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New Ford Explorer took as the basis rear-wheel drive

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ford explorer

Ford explorer. Расстояние между осями сильно выросло, а другие размеры нет. Длина — 5050 мм (+3), ширина без учёта боковых зеркал — 2004 (паритет), высота — 1775 (-3), колёсная база — 3025 (+160), минимальный клиренс — 201 мм (+3). Варианты размерности шин: 255/65 R18, 255/55 R20, 275/45 R21.

Konstantin Bolotov, 19 hours ago. Photo: Ford

The distance between the axles has grown strongly, and the other dimensions are not. Length — 5050 mm (3) width excluding side mirrors — 2004 (parity), height — 1775 (-3) wheelbase 3025 (+160), the minimum ground clearance is 201 mm (+3). Options the dimension of tires: 255/65 R18, 255/55 R20 275/45 R21.

Instead of “truck” Ford D4 BD6 now used. In connection with the change of the platform of the Ford Explorer in the sixth generation back to the longitudinal engine layout and rear-wheel drive base. (A similar metamorphosis has previously experienced the related Lincoln Aviator.) In the US, the Explorer has six options: the Base Explorer, Explorer XLT, Explorer Limited, Explorer Limited Hybrid, Explorer ST Explorer and Platinum. They differ in the equipment, the nuances of the design and, of course, price.

Will be offered two petrol turbo EcoBoost — the Quartet 2.3 (304 HP, 420 N•m) and “six” 3.0 (370 HP, 515 N•m). Last placed only on the top platinum SUV. On the modifications to ST and Platinum all wheel drive with a clutch connecting the front axle is on by default. Have a ten step “automatic” SelectShift with the controller-the puck is no alternative.

Curb weight base machine has decreased to 51 kg (up to 1971). Less than three rows of seats in the Explorer can not be. The boot capacity with all seats unfolded — 515 l (-80), behind the backs of the second row — 1356 (+113), stacked in two rows — 2486 (+173 l).

Terrain Management system offers six driving modes: normal, sport, off-road, slippery, tow and environmentally friendly. For poluprovodnikov added the seventh to drive in deep snow and sand. Now standard Explorer can tow a trailer weighing up to 2400 kg (before 1360), and the polnoprivodniki. master and 2540 kg (+12%). Then, according to American tradition, could be the phrase about the dozens of Cup holders, but reported only about 123 liters of volume for tripe.

Digital tidy diagonal of 12.3 inches can be supplemented with a vertically oriented 10-inch display. Both — options. The standard screen size of the media centre Sync 3 will not exceed eight inches. Dual-zone climate control, basic equipment, and no warmups.

Complex Ford Co-Pilot360 already “in the database” provides security through auto brake, monitoring of dead zones and markings, assistants during taxiing and braking. Exclusive Active Park Assist 2.0 (only for platinum version) allows you to Park in parallel or perpendicular to one button, that is, the wheel and pedals do not need to touch. Service FordPass Connect integrates smartphones and distributes Wi-Fi to ten devices. Surcharge available premium music B&O 14 speakers at 980 watts.

The official summary is about the best-selling in the history of America crossover has become stronger, lighter, roomier, safer, more efficient, smarter and has got the most powerful engine. All of the improvements agreed with customers.

“Sixth” Explorer will be in the same place where the previous plant in Chicago. The Americans will be able to receive the ordered crossover in the summer, and the starting price rises to $400 — to $32 765 (2.2 million rubles). The Russian office of Ford officially nothing to report not ready, even the year of arrival model to us. The current Explorer, the base version of the XLT on January the price list starts with 2 569 000 rubles. In so much cost seven-seater polnoprivodniki. motor V6 3.5 (249 HP, 346 N•m) and six-speed “automatic”.

The Story Of Sergei Udachin, Konstantin Bolotov

The first generation of Ford Explorer SUV produced in the United States with three – and five-door body since 1990. These full – and rear-wheel drive cars equipped with a 155-horsepower four-liter “six” in tandem with a five-speed “mechanics” or four-stage “automatic”.

In 1995, the market was removed, the second generation model, possessing a more streamlined body shape and a modern interior. Three – and five-door SUVs were equipped with more powerful “six” 4.0 (208 HP) and “eight” of 5.0 (213 HP). With them were associated four – and five-speed automatic and manual transmission. The machine was equipped with four-wheel drive transmission of three types: permanent Full-Time AWD without a downshift, pluggable Part-Time, as the first generation model, and ControlTrac 4WD with three modes (rear, auto and low gear). Since 2001, the model also produced with a utility body pickup.

The third generation of the SUV was released in 2002. It was a larger car, purely five-door. Its engine range remained steady at 213-strong 4.0 V6 and a new aluminum 240-horsepower 4.6 V8. First, the SUV was equipped with a five-speed manual or automatic transmission, and in 2003 — only “automatic”. The third generation of the Explorer has a full third row of seats, making the car a seven-seater.

The fourth generation Explorer went on sale in 2006. This car, built on a new, more durable frame company Magna, equipped with the same “six” 4.0 and a 300-horsepower 24-valve mysterously “eight” 4.6, but in tandem with five – and six-speed “automatic” respectively.

The “fifth” Explorer debuted in 2010 on a new platform Ford D4 (modified D3). From frame SUV model turned into a crossover with a monocoque body. The multimedia abilities of the machine at the time were puzzled by so much that we had to connect to test IT. Then on the test Drive got Explorer Sport, and twice. In 2014 was a one – restyling, and in 2017 another.


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The owners of gyrometers want to distribute traffic

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Such transport is often used by children and adolescents. If the norm is accepted, then the audience may be significantly reduced.

Control over the actions of the owners of gyrometers, Segways, sigview and other small electric vehicles considered in the state Duma of the Russian Federation: on this topic was a round table. It is proposed to equate it to the moped: in this case, these “drivers” will be subject to the requirements of the rules of the road. The initiative came from the head of the Union of pedestrians Vladimir Sokolov.

Riding a scooter

According to the current legislation, to mopeds (light quadricycles) or the desired license category “M” or any other open category (the most common – “B”). If they equate gyrometer, Segways, etc., then their owners will also need a driver’s license.

Regulation segment is necessary because of pedestrians. During the round table the attendees remembered several cases: the first man on the electric skateboard was hit by a woman who fell and suffered a severe spinal injury; second driver electric skateboard collided with the pensioner, causing the latter died on the spot. Accident, these incidents can not be called, since from the point of view of the law in the pedestrian zone and collided with two pedestrians.

Segways - Journee Sans Voiture, Paris 2015

According to Vladimir Sokolova, similar cases are not uncommon (however, the statistics he had not). In order to be able to attract such “drivers” to justice, they should be subject to the relevant rules. Today they have been officially recognized by pedestrians and, in fact, can move in respective areas at a speed from 20 km/h on gyrometer to 50 km/h on a Segway.

Vladimir Sokolov offers to prohibit the movement of the small electric vehicle on the sidewalks. Agree not all. During the round table a proposal was made simply to limit the speed for those traveling on the Segways, Segways, etc: for pedestrian areas – not above 25 km/h, for bike paths, 60 km/h. the Catch, however, is that this electric vehicle has no speedometer.


It is curious that Russia is now allowed to create “Bike zone”, where it is allowed to stop motorists and motorcyclists, provided that they give way to all other traffic participants, and their speed will not exceed 20 km/h. it Turns out, the owners sigview will be able to drive on such roads three times faster? Or in this case, also will be subject to the terms and moped riders?

In Russia in 2018, has sold about 32 thousand Segways and about 10 thousand monowheels. Often buy them for children and teenagers. Recall that the right category “M” is issued from the age of 16. This means that in case of approval the proposal of the head of the Union of pedestrians, the number of customers of sellers of small electric vehicle, most likely, will be considerably reduced.

Last summer reported on the proposal of the Deputy from the LDPR faction, which advocated the registration of alternative transport.


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Kupeobrazny Geely FY11 revealed in the “sports” version

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geely fy11

Geely fy11. От стандартного этот вариант отличается круговым обвесом в цвет кузова (вместо «чёрного пояса»), накладками на двери, двумя парами выпускных патрубков, затемнёнными элементами, алой вставкой в решётке и большими колёсами. Можно считать FY11 кросс-седаном, как Renault Arkana.

From the standard this is a circular body kit in body color (instead of black belt), lining on the door, two pairs of exhaust pipes, darkened elements, al insert in the grille and large wheels. FY11 can be considered cross-sedans, like Renault Arkana.

The company Geely to be congratulated on the development of the first model on the platform of the CMA (not to be confused with BMA). It unites coupe FY11 with a compact “Swede” Volvo XC40 and differs from Satin, resting on its own “cart” Geely. The mid-size crossover with “crushed” the roof, the idea will become the biggest and most expensive SUV in the range, and therefore, waiting for the flagship we have.

The issue of the official pictures shows about the imminent premiere. However, the Russian office Geely today sent along a teaser with the words about the similarities of the car with a predatory cat, grille “in the form of a concentric universe” and running lights like the “digital boom”. Say, a design center in Shanghai has found a new direction.

Recall the dimensions: length, width, height — 4605×1878×1643 mm, wheelbase — 2700. It is not surprising that the dimensions of the rookie close to the platform model Lynk & Co 01: 4530×1855×1654, 2730 mm.

Architecture interior Geely FY11 is more similar to a compact Geely SX11than all the other models in the CMA-kneading. This is a standard interior, no red inserts and stitching, and veneers “under carbon”. It’s funny that the handrail on the console can be confused with a “poker” of the Parking brake.

Under the hood of the SUV FY11 if prescribed turboservice 2.0 (in Swedish terminology T5), derated from 254 to 238 HP at the same torque 350 N•m. there are rumors about the use volvovsky Turbotronic 1.5 in the hybrid setup of the PHEV. In short, the forecasts are also on the Coupe, rolling brand Lynk & Co. Where, by the way, coupe from Volvo?



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Several cars are Audi A4, and A5 in Russia tightened the nuts

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Audi a4,Audi a5. По итогам года собратья Audi A4/A5 занимают вторую строку в своём классе в России. Весной немцы должны выкатить рестайлинговую машину, чтобы поднять интерес ещё больше.

Leonid Popov, 9 hours ago. Photo: Audi

Not enough or too tight threaded joints in the front axles (manufacturer preferred the term “tight improper”) has forced Audi to recall in our country, twelve instances of models A4 and A5sold in 2018. Will check them and if needed will replace the “wrong” parts in the chassis. Of course, free for owners.

A list of VIN codes of the vehicles falling under this opinion, as usual, can be downloaded from the website of Rosstandart on the link.

Interestingly, in the last couple of A4/A5 spoke in Russia as recently as November 2018 and also because threaded connections. One time improperly was screwed on the fuel rail. And besides, both of these models fall under a service campaign in the summer and fall about the potential of failure of the coolant pump.


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