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Reduce Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and the Peugeot 3008 with the Toyota C-HR

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mitsubishi eclipse cross
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Mitsubishi eclipse cross,Peugeot 3008,Toyota c-hr. Топовый Peugeot 3008 со всеми опциями (под 2,5 млн рублей) безо всякого подорожания стоит больше, чем Toyota и Mitsubishi, которые обойдутся меньше чем в 2,3 млн.

Top Peugeot 3008 with all the options (under 2.5 million) without any price increase is worth more than Toyota and Mitsubishi, which will cost less than 2.3 million.

In a sense this is a conversation about the irrational. Because all the cars are going not in Russia: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross imported from Japan, the Peugeot 3008 is also the historic homeland and the Toyota C-HR are from Turkey. Running version is estimated at two million, at the level of localized Tiguan and CX-5 or any “Korean”. Maybe they’re not as original as our heroes today, but the price-performance ratio and the equipment does not cause problems. At the same time Toyota for this price offers only 115 HP motor 150 HP against the rest, and Peugeot — front-wheel drive only.

By analogy with Porsche expecting the jumper wire between the lamps will glow, but no. The Eclipse five fixed specifications, and take mostly two-wheel-drive. Under the hood — in either case, the 1.5 turbo engine, derated to 150 HP, and a CVT.

Eclipse looks fresh and nonpoor. Chromed “x” and gloss black on the front bumper safely exhibited towards the muddy roads. Body gaps are even and smooth, but the biggest, and the red cross on the trunk lid breathes at hand. Keyless entry ― retrocopies in the front pens. The salon penetrate easily, because the roof high, and behind the wheel of a settled home. Or, rather, in the country ― soft seat with a high back and a fatal failure in the lumbar region if prosizhennyh.

Nice looking materials for the Eclipse even too much: glossy insert on the steering wheel are misplaced. Mitsubishi not only illuminates the exit area and do not obscure the mirror. Side door opening without colored nail Polish. From climate control — one mode, not three.

The interior also looks cheap, at least for now new. Silver and shiny plastics located in the steering wheel or on the edges of the console, where they quickly RUB my. In this case, autotelephone saved: this one here. Three other buttons besides are buried in the dark with the glove box. Indicative illuminated Cup holders as well, and in the other two machines.

The instruments are clear, but where is the digital speedometer? Brooding touch screen and the stupid touchpad on the tunnel did not always respond to even the fingers in thin gloves. A volume control is convenient to adjust only the buttons on the steering wheel.

The front seats of the Eclipse are well kept thighs, but bland. Rear more spacious than the competitors, and there is adjustment: longitudinal and backrest. Some lack of space in height can be attributed to the optional sunroof. Heated cushion and backrest of the sofa.

With Eclipses I have met on the European test drive. Russian specification different settings of the engine and metal protection at a constant clearance. Full reserve is reduced trunk space with low opening door: he’s small with a very “Brokeback” floor with the rear seats folded. But the passenger seat is the most spacious and comfortable, with adjustment in the longitudinal direction and angle of inclination of the back. Just enough space over the head of a high rider, but in width there is a potential for the transport of just three. Although the average passenger interferes with the lock to his belt.

This four-wheel drive Toyota with the maximum equipment and the 1.2 turbo engine is not the most sold of the three versions of the C-HR. The main demand is for front-wheel drive two-litre, also with a CVT. The basic “mechanics” of 1.2 T take one.

Toyota because of the flip design and a miniature close door handles at first perceived a toy, although it is shorter than the Mitsubishi just four centimetres. However, the small door slam try ― they are tight! In the salon with a convenient “shelf” control climate control focus on the display of the Central screen. Look at the antediluvian graphics sad, but this year should see the Yandex mapping with the conclusion of the traffic situation.

In the playful interior of the Toyota blue backlight seems nice. There is a classic LCD clock on the right side of the screen. Manage seven quasiperiodically variator can only selector paddles no.

Chairs have C-HR ― mechanical basic adjustment and power lumbar support pillow. Holders keep intensely on the buttocks. The back can be a good thing to sleep together.

The quality of the interior is puzzling. The display housing creaks if you put a hand on him to get in touch “buttons”. Ceilings cheap carcinomatosis material, soft panel in the deficit… “Boxes” for details enough. But the pleasant surprise of the rear seats. Tall passenger behind a high driver is quite normal in the soft touch of the knees of the front seat. You can live, although in austerity: rear C-HR no vents, not even the armrest. The Windows are small, but are well ― seen almost everything. But three is nothing to do here. The trunk is only slightly more eclipsespa and finished with absolutely no frills.

Peugeot 3008 provides a choice of four configurations, two 150-horsepower engines (including diesel!), the sea of options and more than ten exterior colors. But EMP2 platform factory mechanical all-wheel drive transmission and never will be.

Interior Peugeot from another League. Cosmogeny design visually expands the already wide the salon. In the front I feel like I’m in the car a class above, although the seats themselves are rather flat and harsh. Materials with “denim” panels, fitting panels and organization backlighting is by far the best. Even Central and glove boxes decorated with flock and highlighted, not to mention their immense size. The ceiling LEDs. On the racks windshield ― cloth, but not naked Japanese plastic.

Plastics in the Peugeot looks great, although in reality little where you pressed. Buttons and knobs are pressed nice and cool, but in the dark it is necessary to know how to do it: the keys themselves are lit, and the characters next.

E-the flap from Peugeot — “in the database”. Thin font of the speedometer hard to read, but there is a mode where the panel remains only the speed. When switching “moods” i-Cockpit Amplify change display gamma and even perfumed flavour. The sound system booming.

Large cargo Bay happy correct form, and only Peugeot surcharge offers an electric tailgate with Usmanova sensor. And with busy hands, the trunk can be closed to locked locks. Loading height six or seven inches shorter than the other two machines. Rear seat complex fold kinematics in one motion to form a flat floor. Alas, sitting on the bench uncomfortable, hard pillow gives support to the hips. Although the Peugeot open space in the middle between the competitors: the three of us to be difficult, both are fine.

Trehsotmetrovoy racks Toyota and Mitsubishi are small, but the rear sofa, the Eclipse is shifted by 200 mm forward, which adds about another 100 HP C-HR worse finish, and the Mitsubishi speed uneven floor with the rear seats folded. Loading height ― 77-78 cm

Shipping a Peugeot will get a lot more. The volume can be increased from 520 litres to 591, lowering the floor in the lower position. Plus the folding backrest of the front seats and a hatch for skis!

Behind the wheel, despite the passenger landing, also did not immediately sit down in the pillow unnecessarily littered ago. But the cell phone if he finds a place to the right of the uncommitted of the selector. Good idea with made up devices ― the extendable projector Mitsubishi. Just among the design options panel no legkodimova. Almost all of the menu confusing. Saddened by the lack of physical buttons temperature control and air conditioning. They only touch the keys, which is triggered with the second delay. Who knew life, he does not hurry?

The front seats are Peugeot so tight that they cut design felt through the jacket, and feet feel the tube in the rollers of lateral support. Of the benefits ― optional effective back massage and position memory. Back best in a trio of visibility.

You can’t just wave your wipers once when moving the lever in the down position not fixed immediately turned on the rain sensor. Wash it a few seconds after pressing the lever. In General, steklochist Peugeot sad: not cleared a large area at the left of the rack, freezing atomizer on leads that fill the top glass, from where the fluid then flows in front of the eyes…

The Mitsubishi area clean is not too hot, and boast in General, only large mirrors. Halved the rear window of a compromise: the lower part is not falling snow, but sucked the dirt from the road. The Toyota with visibility all bad, scold her only for low hanging windshield stand.

The gap between the hood and bumper from Peugeot obscene. Rear handle of Toyota’s half of the passengers did not find. Rear wiper Mitsubishi hiding under the spoiler, making the sides of the small glass remains dirty areas.

C-HR has an automatic Valet. However, the rear camera is not pleased with the resolution and passive lines on the display. Still not activated after engine start, while the media system will not perform the download within 15-20 seconds. In the Peugeot there is front camera and the side view of the computer paints on as motion is a fun feature. But a full all-round visibility the Eclipse is more convenient, especially when there are buttons on the steering wheel. However, all cameras get dirty with a Bang… the Whole trio flaunts led headlights: the most worthy dazzle ― the Peugeot, the only one who is deprived of freeminutes.

In the basic versions of all the basic halogen lights and no fog light Toyota. For a fee all three machines rely maladaptive led light.

In the set speed variable speed Mitsubishi fresher competitors. But if the overtaking is happy in traffic too zealous reaction at the beginning of the stroke of the accelerator uncomfortable. And draft control in Eclipse the “variable speed”. The Toyota “rubber” in the drive gas is less and the simulated gear shift is built logically, the C-HR does not allow himself a peculiar Eclipse of rybachkov. Alas, the actual sluggish acceleration: the lack of power to compensate for nothing. To 100 km/h Eclipse takes two to three corps.

In the nomenclature of Toyota’s equipment no wheel diameter 17 inch, whereas almost all versions of the Eclipse sported 18-inch wheels, and for Peugeot it is possible to order and “nineteenth” footwear.

Peugeot classic with a six-speed “automatic” is the most straightforward to manage the pull, but moves off with a hitch, if smoothly including the clutch at the start. The limit of the dynamics enough, but on slippery surfaces the promised polutoraletnego advantages over Mitsubishi feel. Brakes French perepisany, and the Eclipse, by contrast, is a little tight. You can get used to everything, although Toyota does not require adaptation and assistance hydraulics ― intensive engine braking.

On convenient devices, Toyota lost a small outside temperature display. Menu mid you can choose one of three driving modes. Media system disappointing low-resolution screen and the tiny touch buttons on the sides of the display.

Eclipse Cross no matter keeps straight, particularly uneven ― and it’s not Shipovka Bridgestone Blizzak Spike 02. Cars on the European presentations as required taxiings. Familiar feeling lazy handling: Mitsubishi responds to the helm with a delay, roll and vague reactive force. The active driver will please only a tendency to drift leisurely in the extreme corner.

Adaptive cruise control Mitsubishi more adequate than Peugeot: do not turn off when stopped in traffic and rather keeps his distance. But 3008-th when leaving the lane gently taxis, and Eclipse only cheeps. The Toyota similar systems no.

Despite 18-inch wheels, Eclipse, rest smoother. Pendant shows the energy consumption without excess stiffness inherent in the other two machines. However, medium-sized bumps cause resonant acoustic resonance. Toyota is the worst: bad road forced to drop the course, and in town for a short wave is haunted. Chassis and shock of little control. On the one hand, the C-HR more and better Mitsubishi follows a light wheel, but vivid emotions in turns causes. Reactive actions are enough for the pavement, and on ice communication at the helm weakens amid low background stress.

Two-story glove box Eclipse devoid of illumination and decoration. Central box — nothing. In Peugeot as much as 32 liters of different compartments, and a bottomless box on the tunnel is illuminated and cooled (though constantly). Toyota is an outsider in the small containers.

“French” is the most acute reactions. Turns more interesting than the Toyota, although the ultimate sportiness to the character of the Peugeot either. The wheel also weightless, but it more feel. To catch it you have to (every time wondering of a square shape), because all the cars have the steering-wheel makes a 2.8 to 2.9 turns from lock to lock. But the 3008 and the turning radius is minimal, and most of these stops are mitigated. Wave asphalt Peugeot repeats even sharper Toyota, but how else swallows the small and medium bumps type of broken joints of bridges! While thoroughbred suspension works quietly.

Only on leashes Peugeot front wiper blades do not rise hand to clean the snow and ice. The right brush is not fully enters the treatment sector of the left, causing the glass flowing excess water. But the washer reservoir is the largest: 5.3 l!

Peugeot is still the least noisy car of the three. Somewhere in the distance, nice rumbling engine, well-insulated bus and the street. Eclipse and the C-HR not to call acoustically uncomfortable. The Toyota at highway speeds is noticeable wind noise, but good insulation from outside sounds. Mitsubishi buzzing my may guilty and at a higher vibration background.

The Mitsubishi and Peugeot ― 18-inch ground clearance and a metal protection powertrain. But damage the silver-plated insert bumpers simple. Toyota these parts are included in the design packages, however, the “lip” sticks out low and away. Clearance of 15 cm is not serious.

Off road only Mitsubishi has a chance ― thanks to all-wheel drive in combination with a large clearance. Effect on the modes of “Snow” and “Gravel” I didn’t notice. Toyota is not for nothing alarming protruding “lip” front bumper: we have measured the real ground clearance does not exceed 155 mm. the Traction control system gently, but too zealous strangling cravings. Claimed for Peugeot 219 mm do not look: in reality, under the protection of the security of the unit 18 see the Grip Control System is not able to replace the complete drive on slippery surfaces 3008 the outsiders, and in powder is easier to disable the ESP completely to tire of rowing better.

How to ruin a good idea: the door to Peugeot covering the threshold, but does not have a bottom seal, and dirty. Retractable projector Mitsubishi does not have enough range of adjustment for tall driver and content.

Peugeot in General is not very ready for winter. Engine ― and with it salon ― basking worse than others, and it is missing a heated steering wheel. Door though and go to the rapids, but not sealed on the bottom edge, where Packed snow. Like only quiet and powerful heater heated front seats. At Mitsubishi he wakes up five minutes later. Climate control with awkward controls have to be periodically adjusted. But the rear sofa and the Eclipse, and the windscreen laced with warm threads. In Toyota winter is more than just hot air too zealously blowing on the windshield, once in the face.

Warranty on all cars three years or 100 thousand kilometers. The service interval is 15 thousand installed only for Mitsubishi, Peugeot, and Toyota it one and a half times less. And gasoline AI-92 is ready to use only Eclipse.

A little old-fashioned habits and ergonomics Mitsubishi does not seem the best candidate for your millions, although spacious and well adapted to our conditions. Practical 3008-th great to the touch and somewhere in the southern regions of Russia seems the best choice thanks to the nice chassis. But in the middle lane it’s a shame to feel powerless every winter starting with a traffic light. Seem to have a lot of Peugeot and ergonomic problems. Toyota C-HR frustrates a simple finish, smoothness and lack of draft stock. But in General, goes to itself and goes — and this company seems to be almost the best option.

Five cents about Mitsubishi Mikhail Petrovsky

I have something to say about Eclipse Cross spent together after the Christmas holidays. Leave, however, out of the equation that is connected with the peculiarities of a particular instance, to the limit of the martyred journalists. But with an eye to the impressions I want to mention the professionalism of Nikita Gudkov — on expert assessment of the Mitsubishi was not affected by the bad technical condition of the test vehicle.

Without going into details, I will say this: there are low-cost capital car-share with the same mileage in much better shape. The Eclipse front turn signals light up traditionally, the two other machines in the test — progressive.

In General, good enough. Judge: I am most pleased efficient lights and Mitsubishi ability to warm up the cabin. Yes, the most vivid memories of the machine are connected to heat and light. It’s been a while. What else? A good marginal dynamics. And disabling the “collar” the snow-covered area, you can enjoy controlled power slides. Like, ten minutes — and the message about overheating the transmission.

Greetings from the CVT. It and under normal circumstances his mind. Reverse the snow only to jump with a running start. If pushing for smoothly, one gets the feeling that the box refuses to transfer a moment, feeling the obstacle. Stand over-revving…

The main thing — the Eclipse Cross is not perceived to be a modern car. Despite decent by the standards of the segment of the vehicle, not feeling like I’m participating in a “fitting” Autoreview in the winter of 2007. Because so rode of a novelty a decade ago. At the end of the test-drive is ripe for a fundamental question: why are 500 people a month consistently choose Eclipse Cross? Because they brought two million rubles to the dealer of your favorite brands, and Outlander, for which they came, too big, old and shabby inside.

To many oddities of the Eclipse can be used for something — just close your eyes. However, over the ten days I had not learned to find in the dark key Central locking. But the control unit is always dirty mirrors are arranged so that controlled with one finger.

And it turns out: to buy Eclipse Cross, don’t need two million. The top model, as on the test, dealers are giving the worst case for the 1.9 million even without a trade-in (truth, under condition of purchase on credit). It is not surprising that such machines are in steady demand. The most popular — wheel-drive version easier. She does not have a projection display, radar, hatches in the roof and advanced audio, but the subwoofer does not occupy scarce space in the trunk, and the price with discount for trade-in can be down to 1.6 million What alternative to offer? Hardly it will be Toyota CH-R or Peugeot 3008.

Passport data

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Peugeot 3008 Toyota C-HR
Body type hatchback hatchback hatchback
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4405 4447 4360
Width, mm 1805 1841 1795
Height, mm 1685 1624 1565
Wheelbase, mm 2670 2675 2640
Track front/rear mm 1545/1545 1593/1601 1550/1570
Curb weight, kg 1632 1390 1510
Full weight, kg 2100 1960 1930
Trunk volume, l 310-1058 520-1482 297–no data
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging petrol turbo petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1499 1598 1197
Max. power, HP/rpm 150/5500 150/6000 115/5200–5600
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 250/2000–3500 240/1400 185/1500–4000
Transmission CVT automatic, six-speed CVT
Drive full front full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink semi -, spring independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc disk disk
Tires 255/55 R18 255/55 R18 215/60 R17
Ground clearance, mm 183 219 160
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 195 206 180
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 10,4 8,9 11,4
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 9,8 7,3 8,1
— extra-urban cycle 6,5 4,8 5,7
combined 7,7 5,7 6,6
Emissions Euro 5 Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 60 53 50
Fuel AI-92–98 AI-95–98 AI-95–98


Basic equipment Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Peugeot 3008 Toyota C-HR
Front airbags + + +
Side airbags +
Inflatable “curtains” +
Dynamic stabilization system + +
The Electromechanical Parking brake + +
Automatic transmission + +
Steering gear with electric power steering + + +
Paramilitary +
Fog lights + +
Tinted glass rear hemisphere +
Control tire pressure + + +
Rain sensor + +
Light sensor + + +
Parking sensors rear +
The electronic instrument panel +
On-Board computer + + +
Cruise control +
The speed limiter +
Air conditioning +
Climate control +
Dual-zone climate control +
Air vents for rear passengers + +
Trimmed steering wheel leather +
Multi-function steering wheel + +
Steering column adjustable tilt and telescopic + + +
Exterior rear view mirrors heated and electric adjustable + + +
Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror +
Adjusting the front seat height +
Adjustment, driver seat height + +
Adjusting the rear seat backrests tilt +
Heated front seats + +
Heated zone of peace wipers and zone near left post +
Rubber mats +
Audio system with MP3 support + + +
Multimedia system +
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system +
Immobilizer + + +
The undertray + +
Full-size spare wheel +
Alloy wheels + +
Additional equipment Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
All-wheel drive The Ultimate Performance
777 000
The petals shift
The Electromechanical Parking brake
Side airbags
Inflatable “curtains”
Knee airbag driver
The system of warning about leaving the band
The system of monitoring of blind zones
Camera circular review
Front and rear Parking sensors
Trim steering wheel and selector lever leather
Seat trim leather
Panoramic roof with sunroof
Spare tire on alloy wheels
Led headlights with washers
Active cruise control
Dual-zone climate control
Heated steering wheel in the grip
Heated rear seats
Heated windshield
Projection display
The system of access to salon without a key
Multi-function steering wheel
Sun visors with mirrors and lighting
Armrest for rear passengers
Multimedia system
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system
The color “red pearl” 32 000
Additional equipment Peugeot 3008
The exterior package GT Line The performance of the GT Line
250 000
The system of access to salon without a key
Rear view camera
Dynamic stabilization system
Parking sensors front
Help system during the descent
Tinted glass rear hemisphere
Textile floor mats
Power adjustable driver seat and lumbar support front passenger seat
Adjust the length of the front seat cushions
Position memory driver’s seat
Foldable backrest of the front passenger seat
Led lights
Led fog lights, illuminated turns
Led lighting in the cabin
18-inch wheels
Seat trim Nappa leather Package “Nappa leather”
125 000
Massage the front seat backrests
The automatic high beam Packages “Security Plus” and “Help the driver”
45 000
The system will prevent the exit strip
The monitoring system of dead zones
Active cruise control
System collision warning
System auto brake
The front camera 22 000
The electric tailgate with Usmanova sensor 30 000
Panoramic roof with sunroof 80 000
Wireless charging 12 000
220 volt outlet
The color “white pearl” 22 000
Additional equipment Toyota C-HR
Automatic transmission Performance Cool
802 000
All-wheel drive
Side airbags
Inflatable “curtains”
Rain sensor
Led lights
Led fog lights
Trimmed steering wheel leather
Front and rear Parking sensors
The system of access to salon without a key
Interior trim and steering wheel leather
Heated front seats
The heating zone of peace wiper blades
Heated steering wheel in the grip
The electric fold-in exterior mirrors
Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror
Dual-zone climate control
Air ionizer
Cruise control
Multimedia system
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system
Alloy wheels
Front and rear mudguards
The color “metallic”
Roof black
Side moldings Pack Sport Pack
119 800
Front and rear spoilers
Price base set, rubles 1 429 000 1 819 000 1 367 000
Price of tested vehicle, rubles 2 268 000 2 405 000 2 288 800

Technique Mitsubishi Kirill Vasiliev, Nikita Gudkov

GS platform (front McPherson front, memorycache back) is not new and known as Project Global. In the early 2000s, it was developed by Mitsubishi Motors and DaimlerChrysler, to work closely in those days. Just changing GS, the Americans built her Dodge Caliber, Avenger and Journey, Jeep Compass and Patriot and Chrysler Sebring and 200. And Mitsubishi has developed this “truck” Lancer, Outlander, ASX and now Eclipse Cross.

From the Eclipse new shock absorbers with retuned valves and dampers rebound. Increased rigidity of the rear suspension. There’s a new original sub-frame with a more compliant silent-blocks. The gear ratio of the steering actuator is less than the Outlander crossover. By default, when starting to the rear axle via multi-plate clutch GKN is transmitted 20% thrust.

Reserves handling of the old platform is removed mainly due to the high compared to the Outlander body stiffness. Design is more than 55% of high strength steels. There is a hidden solution like an additional gluing the seams and obvious — for example, three-point strut supports between the pillars. This is the basic equipment of the Eclipse.

Under the hood is a new 1.5 turbo engine with factory index 4B40. Bore and stroke 75 84,8 mm. From aluminum “four” with direct injection, exhaust manifold integrated in the cylinder head and the intake is made of rubber to reduce the weight and terminography. On the inlet and outlet are used shifters. Hollow exhaust valves with the sodium core. The turbo — bypass valve with electronic control. Timetable for external speed characteristics refers to the 163-strong version, and the engines for Russia deportirovali up to 150 HP with the same max torque and accustomed to the use of gasoline AI-92.

Eclipse Cross 1.5 is a new Jatco CVT eighth generation (CVT8) ID JF016E. He V -, whereas the older model JF017E ― klinotsepnym. In comparison with predecessors, they from 6.0 to 7.0 extended power range before the torque Converter is locked, and through a combination of measures, including the use of low-viscosity oil, 40% reduced frictional losses. Changed and hydraulics ― are now eight valves instead of twelve, more compact pump. It is the hydraulic system, not an electrician now controls a transmission ratio and reverse gear.

Technique Peugeot

The current Peugeot 3008 is built on the EMP2 modular platform, the Efficient modular platform 2, as the hatchback 308: McPherson strut front, semi beam rear. Compared with the model 308 (for illustration) the wheelbase has increased by 55 mm. For the record, have a seven-seat crossover 5008 it is more even at 165 mm. all-wheel drive and never will be — but will soon have a hybrid option: gasoline engine, eight-speed automatic and an electric motor on each axle. His appearance in Russia is unlikely.

The 1.6 THP turbo engine belongs to the family of Prince, constituted in 2006 by BMW and PSA Group. At first the Quartet, with a double system of variable valve timing and direct injection were headache owners: due to poor design of the cylinder head and, as a consequence, sediments already after 20-30 thousand miles the car lost traction. The engine repeatedly modernized: new cylinder head, timing chain tensioner, oil pump…

Upgraded automatic gearbox Aisin has received a new index EAT6: Efficient Automatic Transmission 6-gear. The Assembly improved torque Converter and electro-hydraulic switching unit, which includes the pump and changed the design of the sealing rings to maintain the working fluid pressure at RPMs close to idle. These measures allowed to increase the limit value of the transmitted torque from 340 to 400 N•m. in addition, the “machine” a new heat exchanger and more rigid attachment of the torque Converter, which should reduce vibration and the risk of overheating.

Technique Toyota

Crossover Toyota C-HR is built on the platform GA-C of architecture TNGA similar to those of the Prius. However, hybrid versions in the Russian market is not expected. Cars for Europe and us are produced in Turkey.

The front and rear faces of independent suspension with stabilizer bars (front ― McPherson, rear ― mnogoryichazhka). Brakes “on a circle” disc (on the rear axle is unvented). All-wheel drive is implemented using a multi-plate clutch to connect the rear wheels from the RAV4, but, unlike his older brother, to lock the clutch manually is impossible.

The body is all steel. In design including the applied to extra high strength steels with tensile strength up to 1500 MPa.

All-wheel drive the C-HR in Russia relies only 115 HP turbocharged engine 8NR-FTS with a compression ratio of 10.0. Despite the small displacement, four cylinder, not three. The company is a CVT with a power range of 6.26, in all modes, simulating a stepped transmission.

Behind the scenes

If it had not been winter… Yes, a snow, with frost in the area of minus ten! On the one hand, then work our photographers would be much easier. On the other ― it is possible that the findings of the test would have been different…

We thank the administration of the settlement Park Avenue for helping with filming.


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Ares Panther Roadster Spyder will be released this year

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Leonid Popov, 14 hours ago. Photos and illustrations: Ares Design

The Panther was deliberately done in the style of the 1970s. in Spite of huge price, to pay for the shell is “retro”, under which are hidden modern units, finished a lot of people.

Coupe Panther Ares from the Ares Design company from Modena will get the fellow in the back of the Roadster. About it reported the edition of Top Gear with reference to the head of Ares Dany Bahar. They say that the firm is ready to transfer the first samples of the Panthers closed to customers at the end of April – early may, a few months later the Italians introduced the world to a variation of prefixed to the name Spyder.

Retro-CT Ares Panther uses the units from the coupe Lamborghini Huracan and has a atmospheric V10 engine of 5.2-minded results 659 HP and over 600 nm.

We will remind, coupe Panther plays with a modern twist looks model De Tomaso Pantera 1971. For this unsteady relationship with the historical model, not for dynamic features buyers are encouraged to pay 615 000 euros. Because of that Bahar and his comrades did not survive that Panther was 0.2 sec slower in acceleration to hundred than the donor Huracan.

In the framework of the program of Ares Legends Reborn planned a couple of projects — Pony coupe and Roadster Wami (names of models working). They imitate historical prototypes: coupes — the line Ferrari 400/412 the seventies and eighties, and the Roadster — 2000 Maserati Spyder of the 1950s.

The head of Ares, said that in the next five years the company will release 70 Panthers, and this includes both the coupe and Roadster. And the open release of versions for customers will begin only in 2020. the Current year Dany Bahar calls an important and rich, as the company intends to expand, to develop new technologies. “We have sensational projects, but they require time. You think we will see them in 2020,” added the boss. Apparently, we are talking about modern interpretations of historic models from Ferrari and Maserati (see the collage above). Although we can not exclude some other ideas.


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Conquer America with flagship crossover BMW X7

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Bmw x7. Базовый для России X7 xDrive30d оценён минимум в 5,9 млн рублей. Он на 1,2 млн дороже аналогичного X5, для которого теперь можно докупить третий ряд сидений за 135 тысяч. Ещё нам предложены X7 xDrive40i (от 6,1 млн) и X7 M50d (от 7,6 млн).

The base for Russia X7 xDrive30d priced low at 5.9 million. It is 1.2 million more expensive than the X5, which you can now buy third row seats for 135 thousand. Yet we are invited X7 xDrive40i (6.1 million) and X7 M50d (7.6 million).

All the time. Firm BMW decided to enter the segment of large crossovers, fearing that complexity will hurt the fundamental for her driving pleasure. At some point the notion of driving pleasure transformed so that the new X5, for example, not to know: a comfortable, calm, not particularly athletic. After this no one will blame BMW X7 in the destruction of the driving values. And tasty American market avid for seven-seat crossovers: the local Housewives are switching to these vans.

The main interest, of course, be manifested in US. But BMW does not exclude that the second most important market for the X7 can be a Russian.

With a length of 515 cm X7 almost caught up with the Cadillac Escalade and on par with the Mercedes GLS. It is the similarity to last for more turns when I see X7 alive. Me in the eye catches not a huge grille, a famous Internet meme, but purely for the Mercedes C-pillar. Most strange — house — back: feed-foot tapers rapidly. With the seventh the sedan series echoes the design of the lights, and also a theme of chrome accents and moldings, blackened in the design M Sport package.

[embedded content]

Here, differences from X5 not find: the same simple form, confusing instrument, a wide-screen media system, contrasting with melcockletocny unit climate control. Gas pedal — floor. Landing behind the wheel of a tall, but well-adjusted.

The salon is great, mandatory three rows of seats are motorized. For the gallery this drive, folding and setting. The basic design involves three seater sofa as the second row. In such a machine, three high person growth of 190 cm sit down with each other with a gap in the knees around your finger. The large doors. If on the third row of a certain cramping, and the second to log in with dignity and to stay comfortably.

The seven-seat cabin (left) is more practical and easier optional sextuple. The drive adds the second row to pass within 15 seconds, and the horizon for loading ― almost half a minute with the push of a button. Rear screens ― option for 225 thousand rubles.

To pay 56 thousand for the six-seater option, I would not. Separate seats in the second row on individual pedestals make the cabin a little more closely, and landing less convenient. To the Executive sedan six-X7 does not hold: not enough space for the feet, stubby arms, seats not provided. In addition, the chair “business class” do not fold, while the back of the sofa forms the floor of the huge space, although slightly sloping.

Have a custom of separate seats of the second row have individual armrests and a comfortable soft pads. The seats in the car are no different notorious German rigidity.

The spaciousness and convenience of placing on the third row X7 inferior to, for example, more compact crossover Volkswagen Teramont. With growth exceeding 180 cm head bumped into the ceiling. Fit not relaxed, but 200 kilometers I would be stretched. The gallery selected for its climate zone (all five of them!), full heating and Isofix. By the way, in seven-seater interior for passage back, the actuator drives the second row so that it is not necessary to remove the child seat. And if it rested in the front seat, the transformation will gently stop. The dream of many children mothers! But I go chairs are too slow.

Console on the Central tunnel is similar to the unit in the X5. Glass insert selector and washer system similarly stained. The front seats can be ordered in the sport version, but the basic version has a good grip.

The front of the cabin with doors is unified with the X5. And know the feeling of massiveness is more appropriate in the “x-seventh”. Although visibility is a little worse: there is less visible in the back window. It seems that the front seats are softer, despite the preserved side support pillow. Electronics X5 X7 repeats: the uncomfortable interface consists of an electronic plate with running towards each other drawn arrows and high-quality system. From the array of sled assistants most pleased with the automatic exit reverse of bottlenecks, especially in demand for such dimensions.

[embedded content]

Base ground clearance is 221 mm. In sport mode and at speeds above 138 km/h X7 squats a couple of inches, and for loading can lower the body by 40 mm from the standard position.

Both mechanical crossover is too close, however, the X7 is significantly improved. Already “in base” it is equipped with adaptive dampers and air suspension with non-X5 cylinders: slightly changed the size and shape of base of the cone. Unified subframes (front installed too tightly), but the front lower control arm is attached through the rubber with oil filling. Recycled all rubber hinges rear mnogoryichazhka. Modified, including hardware, steering mechanisms, including the optional rear. Power 12-volt actuators active stabilizers increased by 20% and so on…

Throughout the car scattered the remote control button back armchairs, blinds, doors, organization of cargo space and passenger recovery… On the sidewall of the rear seat there is a button to bring it to the middle position.

And all because the center of gravity from X7 is higher than the X5, already a couple of inches. It is not only larger wheels, the outer diameter of which is increased by about the same (clearance added only seven millimeters). It went up the roof so over the heads of taller passengers in the rear freeing up space on a fist. And by default, it mounted two heavy glass partitions: an opening for the two front rows and a plain insert on the back…

Exterior Shadow Line trim packages M-Sport means different bumpers and black decor is chrome everywhere except for the radiator grille and exhaust tailpipes.

The idea is that the Russians will buy mostly diesel 30d and M50d crossovers, but those on the American test no. Start on petrol X7 xDrive40i with the usual steering — almost three turns of the thick steering wheel from lock to lock. Soft start, the starting and control of traction combined with the distant voice of the motor, partly synthesized in the speakers, form quite beamberry the image of the power unit. But do hard to find BMW: 2300 American pounds from Spartanburg rocking on the waves, pokrasovatsya in turns and, for the sake of honesty have to write, whether keeping a straight… Just a bit too strong side wind stability can suffer for it.

Underground can climb and a stowaway, but put it only for a fee. When the raised seats of the third row of boot lasts for exactly two suitcases the size of carry-on baggage. Noise-isolating front and rear side glass installed by default.

But there is no typical “American” sagging on large bumps. They are handled gently and quietly, even on custom 22-inch wheels Runflat-tires Pirelli P Zero. Just the little stuff comes into the cabin a bit roughly. Engineers say that other things being equal chassis setup X7 “20-30% more comfortable” than the X5 with comparable modifications. Top tyre a bit spoil acoustic comfort: through radical isolation from the noise of any type no no Yes will make the buzz from rough pavement.

The electronic system successfully compete with diagonal hanging and slipping. Long body do not warp. The corners of entrance and Congress reach 22º and 25º. In off-road mode, ground clearance increases by 40 mm.

To quicken the handling of the Pirelli. With conventional steering X7 turns without spice and nerve. Reactive action on the steering wheel, not a fountain: about zero is empty, and at high angles to get a minimum of information. In the limit (difficult to achieve, however) are confronted with the drift front. And yet in normal modes, despite the above, it didn’t feel shaky or heavy machinery. Although it is best to patrol the freeway and interstates, stood in a queue for the children at specially marked near school lane.

The back door consists of two parts. Both recline with electric drive. The seven-seater salon transformirovalsya, forming a flat floor and individual chairs in the second row does not add up. The volume of the cargo compartment when retracted, the third number is 750 liters.

The second petrol modification on the test is sold only in the US is X7 xDrive50i with a V-shaped “eight” power of 462 force. This crossover goes is much more interesting than the “forties”. Denser, without delay passes the irregularities, and most importantly ― very accurate, sharp taxiing and logical build-up of effort on the steering wheel. Active steering mechanism and the actuator for turning the rear wheels transform the giant. Although, as in the case with the X5, to the nerve of the new Cayenne BMW far. Reaches X7 and the special harmony between ride and handling, which is remembered more compact Q7.

Basic led optics can be supplemented with laser luminous beam, beating at the 600 metres and runs at speeds over 60 km/h.

Active stabilizers are available for all versions and is able to participate even a little in improving the ride, if video camera on-Board electronics detect a pit. Not every, however. This happens, according to the engineers, about a third of cases. I’ve not been able to assess the impact of such a function… Oh, the test would M50d! There’s suspension of five to ten percent stiffer in the turns the rear wheels helps the differential M-Sport, active steering has been used for “in the database”. By the way, the optional M suspension for X7 is not available. Heard nothing about the development or testing X7M. Do not be surprised if such models do not.

X7 wheel base slightly larger than the X5: 20 inches instead of 19. All the test machines are equipped with top-end 22-inch, although the engineers say that the best chassis balance will be achieved by using tires with a rim diameter of 21 inches.

The Russian market has been waiting for the big BMW, the demand in any case will be high. But, as is almost always the case with cars of German premium, the nature of the machine strongly depends on the configuration, in fact, from the buyer. The flagship crossover can be configured so that it will delight and far from the driving values of the guardian of the family hearth, and an adherent of traditional beingessner pleasures. Provided that they are not afraid of appearance.

Passport data

BMW X7 xDrive40i xDrive30d M50d
Body type universal universal universal
Number of doors/seats 5/6–7 5/6–7 5/6–7
Length, mm 5151 5151 5151
Width, mm 2000 2000 2000
Height, mm 1805 1805 1805
Wheelbase, mm 3105 3105 3105
Track front/rear mm 1684/1705 1684/1705 1684/1705
Curb weight, kg 2320 2370 2460
Full weight, kg 3155 3220 3290
Trunk volume, l 326-2120 326-2120 326-2120
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging turbo turbo
Location front, longitudinally front, longitudinally front, longitudinally
The number and arrangement of cylinders 6 in a row 6 in a row 6 in a row
Number of valves 24 24 24
Working volume, cm3 2998 2993 2993
Max. power, HP/rpm 340/5500–6500 249/4000 400/4400
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 450/1500–5200 620/2000–2500 760/2000–3000
Transmission automatic, eight-speed automatic, eight-speed automatic, eight-speed
Drive full full full
Front suspension independent, pneumatic, double wishbone independent, pneumatic, double wishbone independent, pneumatic, double wishbone
Rear suspension independent, pneumatic, multi-link independent, pneumatic, multi-link independent, pneumatic, multi-link
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Tires 275/50 R20 275/50 R20 285/45 R21
Ground clearance, mm 221 221 221
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 245 227 250*
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 6,1 7,0 5,4
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 11,4 7,6 8,1
— extra-urban cycle 8,4 7,0 7,2
combined 9,5 7,3 7,5
Emissions Euro 6 Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 83 80 80
Fuel AI-92–98 diesel fuel diesel fuel
* Electronically limited.


Since BMW does not publish a layout illustration for X7 c factory code G07, here’s a picture of the five G30 based on the same modular architecture CLAR. The wheelbase of the X7 more than the X5, 130 mm, length — 229 mm, height 24 mm Hybrid body structure made of different steel grades and aluminum alloys.

Front — dvorachek. All “x-seventh” have the adaptive dampers and retuned relatively X5 air suspension with a single-chamber cylinders. Gear ratio steering basic version is 18.7:1.

Rear — multi-link scheme with five levers. The kinematics corresponds to X5, but hinges, air springs, shocks ― the. The original and the layout of the reinforcement struts of the body. The chassis can be polnopravnym (rear wheels turn at an angle of three degrees) and equipped with a 12-volt Electromechanical stabilizer bars. All-wheel drive transmission with multi-plate clutch in the drive of the front axle and optional rear differential with a controlled degree of blocking (as pictured).

All three inline six-cylinder engine 3.0 from Russian model X7 series belong to modular aluminum family. Petrol “six” B58B30C feature one double-flow turbocharger Twin Scroll with a separate cooling system and its own pump. Direct fuel injection system combined with Valvetronic throttle-free mixing. In the United States available also the new V8 engine of 4.4 c index N63B44D, outstanding on the xDrive50i 462 HP, 650 N•m. This motor with a pair of blowers in the collapse of the block included in the Russian and the cu Tr. All “x-fifth” tragen eightfold “automatic” ZF.

From the three-liter diesel “six” B57 diameter of the cylinder so as to B58 is 84 mm, stroke — 90. The most common version B57D30A equipped with a single turbocharger. The maximum injection pressure of 2500 bar. In Russia comes a variant for Euro 5 without urea injection in the exhaust tract. We in version xDrive30d engine produces 249 forces and 620 N•m (External high-speed characteristics are given for the European version power of 265 HP) At the top of the range ― highly accelerated modification B57D30C (400 HP, 760 N•m) from the X7 M50d with a pair of consecutive blowers for every three cylinders.

Behind the scenes

The United States always pleased with the combination of comfort of the residential areas, the “one-storey America”, and span public spaces. For all people, or not say. It is a pity, the road across the ocean difficult and time consuming. Especially if you contact the airline Lufthansa, which once again did not wait for us to transplant, and if changing the “demolished” portion of check flights. I doubt that a purely American carrier with a “customer focus” long gone afloat.


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Startup Evelozcity will release in the US three electric

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Konstantin Bolotov, 5 hours ago. Illustration and photo: Evelozcity

The firm has so far no prototypes or design sketches. There is only the vision of the chief — “skateboard” that is a four-wheeled platform, which is Packed powerplant, battery and other stuff. The body and/or the superstructure can be any (well, almost).

California startup Evelozcity now well-known units, but promises to become a noticeable phenomenon in the industry. This company opened the “refugees” from the firm Faraday Future, namely former heads BMW’s Ulrich Kranz and Stefan Krause, as well as the former Bavarian brand designer Richard Kim. The staff of about 350 employees. Strange name of the company is collected from the words “electric car”, “speed”, “city” (EV + velocity + city = Evelozcity) and, in the opinion of the team, describes what she’s doing. However, in the future the name may change.

Came from BMW from left to right: stylist Kim Krause administrator, chief technician Krantz. “We decided to abandon electric cars similar to the car with ice,” they say. The principle of the “three boxes” (engine in front, salon in the middle, in the back) no longer works.

To produce their own electric vehicles Evelozcity will not. All attention is focused on engineering, design and marketing. Rest easy startup outsources. According to the preliminary plan, you first need to develop a platform-skateboard, and then to design three body style: city car, roomy cab and a small van for delivery services. The start of production will require about a billion dollars, and the startup makes it clear that these tools exist. Promised to low price machines, a range of 250 miles (402 km) and the autopilot. The firstborn should appear on the market in 2021.

A familiar face? Karl-Thomas Neumann, former head of Opel, joined Evelozcity in the spring of 2018. His responsibility now is a new concept of mobility, different innovation, branding, marketing, European market. “Evelozcity reflects my beliefs,” — said the functionary.

Today, the publication Automotive News reported that Evelozcity is negotiating with a European contract manufacturer Magna Steyr, which at its plant in Graz produces cars for the brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota and Jaguar. It is not excluded, Magna is under contract with a startup even will build a plant in the United States. “We are looking for partners for production management, but no contracts yet”, — said the representative Evelozcity. “We are always open for talks with customers about new business,” — said the newspaper Automobilwoche Magna CEO don Walker.


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