oak from the forests of the Czech Republic, which has a rich hue and a rich grainy texture.In the wooden panels in the doors for the first time integrated illumination.176 LEDs, cleverly hidden in the oak trim, lights up at the push of a button and wrap passengers a cozy warm light.

The legendary “Starry sky” effect of the soft glow of stars to create 1340 glowing fiber optic elements, appears in a new form. In the constellation appeared glittering shooting stars, fascinating amazing play of light, evoking the thrill and delight of the passengers.

Eight stars in turn lit up the sky and off over the front seats, hinting at a dominant role of the driver of the car. The creation of the coating takes about 20 hours of manual work.

WraithLuminary front seats upholstered in bright red leather shade SaddleryTan contrasting anthracite leather on the rear seats. Contrast stitching and piping seats harmoniously combine of colors of the front and rear of the car. If desired, the rear seat can be upholster light skin shade Seashell, which will also appear in two-color trim of the steering wheel.

Design team of Rolls-RoyceBespoke draws inspiration outside of the automotive industry, addressing trends in the field of art, fashion and architecture. So there was a textured fabric, stainless steel, hand-woven,– innovation in the world of luxury. This material trims the internal pockets of the doors and center armrest, diluting the rich dark oak and bright red skin tone.

The material is woven from thin steel filaments with a thickness of 0.08 mm – 0.19 mm in diameter. The pattern is tilted at exactly 45 degrees, whereby in harmony with the horizontal lines in the interior. Matter is manufactured in a sealed condition within three days. Textured surface reflects the glow of the illuminated panels on the doors, creating a magical atmosphere.

Final touch – hand-polished door sills in stainless steel with engraved “WRAITHLUMINARYCOLLECTION – ONE FIFTY-FIVE”.

Since the launch on the market of the Wraith attracts visionaries of his time, which will captivate the charm of limitless power and a bold, sweeping lines of the body “fastback”. This is a true “Gran Turismo” in its perfect form. The Wraith has attracted a new generation of successful people who prefer self-driving. This outstanding collection embodies the emotional appeal of Wraith in a new, luxurious form.

Personalization is synonymous with Rolls-Royce.


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Clothes made of exotic leather: how to understand and what to wear

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Shoes, clothing and accessories from exotic skins — in all times was a sign of status. In Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and other top fashion houses and then there are things from crocodile skin, Python, Stingray or sea snakes.

Do not have to wait for the new season — a welcome bag, belt or shoes can make to order. Then you can be sure the thing will last long and will go perfectly with the image.

In Moscow for such work is the Atelier “Workshop of Classical Suit“. Here will help to find quality material, will develop a total-bow and tell you how and what to combine it with a bright accent.

Popular types of exotic skins
There are some of the most popular types of leather used by the fashion designers, skin, sea snake, Stingray, Python and crocodile.

Skin, sea snake and Python are appreciated for flexibility, uniqueness — two of the same drawings do not meet — and the softness. Python skin is even more durable — it will last 10-15 years, while the leather-sea snake — 5-7 years with careful care.

The most durable material — Stingray leather and crocodile. In Japan since the days of the middle ages used the Stingray leather for leather armor, and winding the handle of the katana. She is not afraid of heat and humidity and it is almost impossible to break. The product made of Stingray leather will last about 30 years.

But the crocodile leather still durable. Bag, case or strap will last more than 50 years in perfect condition.

How to wear
Accessory or item of clothing, shoes made from exotic leather is a bright accent that is harmonious with “quiet” things from the basic wardrobe.

Best thing from exotic leather highlights the classic look. Of course, you can skillfully combine the ripped jeans and bag from the crocodile. But as a luxury item, this style requires dignity and moderation. And the best of the classics nothing can emphasize these qualities.

About The “Workshop”
“Workshop of Classical Suit” — elite Studio-boutique, where fashion returns to the classics. For more than 20 years tailors and designers Studio help their clients to create an individual style, find your harmonious image and highlight personal qualities.

Feel the difference and see the benefits of a classic suit from the “Workshop” already did many famous people of Russia and the world: Ksenia Sobchak, Timati, Basta, Sergey Shnurov, Kostya dzu, Eric Roberts, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

Today “Workshop” is among the five best Studio in the world. The company cooperates with leading manufacturers of fabrics and yarns. Each year, the Studio employees attending the European fashion shows and fashion weeks, gain experience and show their achievements.


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Articles of fur set, of which you had no idea: fur fashion 2018

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What is a fur set? How many skins are in it and what they can create? The experts of Black Sable talk about the possible options, taking into account fashion trends.

Fur set is a certain number of skins with which to sew the model of clothing, which perfectly fit a specific person. But before choosing the best style to supply the goods, you should understand how many skins will be required for tailoring of fur coats, of which you dream. The experts of Black Sable know about sable fur everything — and of course, I can recommend the most current models of fur products from different quantities of skins.

Fur a set of 25 skins: products

The number of sable skins have on a short coat, either on a model of outerwear, where fur is combined with the cloth (by the way, what is the height of fashion!).

First, let’s talk about coats. Classic, timeless style — just below the waist with a belt. But there are ultra-short clothing above the belt line — they tend to be designed for the combination with long dresses or with jeans with a high rise. These include a coat avtoledi — fashion invention of the last few seasons, has fully proved its utility and huge popularity. In fact, it’s a short coat, and in fact — outerwear with a comfortable fit for those ladies that spend a lot of time driving in the winter.

There is another practical and attractive products from a small number of sable skins. The idea of the designers was brilliantly simple: to create a garment, the rear part of which (i.e. “back”) would be made entirely of fabric, and the front — fur. The sleeves of this coat are also usually made from thick fabrics, optional decorating with fur only on the bottom. This type of coats is not only economical, but also probably the most pragmatic option fur without sacrificing style, on the contrary — luxury sable it emphasises the contrast with the dense tissue.

Fur vest — not leaving the fashion ratings for your fur. The actual length (which is enough for 25 skins) — thigh or to the knee. And the most appropriate style of vest is straight, because its beauty is in the exquisite simplicity of the black sable fur! By the way, is the most fashionable sable is a solid mech with no gray.

In addition, a minimum of fur set , you can create sophisticated elements for coat: oversized collar, cuff, finish the zipper. Not to mention the small accessories for the winter.

Models of coats from 40 skins

The priority here is fur coats and fur vests of medium length.

Length fur coats to the knee easy for women leading an active lifestyle — in this outerwear is comfortable to walk and drive a car, it can be worn as a dress, and pants, and even jeans.

The most stylish and latest models fur mid knee straight or tapered: these options allow the most advantageous cut to showcase the beauty of the texture of the fur surface and the attractiveness of the figure of the owner. The sleeves of these coats do as fur and fabric or dense knit.

The coat of the 60 sable skins: the ultimate in luxury!

About fur coats full length never say that they went out of fashion, so it is a priori advantageous option for the owner of the product.

Long coats are sewn MIDI (mid-calf) or Maxi to the ankle. Among them there are direct and slim models — owners of long coats straight cut can wear them with a belt. In addition, a large fur set is enough for a long coat silhouette “trapeze” — with extension from the chest to the bottom: this style emphasizes the loftiness of figures, and a wide lower part of the coat thus forms a beautiful soft folds.

However, the company Black Sable says: whatever the length of your fur being sewn from natural sable, it is in any case will look luxurious, elegant and attractive.


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The ultra-modern version of chronometer TAG Heuer Carrera Chronographe Chronometre Tourbillon

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The first TAG Heuer chronograph, wearing a prestigious distinguishing mark “Tête de Vipère” issued Besaranska National Observatory. Since 2006, only 500 models of watches have passed this exclusive certification. A unique series, limited to 155 copies, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the release of model Heuer Carrera.

In 1897 distinguishing mark “Tête de Vipère” was first assigned to Besaranska chronometer by the National Observatory. The key to high metrological quality watches, this emblem is a sign of superiority and incomparable precision. Forgotten 70 years, and then revived in 2006, the “Tête de Vipère” since that was done only 500 models. To obtain this distinctive every evidence of fully assembled watches under the Protocol are subjected to the 16-day test in five positions and at three different temperatures.

Besaranska national Observatory on behalf of the International Bureau of weights and measures is the only public independent body with the authority to check the chronographs. This is not only a proof of quality and precision, this sign also proves the technical prowess that is close to perfection. The sign shall certify the watch as a whole, not just the movement.

Today the brand TAG HEUER presents a new, ultra-modern version of chronometer TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon Chronographe Chronomètre with the latest design, which features two of the most well-known complications of traditional watchmaking: a tourbillon and a chronograph. The clock mechanism is placed in a spectacular ceramic case midnight blue, complemented by the bezel and lugs, also made of ceramic. Blue accents are present on the inertial load and the drum of the clock mechanism. Decorative elements with polishing, grazevaya and Microterminal complement the elegant, modern design and represent the highest technological quality, traditional Swiss watchmaking. Mark “Tête de vipère” printed on the bridge, visible through the transparent case back of sapphire glass.

Watch with beautiful strap made of black alligator on black rubber lining with blue stitching in a subtle, sporty style of the brand TAG Heuer.

Symbol of adaptability, high level of quality, performance and impeccable craftsmanship of the manufactory, perfectly balanced production processes and costs, the model TAG Heuer Carrera Tourbillon Chronographe Chronomètre “Tête de Vipère” perfectly complements “the genetic code” and the principles of the manufacture TAG Heuer in the avant-garde since 1860.



Diameter 45 mm
The case, lugs and bezel, with its tachymeter scale, is made of ceramic blue
Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Crown steel with black PVD coating at a mark “3 hours”
Buttons from brushed steel with black PVD coating at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock
Back cover from a combination of sapphire and steel with black PVD coating

TAG Heuer Calibre HEUER-part no 02t
Automatic chronograph with tourbillon, certified by the sign “Tête de Vipère” Besaranska National Observatory

Black skeletonising with 2 counters with rhodium plated: counter chronograph minute at around 3 o’clock and hours counter at around 9 o’clock
Blue tourbillon at the 6 o’clock
Hour-markers rhodium-plated and blue luminous coating SuperLuminova™
Hands with rhodium coating and black luminous coating SuperLuminova™

Water resistant
100 meters

From Matt black alligator on black rubber lining with blue stitching
Folding clasp made of titanium 2-class with dual safety buttons


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