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Recipes. Prepare a gorgeous cake for February 14 for your favorite

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For a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day the cake is needed. Surely every man expects his mate bake a cake on February 14 for his beloved. Bake the cake according to the selected recipe with photos is better. So the dessert is better saturated and is simply stunning taste on a holiday. Before you begin to search for the recipe, it is advisable to know what is the taste of your favorite dessert prefers.

Cake “Heart love” on February 14

This delicate dessert will make your festive tea particularly enjoyable. While the external spectacular homemade cakes will brighten your romantic dinner.



  • eggs – 5 PCs.;
  • flour – 150 g;
  • sugar – 100 g;
  • baking powder – 5 g;
  • syrup from cherry jam to impregnate;
  • cherry food coloring – 2 tbsp;
  • starch – 10 g.

For the cream:

  • cream fat – 400 ml;
  • cherry – 200 g;
  • sugar powder – 100 g;
  • gelatin – 10 g;
  • cottage cheese – 200 g;
  • dark chocolate – 1 tile;
  • white chocolate.


  • Eggs, beat in a lush lather. In portions add the sugar, continuing to beat until receiving a lush thick mass.

  • In whipped mass add the dye and stir again.
  • In a separate container mix all dry ingredients for biscuit and a little color mixed in whipped mass.

  • Half of the dough for sponge cake pour in a special form in the shape of a heart. If no such form, then baked in a round, then cut out the desired shape.

  • Bake the cake in the oven at 180 *C for 30 minutes.
  • While the cakes are cooling, prepare the syrup for impregnation. It may be cooked like sugar and water with the subsequent addition of the dye and syrup from jam, diluted with water.

  • From the first cooled cake remove the upper part with a thickness of 1, 5 see Also, cut out the pulp, leaving the edges of width 1, 5 cm and the bottom.

  • The flesh RUB on a large grater sharp.

  • In a Cup dilute the gelatin, adding a little water. After swelling, the gelatin is heated to complete dissolution, but to a boil not bred.
  • Cherry pour all the liquid and cut.

  • Put into a container of cottage cheese, chopped cherries and chocolate chips, grated in advance. The whole mass mix well and leave in readiness.

  • Whisk cream with sugar in a dense mass. Half of the butter cream mix with cottage cheese cream and add gelatin.

  • Prepared biscuits and tops them we impregnate with syrup. Put the first sponge cake on the plate or backer Board, slightly smearing her cream.
  • The inside of the biscuit pour the liquid cream, closed inverted top. Grease the top of creamy white cream.

  • Repeat the process with the second layer, putting it on first.

  • In the center make the inscription a cream dye for a loved one that you choose yourself.

  • Lubricates the entire surface of the cake with white butter cream. The sides and the edges of the top, sprinkle with grated biscuit.

Put the cake prepared by their own hands on this recipe, in the refrigerator for impregnation. Served on February 14 for the holiday table.

Cake “Exquisite” with his own hands

This dessert is very quickly prepared, tasty, gentle and very effective.


  • butter – 150 g;
  • cocoa powder – 2 tbsp;
  • sugar – 50 g;
  • milk – 150 g;
  • crackers vanilla – 300 g

For the cream:

  • sour cream – 600 g;
  • sugar – 2 tbsp;
  • vanilla sugar – 1 packet;
  • halva – 100 gr;
  • chocolate – 150g;
  • walnuts – 150 g


  • Starting the process of making a cake, step by step, mix the softened butter with cocoa powder, according to recipe with photos. Add to dry mixture the milk and sugar.
  • The whole mass heated to the boil and remove from heat.

  • Vanilla grind the crackers into crumbs in any way.
  • The crumb of the crackers and added the chocolate glaze, carefully kneaded into the entire mass.

  • Prepare a cake tin, round or heart-shaped. Inside grease the edges with butter and glue a piece of firm file for papers.
  • Spread in the form of cooked dough, carefully sealing the entire mass inside the shape. Put the form in the refrigerator.

  • To prepare the cream dilute gelatin as directed on the bag.
  • Mix the sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar.
  • Prepare the filler, why cut the halva, nuts and chocolate in small pieces.

  • Add the cooled but still warm gelatin into the cream. There also send and prepared ingredients of filling, mix everything thoroughly.

  • Extract the form from the refrigerator, put the sour cream with the filling.
  • Even out the surface of the cake and put in the fridge for three to four hours, preferably overnight.
  • Once the cake hardens decorate them with cocoa powder and grated chocolate.
  • Put on top of a prepared stencil, you can make it out of cardboard.

  • Sprinkle the cake with cocoa powder, remove the stencil. Bright a top surface of the cake decorate with grated or chopped small pieces of chocolate.

Delicious and delicate cake, prepared with his own hands, for the festive table.


Cake chocolate on February 14 for a loved one

This dessert is simply delicious, lush and tender with rich chocolate flavor.


  • flour – 250 g;
  • cocoa powder – 2 tbsp;
  • sugar – 300 g;
  • eggs – 2 PCs.;
  • butter – 3 tbsp;
  • olive oil – 60 g;
  • milk – 300 ml;
  • vinegar is 3 to 6 %;
  • salt;
  • vanilla extract – 2 tsp;
  • soda – 1, 5.

For sweet:

  • milk – 200 ml;
  • cocoa powder – 150 g;
  • sugar – 50 g;
  • butter – 1 tbsp

Cooking step by step:

  1. In the bowl of a mixer gather all the dry ingredients, sifted through a sieve. Add eggs, both types of oil, vanilla extract and milk.
  2. Beat everything on low speed for 4 minutes. Add vinegar and whisk for another minute.
  3. The Cup multivarki lubricated with butter and pour into it the dough.
  4. Include the function of “baking” and the time is 1 hour.
  5. Bake in the oven at a temperature of 170 *C, also within the hour. Half an hour later, the fire should be turn down to 160 *C.
  6. For making fondant mix all ingredients to it and cook until thick.
  7. Lubricated chocolate cake made beloved husband on February 14, Fudge. Decorate the dessert with raspberries and served to the table.

[embedded content]

Chocolate Napoleon

Your man will appreciate the feat that you have done for him, having prepared such a gorgeous delicious cake on Valentine’s Day.


  • oil frozen – 400 g;
  • vinegar 7% – 1 tbsp. l;
  • salt;
  • flour – 400 g;
  • cocoa powder – 150 g

For the cream:

  • milk – 700 ml;
  • eggs – 4 PCs.;
  • sugar – 100 g;
  • corn starch – 60 g;
  • butter – 150 g;
  • vanilla sugar – 1 package.

For praline:

  • sugar – 150 g;
  • any nuts – 80 g


  • For praline, the recipe, melt the sugar in a pan until light brown. Add to the sugar nuts, pre-fried.
  • 200 ml ice water egg and hang with a whisk.
  • Add to the mix the vinegar and salt, stir.

  • The spacious capacity sift flour, mixed with cocoa powder. RUB the dry mix frozen butter on a coarse grater.
  • Slightly grind the dry ingredients with the butter, add the ice mixture. Knead the dough, and this should be done quickly.
  • Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least two to three hours. The best option is to extract the dough in the fridge over night.

  • For the praline, melt the sugar in a pan until light brown. Add to the sugar nuts, pre-fried.
  • Spread the mixture on a parchment sheet, brush with butter, a thin uniform layer.

  • When starting to cook the custard, put the bowl of milk on the fire. Beat the yolks of 4 eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar.
  • To the beaten yolks add starch (can use potato), all kneaded until smooth.

  • In egg mass pour a small amount of warmed milk with continuous stirring.
  • In boiling milk add the cooked egg mixture with milk, cook until thick, while stirring.
  • Spread the cream in another container and covered with cling film, leave to cool. The cooled cream and put in the fridge.

  • Extract the dough from the refrigerator, divide into a few pieces and bake them thin cakes at a temperature of 180*C.

  • While the cakes are baked, finish preparing the filling. Beat butter and spread it in small portions custard, continuing to whisk.
  • To the cream add crushed into crumbs praline. Lubricates the cream cakes, leaving one for sprinkling.

  • One breaks the cake into crumbs, mix it with powder.
  • Sprinkle the cake according to the recipe of his beloved crumbs.

Give the dessert that made with his own hands on February 14, soak a few hours and served to the table.

The cake is Red velvet for your sweetheart

To cook a spectacular dessert like a cake Red velvet, you can have your own kitchen to please your lover boyfriend or husband.


  • flour – 350 g;
  • cocoa powder – 100 g;
  • food dye red;
  • butter – 250 g;
  • vanilla extract – 1 tbsp;
  • sugar – 150 g;
  • yogurt – 200 g;
  • eggs – 2 PCs.;
  • soda 1, 5 tsp;
  • salt.


  1. In advance according to the known recipe for cooking red and white mastic decorations for cake in the form of hearts and flowers. Leave them to dry for about a day.
  2. To prepare cake, beat in a mixer the butter with the sugar. In the whipped butter one by one add eggs and continue beating. Pour the vanilla extract, stir again.
  3. Mix the sifted flour with salt and cocoa.
  4. In yogurt dissolve the food coloring.
  5. Both of these mixes, dry and liquid portions should be mixed with the whipped butter. Continue stirring with a mixer.
  6. Adding baking soda, quenched with vinegar, stir and bake cakes at a temperature of 180*C.
  7. Cut out the cake circles of the same size with a cooking ring.
  8. Trimming grind into crumbs.
  9. Grease the cake any of your favorite cream of white color. Collect the cake, decorate with hearts of mastic and crumb cakes.

Give the cake to the festive table, making a gift to the beloved husband.

Cake fruit in the pan

Baking tea is shorter cooking time just doesn’t exist. And the result is a cake with fruit is tender, flavorful and delicious.


  • eggs – 2 PCs.;
  • vegetable oil – 4 tbsp;
  • milk – 4 tbsp;
  • semolina – 1 tbsp. l;
  • flour – 120 g;
  • salt;
  • baking powder – 2 tsp;
  • apples – 2 PCs.;
  • kiwi – 2 pieces;
  • 1 pear;
  • sugar – 100 g;
  • butter – 1 tbsp;
  • zest the lemon.


  1. All fruits are washed, cleaned and cut coarsely. Spread on a pan heated with butter, add half of the sugar.
  2. In a container beat eggs and add to them all the listed ingredients.
  3. Carefully stir the mass, ensuring the dough consistency as pancakes. If necessary, adjust the dough consistency by adding flour or milk.
  4. Pour the dough on the fruit, diminish the fire and close the lid.
  5. Bake for 40 minutes, after which the cake immediately place on a serving dish.

[embedded content]

In this collection we brought the recipes of the most popular cakes on February 14, which to cook with their hands and aspiring hostess. Each of them will adorn not only a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, but your other holidays. If you want, to decorate any of the cakes you can be creative and choose a unique option.


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