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“Naked” flash mob in support of colleagues. Teacher from Russia took part in the unusual action

A recent case, when a part in a photo shoot in a swimsuit was dismissed 26-year-old teacher from Omsk, gave rise to a reaction. To protect colleagues stood Russian teacher, which are placed in the network Instagram your photos in bathing suits.

Recall, a young history teacher from Omsk starred for advertising women’s clothing store plus-size class. She was dressed in an indoor polka dot swimsuit, but she had an advertising photo shoot was decorated in the style of pin-up characteristic of the America of the 50s.


The school management has considered the behavior of the young specialist is unethical, under the pressure of the head teacher the girl had to write the application at own will. This case caused a scandal in the community, to protect Victoria stood by many, including her colleagues in the profession.

акция 2

Teachers from various Russian cities placed to Instagram their photos in swimsuits, commenting on them in a spirit of support for Victoria and the inappropriate denial of hypocrisy from the administration of school No. 7 of the city of Omsk.

учительница в купальнике 2

The main hashtag of the event was “whiteshield”.

Акция учителя в купальниках

I hope that these actions on the part of teachers will help to attract more attention to this problem, and in Victoria from Omsk all goes well!

Учительницы поддерживают коллегу в купальниках



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News. “It was dozens of girls!”

Name: Rita Dakota

Birthday: 09.03.1990 ( age: 28 years )

Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Eastern horoscope: the Horse

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Grandma and mom again this summer: Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to her second child – daughter

The famous TV presenter, around pregnancy which went so many rumors, gave birth to a girl. Thus, Lera Kudryavtseva, who is now 47, first became a grandmother this summer, and then – again mom.

Recently her son Jean was born Lenuka your own child, who was named Leo after his grandfather, the father of Lera Kudryavtseva. A newborn baby has little lion aunt, though younger than him. And the age difference between the first and second child Kudryavtseva is neither more nor less, and a whopping 28 years!


Lera has posted a touching and tender photos in your account Instagram, by signing the simple and clear “Daughter”. For her husband, hockey player Igor Makarov, the girl is the first child, so we congratulate him on his fatherhood, and Leroux – successful child birth and good health of all their big family!


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News. Bad advice Schwarzenegger

Mark Hamill (Mark Hamill), who played Luke Skywalker in the famous Saga, recently delighted fans by stating that he is returning to the franchise. And the mark fell to reminiscing and remembered that once gave incorrect advice to Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was in those days a rising star of cinema.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked my advice when I was starting out, wrote the mark on Twitter. – I advised him to get rid of my accent, so he could get more roles, and to change the name, because his real one could not pronounce. He did the opposite and became one of the greatest stars of all time”.

Schwarzenegger didn’t leave a message Mark without an answer. He stated that he is not mad at the actor for the advice. “Your advice was absolutely correct in any normal circumstances, and such were the rules then, – wrote Arnold. – I was a violator of all the rules.”

Mark Hamill recently invited the Hollywood other advice. He thinks he’s the star of President Donald trump on the Hollywood “walk of fame”, which was destroyed last month with the axe, must be replaced by star Carrie Fisher. The city Council voted to permanently remove the star trump, which is a symbolic gesture, as the Council has no power over the “walk of fame”. Immediately after this vote Hamill and offered to replace the star actress, the favorite in the role of Princess Leia.

Mark has recently stated that in the next movie space epic a cast of Carrie Fisher in the role of Leah. It is known that the actress will not replace the computer graphics and will be used real footage with the actress.

[embedded content]


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