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News. Guf ex-girlfriend sues Leroux frost

Ex-girlfriend of rapper Guf Yana Shevtsova was again at the epicenter of the scandal. However, this time the famous singer. So, now the girl is preparing to sue the former participant “Houses-2” Lera frost for libel.

It all started a few days ago when the Network appeared rumors that the “House-2” there is a party with a fatal disease. As it turned out, it was about a former lover of rapper Guf Yana Shevtsova, which became known due to the fact that was in a relationship with Alexei Dolmatov (Body) while still a minor. After the passion between her and the contractor have calmed down a little, she decided to go to the main telestroke country to try to build a new relationship. And I must say that Ian has quickly enough managed to attract the attention of the opposite sex to yourself. However, a surprise announcement Lera frost put stay Shevtsova on the project at risk.

So, frost said he was disappointed in the “House-2” due to the fact that the user took to the site the participant without the necessary certificate confirming the absence of HIV infection. Later she added that she knows exactly what Shevtsova is a carrier of this disease, and therefore it is urgently necessary to remove from the project. And soon the Internet appeared the information that the show listened to the words of frost and Ian left the telestroke.

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Though she Shevtsova categorically denies all this and is currently preparing to file a lawsuit for libel. The girl claims that can go to any hospital and to submit the tests to prove that it is absolutely healthy. But Lera frost will have to answer for their lies in law. We will remind, Shevtsova said that she is a lawyer by training, so to attract the former participant “Houses-2” to account for it will not be any problems.


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News. In the Studio of Andrei Malakhov came to the woman, calling herself the mother of Oleg Yakovlev

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New episode “live”will be a complete surprise for all fans of the singer and the former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev. And the thing is that in the Studio to Andrei Malakhov came to the woman, who called the mother of the performer.

Mashuda Miniyarova was silent for almost 20 years. And only did it because she asked for it himself Oleg. Although the woman admits that the life they still met several times and even corresponded via a regular SMS. As evidence of his innocence of mashuda told interesting facts from the children’s life of Oleg. So, to the audience, it became known that he allegedly was born 12 December 1978 and originally got the name Ruslan. From an early age the boy was very active, talented and love music. But, because of a quarrel with his stepfather, who showed him the door, left home at 15.

The next time, according to the woman, she saw him only seven years later, in January 2000, when he became a famous artist and performed with the group “Ivanushki International”. Mashuda claims that Oleg then she also learned. “He flew to me, so tightly hugged, but he was trembling all over,” shared the woman memories. Later she found out that once in Moscow, her son deliberately called himself an orphan, not wanting to go back to her stepfather under one roof. And after he had and forged documents on fake name.

So, more than 15 years of continued secret meetings and correspondence between mother and son. But once Oleg even gave her a gift of a stone imported from the Dominican Republic. In addition, mashuda showed in the Studio a lot of photos, which it captured along with the singer. Also the woman said as he brought her to meet his girlfriend Alexandra.

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Of course, many of those present in the Studio, this story seemed like a regular fiction. And the first thing he accused Mashudu is the desire to multi-million dollar inheritance of the singer. However, all the charges the woman refused, saying that she absolutely does not need any money. The only goal is to know the truth – that she is the mother of Oleg Yakovlev. It should be noted one more interesting fact – the guests in the Studio physiognomist confirmed the similarity of children’s photographs boy Ruslan, who provided mashuda and adults photo by Oleg.


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Love is too cruel – Philip Kirkorov require 272 million rubles

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We are talking about the lawsuit, which was filed by the French composer Didier Marouani. Almost 4 million euros, he estimated his claim on the fact that the Russian singer had engaged in plagiarism in relation to his song “Symphonic Space Dream”, using the melody of its chorus to create the hit song “Cruel love”.A co-defendant in the statement of Monsieur Marouani should be the author of the words and music of the song of Oleg Popkov, as well as the officials of the company of Philip Kirkorov. About the size of the claims of the Frenchman said his lawyer Yevgeny Tarlo.

Дидье Маруани

This is not the first attempt by a French composer to receive money with Kirkorov. So in 2016, the year he has appealed to the Moscow city court with the requirement to hold the Russian singer 75 million rubles. Then the parties allegedly came to an agreement, Maruani arrived in Moscow to receive a fee in the amount of 1 million euros, but, to his surprise, was detained by police on charges of extortion.

Later it turned out that Marouani was the victim of a culprit, who, on behalf of the agents will have agreed on the award of a singer composer mentioned million euros. Himself Philip Bedrosovich then wrote a statement to the police. The situation then culminated in the departure of Didier Marouani France, and the present claim of the composer almost 4 times the amount of last claim.

French lawyers claim that they have the expert opinion that the main refrain of the song “Cruel love” is really borrowed from the song “Symphonic Space Dream”, written by the French composer.

What the outcome of this trial is not yet clear, but we still offer our readers to compare two pieces of music and decide for yourself whether the right of Didier Marouani to announce that Philip used his music without proper copyright clearance.

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And here is a version of French musicians.

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Fashion. Women’s pants 2019 – new

The pants are comfortable, warm, comfortable. And this garment is always the center of attention of designers who every season are preparing gifts and surprises. Fashion trends women’s pants, 2019.

In 2019 on the catwalks can be found the traditional model of their pants gabardine, crepe, denim and tweed, there is a place for innovative satin, velvet and leather models. The new season include fabric with a shiny coating and coloured threads.

Note: the color

The main trends reaffirmed their commitment to the classics, especially in relation to the choice of color palette. In most of the shows on the catwalks of the models appeared in black pants and brown.

Some designers have ventured to offer not quite the usual blue and its neighbor on the palette, purple. In the women pants, 2019 special place in fashion trends, given the tone and color of fabric, look at the photos.

Although, if a woman loves bright colors and shades, she could afford to include in closet dairy, beige and mustard pants. Most importantly, be attentive to the top, picking up a blouse, jacket or pullover, matching color, texture and style.

Stylish leather

Pants genuine leather dominated the runway at fashion shows, in different variations many of the designers offer to enter them in the closet. Such models have offered a Diesel, Balmain, Balenciaga, and others.

Color – classic black, but the skin can be lacquered or matte. In fashion the image of a femme fatale, but because this color is a staple in the ensemble.

Many women are just happy to offer designers, because they know that the black colour can hide all figure flaws, visually any chubby lady to make more slender. Besides leather trousers will help to visually change the shape of the feet making them more slender and long.

Arrow to the exit

Pants that have arrows, again at the peak of popularity of the season spring-summer 2019. It’s now a required, integral element. Many of the designers in their experiments was reached that made the front seam, highlighting the line at which the arrow must pass.


There are even more revolutionary idea – an arrow that offered to learn in the new season Paco Rabanne, Gucci, Elie Saab, Iceberg.

Fashion classics

Such a radical proposal does not mean that all representatives of the beautiful half of the globe must immediately get rid of classic trousers available in the wardrobe. On the contrary, they are also popular and fashionable, it was stated by the designers from Blumarine, Balenciaga, Altuzarra, Armani, presenting them to the court of spectators.

Classic fashion trend of the photo shows pants in 2019 will be at the peak of popularity.

Perhaps style them a little boring, but it’s a great option for office work, a business lunch, studying at the Institute. However, even the most stringent pants can look elegant due to small parts style and accessories.

In the style of Marlene Dietrich

The photo shows pants womens wide fitting, they will also touch on the fashion trends of 2019, the period of spring-summer.

We all remember the style of this incomparable actress, who being very thin, wore wide-leg trousers. This style comes into fashion in the new season, I very happy ladies with imperfect forms of the hips and legs. One has only to remember that wide-leg trousers, trousers are more suitable for tall ladies. Little women they simply will turn into a ball.

Fashion styles of pants

Today there is not one woman on the planet who hasn’t had at least one pair of jeans or pants of a particular style. And not only because of the convenience and comfort, but also appropriate weather conditions.

Despite the diversity of fashion trends, the classic style of clothing is always in fashion and is present in the new collections of almost all fashion houses. Trousers classic-fit suit absolutely any person, regardless of gender and age.

Clothing in this style emphasizes the elegance and grace of its owner, These pants for women will be presented at the fashion shows of Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, Blumarine in 2019. Fashion trends of the season autumn-winter, have enough variety, see photo.

Trendy in the seasons of 2019 will these pants as culottes and cropped pants all models. Do not be afraid of this style, the main thing – to find for him the right way.

Culottes are worn with both sneakers and high heels. The upper part of the look and may also vary: romantic blouses, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters. These pants are in the collections of Fendi, Red Valentino, Elsa Schiaparelli.

Capri — another type of cropped trousers, fashion in 2019

First the popularity of these pants came in the 40-50-ies of the last century. They favorably emphasize the hips, length of legs and thin ankles. Fashionable length of these pants 7/8. In fashion shows Capri has represented brands such as Chanel, Armani, Lanvin. The photo shows fashion trends women’s Capri pants season spring-summer of 2019.

But do not limit your wardrobe only fashionable cropped trousers. Trendy will be in 2019 and long pants. And not just long and to the floor. And not just in gender, and those who would literally lie on the ground. Format of a certain train, to make it clearer. As far as they are comfortable and practical, is difficult to say. This style of pants has presented on the catwalks designers M Missoni and Elie Tahari.

Flared trousers

Bell bottom trousers are also returned to us from the past. Wore them in the 60s-70s, then in the zero (affectionately called them “bell bottoms”), and here again. Trendy flared from the hip is already in the collections of Norma Kamali, Chanel, Gucci. Speaking about the fashionable cut of the pants in 2019, then the above is not all that it is worth paying attention to. Because fashion is not something that we impose. Fashion is the thing that we like.

Therefore, with regard to the fashion trends of women pants in 2019, season, spring, summer, and popularity will be those models which are more like your figure, please see photo.

So the trend is 2019 pants can be any of: long, short, wide, narrow, classic. Cloth for trousers, you can choose satin, silk, velvet, leather, classic pant, tweed. With regard to fashionable jeans, remain popular boyfriend jeans, jeans with prints and various decor.

Sports trousers also can not be forgotten

But speaking of pants, designed for sports, fashion sports pants in 2019, is designed for everyday wear. They are sewn from different fabrics for example satin, make straight or elastic. Wear them with heels and sneakers, romantic blouses and switchtime. This style of pants presented on the runway of Lacoste and Emilio Pucci.

Women’s sports pants, in 2019, remain in the trend of fashion trends, check out the pictures of the season autumn-winter.

Another fashionable style of trousers of a season autumn-winter 2019, one might even say once — suit. This jumpsuit. Will fashion overalls from leather, velvet, yarn, denim and denim knit. They can be decorated with zippers, rivets, belts. Jumpsuits presented Chloe, Acne Studios.

[embedded content]

Speaking about all the styles fashionable in the seasons 2019, womens trousers, trendy colors for them — it is turquoise, blue, red. Fashion elements of decoration and finishing — embroidery, rhinestones and beads of different sizes.


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