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Recalculate HP crossover Changan CS35 Plus

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Changan cs35 plus,Changan cs35. В России Plus оснащается только мотором 1.6. Базовая версия Comfort с «механикой» стоит 1 079 900 рублей, доплата за «автомат» составляет 90 тысяч. Топовое исполнение Luxe, как на фотографиях, тянет на 1 219 900.

In Russia Plus comes only with motor 1.6. Basic Comfort version with “mechanics” costs 1 079 900 rubles, additional payment for “automatic” is 90 thousand. Top Luxe performance as the pictures, drawn 1 219 900.

Compact crossover Changan CS35 Plus came to our market in early August, so a summary statistics of sales to Shine did not. Updated representation of Changan Auto, which recently was headed by the native of the Lifan Czaszyn sun, full of optimism. Just a week sold the first batch of 150 vehicles, the Chinese are going to go for 300-400 crossovers in a month. I think they could make it.

Regarding the old “thirty-fifth” Plus added 175 mm in length to 4335, and the base is increased by 40 mm to 2.6 m. the ground clearance has not changed: 180 mm.

To begin with, Plus what looks good. Albeit reminiscent of the compilation of the design ideas of the Volkswagen. Something though peeped from the Tiguan, which-then — Ti-Cross. And the idea of the pads on the rear rack is not new: even predecessor Plus just CS35 2012, immodestly got them at the Citroen C4 Aircross. But then, they are a good solution to work, the horizon, though secondary, is quite pretty. The perimeter of unpainted plastic and covered with door thresholds, add practicality.

With the exception of the frankly fake aluminum, the interior surprises with high quality materials. Glossy panels are expected to collect dust and fingerprints.

All doors provided a niche for a half-liter bottle. On front backside has three handy pockets, and the headrests complete with hooks for clothes.

The interior is also good. You can argue how it is ergonomic: the secondary controls are completely touch. But a good selection of materials. Made of soft plastic not done only the upper part of the front panel, but all four of the sill. All stitched contrasting thread, which subjectively makes the salon more. Brown leatherette seats pleasant to the sight and touch. Rough barely covered by the leather steering wheel is not in vain is reminiscent of the helm of BMW: in Chang’an claim that they have with the Germans one supplier.

Only the top version is equipped with electrically adjustable driver’s seat. Its a good profile, range of movement sufficient. Don’t like the protruding headrest. I did not figure on the couch is spacious even tall passengers.

Look in the exterior mirror I was completely satisfied. Normal overall visibility is worse in the rain when the left brush does not reach four centimeters to the rack. Right at this impressive leaves dirty sector, the border of which is right in front of the passenger. The top version has a rear view camera with excellent resolution, but in bad weather the lens gets dirty quickly.

Camera — expensive configuration privilege Luxe. If the front wheels were left turned when you start the motor the machine will remind you about the driver.

Touchscreen display with a diagonal of 10.25 in contrast, although considerably glare and its glossy surface is quickly covered with fingerprints. Logic menu was not perfect, but it is easy to understand. Alas, the iPhone is only connected to the snooze mode screen through wi-fi: control of all functions, remains on the smartphone.

Large-format touchscreen with a resolution of 1920×720 pixels prepared three design options. Touch-sensitive buttons below the screen on the touch is inconvenient to use.

The automatic climate works flawlessly once put the temperature — and forgotten. The minimum possible value of 18 degrees. The fan is not annoying noise. To the rear there’s a single duct.

Control unit single-zone automatic climate control devoid of physical buttons or knobs. To change the temperature or the intensity of blowing, you need to click on the icons or to stroke the bulge, simulating the rotation of the wheels (see video). The lower the degree, conducting from top to bottom, more or less convenient. But to enhance — not: bad finger slides up on the glossy surface. Literally click here only the key of the alarm system.

All machines come with lisovanim headlights and halogen lamps, while in China, the CS35 is Plus and led light.

Mechanical selector “machine” would not prevent the indication of the selected mode. Multifunctional steering wheel on all versions. The volume of the audio system is governed by the checkbox on the left needle or via the menu.

To get to the second row easily. Even the passenger is 180 cm tall sits “for myself” without hesitation, revealing unprecedented stock for feet under the front seats. The geometry of the planting natural. Without armrest can do, but do not want to — in the Chinese booklet present. The trunk of the correct form is not impressive, he finished better than in Crete or Capture. At least the raised floor thoroughly. Sorry, the rear seatbacks fold flush with him, and nowhere to attach the removed shutter. Do not provide any means of securing Luggage…

The volume is decent, though not record-breaking: 403 L. to the Right of the dokatki, covered organizer with tool, there are two niches under things, but, for example, to hide the removed blind nowhere. The back of the sofa add up in parts, forming a step.

On the Russian site of Chang’an for petrol Quartet 1.6 a claimed 128 horsepower, However, that the transport vehicle type approval, that the certificate of registration of a test machine featured only 117 HP. The Chinese refer to different methods of measurements, but the faith official data is not added. Torque also floats: grocery website promises 161 N•m, and the cu Tr prescribed 153.

The devices are configured correctly. Scale laconic, oblique a font is not difficult to see information. Graphics display is nice, but Russification is lame, and the control buttons on the steering wheel are not always logical.

Remote start has all the Pluses except for base. The limitation of the duration of action is not: the motor will operate, until there is gasoline in the tank. Button Keyless entry placed only on the driver’s door.

The dynamics of the expected sluggish. But it is convenient to manage. Changan adequately responds to the movement of the accelerator, albeit with a small hitch. A six-speed “automatic” Aisin quickly and gently change gears. What’s at work in the market, that the kickdown need a lower gear is immediately. The engine is the main source of noise in the crossover. When cruising it is quiet even at speeds over a hundred. The cabin is well isolated from external noise, an explicit aerodynamic disturbances is not observed, tires humming is very reserved, silent running suspension. But hardly it is necessary to accelerate the motor screaming.

[embedded content]

The route test in the Kaliningrad region laid along the roads tolerable. Instead of the road — paved concrete slabs runway of the old German airfield and broken entrances to it.

Dense suspension pays too much attention to the white, aggressive encounters transverse joints and makes the crossover a bit to dance on short wave. At the same time long at full load (four people plus Luggage) and high speed at times is closed to the buffers compression. On a bumpy dirt road is also better not to hold to — energy not considered outstanding. However, the change is filtered properly, and the large bumps are in the interior pretty smooth. And on a cobblestone street in the center of Kaliningrad Changan runs easily and gently.

Stabilization system off one short push of the button. In the limit, the crossover tends to go out of rotation, and the discharge gas is embarking on a smooth skid that is easy to work the wheel. This behavior is reliable in its predictability.

Inside, there are three USB connector under the center console in the rear passengers feet and near the mirror. The latter is useful for connecting a radar detector or DVR.

The handling does not disappoint. Direct crossover keeps exactly on the arc rises together. The rolls are small and develop adequately. Oddly enough, Chinese tires ChaoYang SU318A (never heard of any of these) provide reasonable grip and don’t cause issues when slowing down as the brakes themselves. The average force on the steering wheel can be slightly adjusted by a choice of modes. Heavier wheel makes no sense, but to make it easier — you can: informativeness does not suffer. Zero clear, the stabilising effect of the change is logical…

Some significant limitations of the warranty for individual parts and assemblies I have not found: it is five years or 150 000 km of run. The service interval is limited to ten thousand kilometers after passing zero to five thousand.

I went this morning on the other “Chinese” Chery Tiggo 7. And although it’s more capable off-road and makes it easier to transform the interior, Changan leaves you feeling more thought out and quality made things. If this CS35 Plus 150 thousand rubles cheaper. And yet, this is the territory of the Crete, which for 1.2 million you can take with all-wheel drive or a 150-strong two-liter engine. But if the full drive is not fundamental, then Changan CS35 Plus top version with good facilities and a well tuned chassis is a reasonable alternative Crete, not to mention Chinese classmates.

Passport data

Changan CS35 Plus 1.6 MT 1.6 AT
Body type universal universal
Number of doors/seats 5/5 5/5
Length, mm 4335 4335
Width, mm 1825 1825
Height, mm 1660 1660
Wheelbase, mm 2600 2600
Track front/rear mm 1570/1570 1570/1570
Curb weight, kg 1425 1465
Full weight, kg 1725 1765
Trunk volume, l 403 403
Type petrol with direct fuel injection petrol with direct fuel injection
Location front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1598 1598
Max. power, HP/rpm 117/6000 117/6000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 153/4000 153/4000
Transmission mechanical, five-speed automatic, six-speed
Drive front front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension semi -, spring semi -, spring
The front brakes disk disk
Rear brakes disk disk
Tires 215/60 R16 215/55 R17
Ground clearance, mm 180 180
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 174 164
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, with 12,4 12,7
Fuel consumption combined cycle, l/100 km 7,2 7,6
Emissions Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 52 52
Fuel AI-92 AI-92


Changan CS35 Plus built on the same platform of its own design as that of the predecessor CS35. Under the enlarged dimensions of the “truck” had a bit of a stretch, but conceptually nothing has changed. Alternatives to front drive no.

Front suspension is independent with struts McPherson, rear — torsion beam with variable thickness. The electric power steering company Nexteer supplies.

The proportion of high-strength steels in the power structure of the body reaches 60%. The middle pillar is made of termoformowania steel with yield strength of 1500 MPa, the threshold is the steel easier (980-1300 MPa). Cross bar connecting the front side members, front pillars and roof elements stamped from rolled 590-980 MPa. Sidewalls, engine shield and other items (a total of 79 parts) are galvanized.

Row “four” 1.6 (117 HP, 153 N•m) with aluminium engine block and direct fuel injection refers to a family of Blue Core. Despite the relatively high compression ratio of 13:1, the engine is able to consume 92-th gasoline. A six-speed automatic Aisin TF-73SC Japanese production is exactly the same as on the crossover Suzuki Vitara.

Behind the scenes

Started from the castle estate in Langendorf — pretentious, but comfortable hotel on the banks of the river Pregel, near Gvardeysk. The castle is lying in ruins from the Soviet era, when it housed a base of heavy trucks. Other buildings — not devoid of taste remake. The fitness center is parked an-2. The people at the Baltic beach walks in jackets and wrapped in blankets. In the braid, which is considered the most Western point of Russia, have brought us to the ferry. Abandoned airfield of Noteif was built by the Germans in 1939. Until 1995, it housed the Soviet anti-submarine aircraft. Since then, the field is abandoned and gradually destroyed.


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The next Honda Jazz hybrid will be only in Europe

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Honda jazz. Шеф британского офиса Хонды Дейв Ходжеттс сообщил Automotive News, что новый хэтч «сильно отличается» от нынешнего: «Jazz получит элементы дизайна от электрокара Honda e, так как компания попытается привлечь к автомобилю более молодую аудиторию».

Konstantin Bolotov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien Honda

The chief of the British office of Honda Dave Hodgetts told Automotive News that the new hatch is “very different” from the present: “the Jazz will receive design elements from the Honda electric vehicle e, as the company tries to attract to the car a young audience”.

To electrify all models for the European market by 2025, Honda pursues a strategy of Electric Vision. About the stages of the Japanese are told in the framework of the Frankfurt auto show. The first step was the launch of a hybrid version CR-V, the second serial electric car Honda e, and the third will be made at the Tokyo exhibition, which opens to the public on October 24. There debut hatchback Jazz/Fit fourth generation. The expected expansion of the engine range will not happen. On the contrary, the installation of hybrid i-MMD will be in Europe uncontested.

In Germany, the Jazz now have two petrol atmosfernika: 1.3 (102 HP, 123 N•m) and 1.5 (130 HP, 155 N•m), with a six-speed “mechanics” and CVT. Price range — from 17 to 20 290 690 euros. According to JATO Dynamics, European sales in the first half of the year fell by 20% (to 17 140 pieces).

There is no doubt that with the hybrid system “in the” Jazz is significantly more expensive. New design models, no matter how spectacular he may be, is unlikely to compensate for the price jump. Moreover, in 2020, the arena will be fourth Toyota Yaris, whose predecessor has a hybrid version, which accounts for almost half of sales. But way back at Honda no, because without total electrification it will not meet the regulations on emissions of CO2.


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718 coupe Porsche Cayman GT4 RS will get a “robot” PDK

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Porsche cayman,Porsche cayman gt4,Porsche cayman gt4 rs. Одно из внешних изменений на прототипе: жабры на месте заднего бокового окна. Вероятно, поставляющие больше воздуха в мотор. Смотрятся кустарно, но в серии могут быть оформлены аккуратнее.

Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

One of the external changes on the prototype: the gills on the rear side Windows. Likely supplying more air into the motor. Look homemade, but in a series may be issued accurately.

In the line of Caymans now with a quick option — 718 Porsche Cayman GT4 (6 897 000). It is equipped with the atmospheric “six” 4.0 (420 HP, 420 N•m) and six-speed “mechanics” (without alternatives), gaining a hundred in 4.4 seconds and develops 304 km/h. the Car is dangerously close to the senior rank of “nine hundred eleventh” as in price and ability. For example, 718 Cayman GT4 is the Northern loop in 7:30 (by the way, two seconds faster than the Porsche 911 GT2 997 sample 2007). While the modern coupé 911 Carrera S 992 are achievable as of 7:25. And soon the gap may disappear: on the tests seen model Cayman GT4 RS.

New, raised higher, the wing — perhaps the primary external acquisition of Cayman GT4 RS. Linings conceal the support that should eventually look more elegant. Like the racing models 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

The most intriguing point in this story: will give the company “erase” “robot” instead of “mechanics” to “just” GT4. All models of the brand with the letters RS to maximize the focus on the track and here really good results can only be obtained for two pedal drive versions. Of course, the addition of the letters RS will result in a further reconfiguration of the chassis, and probably some force of the engine.

The NACA air inlets on the hood is another noticeable difference of the prototype, now driving along the Northern loop, from the usual Cayman GT4.

There are, of course, the chance that the company will create a crash and lightweight variation of the Caiman again with the “mechanics” (for such it is possible to return to everyday life almost forgotten the name of the Cayman R), but observers in the North loop of the claim that discussing the prototype while switching sounds exactly like a machine with a rapid-fire “robot”. We will add that in the range of Caiman (and also related to the Boxster) is expected to have a version of Touring with the same “six” 4.0, as in GT4, just derated.


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Hypercar SCG 007 turned out with a hint of sixties

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Leonid Popov, 59 minutes ago. Illustrations and photos: Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

The authors of the models confirmed that will produce a race of “zero-zero-seven” for their own factory team and sales to other private teams, and even produced a limited edition road versions of this hypercar.

It took half a century since then, as Ford GT40 last time won in the overall classification “24 hours of Le Mans”. Since then, American automakers didn’t succeed (though there is a subtlety: the winner of 1969, a variant of the MkI was designed and built in Britain). To return to those glorious days going company Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, prepared for the new regulations of Le Mans and the WEC championship hypercar SCG 007. The Americans were posted only a teaser, and now released a full image of the car.

Founder and CEO at SCG James Glikenhaus never revealed the secret, what does the rear of the machine in the style of the concepts , the Alfa Romeo BATand the rims, typical of sports cars of this brand. We wouldn’t be surprised official cooperation with alpha.

SCG 007 coupe will perform in the new class Hypercars, which will replace LMP1 that will into effect starting with the 2020/2021 season WEC. Developers told that the motion of SCG 007 should bring the V6 3.0 engine with two turbochargers. Its origin is not defined. The company had previously mentioned and front electric motors. Regulations Hypercars allows the machine to be a hybrid with electric motors at the front, complementing the engine behind the cockpit.

That renders the company able to turn into a real car show model SCG 003 (its the racing version of the c 2015 participates in the VLN series and nürburgring 24 hour race) or submitted a month ago buggy SCG Boot.

Model SCG 007 turns and modern, and at the same time with references to racing masterpieces of the 1960s. for Example, in front of the SCG 007 is something of a Ferrari 330P4.

In the new top class of Le Mans formed a motley company. In addition to SCG 007, there will be fighting hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie and Toyota GR Super Sport. In addition, there will be the famous Swiss “stable” Rebellion Racing (LMP1 in she has sportprototip Rebellion R13, built by the French firm Oreca, theoretically it can be recycled under the new rules). More on his part said the German-Austrian team ByKolles Racing, cooking something on the basis of a prototype ENSO CLM. In addition, the interest in the new class said the companies Lamborghini and Koenigsegg.


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