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Left, right, backward and right: test of winter tires in the Arctic centre Goodyear

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We, two journalists from Russia, listened to one of the instructors. A very strange French-English language he said: I know a few Russian words: left, right, back… right… no, direct. – No need to say “right”! ‘said we in unison. And began to praise him for his pronunciation. And it was the only time in a tire Ivalo in Northern Finland, the journalists learned something of the instructor. Because the rest of the time the instructors taught us.

300 kilometers from the Arctic circle

Nwill acnem with, that explain why we met in the Finnish Ivalo, where nothing really is not, but in the evening it got cold down to -30. The answer is simple: it is there in December 2014 opened polygon Goodyear tire Arctic Center. And he really Arctic: beyond the Arctic circle to the South of the landfill by as much as three hundred kilometers. So the place for testing winter tires here is almost perfect. Imagine: the average temperature from December to February is minus 15 (in the morning we have a “warmer” to -24), and tests can be carried out from mid-November to early April.

We went to one day work as a test tire. So we do, for us will look professional pilots of the team, which, of course, will not prevent us several times to attach the sides of the other VWs and BMW on snow slopes parapets. What we have to do?

Moose needs to live!

So, we have four tracks with four different tests. This slalom with braking control on ice, snow circle and test as co-pilot. On the first three we’ll have to sit behind the wheel and try to drive, all without departure from the road and not too slow. On the fourth task, the main thing — not to scream from fear, sitting in the Navigator seat.

Every race we ride in different cars, wearing different tires. Now, briefly about each job.

зимние шины Goodyear (3)

Slalom with braking — is the standard for all winter “rides” job. We start at the signal, passing the target of the start, where the timer detects a passage and begins to count down the time until the finish. Passing through the ice snake between the cones, turn around, leave on the straight as long as possible and efficiently accelerate, then slowing down in front of the deer painted on empty cardboard boxes. Our task is to get as close as possible to the obstacle, but not to kill this noble animal. Who will pass faster and stand closer to the obstacle the fellow.

зимние шины Goodyear (2)

зимние шины Goodyear (16) зимние шины Goodyear (16)

The second task — high-speed race on a winding track of ice. Need to get through as quickly as possible, but try to not kill the car.

The third is simultaneously the most boring and fun exercise. It’s only required to ride in a circle sideways. To drift and have fun.

зимние шины Goodyear (14)

Well, in the fourth task, the journalists play the role of observers. Behind the wheel sits pilot pros, and we estimate the behavior of tires under various loads and try not to break the neck vertebrae. And now everything in detail.

Slalom and braking

Start early in the morning, at eight in the morning. It’s still dark outside, but the cones can be seen well. We will go BMW 330i, shod in UltraGrip ICE2 dimension 225/50 R17.

The first thing you need to do it right (and hence — quick) is to start at the start. It is clear that to grind these “sticky” snow can be long, the benefit of that and drive a BMW, not Grants. In addition, we have switched off all electronic assistants, so that the gas pedal must be pressed with the mind the Main thing — not to pinch the gas and don’t take too long to grind the snow at high speed.

зимние шины Goodyear (12)

“Snake” the machine is also quite stable, but it is only a little while to break rear axle slide, how to get the car back on the trajectory becomes very difficult. And I would not recommend without experience trying to do here dynamic “snake” with a series of slides: it is best these tires show itself is under longitudinal stress, of the cross they need to be more careful.

But the braking on the snow is pressed to the floor by the brake pedal the ABS doesn’t work immediately. Moose “died” later when the snow was already rolled into the ice. There is ABS chatter constantly, but I haven’t seen any tires on the ice was braking would be like on the pavement.

зимние шины Goodyear (11)

All subsequent attempts were complicated by the fact that at the start of the snow we have “unrolled”, so to start I had off the ice. It may seem that was slowly but Velcro quickly it would not work anyway.

To summarize: kodirovka “Velcro” quite safe on Packed snow, but on ice friction rubber is inferior studded. In the case of the skid to align the vehicle to the layman would be extremely difficult. The demolition, we did not due to the fact that we have rear-wheel drive, but I guess with him, especially in the “suburban” speeds will be even harder.

Control on the ice

The second exercise early in the morning, so now at least it is seen that in the case of what to leave off the road will have snow in the parapet. Well, at least mildly.

To go on, we will the VW Golf VII, the tyre UltraGrip ICE Arctic is 225/45 R 17.

зимние шины Goodyear (6)

Acceleration in a straight line, second gear, third and… the cry of the instructor: “Brake!!!” Oh Yes, something I was daydreaming even though I am now on the spikes, but under the wheels of pure ice. Crack ABS, the maximum delay on the line, the realization is inevitable, turn on the largest possible radius through the apex, gas with simultaneous straightening of the steering wheel. Uh, drew… Well, that brow was the snow, was something to cling to. However, more so to do. In any case, for now.

The first three or four laps we do in the mode of vegetable. Then relax and dicking around: go through a series of turns in a dynamic snakes slide sideways during turns steep turns. Of course, all this is wrong: the more slip, the less the speed and more time. But the soul requires a lot of courage, so continue to ride provocatively, but illiterate. Exactly as long as in the next turn don’t fly into the barrier sideways. Well, okay, fine. Not going to pretend to not understand English language and will listen to the instructor. He actually says the right things.

зимние шины Goodyear (5)

At the same time estimate of the tire. Compared with the previous difficult: there was snow, it was bare ice. There is rear drive, then front. But one thing is clear: the behavior in the lateral drifts on the studding by far predictable. Even in more difficult conditions, even with inadequate driver behind the wheel (we will not point fingers).

Snow circle

Now again move the wheel aggressively neurotic BMW 330i. The drives are the same UltraGrip ICE 2 from first job. Go fell sideways, friends!

зимние шины Goodyear (10)

Because the cars have automatic transmission, turn to manual mode and turn on the second or third gear. And activate the eagle eye and lightning-quick reaction of the office Manager, closing the browser tab Tanki Online when you see the chef in sight.

Some people think that to go in a circle sideways is just some what difficult. Well, firstly, much depends on what you are doing. The combination of rear drive, powerful motor and “Velcro” simplifies the task as possible. Even the steering wheel hard to turn is not necessary, just hit the gas and you dragged. Beauty! The beauty that is on the ground, not on a public road.

For this exercise, best way to feel the predictable behavior of the car on the road. I would, of course, could say that it’s all good, but I won’t. All the Velcro you need to go forward and backward but left and right is not worth it. If you just passing gas, trying to catch the car useless. I suppose if you want to control the machine, you in any case necessary spikes.

In two places on the track was a little uneven. And if you can get them at the time of the slide to return the car in a controlled drift I could not never. Further — or inhibit (as lucky), or to quickly turn 360 degrees and pretend that it was intended (here, too, as lucky, but not so boring).

зимние шины Goodyear (7)

The same thing happens when the wheels instead of snow is a small patch of ice. The car immediately breaks down under the restrained laughter of the instructor and my not restrained swearing.

King of the road

Those who sat in the first places in a branded bus that drove us around the North of Finland, were more fortunate of all. Behind the wheel sat the driver, compared to which we all looked pathetic scoliozei snails. On a narrow winding road, covered with ice and snow, he always drove slower than 90 km/h And if we have to someone cautious, “creeping” 89 km/h, our driver knew a shortcut. We’ve only seen in computer games, although by occupation traveled a lot, including buses. Of course, we’ve all been wondering what kind of tires are on the bus. Goodyear Ice Arctic? Performance? Unfortunately, the driver did not speak English, so as soon as the bus arrived at the airport, we ran to watch the tires. Well, brand we don’t say — politically incorrect. But to guess, I think it is easy.

зимние шины Goodyear (17)


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New SsangYong Korando was released on the Korean market

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ssangyong korando

Ssangyong korando. Внешность была анонсирована ещё три года назад концептом SIV-2 и почти в том же виде дошла до конвейера. Создатели говорят, что руководствовались трендом Low & Wide — делали Korando широким и приземистым. Примерные размеры: длина — 4440 мм, ширина — 1860, высота — 1640, база — 2675.

Konstantin Bolotov, 1 hour ago. Photos: SsangYong

The appearance was announced three years ago, the concept SIV-2 and almost in the same form reached the conveyor. The creators say they were guided by the trend of the Low & Wide — did Korando broad and squat. Approximate dimensions: length — 4440 mm, width — 1860; height — 1640, the base — 2675.

Today in South Korea opened taking orders for SsangYong Korando fourth generation (C300). Yes, the SUV is still not really shown, the description is sketchy, and the prices assigned. Equipment Shiny on the “mechanics” is worth 22 160 000 won (1.3 million rubles), two pedal drive option Delight is estimated at 25 000 230 (1.48 million), the top version of the Fantastic requests 27 930 000 (1,64 million). Cars will appear at dealers in March.

Decorated fancy, but somehow too Asian. Decorations in place an integrated exhaust pipes baffles. Behind the storage door — 551 liter volume by the VDA (486 l).

Officially named only one engine — the “newly designed” diesel 1.6 (according to rumors, 136), “first in class”. Petrol brethren will represent turboservice 1.5 (supposedly 163 HP) or 1.2. If gamma motor so new and important that later it will divide the family of Tivoli. Mild hybrid and fully electric version will come out eventually.

In the top configuration is Blaze Cockpit. Here digital tidy diagonal of 10.25 inches and nine-inch Central display. Around the perimeter of put led lighting. About the materials yet nothing is said.

Have a six-speed “mechanics” and “automatic” alternative is not visible. All-wheel drive is expected, but the rate on the front. Autopilot “2.5” relies on cameras and radar cruise control, and is called Deep Control. Higher level of safety is provided by seven airbags, the auto brake, the monitoring of dead zones, markings, and so on. Full premiere of Korando for foreign markets, in theory, will be the fifth March in Geneva. On the Russian expanses brand SsangYong is conserved, so the hope for new Actyon — the phantom.


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Watching the transformation of a sedan Mazda 6 in bourgeois

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Mazda 6. «Механики» больше нет, а цены начинаются с полутора миллионов рублей за двухлитровый седан и от 1,68 млн ― за машину с мотором 2.5. Новый наддувный двигатель мощностью 231 л.с. увеличивает стоимость до 2,24–2,42 млн.

“Mechanics” is no more, and the prices range from half a million rubles for a two-liter sedan and from 1.68 million per car with the 2.5 motor. New forced engine capacity of 231 HP increases the cost to 2.24–2.42 million

In the autumn of the current Mazda 6 will celebrate their seventh birthday, whereas generation of the Sonata or Optima change once in five years or more. However, the “six” doesn’t just remain in the ranks, keeping in Russia in fourth place in the segment behind the iconic Camry and changeable Hyundai-Kia. She is in the third facelift, the deep and serious, however, latecomers to the us for a year relative to other markets. Looks almost untouched: front chrome “ate” fog lights, back ran for the lamps, upgraded rims. But the content…

[embedded content]

Mazda is in no hurry to turn the salon into a TV Studio: the display has grown by an inch. To make room for suede “cross”, reduced height air deflectors. The start button need to reach. Instead of black will now be dark brown interiors.

The interior is redrawn from edge to edge, including the front and the door panels, seats, instrument panel. The idea remained the same, and if the changes are intended to emphasize the rich decoration materials. In plain sight laid the array of synthetic suede. Although here they ask big mediadisplay or button secondary functions, hiding on the left behind the steering wheel. The new chair is also implanted chrome, but the wow-effect they cause. Simply convenient: the front appeared quiet ventilation, and the rear even more clearly molded under two. More practical than the Mazda did not.

From new chairs with a deep theoretical background (see the sidebar “Technique”), but the lumbar support is governed only by the depth and bolsters on the cushion too intense squeeze of the thigh. The armrest is small. Rear knee and head high rider still in contact with the car.

At the beginning of the conveyor of life we are praised for the harmony. Now competitive background has changed, and “six” were noisy and hard. I almost said, “as in the best years”, but not time to reflect. For the sake of acoustic comfort the floor of the truck and the power of the cross is made tougher, minimized gaps in the bodywork and finishing panels, added insulation (particularly on the ceiling), revised aerodynamics of the bottom. And coupled with noise absorbing glass front doors, it gives an impressive result: in the car quiet at any speed and at any rpm.

[embedded content]

Active cruise control we did not get up because of the reluctance of the Japanese supplier to be certified in Russia. I more regret that I do not have a speed limiter. The sound of the closing door finally became a noble.

However, the sedan seriously up: with motor 2.5 and over 140 kg. Therefore, the claimed acceleration time to 100 km/h declined by almost half a second, and the nominal fuel consumption in the urban cycle added almost half a liter per hundred. However, Mazda is still easier for Toyota or the Koreans for a few tens of kilograms. Engines Skyactive-G 2.0 and 2.5 has changed hardly: last added two horsepower (now 194), both slightly increased torque, especially in low revs. By the way, about a third of all sales of the “six” had to modification with more powerful engine.

Cartoon speedometer is easy to read due to darkening of irrelevant numbers. But the digital speed display gives only the projector on the windshield with too small characters (in versions from 1.8 million rubles). The media system has grown inferior cameras.

However, atmospheric versions of presentations are not presented. All the attention — the new 2.5 turbo engine with a power of 231 HP With it the sedan for another 38 kg heavier, but, thanks to the powerful thrust from the bottom, the dynamics is hefty and good accuracy of acceleration control is great. So that sportregion not change the settings of the throttle, but only adjusts the algorithm of the six-speed “automatic machine” — in particular, the “cutting off” the last two speeds. To the box of questions was not. Switching is not seamless, but if specially accentuated, the driver felt the connection with the machine.

Led headlights with washers and lights are even in the “base”, and in top trim levels, the light becomes adaptive. Front optics inside it is decorated with a glamorous “star dust”. Incandescent lamps front and rear left only for navigation lights starter.

Chassis is reconfigured dramatically. Aside from the obvious calibration of spring and damper under the increased mass, the Japanese are played by different stiffness of the bushings, buffers, design of compression and rebound and so on. The course was smoother and finer, bumps no longer “poke” fares, and “vykat”. But they are still a bit too much, and the suspension lacks intensity, especially on the compression stroke. The feeling that they were going to some kind of German “premium” with sportpaket, you can not refuse.

Appeared heating zone of peace wiper blade (by the way, the leashes are raised in any position) and automatic door locking when driving off.

Handling accurate and clear, but lacks a spark. Brunt of whether to blame or soft tread Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter nesipbek R3, but rulitsya this Mazda with a slight laziness and a certain vagueness of feedback at low rotation angles. Effect from the more rigid mounting of the steering mechanism and new electric power steering has no feel. In the limit most likely “German” drift front than flirting back mnogoryichazhka. The six stable on straight, rides securely, strongly and safely.

The new wheel design, and available in sizes 17 and 19 inches (see photo), with no intermediate options. A stowaway is a smaller outer diameter.

In General, the degree of driving sensations higher than Korean cars of Toyota. And to accurately determine the location of the modified Mazda in the class in terms of comfort, the necessary comparative tests. The main thing — the sedans have increasingly become a way to caress not so much the drivers ‘ ambitions, how much self-esteem. Updated Mazda to be a common trend.

In addition to the bumpers and mirrors there is a completely different trunk lid.

Another question — what are the General prospects of this segment? Look around: people increasingly prefer low and malpractice sedan with a small trunk With a crossover. In the line of Mazda, for example, the CX-5 seems more versatile and balanced purchase for the same money. Is that peppy turbo engine will work a lure for buyers of the top six. Since, the assurance of representation, it did not appear under the bonnet of the updated crossover in Russia.

Passport data

Mazda 6 2.0 2.5 2.5 Turbo
Body type sedan sedan sedan
Number of doors/seats 4/5 4/5 4/5
Length, mm 4870 4870 4870
Width, mm 1840 1840 1840
Height, mm 1450 1450 1450
Wheelbase, mm 2830 2830 2830
Track front/rear mm 1585/1575 1585/1575 1585/1575
Curb weight, kg 1522 1540 1578
Full weight, kg 2046 2057 2084
Trunk volume, l 429 429 429
Type petrol with direct fuel injection petrol with direct fuel injection petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, transversely front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1998 2488 2488
Max. power, HP/rpm 150/6000 194/6000 231/5000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 213/4000 258/4000 420/2000
Transmission automatic, six-speed automatic, six-speed automatic, six-speed
Drive front front front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk disk
Tires 225/55 R17 225/55 R17 225/45 R19
Ground clearance, mm 165 165 165
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 207 223 239
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 10,8 8,2 7,0
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 8,4 (7,9)* 10,0 (9,1)* 10,7
— extra-urban cycle 5,5 (5,5) 5,6 (5,6) 5,9
combined 6,5 (6,3) 7,2 (6,9) 7,7
Fuel tank capacity, l 62 62 62
Fuel AI-95-98 AI-95-98 AI-95-98
* Skobkah the data for the versions with i-stop, and to modify the 2.5 with i — ELOOP.


Restyling is not the first time touched the suspension. At the front McPherson again increased diameter of the pistons, the valves changed and the buffer end. In addition, the increased gap between the buffer and shock-absorber rod. Changed the position of the spring and steering knuckle, upgraded stabilizer bushings and the steering mechanism with the amplifier reconfigured tougher attached to the subframe. A list of improvements like the rear mnogoryichazhka. In addition to the absorber and the supports of the stabilizer, changes have been made to the bushings of lower arms and upper pillow mounts. The purpose of this modification is the increase of the driving comfort or, in the words of a Japanese reporter, “smooth and linear driving characteristics”.

The degree of compression of both atmospheric engines SkyActiv-G is now equal to 13:1 (two-liter motor was previously 14:1). Junior Assembly added three Newton-meters at a constant 150 power, senior 2.5 ― two “horses” and two “Newton”. Reduced stunting traction when pressing on the gas pedal. The highlight of the 2.5 motor — condenser system of regeneration of electricity during braking and coasting i-ELOOP weight of 12 kg.

New in the range ― the 2.5 turbocharged engine with a compression ratio of 10.5:1 rated at 231 HP and an impressive torque of 420 N•m. Unit Skyactiv-G 2.5 T interesting Dynamic Pressure Turbo that simulates a turbine with variable geometry. There are two paths at the entrance to the turbocharger, one with a movable flap. Top right: at low engine speeds narrow channel accelerates the exhaust gases, increasing the rate of rotation of the impeller and the boost pressure. At the bottom — at the middle and high are both open channel. All the engines require gasoline of AI-95.

A six-speed “automatic” maslovskogo own production uncontested. Gear ratio motor 2.5 Turbo is a little close together, and the initial two-liter engine is shorter than the main pair.

The key idea of new seats is to position the basin vertically so having an S-shaped spine has occupied the optimal position. In addition, the pelvis must be fixed from moves to improve the feeling of the car. Then the man sitting behind the wheel, will be in the same dynamic equilibrium as you walk (right illustration). In English the pelvis called the pelvis, and for this pelvis mazdausa redrew the entire power structure of the seats, changed the profile and stiffness of the materials.

Behind the scenes

[embedded content]

Mazda always comes up with something. This time the test will pass in Vladivostok and Nakhodka devoid of snow due to natural anomalies. We managed not to be missed located in Vladik Maslowski plant. Invited from the shore of the sea of Japan program Manager of the project disappeared after the presentation, some technical questions were answered by the racer and brand Ambassador Boris Shulmeyster. In addition to the test drive I flew across the country to sfotkatsya on the background of the Pacific ocean and listen to the lecture “how not to get fat on mission” from former avtoparka, and now a fitness blogger Dmitry Putilina. The recipe is simple: we must eat less…


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The pilot and the Worker and the Grenadier: Soviet and Russian SUVs, not reached to the conveyor

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Here is the third article in a series about domestic cars of a single manufacturer. This time it is dedicated to the unknown prototypes-wheel-drive cars, the serial production of which, and especially the sale to private use of speech did not exist. At first they were a options army jeeps and rare off-road vehicles for agriculture, and soon after the Soviet collapse — polyamideimide version of future SUVs.

At the cradle of the domestic SUVs

Andistory of the Soviet civilian off-road four-wheel drive vehicles began soon after the great Patriotic war. Then in secrecy at the Gorky automobile plant was developed the project “Worker”, to create a light vehicle for use in rural areas. In October 1947 the name was assigned to the first prototype of GAZ-69-76 engine from “Victory” and vystupovanie in the back side of the hood reading “hard Worker.”

Experienced rural utility vehicle GAZ-69-76 “Worker”, 1947

Then came four more prototypes with semi-circular cut-outs in the awning for the side Windows, massive wings, simplified poludverki and grille. When the veil of mystery was lifted, “Worker” had become “artillery tractor wheeled light.”

A prototype all-wheel drive car GAZ-69, 1948 (from the archive of I. Paderin)

In 1954 in Gorky gathered three experienced all-terrain vehicle GAZ M-72 for “responsible workers of the Soviet village”. From a passenger “Victory” M-20 first issue was used reinforced bearing body with a radio receiver and hours, which added to the windshield washer. The transmission and drive axles borrowed from the GAZ-69. Soon, the plant began low-volume Assembly of the updated version of M-72 with the body and radiator shell from a model M-20V, but this event is beyond the scope of our article.

Passenger vehicle GAZ M-72 on the basis of the “Victory” M-20. 1954 (from the archive of I. Paderin)

A year later, a compact 35-strong “selhozmashin” GAZ M-73 in two variants with manual transmission from the car “Moskvich-402” and a wheelbase of exactly two meters — closed coupé and the rear trunk with the spare wheel on the lid and all-metal pickup. Drive axles and a private transfer case was performed on sample units for model M-72. The machine was successfully tested, but due to the overflow of Gas to establish their release failed.

Testing all-wheel drive passenger car GAZ M-73 (from the archive of I. Paderin)
Pilot pickup-the all-terrain vehicle GAZ M-73. 1955 (from the archive of I. Paderin)

In 1950-e years the most productive manufacturer of the prototype of the future SUV was the Moscow plant of small cars (MZMA). On it, in the framework of the creation of a Soviet jeep, three years have collected 11 (!) uniform all-terrain vehicles in four versions, with different bodies and assemblies from production vehicles, which are officially intended to work in agriculture. The first was the car “Moskvich 4x4” with a 35-horsepower engine from the passenger model M-402, hinged front window and the rear cross seat. Strangely, he was remarkably similar to the us jeep Willys MB times, lend-lease, and inherited from him the most options.

Rover MZMA “Moskvich 4×4” in the style of the American jeep. 1958 (from the archive research center at)

In 1959 MZMA on built five open 45-horsepower cars “Moskvich-415” on the units from M-410 in two versions and five hole versions of “Moskvich-416” trehgornyi all-metal body on a welded frame of channel iron side members which are more like rural traveling vehicles than the military jeeps. They weighed 1.2 tonnes and had a top speed of 106 km/h On the test car are unable to exceed the performance of the GAZ-69 and was rejected.


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