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Left, right, backward and right: test of winter tires in the Arctic centre Goodyear

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We, two journalists from Russia, listened to one of the instructors. A very strange French-English language he said: I know a few Russian words: left, right, back… right… no, direct. – No need to say “right”! ‘said we in unison. And began to praise him for his pronunciation. And it was the only time in a tire Ivalo in Northern Finland, the journalists learned something of the instructor. Because the rest of the time the instructors taught us.

300 kilometers from the Arctic circle

Nwill acnem with, that explain why we met in the Finnish Ivalo, where nothing really is not, but in the evening it got cold down to -30. The answer is simple: it is there in December 2014 opened polygon Goodyear tire Arctic Center. And he really Arctic: beyond the Arctic circle to the South of the landfill by as much as three hundred kilometers. So the place for testing winter tires here is almost perfect. Imagine: the average temperature from December to February is minus 15 (in the morning we have a “warmer” to -24), and tests can be carried out from mid-November to early April.

We went to one day work as a test tire. So we do, for us will look professional pilots of the team, which, of course, will not prevent us several times to attach the sides of the other VWs and BMW on snow slopes parapets. What we have to do?

Moose needs to live!

So, we have four tracks with four different tests. This slalom with braking control on ice, snow circle and test as co-pilot. On the first three we’ll have to sit behind the wheel and try to drive, all without departure from the road and not too slow. On the fourth task, the main thing — not to scream from fear, sitting in the Navigator seat.

Every race we ride in different cars, wearing different tires. Now, briefly about each job.

зимние шины Goodyear (3)

Slalom with braking — is the standard for all winter “rides” job. We start at the signal, passing the target of the start, where the timer detects a passage and begins to count down the time until the finish. Passing through the ice snake between the cones, turn around, leave on the straight as long as possible and efficiently accelerate, then slowing down in front of the deer painted on empty cardboard boxes. Our task is to get as close as possible to the obstacle, but not to kill this noble animal. Who will pass faster and stand closer to the obstacle the fellow.

зимние шины Goodyear (2)

зимние шины Goodyear (16) зимние шины Goodyear (16)

The second task — high-speed race on a winding track of ice. Need to get through as quickly as possible, but try to not kill the car.

The third is simultaneously the most boring and fun exercise. It’s only required to ride in a circle sideways. To drift and have fun.

зимние шины Goodyear (14)

Well, in the fourth task, the journalists play the role of observers. Behind the wheel sits pilot pros, and we estimate the behavior of tires under various loads and try not to break the neck vertebrae. And now everything in detail.

Slalom and braking

Start early in the morning, at eight in the morning. It’s still dark outside, but the cones can be seen well. We will go BMW 330i, shod in UltraGrip ICE2 dimension 225/50 R17.

The first thing you need to do it right (and hence — quick) is to start at the start. It is clear that to grind these “sticky” snow can be long, the benefit of that and drive a BMW, not Grants. In addition, we have switched off all electronic assistants, so that the gas pedal must be pressed with the mind the Main thing — not to pinch the gas and don’t take too long to grind the snow at high speed.

зимние шины Goodyear (12)

“Snake” the machine is also quite stable, but it is only a little while to break rear axle slide, how to get the car back on the trajectory becomes very difficult. And I would not recommend without experience trying to do here dynamic “snake” with a series of slides: it is best these tires show itself is under longitudinal stress, of the cross they need to be more careful.

But the braking on the snow is pressed to the floor by the brake pedal the ABS doesn’t work immediately. Moose “died” later when the snow was already rolled into the ice. There is ABS chatter constantly, but I haven’t seen any tires on the ice was braking would be like on the pavement.

зимние шины Goodyear (11)

All subsequent attempts were complicated by the fact that at the start of the snow we have “unrolled”, so to start I had off the ice. It may seem that was slowly but Velcro quickly it would not work anyway.

To summarize: kodirovka “Velcro” quite safe on Packed snow, but on ice friction rubber is inferior studded. In the case of the skid to align the vehicle to the layman would be extremely difficult. The demolition, we did not due to the fact that we have rear-wheel drive, but I guess with him, especially in the “suburban” speeds will be even harder.

Control on the ice

The second exercise early in the morning, so now at least it is seen that in the case of what to leave off the road will have snow in the parapet. Well, at least mildly.

To go on, we will the VW Golf VII, the tyre UltraGrip ICE Arctic is 225/45 R 17.

зимние шины Goodyear (6)

Acceleration in a straight line, second gear, third and… the cry of the instructor: “Brake!!!” Oh Yes, something I was daydreaming even though I am now on the spikes, but under the wheels of pure ice. Crack ABS, the maximum delay on the line, the realization is inevitable, turn on the largest possible radius through the apex, gas with simultaneous straightening of the steering wheel. Uh, drew… Well, that brow was the snow, was something to cling to. However, more so to do. In any case, for now.

The first three or four laps we do in the mode of vegetable. Then relax and dicking around: go through a series of turns in a dynamic snakes slide sideways during turns steep turns. Of course, all this is wrong: the more slip, the less the speed and more time. But the soul requires a lot of courage, so continue to ride provocatively, but illiterate. Exactly as long as in the next turn don’t fly into the barrier sideways. Well, okay, fine. Not going to pretend to not understand English language and will listen to the instructor. He actually says the right things.

зимние шины Goodyear (5)

At the same time estimate of the tire. Compared with the previous difficult: there was snow, it was bare ice. There is rear drive, then front. But one thing is clear: the behavior in the lateral drifts on the studding by far predictable. Even in more difficult conditions, even with inadequate driver behind the wheel (we will not point fingers).

Snow circle

Now again move the wheel aggressively neurotic BMW 330i. The drives are the same UltraGrip ICE 2 from first job. Go fell sideways, friends!

зимние шины Goodyear (10)

Because the cars have automatic transmission, turn to manual mode and turn on the second or third gear. And activate the eagle eye and lightning-quick reaction of the office Manager, closing the browser tab Tanki Online when you see the chef in sight.

Some people think that to go in a circle sideways is just some what difficult. Well, firstly, much depends on what you are doing. The combination of rear drive, powerful motor and “Velcro” simplifies the task as possible. Even the steering wheel hard to turn is not necessary, just hit the gas and you dragged. Beauty! The beauty that is on the ground, not on a public road.

For this exercise, best way to feel the predictable behavior of the car on the road. I would, of course, could say that it’s all good, but I won’t. All the Velcro you need to go forward and backward but left and right is not worth it. If you just passing gas, trying to catch the car useless. I suppose if you want to control the machine, you in any case necessary spikes.

In two places on the track was a little uneven. And if you can get them at the time of the slide to return the car in a controlled drift I could not never. Further — or inhibit (as lucky), or to quickly turn 360 degrees and pretend that it was intended (here, too, as lucky, but not so boring).

зимние шины Goodyear (7)

The same thing happens when the wheels instead of snow is a small patch of ice. The car immediately breaks down under the restrained laughter of the instructor and my not restrained swearing.

King of the road

Those who sat in the first places in a branded bus that drove us around the North of Finland, were more fortunate of all. Behind the wheel sat the driver, compared to which we all looked pathetic scoliozei snails. On a narrow winding road, covered with ice and snow, he always drove slower than 90 km/h And if we have to someone cautious, “creeping” 89 km/h, our driver knew a shortcut. We’ve only seen in computer games, although by occupation traveled a lot, including buses. Of course, we’ve all been wondering what kind of tires are on the bus. Goodyear Ice Arctic? Performance? Unfortunately, the driver did not speak English, so as soon as the bus arrived at the airport, we ran to watch the tires. Well, brand we don’t say — politically incorrect. But to guess, I think it is easy.

зимние шины Goodyear (17)


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Hammer on the Jeep: GM wants to resurrect the Hummer brand

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With the change of generations of the Mazda 3 was the most expensive in the segment

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Mazda 3. В России будут продаваться машины с бензиновыми атмосферниками Skyactiv-G. Базовая версия 1.5 (120 сил, 153 Н•м) с «механикой» разгоняется до 100 км/ч за 11,3 с, а с «автоматом» за 12,4. С двухлитровым мотором (150 л.с., 213 Н•м) двухпедальный хэтчбек делает сотню за 9,3 с.

In Russia will sell cars with gasoline atmospherically Skyactiv-G. the basic version 1.5 (120 forces, 153 N•m) with the “mechanics” accelerates to 100 km/h in 11.3 s, but with automatic transmission for 12.4. With two-liter engine (150 HP, 213 N•m) two pedal drive hatchback makes a hundred for 9,3 C.

In July, dealers will begin to place orders for sedans and hatchbacks Mazda 3 fourth generation. Others will be more democratic pyatidverka with the “mechanics” and engine of 1.5 (120 HP), which is only available in the base Drive for the 1.49 million. In the start-up kit includes seven airbags, led headlights, air conditioning, rain sensors and light, multimedia system with a display of 8.8 inches, and even a projection display. But the wheels assembled on their “steel forgings”, and the steering wheel has leather finishing.

Leather trim as pictured, the Russian cars will not. Also, we did not bring modifications to the new engine Skyactiv-X and all-wheel drive.

All other versions are two pedal drive. The second level of equipment Acitve only possible for a sedan (1.57 million). Here added leather braid steering, dual-zone climate front seats and heated mirrors, cruise control and 16-inch wheels made of light alloy. The hatchback is by 20 thousand more (1.59 million), besides he is a two-liter (1 678 000). In the top configuration Supreme (1 753 000) appears electric driver’s seat with memory, electrochromic mirror driver side, as well as Parking sensors in both bumpers, along with rear view camera. The alloy wheel diameter increased to 18 inches.

Four-door “matryoshka” Japanese Assembly for the price intersects with the larger Mazda 6 (1 498 000), which is produced in Vladivostok.

With such pricing, the Mazda will have a hard time. For the price of a sedan (1 570 000 rubles), you can take any of the competitors, and the top version with more powerful powertrains. The closest thing to “the doll” at a cost of getting a Toyota Corolla, but it is with the motor 1.6 (122 HP) and CVT is cheaper (1 318 000). And the hatchback’s main rival will be the Volkswagen Golf, which with a turbo engine 1.4 TSI (125 HP) and “robot” DSG starts from 1 429 900 rubles.

Model and accessories Motor (horsepower, HP), transmission* Price, RUB.
Ford Focus Trend 1.6 (105) AT6 1 053 000
Kia Ceed Comfort 1.6 (128) АТ6 1 129 900
Skoda Octavia Active 1.4 (110) АТ6 1 192 000
Volkswagen Golf Trendline 1.4 (125) P7 1 429 900
Mazda 3 Active 1.5 (120) АТ6 1 590 000
* АТ6 six — speed automatic transmission,
P7 — a seven-speed automated manual peredach.

The catalog of cars


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The price crossover Renault Arkana was moderate

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renault arkana

Renault arkana. На всех фото представлена «максимальная» Arkana. Между тем самую доступную будет легко узнать по чёрным корпусам боковых зеркал, отсутствию хромированных молдингов понизу дверей, «защитных» накладок на бамперы, а также по 17-дюймовым стальным дискам «под литьё».

Konstantin Bolotov, 11 hours ago. Photo: Renault

All the photos represented a “maximum” Arkana. Meanwhile, the most accessible will be easily recognized by the black side mirrors, no chrome mouldings at the bottom of the doors, protective overlays on the bumpers and 17-inch steel disks under “casting”.

Basic Arkana with front-wheel drive, aspirated 1.6 (114 HP, 156 N•m) and five-speed “mechanics” was estimated at 999 000 rubles. The version with a variator costs 1 049 990, with all-wheel drive — 1 169 990. Crossover with 1.3 turbo engine (150 HP, 250 N•m) and the stepless transmission X-Tronic “begins” with 1 229 990, whereas for the execution of the 4×4 have to give at least 1 419 990 rubles. Today opened reception of orders, and sales will begin in mid-July.

Leather seat trim relies entirely welcome top version Edition One (1 419 990), all other fabric or a combination of textile/leather. Easy Link media center with an eight-inch display, it is also the prerogative of the most expensive harnesses, but you can take it in the package options Techno for 29 900.

First equipment Life includes four airbags, ESP, led optics, air conditioning, audio system with four speakers. Handlebar adjustable in height and reach, but only one heated — exterior mirrors with electric. In the following the performance of the Drive (1 089 990) appear heated front seats, rear Parking sensors, cruise control with limit switches speed, and rain and light sensors, card key, remote start engine Start Renault, organizer of the underground trunk.

The color “metallic” need to pay 15 990 rubles, and then make a choice out of seven options: white, black, silver, dark gray, red, brown and brown-green.

At the same time prenosniki posted specifications, and we can see that the fastest Arkana — front wheel drive, a turbo engine and a CVT. To disperse hundreds of 10.2 s. she needs to polnoprivodniki. need a 10.5. Here the highest speed — 191 km/h record in the spurt (15,2) belongs to the two pedal drive atmospheric lasso, she is the most modest top speed (172 km/h), but the lowest consumption in the combined cycle — 6.9 liters/100 km. the Most voracious all-wheel drive Arkana 1.6 to 7.7 L. other versions consume 7,1–7,2 L.

Model and accessories Motor (horsepower, HP), transmission* Price, RUB.
Renault Duster Access 1.6 (114), MT5 714 000
Lifan X70 Basic 2.0 (136), MT5 829 000
Renault Kaptur Life 1.6 (114), MT5 944 000
Hyundai Grand Start 1.6 (123), МТ6 957 000
Renault Arkana Life 1.6 (114), МТ6 999 000
Chery Tiggo 5 Connected 2.0 (136), MT5 999 900
Nissan Terrano Comfort 1.6 (114), MT5 1 021 000
Geely Atlas Standard 2.0 (139), МТ6 1 089 990
Nissan Qashqai XE 1.2 (115), МТ6 1 170 000
Mitsubishi ASX Inform 1.6 (117), MT5 1 189 000
Suzuki Vitara GL 1.6 (117), MT5 1 199 000
7 Chery Tiggo Sport 1.5 (152), МТ6 1 199 900
Suzuki SX4 GL 1.6 (117), MT5 1 299 000
Toyota C-HR Ride 1.2 (115), МТ6 1 367 000
* MT5, -6—, five-, six-speed manual transmission.


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