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Literary contest. Gift

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“So, on the nose defender of the Fatherland Day. Need husband to buy a present, made a thoughtful look and scratched his head manyasha. — What to give?” — she attended to the eternal question.

To sit at home and sort out in my head various options useless. It is necessary to immediately cut off all what you have to buy the Manyasha was strictly forbidden: TV, various tools and stuff. Then delete that manyasha in life would never buy herself clothes and shoes — as her husband must sign off on. Otherwise, the item will be roaming out of the closet in the closet as long as never wear not rest in the garbage. What remains? Any small things of type of purse or any good leather belt.

So, the prospects for a more or less marked, and therefore the “legs up” and go shopping.

Like a true woman, manyasha could not immediately, not paying attention to other outlets to go to the store which sold leather. She sine went into all the shops that have just met. After some time, manyasha, Packed with bags of shopping, more like a tree where instead of toys hung numerous multi-colored packages.

And then, as always, a miracle happened! Miracle on the miracle to happen suddenly. In one of the showcases Shoe store manyasha saw shoes. It was not just shoes — it was a dream.

“Stop, you immediately straightened yourself manyasha. Dreams cost money and, as a rule, considerable. Let’s say I buy myself these shoes and my dream will come true. And how I will live without a dream? Without a dream is boring”.

She closed her eyes and tried to slip past the shop. But her feet wouldn’t listen. After all, they, feet, and was such a beauty, and they feet, quite cheekily made a Manyasha to the store.

In one of the showcases Shoe store manyasha saw shoes. It was not just shoes — it was a dream.

— What did you choose? — instantly drew near Manyasha saleswoman.

“No,” I tried to brush it off. manyasha and was about to leave the store, but then one of her feet turned up, and manyasha collapsed on the bench.

— Maybe something view? — did not lag behind it the saleswoman.

— Look, — has agreed to manyasha to justify their stay on the bench. — Those shoes — she said in his dream.

Great choice — praised her shop. — We have now just sale. These shoes are 50% off.

“Oh, wow, surprised manyasha. If they are so much discounted cost, how much do they cost without the discount? No, this option is not for socks, and for the Museum.”

While manyasha reasoned, the saleswoman brought her the coveted pair. Manyasha took off the boots and tried on shoes. His feet immediately began to send in manachyn brain such pulses of pleasure and happiness that manyasha seriously thinking about buying.

— How much?

— Split it in half, smiled the saleswoman.

“It’s a penny” — immediately responded to information legs, taking in allies brain.

“Holy shit penny, — was offended by them manyasha. — The penny yet and have to earn”.

“So we help to make to you. And not even the pennies, and rubles,” — defended its right to shoes feet.

“Look at the sandals. Here are the ones on the bottom shelf” — gave an indication of the brains Manyasha, who very much liked the impulses that sent them feet.

“You’re right,” interrupted a discussion manyasha and a steady hand to make the payment.

“Look at the sandals. Here are the ones on the bottom shelf” — gave an indication of the brains Manyasha, who very much liked the impulses that sent them feet.

“No!” silently roared manyasha.

“Think about it” went to the provocation of the brain.

— How much are the sandals? — surrendered manyasha.

— Divide by two, again smiled the saleswoman. Manyasha took her smile as a snake. — You think, ‘ continued the clerk, — we have a sale a week will last.

— Thank you, — sweet-and thanked the saleswoman manyasha. Sandals wanted to buy, but the price…

“Once in a lifetime live. I die to remember. Okay, let’s think about this question,” she said to herself she.

Only after leaving the store, manyasha realized that she had almost no money to buy a gift to her husband.

“Ah, — waved manyasha. — Buy him socks. Because the roads are not gift, and attention. Even if these socks will throw out — no great loss”.

She quickly chose good socks, considering his duty fulfilled.

Arriving home, manyasha threw a box of shoes in the hallway and ran to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

— You bought something? — grew up in the kitchen husband with a treasured box in her hands.

Husband quickly took himself in hand. He probably figured out that the rage and stomp their feet useless. Shoes already purchased and to fix anything is impossible.

Shoes. Themselves, immediately said manyasha.

— How much? — asked the husband.

When manyasha announced the amount, the eyes of her husband made a Brownian motion. And every eye was moving along its trajectory. But this movement lasted for a moment. Husband quickly took himself in hand. He probably figured out that the rage and stomp their feet useless. Shoes already purchased and to fix anything is impossible.

— Try, — he opened the box.

Manyasha quickly put her shoes on.

— You have beautiful legs — opening of husband.

— And the shoes? asked manyasha.

— These shoes are worthy of such legs, is made florid compliment Manasse blessed.

— Do you like? — glad manyasha.

— Of course — gave her a forced smile husband.

I also bought a gift, he said manyasha husband a bag with socks. — I congratulate you with defender of the Fatherland Day.

“Thank you,” without enthusiasm thanked Manyasha husband. — Gifts are always nice to receive. Because the roads are not gift, and attention.

“You know,” decided to strike while the iron is hot, manyasha, in Shoe sale. Maybe me and sandals to buy?

— Of course, dear, ‘ assented the husband. — Just consider that I earn money, and do not print. Plan a budget so that we at least bread remained.

“Sandals is necessary to take decided manyasha. — Bread — no problem. And in General the food program we have solved. Of course, I have not counted everything to the gram, but I think that a company of soldiers we can a month to feed. And the menu they will have a health resort. But if you only want sweet bread — bread he is. At least from the Russian stove, at least from the bread machine. As you say. So tomorrow morning to shop for sandals. You can then run to the store to buy more men. After all, he loves attention. And so he shall receive.”

Deciding an important question, manyasha went to bed early so tomorrow morning before work to run to the store and buy sandals.


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House. Beautiful articles in the May 9 contest at school

We offer a selection of simple and beautiful crafts on may 9, which the student can perform with their hands to the competition. Draw the data step by step workshops that all crafts are fast enough. Any of the products presented, the child will be able to carry on the themed competition.

Greeting card with doves of peace

Hack on may 9, with their hands on the competition in school is made quickly and the result is very original.

What you will need:

  • colored cardboard DIY blue, Golden, red or pink;
  • paper – white, red;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • the PVA glue.


  • On a blue cardboard do the layout from the top on the front side, then from the back side, draws the four lines.
  • First, from the edge of the paper to the right along its length delay size is equal to the desired width of the main cards, put the point on the reverse side.
  • The size on the left, divide in half and put another point. Turn the paper and across the width, draws the two main lines at the marked points.

  • Next, from the main lines of the count of 3 cm to the left and hold for another two auxiliary lines.
  • Turn the paper on the front side and make bends at the cut lines, folding the paper a kind of accordion.
  • The basis of the cards are ready, now prepare the elements.
  • Cut out of white paper 4 dove template which can be downloaded in advance.

  • On each workpiece of a dove-drawn with a felt pen eyes.
  • Golden cardboard cut out of a Bay twig, and red paper cut out the inscription “9th of may”.
  • Glue doves, distributing them one by one on the outer surfaces of the card and two on the Central surface. Have pigeons so that they went beyond the surfaces of the cards, creating a voluminous effect.
  • The inscription glue on the crafts bottom and a sprig of Golden paper pasted on the last surface of the postcard on may 9 on the left side. As you can see, this hack you can run your hands quickly and beautifully, and carry on the contest in the school.

Card with flowers on may 9

This master class also enables you to receive the outcome of simple creative work – beautiful and original card. This hack may 9, with their hands on competition in school can make every child.

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What you’ll need:

  • coloured cardboard for crafts – pink or red;
  • three artificial flower;
  • cut the ribbon of St. George;
  • printed poem on the theme of the great Victory;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • lighter;
  • line.


  • Turn construction paper and make markings, dragging a first line means over the entire length, as shown in the video.
  • The length of the cardboard sheet on one side, divide into several sections off from the edge to the left first, two small cut for the first stage of the postcard.
  • Next, we will have two steps, but from this calculation and perform the rest of the line.

  • On the Central line, dividing the cardboard in half, make a cut to avoid cutting on the left is one size right and one size level.
  • Half of the cards without marking bend in half and half with markup bend steps, as shown in the photo.

  • Now that the basis of the cards ready, prepare items themed decor.

  • Cut your printed poem and “Solarium” the paper on which it is printed. Why use tea leaves or tea bags and a sponge. After the paper dries, iron it iron.
  • The edge of the paper scorched with fire from a lighter.

  • Glue the prepared blank to the left of the postcard.
  • The bottom of the cards have slightly twisted a ribbon, fasten it in place with glue.

  • Glue the ribbon on one of the prepared flower.
  • The other two have a flower on the step crafts – greeting cards, made with their own hands, quickly and very beautiful on may 9.
  • From the bottom glue on the step a small rectangle cut from gold cardboard, making the inscription on it with a Sharpie “on may 9!”. Hack on competition in school ready.

Bouquet of carnations

To perform these flowers can even Win schoolboy 1 class, and it turns out very beautiful and impressive.

What you’ll need:

  • paper red and white, can be made only red carnations;
  • segments chenille wire green;
  • a pair of scissors.


  1. Folding paper napkins unfolded on top of each other on 2 – 3 napkins.
  2. Then each rectangular blank folded like an accordion.
  3. In the middle tie the edge of the chenille wire.
  4. The ends of the folded rectangles to draw with scissors.
  5. Straighten design, lifting one layer up the petals, clove finish.
  6. So make a festive bouquet – crafts made with your own hands on may 9. Bouquet eagerly classify the competition in school in 3rd grade, not forgetting to bandage his St. George ribbon.

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Brooch for a veteran

Running hack in the technique of kanzashi, to learn that the school will want girls, 3rd class.

What you’ll need:

  • black felt base in the form of a circle with a diameter of 6 cm;
  • REP ribbon with a width of 2 5 cm with a print of the St. George ribbon – 1 m;
  • glue gun;
  • button to decorate the center of the composition;
  • tweezers for kanzashi;
  • the clasp of the brooch;
  • polymer clay in the syringe.


  1. From strips cut five lengths for the DIY on may 9, a length of 11 cm.
  2. Each segment is wrapped so that connected “lap” ends. The connection line put a kind of accordion that is inserted in the tweezers and fixed on the candle flame, sapaeva design.
  3. So prepare the five elements, then combine them together in the shape of a flower, gluing each flower to each other using glue gun.
  4. In the center of the prepared glue a button right in the theme of the celebration.
  5. The remaining part of the ribbon folded in half, fasten the fold with glue.
  6. Coat the top of the folded ribbon and glue to the felt circle.
  7. On the other hand felt circle, glue the clasp of the brooch, with a glue gun.
  8. Finally paste the flower from the ribbons, made with his own hands, on a felt base. Cut the bottom of the ribbon triangles.

The garland decoration is ready, you can submit to school on may 9th.

[embedded content]

Volumetric star Victory

For making this DIY may 9, for a contest at school, which may well overpower the 4 students with their hands, at the initial stage will require the assistance of adults. The child with pleasure will brighten ready a big star.

What to prepare:

  • A1 format paper;
  • pencil;
  • protractor;
  • glue gun;
  • paper napkins red;
  • stapler.


  • On paper with the help of an adult make line six-pointed star. It’s not difficult, having the protractor. Delay between the beams at 60 * and draw a six-pointed star in the contest, which will be held in the school.

  • Choose any cut between the two rays and make a cut to the center of the connection rays.

  • All beams bend upwards, one coat of glue.

  • Combine the fluff with the adjacent beam, the whole structure we have become voluminous.
  • Turn her cone up and start manufacturing the elements of stars.

  • Disclose all the napkins and fold each other two or three jokes. Re turn to its original form.
  • Fastened all the boxes of napkins stapled in the center. Fillet the edges of the napkins, make round cuts.

  • Raspishem all preparations for cloves and glue on the star. We turned out just gorgeous Terry star.

  • Moreover, it can be decorated with cloves, as one color or combine colors.
  • The star of the contest, performed step-by-step description, suitable as a self-sufficient form, and in other compositions.

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Picture by may 9

The peace theme also is always present at competitions dedicated to Victory Day, the pigeons, the flowers that traditionally accompany all the festivities.

What you’ll need:

  • photo frame of A4 format;
  • a small segment of the material Tamarana milky;
  • satin ribbon width 2, 5 cm – red, white, grey;
  • satin ribbons 6mm wide;
  • cord steely tonal grey satin tape;
  • chenille wire is red.
  • polybutene black;
  • candle;
  • St. George ribbon;
  • tweezers for kanzashi.


  • On the paper draw two doves and the eternal flame to do so could every primary school.

  • Parse the prepared frame, retrieved from a carton. The cardboard from the frame paste Tamarana, sticking it with glue around the perimeter.
  • The blend of our pigeons and bottom have the eternal flame. With a toothpick pierce the contours of the workpieces, the workpiece clean.

  • In the middle of the picture glue a ribbon, with its spectacular waves. Decorate the middle of the tape prepared by the stars, or one big star.

  • From the grey ribbon make a small sharp petals in the technique of kanzashi, and fasten them over the flame of a candle. These elements will need a lot of white, red and gray ribbon, so it is better to prepare in advance.

  • Paste grey petals of the base of the eternal flame. The fire sizing red petals.

  • Decorate with cut cord border between the fire and the ground.
  • Also using white petals sizing their circuits pigeons, having the petals of sharp ends outside the contour, creating the effect of feathers. Glue black polybutene as a beak.
  • Petals fill the entire surface of pigeons, feet glued red.

  • For free make greeting captions on may 9. Glue down the two dates, making figures from chenille wire.
  • Collect re-frame and get the best crafts made with your own hands for the contest.

Salute on may 9.

Very simple crafts suitable for making into a contest with the elementary school children.

What you’ll need:

  • multicolored cocktail straws;
  • chenille wire or plastic straps for DIY;
  • cut the ribbons;
  • wooden stick from the kit for plants.


  1. Put tubes surround the beam and bandages in the middle of any scrap material you have available.
  2. All of the tube bending, lifting so that the “rays salute” scattered in different directions.
  3. So we make two or three blanks, and attached to a wooden stick, positioning them on different levels.
  4. On a stick tied in a bow a ribbon, it came out beautifully and very quickly.

Tank for the Victory day

Thematic contest on may 9 in the school will probably be a sufficient number of different products-tanks you can try to compete with them. To perform such a simple hack it can be the disciple 1 class.

What you’ll need:

  • set corrugated paper for quilling green color.
  • scissors;
  • adhesive;
  • star red;
  • coloured cardboard for crafts – dark green.


  1. From strips of corrugated paper roll 10 of the wheels to the tank and glue the ends.
  2. Bonded for 5 wheels between them, and the extreme wheels with offset glue them up.
  3. Whole strips of the same corrugated paper paste the wheel, so we did the tracks of the tank.
  4. Of green cardboard, cut out a small rectangle of arbitrary size, glue it to the treads of the tank top.
  5. The armor of the tank mounted double tower. Make a double tower of two pieces, one of larger diameter, the other smaller.
  6. Billet twist like the wheels from strips of corrugated paper for quilling.
  7. Glue towers together and glue onto green paper of rectangular shape, which is the armor of the tank.
  8. From a rectangle cut from the same cardboard as the armor, twist the barrel. Glue it in place, glued to the end of a small twisted part.
  9. On top of the tower, glue the small circle – hatch, and glue the star on the side.
  10. Tank set-crafts, made with their own hands for the competition to any stand and glue the twisted a ribbon. On the pedestal you can make the inscription dedicated to the may 9 celebrations.

[embedded content]

From this set of workshops it is possible to choose what will please the child. You can participate in the creative process of making crafts with their hands to the competition at the school on may 9th. As can be seen from the descriptions, special training is required, all materials used are simple and accessible.


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News. Konstantin Bogomolov the song fell in love with Ksenia Sobchak

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Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak no longer ashamed of his feelings. Lovers do not simply appear together at social events, but does not shy away from the passionate embrace and touching declarations of love.

Approximately the same picture was observed guests at the birthday party of columnist of “Harper’s Bazaar” Michael Druan. On this evening Ksenia and Konstantin for the first time openly succumbed to the feelings, and captured on video their friend Svetlana Bondarchuk.

First, the ex-wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk just filmed performance of Bogomolova. Theater Director performed for all those present at the evening one of the hits of Philip Kirkorov. At the same time, his gaze was focused only to the beloved. And after that happened at all is incredible. Singing the touching words, “You alone must know: I love you forever”, he went to Sobchak and hugged her, continuing performance, dancing with her. And I must say that She just glowed with genuine happiness and even was embarrassed.

❤it’s amazing

Publication of Sveta RU (@a030aa) 20 Mar 2019 12:34 PDT

It should be noted that many users of social network Instagram, where Bondarchuk and released a video this turn of events, fell in love. “Love Ksenia is beautiful, very happy for her”, “Beautiful”, “so happy both, that’s really cool,” wrote the fans of the newly formed pair. But, there were those who still continued to believe everything that happens in PR. After all, Sobchak, and Bogomolov, and Vitorgan currently undergoing important career events.

[embedded content]

However, many still believe in the sincerity of the feelings shown. Well, let’s wait and see.


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Sofia Rotaru is struggling with a serious illness

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The singer hardly appears in public and gives concerts.

For the first time about the serious health problems of the singer of Sofia Rotaru media started talking last summer. Then doctors diagnosed celebrity ishemicski attack and foci migrated strokes.

Now star new reasons for treatment. Or rather, well forgotten old. We are talking about tuberculosis, which the artist had in 27 years of age. Then the doctors were able to stop the disease, but now, when the singer was 71 years, tuberculosis has again attacked her emaciated body. Now Sofia Rotaru is undergoing chemotherapy. During the treatment, she has changed a lot. And outdoor photo that managed to make the omnipresent media, the star looks very tired.София Ротару
I sincerely wish our beloved singer strength and victory over the insidious disease.


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