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Love. Ideas for handmade gift to her husband on February 14

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Despite the fact that the holiday of lovers – is a European tradition that has migrated to us recently, some Russian couples enjoy celebrating it. This is good because there is another opportunity to talk about their feelings, especially among couples. You don’t even have to give anything big husband or wife for February 14th, and come up with something original, make it your own. Later in the article there are some simple and interesting ideas to gift my husband on this romantic holiday.

T-shirt handmade

Original t-shirt with printed their hands patterns is that you can give to her husband on Valentine’s Day and be sure he will be delighted.

To prepare:

  1. The usual cotton white mens t-shirt size.
  2. Acrylic paint on fabric.
  3. Brush.
  4. A white sheet and a black crayon.

Begin to create:

  1. You need to choose a funny romantic original drawing, such as two joyful cats cuddling, move it to full growth on a white sheet and cut around the black marker, to make it clearly visible.
  2. Put a sketch on the reverse side of the shirt. To circle with a pencil drawing on a t-shirt.
  3. Now you need to carefully paint with acrylic paints on fabric caused sketch. First, cut around the outline with a brush in black paint. If necessary, paint the details with color, such as red heart.

That’s all ready. Need a good dry t-shirt during the day and after from the inside to iron drawing iron without steam. After that t-shirt you can even wash.

[embedded content]

If you wish, you can put your autograph below the image, which you drew with your own hands.

Or add a congratulatory inscription wishes. Can even make t-shirts for both of you, a family bow. Use the same image or images that complement each other, make them interesting inscriptions.

Tea and sweets give original

Many women know that men love sweets. Why not give your loved one candy to tea, it is even possible with tea and make it very unusual.

This original sweet giftmade with your own hands is to give her husband on Valentine’s day.

To prepare:

  1. A tin can with tea in the shape of a cylinder.
  2. Long, in the form of a bar candy wrapper.
  3. Round candy in wrapper.
  4. Melt glue sticks.

Start working:

  • First, you need to glue a jar of sweets tea long in 2 rows on all sides. You need to gently bend the tails of the wrap to one side, coat lightly with glue and attach vertically in a row close to each other on the Bank. First the bottom row, then top row.

  • Now you need to make a handle for the mug. To do this, use 2 round candies. Sticking them in the same way, turning down the tails to one side pasted to the jar, directly on top of the long sweets. One candy sticking up, the second exactly underneath below. To them is attached a long handle candy.

  • Two long candy glued on top of the round, connecting them and forming the handle of the glass.

  • A glass ready. Place it on a beautiful stand made of cardboard and packaged in cellophane.

Can you not break your head over what to give on February 14, husband and original packaging with your own hands tea bags with confessions and candy like in the photo below.

To work you need to prepare:

  • the tea bags;
  • nice box;
  • color duplex paper;
  • the white bar;
  • glass jar with lid;
  • candy;
  • of the tape;
  • glue and scissors.

You need to do so:

  1. Red paper-cut pattern for 2 hearts for each tea bag. Attach them with glue instead of stickers. On each heart write a white bar nice words.
  2. In the box put some sliced strips folded in an accordion of paper. Put the tea bags. Tie ribbon and attach the bow.
  3. Now to decorate the jar. For this you need to steal acrylic paint cover if it is not monochromatic. In a jar add up the candies and tie the jar with a ribbon or tape.
  4. Gift is ready. You can write a message on a little card and tie it to the neck of the jar.

There is another original way to present candy favorite. Most importantly, it’s easy to do, and the result is striking in its beauty and sentimentality.

Prepare to work:

  • glass jar with lid;
  • colorful candies;
  • braid or ribbon, lace;
  • colored paper, felt;
  • paper small openwork napkin under the mug;
  • paper – based to cards;
  • paints and glue.

To make everything simple:

  1. For the jars cut heart out of felt. Stick with the front wall banks fishnet paper napkin on top of the heart from felt and tie around lace braid. Pour in a jar of candy and close the lid.
  2. For cards you need to cut several hearts from colored paper. Glue the hearts are 2 toned paint edges and stick on the front side of the postcard series. Supplement composition bows of ribbon or tape.
  3. Inside of the postcard to write a tender acceptance.
  4. Such a sweet and romantic composition give the man on February 14 in the morning, putting on the table.

Edible bouquets

At least the original edible but not sweet bouquetmade with your own hands you can give a man on February 14, and put in it what you love your partner.

Prepare to work:

  • sausage, vegetables, herbs, lemon, cheese;
  • a bottle of your favorite liquor;
  • wooden skewers;
  • any twine or strong rope;
  • knife;
  • plastic wrap;
  • the Kraft paper.

Start to assemble the bouquet:

  1. Gently slice across the sausage, cheese in equal parts, arrange them on skewers.
  2. Cut in half lemon, planted his bottom on the skewers and wrap with foil.
  3. Arrange them on skewers with other vegetables.
  4. Large components of the bouquet, for example in cheese packaging can be attached to multiple skewers and after to fix the film.
  5. The bottle must be screwed to a large number of skewers several layers of film.
  6. The resulting parts privernuty to the skewers you need to collect a bunch and tightly wrap the cling film below the base of the skewers to secure. Then secure with tape. The bottle position in the center of the composition around the part larger, then small.
  7. Add to the composition a few sprigs of fresh herbs, attach them with tape or cling film.
  8. Now we have to wrap the bouquet. Take a rectangular piece of Kraft paper, roll it into a corner and wrap the top part of the bouquet, secure with tape or pins.
  9. Then wrap another layer of paper the whole bouquet and tie a rope.
  10. The bouquet is ready. This is a brutal for men’s gift that your beloved will be very happy.

Original mugs for two

Here’s what to get husband for Valentine’s Day – an original pair of mugs, painted with his hands. They’re pretty easy to do.

You need to prepare for work:

  • two normal mugs without pattern;
  • the sketch, printed on the printer;
  • paint markers MARVY DECOCOLOR ;
  • double sided tape and scissors.

You need to do so:

  1. The printed image you are highlighting a simple soft pencil. The lines need to hold thick, in several layers.
  2. Face to attach sketch to the mug tightly with tape.
  3. Pencil to shade the entire surface of the taped sketch. Unpin the paper and the circle will be the outline drawing.
  4. Markers to outline drawing on the printed lines.
  5. In this style to paint the handle and add a few elements on the perimeter of the Cup.
  6. Paint markers dry up pretty quickly. These mugs can be washed under running water, but not in the dishwasher, because the picture will be erased.

Of these romantic mugs you can drink it in the morning with a drink together.

[embedded content]

Fridge magnet

Original, memorable, romantic fridge magnet made with your own hands, you can give to her husband on February 14.

In order to do need:

  • printed romantic image or your photo;
  • thick felt for the base,
  • glue: melt and universal;
  • pens or markers;
  • wide transparent adhesive tape;
  • magnet.

To do so:

  1. To cut out the image with a small margin.
  2. Glue the picture on a universal adhesive to the felt.
  3. To make labels on the picture with a marker.
  4. On top to seal the picture with tape and accurately cut the entire workpiece contour.
  5. On termokey to glue a magnet on the back of the workpiece.
  6. The souvenir is ready. It is possible to give to her husband, gluing on the fridge, along with a letter which will be your Declaration of love.

Romantic movie

Invite your husband to watch the movie. But it will not be a banal trip to the cinema. Create your own hands film your personal story. Use program for video editing, or ask for help from a professional. Pre-select your best photos and videos.

The habit during the movie we chew popcorn or any sweets. Prepare husband a romantic snacks:

  1. It may be popcorn, packaged in a box with a heart.
  2. A bunch of jellies. Different mermaids put on skewers, gather in a bouquet, Packed in a stylish paper.
  3. Jars with small candies, crackers or chips that you can decorate with your own hands.
  4. You can warn the wife that he his not a normal movie, and a romantic story with you as the main characters, let it be a surprise.

Some ideas for gift your hands have to live on.

[embedded content]

Handmade gifts that you make yourself, it’s the special things that have a unique feature – they are made by the hands of a loved one. This is the value of the gift. Well, if you do it with skill, following the instructions, it will be doubly good.


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News. Tata Karapetyan first told, how survived the departure of her husband to lopyrevoy

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Tatevik Karapetyan for the first time after her divorce from Igor Bulatov gave an interview and spoke about the adultery of the former husband. To speak frankly about the incident, the woman agreed with representatives of the magazine “Tatler”.

Tata said that he was familiar with 15 years. Their luxurious wedding took place at the insistence of her parents. Immediately after the triumph of the young began to live with them in the same house. Father-in-law and mother-in-law was good in law. Tats my mom often had to cook them Breakfast, and his father introduced Bulatov own business. Samvel, had taught him many things and gave a strong career start.

Tatevik is convinced that the test of money and fame are not all. Igor could not resist. He thought he could continue to go on their own.

The daughter of the billionaire said that about the cheating spouse has learned from the media. For her it was a big surprise. She consulted with her parents and immediately filed for divorce. Igor was dismissed from his post.

According to Tata, the life after the betrayal and departure of Igor it is not stopped. On the contrary, the situation has become for her a big step forward. A woman in a fully realized its responsibility towards its own family. She has no right to throw tantrums and scandals, and should behave with restraint and dignity.

The act of a former husband Karapetyan called a big stupidity and idiocy, because the man loomed large prospects, personally disowned them, in fact, reversing the future in big business. According to Tata, it is a voluntary self-destruction.

About a new relationship the woman is to say not ready. Moreover, at the moment it does not allow in the mind thoughts of the future marriage. Now Tatevik educates children from Igor and combines this with work. In the company of his father, a woman holds the position of first Vice-President of the Tashir group.

[embedded content]​

During that time, Bulatov, since the publication of photos from Miami in company with lopyrevoy, Tatevik never seen Igor, but to prevent contact with children, neither she nor her family are not going to. If you wish to meet with children Igor must agree in advance on the time and place of the meeting. However, for all this time the man saw them only twice.


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Many fans of the outfit Buzova not appreciated.

The other day a solemn ceremony of the film award at the Moscow international film festival. Traditionally, stars have sought to choose for this occasion a special, memorable way. Although most of the guests took seriously a note on the invitation “black tie” and came in black outfits ММКФ



ММКФfound among Russian celebrities and those who prefer to stand out from the crowd.ММКФ


19 April “Chinareport” arranged a traditional party Total white. And Olga Buzova distinguished, due to the way. For celebration she chose lush delicate floral dress, telling fans on Instagram that really wants to feel like a Princess at the party. Ольга Бузова

And although the dress is indeed very beautiful, subscribers choice Buzova not appreciated. And all because in exactly the same garb already flaunted before the public a year ago Maria Kozhevnikova. Мария КожевниковаThen her outfit also caused a storm of emotions in the Network, because they Kozhevnikova shone on the wedding of a friend and many compared it with the bride. Now the comparison is between lookами Olga and Maria. Many followers believe that there Buzova loses. Because Kozhevnikova looks in this dress more effectively. Ольга Бузова


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