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Kunst! Dig into the ice hyperlipaemia Michelin X-Ice North 4

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Michelin X-Ice North 4 from the first batch of cheaper Continental and Nokia ― a little less than six thousand rubles for tyre size 205/55 R16 vs 6500-8000 rubles for the competitors.

Tired to catch the car in the ruts that appear every spring in the left ranks of the high-speed road Moscow ― Moscow or St. Petersburg Kada? Tired of mud on the body? The main reason of these troubles, as shown by the Scandinavian study, is studded tires. They gnaw through the roadbed, resulting in the same ultrafine PM10 particles with a diameter of 10 microns or less. For combat the dust studded tires are banned in most European countries and even in Japan, comparable with Russia on climate change. But Michelin does not care a straw: their new X-Ice North 4 is nearly 290 spikes in a 19-inch wheel!

Central rib increases stability on the pavement where North 4 should not be worse than North 3. Reinforced frame Ironflex taken from tyres Michelin XM2. The tread depth is 8.4 mm, pattern mm depth around the spikes are purely decorative.

This is a record ― the nearest competitor at less than one third of the spikes. At the St. Petersburg presentation for comparison with the new Michelin are the leaders in independent tests ― 9 Nokian Hakkapeliitta and Continental IceContact 2. The difference in longitudinal dynamics are noticeable even without instruments. The brake way on ice with 60 km/h close to Nokian tyres and the Conti and the Michelin hyperspanner selected as aggregatelevel wagon Audi A6 allroad stops about a case before.

Instrumental measurements it is difficult to give an exact due to the changeable covers, but Racelogic VBox shows winning Michelin about two feet in braking distance on ice from 20 to five kilometers per hour. When comparing sets, worn mileage 10 000 km, the superiority of the tyre X-Ice North 4 even more — to a meter with the same slow 20-5 km/h.

In the tire of tradable size 205/55 R16 ― 250 studs, located in 22 longitudinal and 22 transverse series. Potential locations for studding ― about 1400, but in the end chose the “quiet” configuration. The tread of the tires wider than 255 mm is slightly different.

On a winding ice road Nokian and Continental are especially wrong in the slide safer and predictable than X-Ice North 4. But Michelin makes it significantly later, and higher grip in the longitudinal direction increase the effect of the stabilization system: XP-R-rum, and you’re back on the course. And the most amazing X-Ice North 4 all quiet on the pavement, where Hakka exasperated low-frequency rumble, and IceContact ― the clatter of studs affixed complex shape. And “zero” on the wheel from Michelin with clear. Due to what?

The tapered form of the end of the housing tenon is borrowed from Motorsport: when you tilt the carbide core is pulled out of ice. The relative positions of the spikes as much as twenty-two paths is optimized to avoid acoustic resonance phenomena.

Spikes ― the usual round shape, is inserted with regulated standards by the departure of 1.2 mm plus 0.3 mm For uniform wear of the stud body, now not aluminum, and steel (say, it starts to corrode the normal operation will not interfere). And the total increase in the mass of spikes on 200 grams offset about the same weight reduction of the tire. In the end it is no heavier than a Nord the third generation — 9.6 kg for size 205/55 R16. However, in the fixing of studs there is no progress. They are simply inserted into the rubber, and, judging by the reviews on Драйве2, it is the loss of “claws” was the main claim to the previous Nord.

For compact snow extended tread blocks with lots of sipes. Slots dowry U-shaped form, allowing you to block them sooner and harder. Alas, on tests such coverage is not submitted. Tread compound works down to minus 65 degrees.

Decisive for the coupling properties on ice is the number of spikes in an optimized, longer contact patch: they are here now fits as much as 24 against the previous eight-nine! However, on its own Michelin data on the ice in Russia is a maximum of five percent of the winter run. It turns out, most of the time the spikes bite the asphalt, wearing it especially hard when it is covered with liquid reagents ― this blows every foreign study.

The number of spikes in the end like as in conflict with the regulations. For example, according to the Russian rules of certification, the number of spikes must not exceed 60 pieces per meter protector. In Europe in 2013 is allowed only 50. If you follow the letter of the technical requirements, the biggest at the moment the tyre X-Ice North 4 size 265/40 R19 should be less than 109 spikes. And there are 287!

All tyres X-Ice North 4 produced in the performance of the XL (Extra Load, reinforced frame). Sizes from 15 to 17 inches in the suburbs (including for export), and 18-19 inches in Poland and Hungary. Later there will be 20-inch versions and version SUV.

To spend the market of tyre with a strong excess of the norms Michelin uses a legal loophole. Thorns can be as long as the tires have undergone a special wear test of the road called “over-run” designed and implemented by the world’s only certified Finnish laboratory Test World. Tested needs all of the 35 available for the upcoming winter sizes bore diameter from 15 to 19 inches. Michelin X-Ice North 4 successfully passed this test: in order to reduce wear of the fabric, among other things, new tires refused thermosetting mixture plotava pillow spike at low temperatures.

Ice track at the autodrome Saint-Petersburg liked it, although for completeness I wanted to ride in the snow and on the wet asphalt ― and cleared to dry pavement was only a small dvuhsotmetrovy straight. But slow it was not possible.

However, what abroad is growing skepticism about the “over-wound” — a very specific test conditions. For the measurement of wear is used not asphalt, and special granite (see box below). Research carried out at zero temperature, rather than winter. And the main thing ― the speed of travel of the car is only 100 km/h. how Often do you ride in an empty ring road with the Ring?

On winter models accounted for 55% of sales of the Russian tire market. The share of studded versions, according to Michelin, is 77% and growing.

Norway, for example, recently refused to allow on the road tire certified by “over-wound”. Fifty studs per meter ― and that’s that, or whatever it will be in Norwegian. However, Russia, Sweden and Finland from the consumer point of view X-Ice North 4 vying for the title of favorite the new winter season. A brief introduction has shown that he is certainly a cut better than dull Michelin third generation ― by the way, spiked old-fashioned, in accordance with the rate of the number of spikes per meter. Now waiting for the competitors three hundred thorns. Who’s first?

Gnaw granite of Kuru

The size of one 300-gram tiles for the certification test of granite Kuru — 90x75x20 mm. weighed Her before and after the test, pre-dried according to special standardized methods.

Finnish test center Test World since 1980-ies of the developed technique of measurement of the wear of the coating with the studded tires. The basic idea is that the bus (or rather, car) rolled a number of times in the sample of material, the weight of which is precisely measured at the beginning and end of the cycle. How much easier was the sample was so worn out surface. Experiments with different types of coatings forced to stop the granite from the Finnish field of Kuru. It was stated that the dies of this breed is the most stable properties over the entire area and depth.

In the package, on which the car passes, 15 tiles.

“Over-run” provides 200 passages on samples on the car, shod in new tyres features with the speed of 100 km/h ― it’s 400 effects of tires on granite. Granite cubes pre-cutting for the emergence of grooves and flow (wear a wet coating and a half to three times more dry). Initially after administration of the test evil tongues hinted at a friendly relationship test with the Finnish company Nokian, whose tires are the first to fully use the advantages of the new method of certification. But the example of Michelin says it is likely speculation.

Behind the scenes

Scale Michelin tire presentation, held in March, at least not inferior to that of many car ― dozens of journalists and bloggers, excellent organization and logistics. However, many of the guests were not in the theme. In the “Peregrine” I heard about this conversation between two young people: “Hey, how the tires to test? I first”. “Nothing complicated, take, and worn. Last time even a Porsche to drive Dali”. Fortunately, did not disappoint the weather: despite the beginning of calendar spring, steady minus 10-15 degrees allowed not only to travel around a full ice, but like right on the Fontanka and the Moika.


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Diesel Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has improved a little in Russia

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mitsubishi pajero sport

Mitsubishi pajero sport. За октябрь «три бриллианта» реализовали у нас 4238 автомобилей (+40%), а Pajero Sport нашёл 1101 владельца, заняв второе место по популярности в линейке Mitsu после Аутлендера (2278 штук).

Konstantin Bolotov, 59 minutes ago. Photo: Mitsubishi

In October the “three diamonds” we have implemented 4238 cars (+40%) and Pajero Sport found 1101 of the owner, taking second place in popularity in the line after Mitsu Outlander (2278 units).

In Kaluga produces only diesel Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, a diesel comes from Thailand. In the equipment of machines, there are small differences because the updates for the next model year, introduced in the Thai factory, reproduced in Russian with some delay. But Dec our and imported SUVs will be equipped the same. Innovation is not large, but useful.

Prices supplements are not affected. Pajero Sport diesel motor 2.4 DID (181 HP, 430 N•m) “starts” with 2 339 000 rubles. Petrol 3.0 V6 (209 HP, 279 N•m) is from 2 897 000.

Boca center console are now plastered with soft inserts. In the back of the front passenger seat came pocket with a compartment for a smartphone. Rear riders received a 220-volt outlet and USB charging ports. Replacement of mirrors in the sun visors acquired illumination. Optimized graphics display in the center tidy. There are some options, of course, depends on the configuration.


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Making “minor” accident: car damage “scans” smartphone

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This will allow customers of insurance companies not to describe the “trauma” of the machine on paper. So, the placing of such accidents will be reduced.

Mobile application for the registration of road accident without victims want to associate with the system of electronic PTS. The creation of this database is now engaged in “daughter” of the state Corporation “rostec”, JSC “Electronic passport”. Apparently, the owners who in the future wants to be able to quickly draw a “small” accident will have to change paper ID on sprts designed at his own expense.

Depositphotos_78805998_original копия

As reported by “Izvestia“, issue electronic certificates for previously registered cars will be the operators of inspection. For this they need to be using a special app to take a picture of the vehicle identification numbers, actually the machine itself (this will prepare the standards), and also scan the documents for the car. This information is sent to the traffic police, where it is checked against the database. While the new mobile app is being tested and will soon be tested with the office.

Recall sprts designed will become mandatory for all new cars from November 1, 2019. However, if desired, manufacturers can issue such a passport now. It is important that car owners with paper passports, no one forcibly will not be forced to receive electronic and, therefore, to arrange an accident for an updated simplified scheme.

Tensed women looking at damaged cars on road against clear sky

System design of a “minor” accident with electronic VRC to assume that in the event of an accident without victims, the driver only needs to photograph the damage using a special mobile application. Then the system will automatically match the original images (obtained from the registration sprts designed) with those made after the occurrence, and fix the damage.

For the first time, the app will also be able to bind to the “emergency” to the images location. Later, the developers want to add the function to fix the distance between the vehicles position relative to the various stationary objects (buildings, traffic lights, etc.). This will allow insurers to “see” the scene, and the drivers will save from filling of documents – notices – by hand.


The so-called “unlimited Euro Protocol” will introduce throughout the country on 1 October 2019, until maximum limits on payments – 400 000 –there are only four regions: in the capital of Russia, Saint-Petersburg and in Moscow and Leningrad regions. In the remaining regions of the country in case of registration of the accident under the simplified scheme, the size of the payment does not exceed 100 000 rubles.

Now its own app – “the accident.Evroprotokol” have with the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI). It is also possible to remove car damage after an accident and send to the insurer, however, has no function of comparison with the original state of the machine. Besides remains a requirement for completing by hand the documents to the insurance company.

Recall from the end of July this year, the app allows PCA to issue an accident on evroprotokol without the participation of the traffic police even with differences between participants. However, other requirements remain the same: only two drivers, all have a valid contract of insurance, there are no victims and no damage to the property of third parties.


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Volvo will bring to Los Angeles the mysterious development

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Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Volvo,,,

The words “It’s not a phone” suggests that at the show the company will bring some more, but with the phone it will be connected. In all senses.

The Swedes published the unusual teaser news which was prepared for the motor show in Los Angeles. The idea of the message — “you think You see the phone, but the reality is…”, and then you can try to think logically. Gradual evolution autopilot on production machines Volvo and experiments with fully Autonomous movement, as well as the latest unmanned concept 360c indicate that to find the answer you need in this area. With the smartphone can be connected for remote control of the machine from the outside, including the traffic on the Parking lot. The same smartphone is associated with a mobile service, for example, call a taxi (in the future — Autonomous). And also the phone as the key to keep in mind.

The pipe and the inscription “This is not a pipe” — a famous painting by surrealist artist Rene Magritte’s “the Treachery of images,” written ninety years ago. Technically the author is right: it’s not the tube and the picture tube. However, the message caused a wave of philosophical discussion going so far. About a wave of imitations and say nothing, Volvo America did not open.

Still, it is worth remembering that the Swedes should prepare the audience to the emergence of crossover Volvo XC90 next generation. He seems in 2020-2021 years, but production vehicles we are likely to see the concept. And in the “nineties” the developers have promised autonomy to the fourth level, which is already preparing the soil (developed a prototype of a powerful onboard computer, signed an agreement with Baidu on a joint development of the theme of the drones). In General, the artistic allusion makes the audience’s imagination. Here Volvo has clearly learned from Magritte. By suspicious coincidence, the painting “the Treachery of images” is in the County Museum of art Los Angeles.


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