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Redhead Emoji Available Now—But Not On Your Phone

Today is the day gingers have longed for since the advent of emoji.

More than 150 new icons are rolling out Tuesday as part of Unicode’s 11.0 update—including redheads.

The latest set of symbols also features greying and curly hair, as well as bald heads, in an effort to represent more manes (or lack thereof).

Initially announced in February, these 157 additions are available now. But it is ultimately up to individual companies to integrate the emoji into their software.

(FYI: I just updated my iPhone to iOS 11.4, and there are no safety pins, jigsaw pieces, firecrackers, or salt shakers as far as I can see. Though Apple did just announce Memoji, “a more personal form of Animoji,” coming this fall as part of iOS 12.)

Aside from justice for gingers, mobile users will find hot and cold faces; superheroes and supervillains (of both sexes); a llama, hippopotamus, peacock, and parrot; a mango; a chess pawn; and a pirate flag.

The Unicode Consortium, meanwhile, has put an emphasis on Asian culture, with pictures of mooncake, a Chinese baked-good traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival; a red envelope, which typically signifies a monetary gift given during the holidays or special occasions; and the Nazar eye-shaped amulet, believed to protect against the evil eye.

There is also a distinct nod to science and math, with images of a lab coat, microbe, test tube, petri dish, right-handed DNA, and an abacus.

Users may be able to change emoji direction in 2018 (via Apple/Emojipedia)

It is still not clear whether Unicode has fulfilled a long-time request that users be able to change emoji direction—a feature that would affect only those emoticons that would “benefit from it most,” like the train, runner, or gun.

The corporation has already revealed 104 proposed candidates for a 2019 release; contenders include a yawning face, ballet shoes, flamingo, ice cube, ringed planet, kite, and chair.

There are also a handful of accessibility symbols: prosthetic arm and leg, ear with hearing aid, guide dog, wheelchair (manual and motorized), and probing cane.

The full list will be reviewed and finalized in September.

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Analysts TrendForce announced prices of iPhone smartphones that will be released in the fall

Analysts TrendForce tried to look into the future — in that part which relates to new models of Apple iPhone, which will be presented in the fall.

According to TrendForce, Apple will unveil three models. They are all equipped with Face ID feature. Two models will get a screen AMOLED with a size of 5.8 and 6.5 inches. Third, the “budget” — LCD screen size of 6.1 inches. Option the manufacturer will offer the Apple pen Pencil.

Аналитики TrendForce назвали цены смартфонов iPhone, которые выйдут осенью

Model with a screen size of 6.1 inch will cost 699-749 dollars. Model with a screen size of 5.8 inch will cost 899-949 dollars. It will replace the iPhone model X, which will leave the Apple range. Finally, the model with screen size 6.5 inch will cost $ 999.

Аналитики TrendForce назвали цены смартфонов iPhone, которые выйдут осенью

As for production, TrendForce its forecast at 83-88 million units, of which about 50% will have a model with LCD screen. Analysts believe that the share of sales that will be in all new smartphones this year, will be greater than in the case of last year’s novelties.

This year the volume of iPhone sales will remain the same as last year, or will grow slightly, by 2-3%. The reason for this TrendForce believe that the saturation of the smartphone market. In the world ranking of smartphone manufacturers, Apple remains in second place, behind Samsung.


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Former technical Director of Tesla returns to Apple

In July, we reportedthat Doug field (Doug Field), senior Vice President of Tesla engineering, which in may went on vacation, did not intend to return to work. This fact was confirmed by the press service of Tesla.

Reuters yesterday it became known, where will now work the field. As it turned out, he returned to Apple, from where it took Tesla five years ago.

Бывший технический директор Tesla возвращается в Apple

The field will be working with Bob Mansfield (Bob Mansfield), who heads the development system of the self-governing movement for vehicles (project Titan). Note that the field and Mansfield have worked together previously, creating a line of computers Apple Mac.


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The UserTesting research showed that older people annoying is Apple iPhone

Specialists of the company UserTesting studying consumers, evaluated the reaction of representatives of different generations in latest ads Apple. As it turned out, brand loyalty is formed much earlier and it is harder to change than previously thought.

Apple is known for powerful advertising. Approaches adopted during previous decades, made Apple is revolutionary. But the latest campaign promoting the iPhone significantly departs from the previous one both in tone and focus.

In a study conducted by UserTesting to assess the impact of this commercial was allocated to two groups of consumers by age: 18-25 years (“Generation Z”) and 55 years or more (“Baby boomers”).

The main conclusions of the study are as follows:

“Baby boomers” are experiencing concerns with advanced technologies including face detection, since possible problems associated with privacy and security.

The modern iPhone is aimed at young people and children. Many users of iOS and Android belonging to the older age group, considered annoying and is not aimed at them, and at a much younger audience — even younger than “Generation Z”.

Interest in the ads or iPhone to buy iPhone after viewing ads was directly linked to loyalty to the brand. Android users of any age are less likely interested in the ads, and features of the iPhone, while iOS users in different age groups showed much greater interest.

The question of whether the set the survey participants to purchase iPhone in the future, also showed the value of loyalty. IOS users are more likely to consider buying a new iPhone, than those who uses Android. In “Generation Z” of these 78%, the generation of “Baby boomers” — 86%. For comparison: among Android users, these figures are 36% and 34%, respectively.

Исследование UserTesting показало, что людей постарше раздражает реклама Apple iPhone

From this we can conclude that a is addressing a young audience, Apple is behaving shrewdly, because people tend to continue to follow that once made choice.


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