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News. Tatyana Kotova burned my hands a new year’s fireworks

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Name: Tatyana Kotova

Middle Name: Nikolaevna

Birthday: 03.09.1985

Age: 33 years

Place of birth: village of Sholokhovskiy, Rostov oblast

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Eastern horoscope: Ox

Activity: singer, model, actress


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News. Singer Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against his father

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American singer Rihanna has filed a lawsuit on his own father. According to the girls, a close person trying to enrich themselves at her expense, drawing attention to his business relationship with the star. Also the man is accused of trying to illegally arrange a tour daughters.

Giving numerous interviews, the thirty years Rihanna has never hidden that her father was not a warm relationship. In childhood, the man paid little attention to their children and absolutely not engaged in their education, preferring to not quite the right way of life. But when his eldest daughter from his marriage to Monica Braithwaite is Rihanna has become a world-famous singer, father immediately figured out how this can be used for their own purposes.

According to documents that became public, Ronald Fenty opened the company to find talent and called her Fenty Entertainment. All who appealed to his organization, he talked about the opportunities that can be obtained through the relationship of Rihanna in the world of show business. Moreover, Ronald called himself the representative of the singer that was not the reality, illegally sold her part in their show and even negotiated with the famous hotel chain about the use of those trademark Fenty. And all this the girl’s father managed to earn good money.

[embedded content]

Naturally, this approach to business didn’t like Rihanna, because it undermined her reputation. That’s why she went to court to protect his name from the actions of the father. However, before you jump to such drastic actions, the singer wrote several times to the relative letters with the requirement to stop using the trademark Fenty. But Ronald to the requests of the daughter did not listen. Also, in addition to the suspension of Entertainment Fenty, Rihanna expects to receive from parent a reimbursement for the damage. SOURCE

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News. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin called the wedding date

Friends and relatives of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin received the invitation to the wedding. The long-awaited event will take place on 28 February 2019. The place of celebration in the invitation text lovers do not have. Apparently, they do not want the presence of the paparazzi and the location where party will be held, will announce the guests later.

Despite the fact that the couple does not cover the topic of privacy, on individual posts, the statements of lovers and journalists gathered facts, it seems that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin officially legalize their relationship.

In early autumn, Hayley was spotted near the building of the registration of marriages. The comment is or the situation she refused. However, in the November posts and stories model repeatedly called Justin her husband and changed her name to him.

Just a few days in his address in social networks Justin also called Hayley his wife. Around the same time the model several times fell into the camera lenses of the paparazzi. Vigilant photographers have noted that on the finger of a girl flaunts not already an engagement and wedding ring.

What caused such secrecy, journalists are puzzled. In the beginning they attributed Hayley’s pregnancy, but over time, these assumptions are not confirmed. Now the media new task: they are trying to figure out where the couple is going to arrange a magnificent celebration.

[embedded content]​

While most agree that the shindig will take place in Canada, where Justin and Hailey have already bought a house. According to representatives of the media, this is the perfect location for wedding photos, as the property lovers is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.


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Experimenting with looks, Kristen Stewart finally looked like a guy

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It is hard to imagine in the domestic pop scene more harmonious and romantic couple than Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum. It turns out that they are together for 21 years! Really solid period of time…


The day before Leonid was placed in his account touching and cute congratulation, addressed to his wife. We give it without any edits.


So amazing and gentle, Leonid turned to the main woman of his life. Well done! Can feel the soul of the poet that was able to pick these beautiful words, piercing right through.


This pair is already so much years together, but still have not lost romance and sensuality, passion for each other. Evil tongues repeatedly “bred” Agutin and Varum, Leonid attributing, Angelica non-existent novels.


But the truth is simple and beautiful – they are together and love each other, as in earlier years. Well, we can only be happy for these beautiful and talented people. Let their Union continues for many, many years of health and happiness in family life!


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