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News. Borodin unhappy

Xenia Borodina has an apartment in the capital, but after a second marriage, she decided to move to the suburbs. Mansion in the exclusive village of Xenia with her husband rented. Living in a big house with a private yard like spouses, and they decided to buy a country estate.

The search was long fruitless. Consider the options Xenia was not satisfied. As a result, the family bought the mansion, which they rented. Frames started leading repair published Starhit. Journalists pointed out the cost of such purchase is 18, 5 million. Xenia angered. On the page of the magazine in social networks, she gave to understand that the purchase cost her much more.

“18 million? Then who to call to the others back.”

Subscribers parried Borodina, noting that he did not expect her to like kitsch. Xenia began to make excuses. She explained that not likes to publish information taken from the head.

Meanwhile, the cottage repair is already underway. Ksenia had to face the first difficulties, she had to change the team of workers.

You know when you’re in the last weeks of pregnancy, all of you keep asking when in labor?))) Here feel also, everyone tries to ask, well, when moving))) Oh, Yes, we have ready-made mattresses to throw and stay there for the night))) got some🙆♀app while moving it each time worse than a fire, but then we are not scared!!! We were so homesick, want to go, that is already enough. Waiting for Italy , which is sooooo slow, but goes. I’m so glad the builders got the gold and not the price, but the quality of the TFA. Because first faced with such irresponsible builders that now understand how important it is to find a good and honest job!!! In General as soon as possible. And yet every day I run to the construction site, the period of construction is considered to be the most difficult , but for me the most enjoyable🙌🤪

Publication from Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia) 17 Jul 2018 12:57 PDT

At the moment it is seen that the walls in the rooms painted white, the worktop in the kitchen was replaced with marble. Itself leading notes that are ready now to go back to your house and sleep in the empty rooms directly on the mattress.


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News. Happy birthday

Recently finished two major projects after spending the summer with his sweetheart Lindsay Sukus and enjoying happy time with his ex-wife Jennifer garner and their three kids, Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck) feels happy in his 46th birthday.

A close friend of the actor told the publication PEOPLE that he “feels in good condition and worked hard to achieve that.” Last year, Affleck spoke about how struggling with his addiction to alcohol and continues treatment.

“He continues to focus on your health and relationships with others, – has told a source close to the star. – He attends meetings on a large number of meetings, yoga and meditation. At times he seems on the brink, but continues to work on myself.”

The same source claims that the relationship between Ben and Lindsey, continuing a little over a year, become stronger. Last month they were spotted together in Puerto Rico. With his ex-wife Affleck maintains good relations. Last week they were photographed when we met at Ben’s house in Los Angeles.

Last week a court in Los Angeles was informed by Affleck and garner that the case for their divorce can be revoked due to delay in submission of necessary documents for its completion. The couple filed for divorce in April 2017 and announced a break in 2015. The reason for the delay with the documents lies in the fact that former spouses are looking for the best possible decision for themselves and their three children: 12-year-old violet, 9-year-old Seraphina and 6-year-old Samuel.

The couple split in 2015 after 10 years of marriage. According to rumors, Jen became aware of the cheating spouse. There were rumors about the affair with the nanny.

[embedded content]


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The girl, who is credited with an affair with the husband of Ani Lorak, came in the final of “Miss Ukraine” and even received the title

Few people knew burning beauty brunette Yana Belyaev before there was a scandal about the affair of Murat Nalchajian — husband famous singer Ani Lorak. Now she’s got a bit of notoriety for his personal services to the public.

This year Belyaeva took part in the contest “Miss Ukraine universe 2018”, the winner named on the night of 15 August. Although win Jan failed, she got a title “Miss of spectator sympathies”. Яна БеляеваWho knows, maybe such a high attention of the public affected by the “glory” Belyaeva. In fact, starting from late July, the network actively discussed her affair with the husband of Ani Lorak.
Is it really difficult to prove. But according to the head of the organizing Committee, Belyaeva even refused to fight for the title of most beautiful Miss Ukraine after fierce passions surrounding his person. And only later she decided to return to the ranks of contestants.

She Belyaeva denies affair with Nalchajian. About she says in an interview with Ukrainian media project “TSN”, where she was asked to comment on the situation with the video in a nightclub. “I don’t see that it’s me. There is a completely dark and nothing is visible. Someone said it to me, but it isn’t so.” It is noteworthy that interviews for TSN Belyaeva gave the same earrings as the girl hugged Murat.


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News. Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to

TV presenter the previous day, published in instagram a picture with the leg of the newborn baby in his hand. Touching she signed it: “Daughter”.

While no details about birth data the baby and how he feels the mother and the baby, Leroy announced.

This is the second child. Oldest son Jean this year was 28 years old. Husband of Lera 30-year-old hockey player Igor Makarov became a father for the first time.

For the period of this decree, the couple moved to the suburbs. Presenter births took place in a clinic near the residence. A few months before the momentous event Lera completely abandoned the work, focusing on the arrangement of the room for the baby and prepare for childbirth.

This is not the only addition to the family Kudryavtseva. Recently the TV presenter has become a grandmother. Fiancee Jean also gave birth to a child. Now Lera appeared first grandchild. The boy named Leo. Mom and her son Jean is not painted. To arrange a celebration young, according to Lera, planned shortly after the birth of first child.

She Kudryavtseva into the status of the grandmother and mother of a newborn at the same time not complex. She is pleased with the completion of the star family.

[embedded content]

Recall that to help her in the upbringing and care of the baby will nurse. Her search for the TV presenter attended before the birth. Kudryavtsev looking for a reliable, educated woman, preferably not Russian. In addition to professional qualities of the candidates Leroux was worried about their ability to keep my mouth shut.


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