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Literary contest. Gift

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“So, on the nose defender of the Fatherland Day. Need husband to buy a present, made a thoughtful look and scratched his head manyasha. — What to give?” — she attended to the eternal question.

To sit at home and sort out in my head various options useless. It is necessary to immediately cut off all what you have to buy the Manyasha was strictly forbidden: TV, various tools and stuff. Then delete that manyasha in life would never buy herself clothes and shoes — as her husband must sign off on. Otherwise, the item will be roaming out of the closet in the closet as long as never wear not rest in the garbage. What remains? Any small things of type of purse or any good leather belt.

So, the prospects for a more or less marked, and therefore the “legs up” and go shopping.

Like a true woman, manyasha could not immediately, not paying attention to other outlets to go to the store which sold leather. She sine went into all the shops that have just met. After some time, manyasha, Packed with bags of shopping, more like a tree where instead of toys hung numerous multi-colored packages.

And then, as always, a miracle happened! Miracle on the miracle to happen suddenly. In one of the showcases Shoe store manyasha saw shoes. It was not just shoes — it was a dream.

“Stop, you immediately straightened yourself manyasha. Dreams cost money and, as a rule, considerable. Let’s say I buy myself these shoes and my dream will come true. And how I will live without a dream? Without a dream is boring”.

She closed her eyes and tried to slip past the shop. But her feet wouldn’t listen. After all, they, feet, and was such a beauty, and they feet, quite cheekily made a Manyasha to the store.

In one of the showcases Shoe store manyasha saw shoes. It was not just shoes — it was a dream.

— What did you choose? — instantly drew near Manyasha saleswoman.

“No,” I tried to brush it off. manyasha and was about to leave the store, but then one of her feet turned up, and manyasha collapsed on the bench.

— Maybe something view? — did not lag behind it the saleswoman.

— Look, — has agreed to manyasha to justify their stay on the bench. — Those shoes — she said in his dream.

Great choice — praised her shop. — We have now just sale. These shoes are 50% off.

“Oh, wow, surprised manyasha. If they are so much discounted cost, how much do they cost without the discount? No, this option is not for socks, and for the Museum.”

While manyasha reasoned, the saleswoman brought her the coveted pair. Manyasha took off the boots and tried on shoes. His feet immediately began to send in manachyn brain such pulses of pleasure and happiness that manyasha seriously thinking about buying.

— How much?

— Split it in half, smiled the saleswoman.

“It’s a penny” — immediately responded to information legs, taking in allies brain.

“Holy shit penny, — was offended by them manyasha. — The penny yet and have to earn”.

“So we help to make to you. And not even the pennies, and rubles,” — defended its right to shoes feet.

“Look at the sandals. Here are the ones on the bottom shelf” — gave an indication of the brains Manyasha, who very much liked the impulses that sent them feet.

“You’re right,” interrupted a discussion manyasha and a steady hand to make the payment.

“Look at the sandals. Here are the ones on the bottom shelf” — gave an indication of the brains Manyasha, who very much liked the impulses that sent them feet.

“No!” silently roared manyasha.

“Think about it” went to the provocation of the brain.

— How much are the sandals? — surrendered manyasha.

— Divide by two, again smiled the saleswoman. Manyasha took her smile as a snake. — You think, ‘ continued the clerk, — we have a sale a week will last.

— Thank you, — sweet-and thanked the saleswoman manyasha. Sandals wanted to buy, but the price…

“Once in a lifetime live. I die to remember. Okay, let’s think about this question,” she said to herself she.

Only after leaving the store, manyasha realized that she had almost no money to buy a gift to her husband.

“Ah, — waved manyasha. — Buy him socks. Because the roads are not gift, and attention. Even if these socks will throw out — no great loss”.

She quickly chose good socks, considering his duty fulfilled.

Arriving home, manyasha threw a box of shoes in the hallway and ran to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

— You bought something? — grew up in the kitchen husband with a treasured box in her hands.

Husband quickly took himself in hand. He probably figured out that the rage and stomp their feet useless. Shoes already purchased and to fix anything is impossible.

Shoes. Themselves, immediately said manyasha.

— How much? — asked the husband.

When manyasha announced the amount, the eyes of her husband made a Brownian motion. And every eye was moving along its trajectory. But this movement lasted for a moment. Husband quickly took himself in hand. He probably figured out that the rage and stomp their feet useless. Shoes already purchased and to fix anything is impossible.

— Try, — he opened the box.

Manyasha quickly put her shoes on.

— You have beautiful legs — opening of husband.

— And the shoes? asked manyasha.

— These shoes are worthy of such legs, is made florid compliment Manasse blessed.

— Do you like? — glad manyasha.

— Of course — gave her a forced smile husband.

I also bought a gift, he said manyasha husband a bag with socks. — I congratulate you with defender of the Fatherland Day.

“Thank you,” without enthusiasm thanked Manyasha husband. — Gifts are always nice to receive. Because the roads are not gift, and attention.

“You know,” decided to strike while the iron is hot, manyasha, in Shoe sale. Maybe me and sandals to buy?

— Of course, dear, ‘ assented the husband. — Just consider that I earn money, and do not print. Plan a budget so that we at least bread remained.

“Sandals is necessary to take decided manyasha. — Bread — no problem. And in General the food program we have solved. Of course, I have not counted everything to the gram, but I think that a company of soldiers we can a month to feed. And the menu they will have a health resort. But if you only want sweet bread — bread he is. At least from the Russian stove, at least from the bread machine. As you say. So tomorrow morning to shop for sandals. You can then run to the store to buy more men. After all, he loves attention. And so he shall receive.”

Deciding an important question, manyasha went to bed early so tomorrow morning before work to run to the store and buy sandals.


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News. The ex-soloist of group Spice Girls was in the hospital

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The most provocative soloist of group Spice Girls Mel b (Melanie brown) was on the operating table. As it turned out, one of the night clubs of London girl suffered serious injuries, including broken ribs and a severe laceration of the hand.

What exactly happened to her, Melanie says. However, the state that she demonstrated on the page in Instagram, put there the photo, which shows that the girl is in a hospital bed. In a post that the singer had attached to the picture, she thanked the doctors for its emergency assistance. There’s also Mel explained that he had spent on the operating table for about three hours. In addition, for their most loyal fans, the soloist of “Spice Girls” wrote that she is really very painful, but nothing to worry about as it is good looking doctors.

Also, the girl apologized for the fact that the presentation of her book, which was to be held in the United States in the near future, postponed indefinitely. Mel b said that this meeting will take place as soon as she finally recovered.

[embedded content]​

Recall that Melanie brown is the most controversial of all the participants of the once popular musical group. The girl has been at the center of attention, including has admitted to problems with alcohol and attempts to settle scores with life. The last event happened in 2014 when the star took a lethal dose of pills. However, then the doctors managed to perform a miracle and save her. Currently, Melanie has three children all of them girls. It is known that her middle daughter angel was born from actor Eddie Murphy, which, however, is not immediately admitted his paternity.


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News. The father of Meghan Markle asks daughter to get in touch

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The father of Meghan Markle Thomas gave another interview for the newspaper, in which he asks his daughter and Prince Harry talk to him. Thomas, who turned 74 years, last spoke with his daughter before her wedding.

In an interview with the Sunday edition of the Daily Mail, he said that sent “a few” of her daughter, but never received any response. The problem in the relationship between Thomas and his daughter started when he tried to sell photos of themselves paparazzi in front of the Royal wedding in may. The wedding itself he was forced to miss due to a heart attack.

Megan herself has been silent about what remains of her relationship with the father.

“I plead with her to answer my phone call, says Thomas. – I wrote a letter to two pages and sent it to her through her representatives in Los Angeles. I ask her why she believes the lies. I also note that the Royal family is not a pattern of behavior. I wrote her that never played pool naked and did not wear a Nazi uniform.” Thomas makes a link to photos of Prince Harry partying in Las Vegas emerged in 2012, and the case in 2005 when Harry was wearing something resembling a Nazi uniform with a swastika on the sleeve.

Thomas says he even hand-deliver a letter to Doria, mother of Megan and his ex-wife to ask her why their daughter refuses to talk to him. Thomas insists that he did not give interviews to the tabloids, despite the fact that the paparazzi constantly appear near his home, and believes that such attitude on the part of his daughter’s undeserved.

“I don’t sell any stories, he says. – People made it so that my daughter and her husband believed the lie, when they themselves told me never to do that. They think I give hundreds of interviews. This is nonsense. I’m not perfect, I made mistakes, but my punishment is too strong for my small crime. Even to murderers in prison and their daughters come to visit the fathers.”

[embedded content]


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10 dresses Vera Brezhneva will give a chance to rescue the little girl

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Despite her young age, Kaya successfully conquering the world of fashion.

The daughter of the legendary model Cindy Crawford this year managed to overtake Bella Hadid, Adwoa Aboa, Winnie Harlow, Adut ACEC and became the winner of the title “model of the year” at the “British Fashion Awards 2018”. Кайя Гербер In addition to universal acceptance, the girl made history the fashion industry, as the youngest representative of the model profession to win the coveted title.Кайя Гербер Кайя Гербер Кайя Гербер
To understand how honorable was the award, just remember that the same title previously awarded: Cara Delevingne, Kate moss, Jourdan Dunn, and Lily Cole.

By the way, the prize Kaya received a well-deserved. Indeed, despite his young age (17 years), she has cooperated with several fashion houses, managed to create a limited edition collection of handbags from Marc Jacobs, and along with Karl Lagerfeld headed the overall project.


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