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Literary contest. Gift

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“So, on the nose defender of the Fatherland Day. Need husband to buy a present, made a thoughtful look and scratched his head manyasha. — What to give?” — she attended to the eternal question.

To sit at home and sort out in my head various options useless. It is necessary to immediately cut off all what you have to buy the Manyasha was strictly forbidden: TV, various tools and stuff. Then delete that manyasha in life would never buy herself clothes and shoes — as her husband must sign off on. Otherwise, the item will be roaming out of the closet in the closet as long as never wear not rest in the garbage. What remains? Any small things of type of purse or any good leather belt.

So, the prospects for a more or less marked, and therefore the “legs up” and go shopping.

Like a true woman, manyasha could not immediately, not paying attention to other outlets to go to the store which sold leather. She sine went into all the shops that have just met. After some time, manyasha, Packed with bags of shopping, more like a tree where instead of toys hung numerous multi-colored packages.

And then, as always, a miracle happened! Miracle on the miracle to happen suddenly. In one of the showcases Shoe store manyasha saw shoes. It was not just shoes — it was a dream.

“Stop, you immediately straightened yourself manyasha. Dreams cost money and, as a rule, considerable. Let’s say I buy myself these shoes and my dream will come true. And how I will live without a dream? Without a dream is boring”.

She closed her eyes and tried to slip past the shop. But her feet wouldn’t listen. After all, they, feet, and was such a beauty, and they feet, quite cheekily made a Manyasha to the store.

In one of the showcases Shoe store manyasha saw shoes. It was not just shoes — it was a dream.

— What did you choose? — instantly drew near Manyasha saleswoman.

“No,” I tried to brush it off. manyasha and was about to leave the store, but then one of her feet turned up, and manyasha collapsed on the bench.

— Maybe something view? — did not lag behind it the saleswoman.

— Look, — has agreed to manyasha to justify their stay on the bench. — Those shoes — she said in his dream.

Great choice — praised her shop. — We have now just sale. These shoes are 50% off.

“Oh, wow, surprised manyasha. If they are so much discounted cost, how much do they cost without the discount? No, this option is not for socks, and for the Museum.”

While manyasha reasoned, the saleswoman brought her the coveted pair. Manyasha took off the boots and tried on shoes. His feet immediately began to send in manachyn brain such pulses of pleasure and happiness that manyasha seriously thinking about buying.

— How much?

— Split it in half, smiled the saleswoman.

“It’s a penny” — immediately responded to information legs, taking in allies brain.

“Holy shit penny, — was offended by them manyasha. — The penny yet and have to earn”.

“So we help to make to you. And not even the pennies, and rubles,” — defended its right to shoes feet.

“Look at the sandals. Here are the ones on the bottom shelf” — gave an indication of the brains Manyasha, who very much liked the impulses that sent them feet.

“You’re right,” interrupted a discussion manyasha and a steady hand to make the payment.

“Look at the sandals. Here are the ones on the bottom shelf” — gave an indication of the brains Manyasha, who very much liked the impulses that sent them feet.

“No!” silently roared manyasha.

“Think about it” went to the provocation of the brain.

— How much are the sandals? — surrendered manyasha.

— Divide by two, again smiled the saleswoman. Manyasha took her smile as a snake. — You think, ‘ continued the clerk, — we have a sale a week will last.

— Thank you, — sweet-and thanked the saleswoman manyasha. Sandals wanted to buy, but the price…

“Once in a lifetime live. I die to remember. Okay, let’s think about this question,” she said to herself she.

Only after leaving the store, manyasha realized that she had almost no money to buy a gift to her husband.

“Ah, — waved manyasha. — Buy him socks. Because the roads are not gift, and attention. Even if these socks will throw out — no great loss”.

She quickly chose good socks, considering his duty fulfilled.

Arriving home, manyasha threw a box of shoes in the hallway and ran to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

— You bought something? — grew up in the kitchen husband with a treasured box in her hands.

Husband quickly took himself in hand. He probably figured out that the rage and stomp their feet useless. Shoes already purchased and to fix anything is impossible.

Shoes. Themselves, immediately said manyasha.

— How much? — asked the husband.

When manyasha announced the amount, the eyes of her husband made a Brownian motion. And every eye was moving along its trajectory. But this movement lasted for a moment. Husband quickly took himself in hand. He probably figured out that the rage and stomp their feet useless. Shoes already purchased and to fix anything is impossible.

— Try, — he opened the box.

Manyasha quickly put her shoes on.

— You have beautiful legs — opening of husband.

— And the shoes? asked manyasha.

— These shoes are worthy of such legs, is made florid compliment Manasse blessed.

— Do you like? — glad manyasha.

— Of course — gave her a forced smile husband.

I also bought a gift, he said manyasha husband a bag with socks. — I congratulate you with defender of the Fatherland Day.

“Thank you,” without enthusiasm thanked Manyasha husband. — Gifts are always nice to receive. Because the roads are not gift, and attention.

“You know,” decided to strike while the iron is hot, manyasha, in Shoe sale. Maybe me and sandals to buy?

— Of course, dear, ‘ assented the husband. — Just consider that I earn money, and do not print. Plan a budget so that we at least bread remained.

“Sandals is necessary to take decided manyasha. — Bread — no problem. And in General the food program we have solved. Of course, I have not counted everything to the gram, but I think that a company of soldiers we can a month to feed. And the menu they will have a health resort. But if you only want sweet bread — bread he is. At least from the Russian stove, at least from the bread machine. As you say. So tomorrow morning to shop for sandals. You can then run to the store to buy more men. After all, he loves attention. And so he shall receive.”

Deciding an important question, manyasha went to bed early so tomorrow morning before work to run to the store and buy sandals.


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News. Little secret Princess Anne

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Princess Anna never shakes hands with people during Royal events. It has always caused confusion. As it turned out, there’s a good reason. Princess against to break the old tradition.

“We never shake hands, says the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II in an interview for the documentary film “Queen of the world”. In theory it sounds like: you can’t shake hands with them all, so not worth starting. I stick to this rule”.

Laughing, she adds that he noticed, like others do not. Anna, who turned 68 years old, says then that the Royal passages have changed since then, as the Queen introduced this custom in the 1970s.

“It has become an exercise in shaking hands, not the public appearance, she says. – Previously, the public was enough to at least corner of my eye to see a Royal person when she passed. Then, in the 1970s, the Queen decided we needed to shake hands. She wanted to say Hello to the crowd, and then began these Royal passages”.

Anna also laments that in our days it is almost impossible to see who you shake hands, because of the different gadgets that people carry. “The phones are bad, she says. – But tablets sometimes cannot even see the face. It is not clear who you’re talking to. At such moments, I may or may not pay attention or say: if you want something to ask, you gotta lower that thing. It’s all weird. People do not believe that you experienced something, if they don’t have pictures”.

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News. Who, Robbie Williams heart broken?

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Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams) and Ayda field (Ayda Field) recently welcomed the birth of a third child, and now IDA told of how her husband three times and broke her heart before the couple married.

“Rob left me three times. He’s such a bad person. I know we all think so, ‘ said IDA. – I thought everything in our relationship is excellent, and then my heart was broken. I think today he’ll be sleeping on the couch because it reminded me of how horrible he was to me.”

In early September, Robbie and Ayda have announced that their daughter Colette Josephine Williams was born to a surrogate mother. “We kept our special secret, – wrote then let’s go. Now we are pleased to share the happy event and to say that we have a baby. World, welcome Colette Josephine Williams. Our path was difficult so we didn’t say anything”.

Recently, the singer admitted that to marry never planned, like to have children. But he departed from life principles when he met his future wife. In the transfer This Morning, he said: “We fully support each other. She has her own neurosis, I have mine. Our folly are the same. It is much cooler than me in everything she does. I’m watching her, and she takes care of me, and it works as a love that needs to be in a relationship”.

The singer has repeatedly admitted that he has mental problems and he struggles with his “cockroaches”. According to him, he was many times close to death due to the use of illegal drugs, his life he often compares with the roller coaster.

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Stylish black-and-white photo Svetlana Khodchenkova has pleased fans

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Talented Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova has placed in your network Instagram a series of pictures, two of which appeared today, but the third – a couple of days before. They are incredibly stylish, the hand of an experienced professional photographer, or at least luckiest fan of photography. All pictures made in black and white tones, making them extremely expressive and memorable for the viewer.


This sensual picture was produced on the coasts of the Cretan sea in the city of Heraklion. There is a luxury Spa hotel ABATON, where recently escaped Svetlana from rainy Moscow. Itself a Spa town, which has a very rich history, is located on the island of Crete. The five star resort offers its guests the widest selection of treatments.


Another photo, which appeared recently, Svetlana was signed “Peter, mostly cloudy”. Apparently, Greek photos were taken a little earlier, but now the actress has managed to return Home.


The third picture was also made on the Greek coast. The girl looks at the photographer, turning towards him. And in the background is situated all the same warm Cretan sea. I wonder, for whom was prepared the second chair, who did this picture?

Admirers Khodchenkova stressed her excellent physical shape and wrote many warm words. I hope the sea air and favourable Mediterranean climate would benefit her and inspire her on a wonderful new role.


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