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Makeup for brown eyes

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Dark eyes, passionate eyes! No doubt the owner of brown eyes received a priceless gift – the eye that fits almost the whole palette of colors. Will investigate this more thoroughly…

Usually girls with dark eyes have a dark skin tone, that is why to create beautiful makeup brown eyes, you should first pay attention to the choice Foundation. The fact that dark skin makeup brown eyes look more expressive and to emphasize it will help warm shades of blush. It is better to choose the color of dark walnut or chocolate, in a row, they truly hypnotic effect to your look. Will refresh your face pink and a peach blush.

If you are the owner of brown eyes, you better focus on the eyes, and lips should be left alone, at most they may need a gentle gloss shades. Paint them bright for everyday wear is recommended only in special cases.

Dark eyes – the perfect base for all sorts of experiments. You can try to create the mysterious look of an Oriental beauty by drawing arrows black or chocolate color. Generally, East multilevel makeup involves applying several shades of eye shadows and be sure to contour the eyes. Typically, this makeup brown eyes-fits-all dark-eyed girls, it is important not to forget that skin tone in this case must be dark (because in the East there are no girls with white skin).

If you are a brunette, your colors for makeup dark eyes – purple, blue, silver. You can make a beautiful make-up, using beige and gold colours: on the upper eyelid apply a shade of creme brulee, near the lash line to draw a line with a bronze pencil or eyeliner. Brunette perfect blue, gray and all neutral shades. The black-eyed blonde a rare phenomenon, but they always know that the contrast of their dark eyes and light hair – this is a huge advantage. This type is able to emphasize the normal black arrows, you can select dark eye color brown eye shadow or use a shade of blue, and any bright colors, they will highlight the natural eye color and accentuate naturalness.

In choosing the carcass be impartial – your color black. You can try to play on contrasts, choosing purple or green ink, but you run the risk of diverting the attention away from your dark eyes. Therefore, brown eyed girls, makeup artists advise you to choose black mascara double effect: lengthening and volume. Fluffy eyelashes will make the look in your brown eyes are the most expressive!

Radiation look will add proper illumination. On the upper eyelid apply the tone is slightly darker natural shade of your skin, and mid-century wyswietli lighter pearlescent shade. The result will amaze you! If, on the contrary, to give the look of mystery, look to greenish shades and find the one that suits you.

Actually makeup brown eyes is intended to be either very expressive or almost invisible. The main thing that it was neat and definitely fit the style and time of day.

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Smart HiMirror Is Your Outspoken Skincare Therapist

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Not you, teeming with wrinkles, red spots, and dark circles.

The interactive HiMirror smart mirror uses a built-in camera to analyze skin, track skincare goals, and record the results of various products.

It also reveals all your imperfections: exposed pores, dark spots, fine lines, roughness.

A harsh critic, the tablet-like device—available in Mini and Plus—promises a “revolutionary new approach” to the daily beauty routine.

On display at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the HiMirror has received a lot of attention, perhaps for its confidence-diminishing rating system, which scores your skin on a scale from one (worst) to 100 (best).

(CNET reporter Ashlee Clark-Thompson earned a 24.5 for dark circles, while The Verge’s Ashley Carman snagged ratings “within the 90s, not to brag or anything.”)

“More than just a mirror, HiMirror helps you assess your skin’s condition,” according to the product page, “so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem areas and move toward your beauty goals.”

[embedded content]

Users can sync skin analysis results—including monthly historical pictures and solution data—with a smartphone, allowing access to beauty advice “anytime, anywhere.” The companion app also highlights climate and UV index reports.

The 14-inch touchscreen allows users to go beyond the looking glass with an integrated “entertainment center,” where you’ll find news stories, weather forecasts, makeup tutorials, and streaming music.

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, meanwhile, can provide hands-free information while you contour; wave your hands at the screen or point the remote control to complete tasks, as well.

LED lights adorn each side of the mirror to simulate various scenarios: a sunset view, standing outside on a sunny day, working in a brightly lit office, shopping at the mall or supermarket, and spending the evening at a restaurant or party venue.

“These settings help you apply your makeup appropriately for the occasion and location,” the HiMirror website said.

Customers can order the original smart mirror for $199 direct from HiMirror. Or, splurge on the increased capacity of the Plus ($269) or Alexa capabilities of the Plus+ ($299). The award-winning HiMirror Mini is expected to hit U.S. shelves this summer.

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6 makeup mistakes that are aging you

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Makeup is a great tool to highlight your natural beauty. But there are some errors makeup that can visually boost your age. We will give some simple tips on the proper makeup to look younger.

1. The choice of a dark lipstick

Over time lips lose their fullness and dark color lipstick can exacerbate this effect, making them even more thin. If you decide to choose a darker lipstick, choose a more natural color. For example, mauve or purple highlight the lips and give the illusion of fullness. When choosing lip liner, limit your selection with a color that matches the color of your lips, not the lipstick, otherwise it will create the illusion of pre-loaded lips. Lip gloss will give your lips an even greater illusion of fullness, use one of these.

выбор темной помады

выбор темной помады

2. Choosing the wrong Foundation or concealer

Too bright or too dark Foundation will look dull and unnatural and will not give your image of youth. When choosing the right color Foundation, apply some on face, not on the hand, since hands are often a slightly different hue, different from the skin.

Important: the Foundation shade should match the color of your face before blending.

The same rules apply to concealers (corrector) for the correction of circles around the eyes, more light will emphasize the dark spots as much as dark. If you have dark circles under the eyes, select a color with a peach or yellow tone to neutralize the purple tone around the eyes.

выбор тональной основы

выбор тональной основы

3. The lack of attention to eyebrows

Eyebrows frame the face, making it more attractive. Over time, the eyebrows become more rare, especially if you intensively have them plucked. To add definition, use a shade slightly lighter than your hair.



4. Applying blush in the wrong place or the wrong color blush

Blush will definitely give your outfit a more youthful and perky look, but many only applied blush on her cheeks, making them neestestvenno and strange.

Continue a little blush along the cheekbones from under the center of the eye and slightly upward. Continue down a little blusher from the cheekbones to give joy and health to your outfit. Choose natural colors, preferably red tones, they give the youth and liveliness, whereas a dull bland color on the other hand can stress age.



5. The variety of shiny eye shadow and eyeliner

If you want to use glitter eye shadow or bright colors, choose preferably matte, because the glitter often settles in the folds and emphasizes wrinkles on the eyelids. You can apply glitter on the inner corners of the eyes it gives the look expressiveness. For eyeliner, you can apply a brown or gray pencil in the upper outer corner and then blend it.

тени для глаз

тени для глаз

6. Applying excessive amounts of makeup

A thick layer of Foundation or concealer settle into fine wrinkles and folds thus contrary podcherkivaet them and not mask. Think about how you can reduce the amount of cosmetics that combine or mix, not to apply layer after layer. When do you plan to cover up Shine with powder, keep in mind that it also reduces the reflection of light to your skin and it shows. Skin looks unnaturally matte, and matte surfaces you can see all the wrinkles. Find a middle ground, to reduce the Shine of oily skin and not to overdo it turning the face into a cement sculpture.

много косметики

много косметики

And the main rule is – experiment! We gave you General idea how it is undesirable to do and tips on how to do better. You will certainly find a recipe that fits best to look younger.


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The basic rules of the winter makeup

How to makeup in winter? How to choose winter makeup? Because the street waiting for you the wind, the cold or the dampness, and indoor air is often dry heating.

To save a flawless look to evening, try to perform some simple recommendations cosmetologists:

A moisturizing or nourishing cream?

For winter is more suitable nourishing because it contained components of the skin will be perfectly protected from redness, will not peel off and irritated. And such care needs for all skin types – even oily suffering in the cold season from the negative effects of the cold.

How to choose a “winter” Foundation?

For winter, the best option would be a cream rich in texture, water-and oil-based.


Unfortunately, carefully painted eyelashes in snow or frost seldom remain the same neat: ink spreads under the eyes, creating a disheveled look. Pick for winter special mascara is gel based, with polymers. This mascara is not afraid of any “enemy” – nor humidity, nor cold, no tears or sebum. Before applying mascara, powder your eyelids and gently take off excess mascara from the brush with a tissue. Such precautions will help to avoid lumps and gluing of cilia.

Lip care

Lips in the cold season, need special care because their skin is devoid of sebaceous glands, and therefore quickly dries and starts to peel off. In many cases it can reach even to the cracks on the lips – very painful and unpleasant. Buy lip balm containing vitamin E – this vitamin is a natural antioxidant, i.e. protects our lips from premature aging. Very well, if in the balm also includes natural oils – jojoba, avocado, etc. with gentle care these oils, the lips get more power, while the cracks heal quickly. If you already have problems with the lips – apply balm not only before leaving the house, but also at night.


There is a perception that the powder in the winter cause you can not, because it dries the skin. Perhaps this is true, but only if we are talking about powders “last generation”. Modern powder major manufacturers rich in minerals that help prevent skin dryness, nourish it and make more healthy. Just lightly powder your face on top of cream Foundation, a nourishing or moisturizing. If you do not use moisturizer – it is better not to apply the powder: it will look sloppy because you will not be able to achieve an even layer.


Choosing blush for the winter, pay attention to the shade of your natural blush that appears on my cheeks in the freezing weather. “Porcelain” gentle face benefit from blush bright cold tones, you can try quite transparent. Golden skin with peachy tint looks fantastic, if to accentuate the cheekbones pinkish-peach or orange blush. Darkie can make use of more vibrant hues. Exclusively to spring all shades of tan now they look unnatural.

The main rule – do not overdo it with makeup, because the correct winter makeup highlights a woman’s natural beauty.


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