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News. In Moscow said goodbye to singer Julia Nachalova

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In the capital at the troyekurovskoye cemetery held a farewell ceremony with Julia Nachalova. To honor the memory and carry out the singer in the last path came relatives, friends, colleagues and just people who liked the work of this young, beautiful and immensely talented girl.

Yulia Nachalova died in one of hospitals of Moscow on March 16. But, contrary to tradition, she was buried only on the sixth day. As reported by relatives, the delay was due to the fact that the cemetery Troekurov proved very popular. Yes, city hall has met the singer’s family and allocated them a plot, but a funeral had to wait a few more days.

Farewell to the artist began at 12 hours. But everyone hold her on her final journey began to come to the mourning hall much earlier this time. The parents of the singer banned the presence of journalists and shooting at the tomb of Julia, and held a ceremony in the narrow family circle.

In addition to the fans, to commemorate and lay flowers arrived and colleagues of the singer. Among the first on Troekurov cemetery appeared Alexander Panayotov, who has always considered himself a friend of Nachalovo. And soon fans could see Philip Kirkorov, Vlad Topalov, former participant Comedy Woman Elena Borschov, which is barely holding back tears, Kirill Andreev, Katya LEL, people’s artist of Russia Alexander Mikhailov, trainers of Edgar and Askold Zapashny, Anastasia Stotskaya, Irina Saltykov, showman Timur Radriges, Zara, producer Bari Alibasov and many other representatives of domestic show-business.

Came to say goodbye to Yulia, her former husband Dmitry Lansky and the player Yevgeny Aldonin. But the latest beloved Nachalovo hockey player Alexander Frolov at the ceremony was not. As, however, and her ward from the show “one to One” Georgiy Ivashenko, who the day before said that the artist, in addition to other ailments, was still Oncology, but supposedly Julia was able to defeat her. However, the Manager Anna Isaeva hastened to refute this information, stating that the singer never had a diagnosis. It was proved by the autopsy.

Julia was buried in her favorite dress that she felt happy. While the employees of the cemetery the coffin was carried around was a last hurrah.

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The Beau Monde. Biography and the family of Maxim Galkin

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Maxim Galkin has a rich biography as well as interesting and happy personal life. The presenter leads a healthy lifestyle and looks very young, why not all of us can believe how old he is, knowing the year of birth.


Maxim Galkin could be the usual biography of a Soviet person from an educated family. He expected to have a career as a scientist or writer.

Parents Maxim Galkin were not public people. Father Alexander Alexandrovich Galkin was Colonel-General of armored forces. In his biography many state awards and prizes. His birth year of 1935, on a nationality the father of Maxim – Russian.

Alexander was born in the Chelyabinsk region, graduated from a military school and was promoted to General. He was a Deputy of the state Duma in 90-e years and held a high position in the Ministry of defence.

Mother, Natalia G. Bragina, was born in a difficult time, her birth year came in 1941. Born in Odessa, by nationality, she was Jewish. Natalya Grigoryevna had scientific degree of candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, worked at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Until Maxim in the family was another child – a son Dmitry, who is a little older than Maxim Galkin. He was born in 1964. In his biography, was 10 years of personnel military service and successful business career. Despite the fact that Dmitri is older than Maxim, born in 1976 whose parents were able to instill in them a sense of mutual support.

Dmitry early in his career, Maxim has actively promoted it, serving as producer. The brothers always support each other. This helped them to survive the premature death of his father and mother. Alexander died in 2002, and Natalia G. in 2004, and the cause of death they were one and the same – Oncology. Especially the death of his mother who was only 63 years at the time of death, was a blow for Maxim. He took her to be treated in the United States and Israel, but nothing helped.

Interesting! Biografia and family Margarita Simonyan

The older brother Maxim your successful business:

  • production center;
  • company engaged in the sale of oil;
  • the company, which produces armored vehicles.

Dmitry Alexandrovich three children – two sons and one daughter. Maxim is in regular contact with the family of his older brother, who at one time was his producer.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Maxim Galkin at the beginning of his biography had a lot of moving – like all the military, his father was transferred from one garrison to another. Year of birth of the youngest son came in 1976. At this time, the family lived in the military town of Naro-Fominsk district of the Moscow region. Over 10 years of garrison duty the family lived in different places:

  • in the Moscow region;
  • in Buryatia;
  • in Odessa;
  • In Germany.

The 5th grade Maxim Galkin lived in Moscow, as his father was transferred to a senior position in the Ministry of defence. According to his senior brother’s little Maxim was a quiet and humble kid trying to take a rational approach. He himself, he said, was more lively and rowdy.

Dmitry always considered it his duty to support his younger brother. And today, having achieved success, the two brothers very close contact with each other.

Maxim Galkin even in kindergarten actively participated in various productions, playing different roles from chicken to Ostap Bender. In the 6th grade at Moscow school he organized himself a puppet show, in which he voiced all the characters different voices. He was very good parody, he successfully imitated Gennady Khazanov, but to become an actor at the time didn’t want.

At school he was fond of Zoology and geography. But after the lesson, he met with the digestive system of the animals on the layout, quickly lost interest in Zoology. He also liked to write stories. As a child he was trying to write my own novel.

After high school Tina enrolled in a linguistic faculty RSTU. In 1988, he graduated and enrolled in graduate school. To write a scientific research and defend the thesis he did not, because at this time in his life again appeared the scene, and the first children’s enthusiasm overpowered everything else.

Creative career

Maxim Galkin in his biography of success began immediately. Despite his young age, he successfully debuted with his parody in a student theater MSU, where he began playing in 1994. The young talent was noticed and was invited to program the Theater Stage “Debuts, debuts, debuts”.

Then Maxim went on tour together with the famous Mikhail Zadornov.

In 2001 young artist award of the prize “Triumph” and “Golden Ostap”. The actor tries himself in a new musical genre, performing successfully in a duet with Alla Pugacheva song “Be or not be”. He begins to appear in television projects. He was invited as presenter in different programs:

  • “Dancing with the stars”;
  • “10 million”;
  • “One to one”;
  • “Best of all””;
  • “Just exactly”;
  • “Stars under hypnosis”

He creates his own author’s program “Maxim Maxim”, which is engaged in a dialogue about the cinema and public figures, show business. Very popular project with his participation “the best” in which children of different ages and of different nationalities demonstrate their achievements in a particular field.

Galkin has toured extensively, giving solo concerts for which tickets sold out almost immediately.

Height, weight, age

No one suspects that the artist 42. Maxim Galkin looks young and happy.

With the growth of 180 cm, weighs 75 kg. the Actor says he does not regularly attend a gym, and the trainers had no time. You should Maxim dedicates to children.

Ineresno! Biography Maria Kulikova

Personal life and family

All fans of Maxim Galkin interested in his personal life. Largely for the reason that he married the most famous singer of the Soviet and Russian pop stars – Alla Pugacheva, despite the age difference, almost 30 years.

About my personal life before her marriage with Donna Galkin says jokingly. He said that the school novels were set against him, and they did not go beyond correspondence.

With Alla the artist met in 2001 when she was married to Philip Kirkorov. The meeting took place at the famous festival “Slavic Bazaar”. After that, they again met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, where Galkin for the first time danced with Alla. After he called her and invited her to a meeting.

When Alla got divorced from Philip, they began to live together. Galkin says that he is 10 years sought the hand and heart of the singer, wishing to formalize their relationship. They secretly married in December 2011, inviting wedding celebration in the Italian restaurant “Olivetta” – only ones.

The children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva

Today, Maxim Galkin in his personal life the most important is it with Alla the kids, the enchanting twins Lisa and Harry that bear his name.

Galkin was one of the first in a stellar coterie who created star family focused on the birth of children. The famous couple babies born from a surrogate mother and very much like their parents.

The Galkin family lives in his mansion, which he built in the exclusive village of Dirt in the suburbs. Photo and video children actor posted on his page in Instagram.

Their marriage has repeatedly predicted the imminent end, but in spite of all the evil languages, these two people remain fondly attached to each other for over 10 years. Giggly and charming young actor was not only very intelligent and rationally-minded person. He was the only husband of Alla Pugacheva, who was able to give her what every woman dreams of – a real family happiness.

It seems that despite the large age gap, that Maxim is the main in their family. He assumes all man’s job around the house, actively involved in the upbringing of children, protects the alloy from life’s tribulations and troubles.

Interesting facts of life

42-year-old Maxim Galkin, according to “Forbes”, the Annual revenues in 2017 of $ 4.8 million. In the list of the richest people of Russia Maxim Galkin is in 18th place. Their official income it receives from the concert and creative activities.

An affair with Alla Pugacheva – the first serious relationship with a woman which resulted in marriage. All his spare time he devotes to his children, introducing their fans with their creativity. Maxim not only puts the pictures and videos of their kids, but brings them to light.

Latest news 2019

Central news reporting on the 70-year anniversary of Alla Pugacheva, added cute video posted by Maxim Galkin about his children. All Russian Internet users like the “butterfly Dance” which was danced little Lisa for mom in her birthday, and the video, which the kids watching the jubilee concert of his star mother.

On the NTV channel, was recently shown documentaries on the history of relations between Maxim and Alla. Movies “Alla+Maxim”, “Confession of love”, “Alla and Maxim. All goes on!” like the Russian viewer.

[embedded content]

They are two well-known in Russia, people told simply and sincerely about their relationship. The viewer sees that their marriage is truly based on sincere attachment to each other. They are smart enough, restraint and self-control to not pay attention to those rumors, which are always swarming around their families. Of course, the main meaning of life of celebrities are their cute kids – Lisa and Harry.

Maxim Galkin has a rich biography and personal life that interesting to watch his every fan.


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Horoscope for the week from 22 to 28 April

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In the period from 22 to 28 April, the Sun is located in Taurus. During this period, some people will increase the craving for material things, others intellectual or spiritual, depending on the profession, position, and spiritual level. People become more resistant, persistent, sustained, enduring, patient, purposeful. This time favors all financial Affairs and stock exchange operations with securities, investment banks, companies, manufacturing. A good time for business, getting job, purchase a large, beautiful and expensive things. Success awaits those who take the position, related to financial responsibility or has a profession related to art.

Venus is located in Aries, it gives impulsiveness, passion, keen interest towards the issues of gender. All done with a great will and desire and tremendous energy, although most often for personal gain. Love field in the coming period will create a lot of trouble for a variety of reasons.


Rams expect unplanned trips or business trips. For you, they will become a source of expertise and increase their professional skills.
In a business partnership possible violations of contractual obligations and financial losses. Important decisions is better to postpone on Wednesday or Thursday, these days they will bring maximum success.

At the end of the week try to deter aggression, do not swear.


For Taurus it’s time to take care of your appearance. Don’t be afraid of change, they will do you only good and will please.

In the next week give imagination and show their creativity.

You will see new ways to implement. Try to organize their lives not only at the household level, but also financially.


Gemini this week may deteriorate the partnership. This applies to both the business partnership and marriage, do not worry much and try to solve problems and disagreements.

During the week, you may have difficulty configuring your discipline and work. Try to control your impulsiveness when communicating.

Weekend spend the trip outside the city, take a break from everyday life.


Cancers this week will intensify the need for creative expression. Choose activities where you will be able to show all their talents, to Express all the depth of his colorful imagination.

Family Affairs are encouraged to actively develop and strengthen partnerships. If lately you have experienced serious relationship difficulties, now is the time to establish and solve all the problems.

It is recommended to visit the exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts.


Lions are encouraged to listen to opinion of close people, as their own intuition may fail you, and you can take wrong actions.
In the near future, most likely, you will go on a business trip. It can be a collision of interests with colleagues, try to show your perseverance, and you will easily emerge victorious from the situation.

The weekend did not sit at home, walk in the Park, go boating,go to the pool, you can spend time near the water.


Representatives of the sign Virgo will be filled with new ideas and inspiration. Your interesting suggestions will be appreciated. Do not be shy, share your thoughts with management.

For you, it is an opportune time for the device to work, the manifestation of himself in science. Act decisively, you will succeed.

Try to be careful on the roads. Weekend call family and friends to visit.


For Libra the first half of the week will be very successful. Will increase your creativity, increase optimism, things will be resolved quickly and efficiently. You can expect pleasant surprises from a loved one.

Your dedication will come to a new level, you will leave your competitors far behind in any case, which will take.

The weekend spend with family, take a good sit back and relax.


Scorpio next week will bring good news and good news. It is recommended to take the initiative in solving important issues.

Well formed contacts with foreign partners, you will be able to count on their help and support in the near future.

On the weekends try to refrain from major purchases and expenses.


For Sagittarius it is a time of setting goals, planning for the future, setting priorities. Do not build castles in the air, and clearly stating the purpose, immediately proceed to its implementation.

It is recommended to pay great importance to detail, they can be hidden something very important.

In the second half of the week will increase health and physical activity. It is not recommended to sign the Treaty, with the documents necessary to exercise the utmost care.


To Capricorns week will take place in a measured, calm, but in spite of this, you will have time to make a large number of cases.

This week you will be busy with personal life. Acquire new contacts. Relationships acquire specifics, you will understand your place in the family and society. Try not to make quick and rash decisions.

At the end of the week visit relatives, entertain them with small gifts and treats.


Aquarius is not recommended to risk this week, otherwise there is a bad opportunity to get yourself into a bind. You will increase the health and physical activity. It is not recommended to sign the Treaty, with the documents necessary to exercise the utmost care.

Health important to you is emotional and energy state. Their energy you are able to cope with almost any disease.


The fish in the next period it is better to concede the initiative to your loved one, trust him and listen to his advice.

The middle of the week is favorable for dealing with financial problems.

The second half of the week in deals, you can seriously think about advantageous investments. On the favorable work atmosphere, colleagues or the boss will pleasantly surprise you.


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Fashion. The diamond collection of “Must Have”

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Jewelry company “EPL. Yakutian diamonds” created a unique collection with diamonds “Must Have” feature that allows you to buy jewelry with precious stone, conquered billions of hearts, almost anyone on Earth.

The price of jewelry diamond collection “Must Have” starts from 2190 rubles!

Each piece of this collection created by jewelry cutters EPL manually and requires much time and effort as creating the classic collection.

The diamond collection of “Must Have” from “EPL. Yakutian diamonds” is another step towards the realization of its mission: “We work to make jewelry from the EPL won the hearts of people all over the world! And in this World has become more happiness!”

Care company and safety of their products, introducing hypoallergenic palladium alloy having improved characteristics.

Jewelry with this alloy does not fade and does not darken upon exposure to the external environment and time, do not require the application of protective coatings – lacquer jewelry, how jewelry is made of Nickel. Palladium is durable, resistant to scratches and deformation.

Also on each piece is applied to the encrypted code — the Code is EPL.

With the Code EPL, there would be no problem, on the website of the company to obtain a certificate of authenticity, which lists all necessary information about the product. So you can be sure that the purchased product:

  • Manufactured to the high standards of the School cut diamonds and modern jewellery EPL;
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  • On was designed by professional designers.

Join the happy family of customers, “Apple. Yakutian diamonds” and allow yourself the luxury of diamonds in designer jewelry from the jewelers who create for you masterpieces of jewelry art since 1994.

We invite you to jewelry stores EPL in Moscow.

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