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News. In the network appeared pictures of Irina Shayk with a young man

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In recent times the most discussed news from the life of Irina Shayk is her breakup with Bradley Cooper. However, as reported by the media, there is reason to believe that it’s not too long to be sad alone. In the Internet appeared the photo on which the star is pictured with a young man, while they both look very happy.

As it turned out, the man Irina starred in the photo, stylist and model who lives and works in Paris. His name is Eden Doss, the age of the guy is 31 years. It was on his page in Instagram and there were pictures, which caused heated discussion among users of the Network.

The photo is accompanied by two inscriptions, one of them says: “She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!”, and the second contains the additional comment: “of Course, not counting my mom!”.

Fans of Irina Shayk began to discuss her alleged new chosen one. So, they said that the woman should seriously consider before you decide to enter into a new relationship, given her previous experience. In particular, the fans raised doubts about the second caption to the photo, they felt that this may be an indication that the guy is a “Mama’s boy”.

As you know, Bradley Cooper, who broke up with Irina, still lives with mother Gloria and really listens to her. According to rumors, which periodically appeared in the media, Sheik struggled with Gloria for the attention of her husband, and perhaps it was one of the factors that influenced the breakup of their relationship. Given the above, fans of Irina’s fear that she once again stepped on the same rake.

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Best Sex Tech From CES 2020: Vibrator Jewelry, Sperm Videos, and More


Sex tech stole the show at CES 2020, with innovations focused on orgasms, sperm quality, and foreplay.

After backlash involving an innovation award winner, CES showcased more vibrators, lubes, and other sex gadgets on the show floor this year, where attendees had the opportunity to check out pleasure devices and learn about trending sex tech.

From the YO Sperm Test to Crave’s Vesper, here are the best sex tech and toys from CES 2020.


Photo Credit: EIS Inc.

Sex tech sometimes receives a bad rep, but Jerome Bensimon, president of Satisfyer, aims to change that with a sexual wellbeing mission. Satisfyer’s Pro 2, a pressure wave device with 11 intensity settings, is designed to give you a mind-blowing simulation experience. (Pro tip: Its waterproof finish makes it safe to use in showers, too.) You can buy it here.

YO Sperm Test

Photo Credit: YO

Going to get a sperm test can be a very awkward experience, but YO wants to make it a more private and intimate process with its home test. Once you get the set, simply download the app, take a sample, and check your swimmers via live video.

Lora DiCarlo’s Osé

Photo Credit: Lora DiCarlo

Pleasure product start-up Lora DiCarlo made headlines after the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) rescinded an Innovation Award from its owner and apologized for the error last year. Lora DiCarlo came back to CES 2020 though and its devices are out of this world.

Osé, a robotic gadget built to mimic human touch, was a hit at CES this year. It combines a G-spot massager and a clitoral mouth for blended orgasms and features a flexible body. It’s available to purchase here and may take a couple of weeks to ship due to high demand.


Photo Credit: Pulse

Dryness and discomfort can totally put a damper on sex, but Pulse’s warming lube dispenser can help with that. Compatible with Pulse Pods, this heating system makes lube soothing for your bedroom festivities. Plus Pulse’s formula has amino acids, vitamins, and minerals for sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

You can buy Pulse’s warming lube dispenser here.


Photo Credit: Crave

Struggling to find a safe spot for your sex toys? Crave, a company known for its stylish pleasure gadgets, has a solution: vibrator jewelry. (Yes, you heard that right.)

Created for “beautiful experiences in public and private,” Crave’s Vesper looks like a necklace…but it’s actually a slim vibrator on a chain. With four speeds and two modes (pulsing and constant), this device is quiet and you can totally wear it out.

Buy Crave’s Vesper here.

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FDA Bans Fruit- and Mint-Flavored Vaping Products

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially banned flavored e-cigarette products in an effort to curb youth vaping.

The agency specifically targeted tastes that appeal to children, including generic “fruit” and mint.

Enticed by familiar flavors, growing numbers of kids are turning to vaping as an alternative to traditional tobacco rolls: According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, more than a quarter of high school students are e-cigarette users.

The so-called “epidemic” (as described by the FDA and Department of Health and Human Services), coupled with reports of vaping-related respiratory illnesses, has spurred the nation to action.

In June, San Francisco became the first U.S. city to ban all sales of battery-powered e-cigarettes, making it illegal to sell nicotine vaporizer products in stores, or for online retailers to ship goods to Bay Area addresses.

The state of Michigan followed suit, halting the sale of flavored nicotine vaping products in retail stores and online. The restrictions extend to misleading marketing, including the use of terms like “clean,” “safe,” and “healthy,” which may perpetuate ideas that vaping products are harmless.

Even Donald Trump backed plans to ban non-tobacco-flavored electronic cigarette products.

“We will not stand idly by as this crisis among America’s youth grows and evolves,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement. “We will continue monitoring the situation and take further actions as necessary.”

Under the FDA’s new policy, companies that do not cease manufacture, distribution, and sale of unauthorized flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes (other than tobacco or menthol) within 30 days risk “enforcement actions” (the specifics of which remain unclear).

“We will continue to use our full regulatory authority thoughtfully and thoroughly to tackle this alarming crisis that’s affecting children, families, schools, and communities,” FDA Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn said.

“We believe this policy balances the urgency with which we must address the public health threat of youth use of e-cigarette products,” he continued, “with the potential role that e-cigarettes may play in helping adult smokers transition completely away from combustible tobacco to a potentially less risky form of nicotine delivery.”

Cigarette consumption peaked in 1965, when about 50 percent of men and 33 percent of women were sucking down 100+ butts a year. Usage began to wane in the new millennium, dropping to less than 25 percent of adults who now smoke tobacco.

Children, however, are a different story: The 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey estimates that more than 5 million middle and high school students currently use e-cigarette products.

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Google Health AI Spots Breast Cancer Human Doctors Miss

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Artificial intelligence can improve the detection of breast cancer.

At least, Google’s model can.

Described in a paper published by the journal Nature, the AI spotted breast cancer in screening mammograms with greater accuracy, fewer false positives, and fewer false negatives than human experts.

“This sets the stage for future applications where the model could potentially support radiologists performing breast cancer screenings,” Google Health technical lead Shravya Shetty and product manager Daniel Tse wrote in a blog announcement.

Created in collaboration with DeepMind, Cancer Research UK Imperial Center, Northwestern University, and Royal Surrey County Hospital, the machine was trained on de-identified mammograms from more than 91,000 women in the U.S. and U.K.

When put to the test on a separate data set of 28,000-plus ladies, it produced a 6.9 percent reduction of false positives and a 12.1 percent reduction in false negatives.

“We also wanted to see if the model could generalize to other healthcare systems,” Tse and Shetty explained.

So, the team trained their system only on the data from women in the U.K., then evaluated it on the data from women in the U.S. The experiment yielded a 3.5 percent reduction in false positives, and an 8.1 percent reduction in false negatives.

This shows the program’s “potential to generalize to new clinical settings while still performing at a higher level than experts,” according to Google.

That’s even more impressive when you realize the algorithm was working with less information than human doctors.

Medical specialists—in line with routine practice—had access to patient histories and prior mammograms, while the AI only processed the most recent anonymized data with no added details.

“Despite working from these X-ray images alone, the model surpassed individual experts in accuracy identifying breast cancer,” the blog said.

Before AI can start saving lives, though, there are more hoopers to jump through, including additional research, clinical studies, and regulatory approval.

“This work is the latest strand of our research looking into detection and diagnosis of breast cancer,” Shetty and Tse said. “Not just within the scope of radiology, but also pathology.”

In 2017, Google published early findings regarding the accurate detection of metastatic breast cancer from lymph node specimens. A year later, it introduced an algorithm that can help doctors spot breast cancer more quickly and accurately in pathology slides.

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