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Kunst! Dig into the ice hyperlipaemia Michelin X-Ice North 4

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Michelin X-Ice North 4 from the first batch of cheaper Continental and Nokia ― a little less than six thousand rubles for tyre size 205/55 R16 vs 6500-8000 rubles for the competitors.

Tired to catch the car in the ruts that appear every spring in the left ranks of the high-speed road Moscow ― Moscow or St. Petersburg Kada? Tired of mud on the body? The main reason of these troubles, as shown by the Scandinavian study, is studded tires. They gnaw through the roadbed, resulting in the same ultrafine PM10 particles with a diameter of 10 microns or less. For combat the dust studded tires are banned in most European countries and even in Japan, comparable with Russia on climate change. But Michelin does not care a straw: their new X-Ice North 4 is nearly 290 spikes in a 19-inch wheel!

Central rib increases stability on the pavement where North 4 should not be worse than North 3. Reinforced frame Ironflex taken from tyres Michelin XM2. The tread depth is 8.4 mm, pattern mm depth around the spikes are purely decorative.

This is a record ― the nearest competitor at less than one third of the spikes. At the St. Petersburg presentation for comparison with the new Michelin are the leaders in independent tests ― 9 Nokian Hakkapeliitta and Continental IceContact 2. The difference in longitudinal dynamics are noticeable even without instruments. The brake way on ice with 60 km/h close to Nokian tyres and the Conti and the Michelin hyperspanner selected as aggregatelevel wagon Audi A6 allroad stops about a case before.

Instrumental measurements it is difficult to give an exact due to the changeable covers, but Racelogic VBox shows winning Michelin about two feet in braking distance on ice from 20 to five kilometers per hour. When comparing sets, worn mileage 10 000 km, the superiority of the tyre X-Ice North 4 even more — to a meter with the same slow 20-5 km/h.

In the tire of tradable size 205/55 R16 ― 250 studs, located in 22 longitudinal and 22 transverse series. Potential locations for studding ― about 1400, but in the end chose the “quiet” configuration. The tread of the tires wider than 255 mm is slightly different.

On a winding ice road Nokian and Continental are especially wrong in the slide safer and predictable than X-Ice North 4. But Michelin makes it significantly later, and higher grip in the longitudinal direction increase the effect of the stabilization system: XP-R-rum, and you’re back on the course. And the most amazing X-Ice North 4 all quiet on the pavement, where Hakka exasperated low-frequency rumble, and IceContact ― the clatter of studs affixed complex shape. And “zero” on the wheel from Michelin with clear. Due to what?

The tapered form of the end of the housing tenon is borrowed from Motorsport: when you tilt the carbide core is pulled out of ice. The relative positions of the spikes as much as twenty-two paths is optimized to avoid acoustic resonance phenomena.

Spikes ― the usual round shape, is inserted with regulated standards by the departure of 1.2 mm plus 0.3 mm For uniform wear of the stud body, now not aluminum, and steel (say, it starts to corrode the normal operation will not interfere). And the total increase in the mass of spikes on 200 grams offset about the same weight reduction of the tire. In the end it is no heavier than a Nord the third generation — 9.6 kg for size 205/55 R16. However, in the fixing of studs there is no progress. They are simply inserted into the rubber, and, judging by the reviews on Драйве2, it is the loss of “claws” was the main claim to the previous Nord.

For compact snow extended tread blocks with lots of sipes. Slots dowry U-shaped form, allowing you to block them sooner and harder. Alas, on tests such coverage is not submitted. Tread compound works down to minus 65 degrees.

Decisive for the coupling properties on ice is the number of spikes in an optimized, longer contact patch: they are here now fits as much as 24 against the previous eight-nine! However, on its own Michelin data on the ice in Russia is a maximum of five percent of the winter run. It turns out, most of the time the spikes bite the asphalt, wearing it especially hard when it is covered with liquid reagents ― this blows every foreign study.

The number of spikes in the end like as in conflict with the regulations. For example, according to the Russian rules of certification, the number of spikes must not exceed 60 pieces per meter protector. In Europe in 2013 is allowed only 50. If you follow the letter of the technical requirements, the biggest at the moment the tyre X-Ice North 4 size 265/40 R19 should be less than 109 spikes. And there are 287!

All tyres X-Ice North 4 produced in the performance of the XL (Extra Load, reinforced frame). Sizes from 15 to 17 inches in the suburbs (including for export), and 18-19 inches in Poland and Hungary. Later there will be 20-inch versions and version SUV.

To spend the market of tyre with a strong excess of the norms Michelin uses a legal loophole. Thorns can be as long as the tires have undergone a special wear test of the road called “over-run” designed and implemented by the world’s only certified Finnish laboratory Test World. Tested needs all of the 35 available for the upcoming winter sizes bore diameter from 15 to 19 inches. Michelin X-Ice North 4 successfully passed this test: in order to reduce wear of the fabric, among other things, new tires refused thermosetting mixture plotava pillow spike at low temperatures.

Ice track at the autodrome Saint-Petersburg liked it, although for completeness I wanted to ride in the snow and on the wet asphalt ― and cleared to dry pavement was only a small dvuhsotmetrovy straight. But slow it was not possible.

However, what abroad is growing skepticism about the “over-wound” — a very specific test conditions. For the measurement of wear is used not asphalt, and special granite (see box below). Research carried out at zero temperature, rather than winter. And the main thing ― the speed of travel of the car is only 100 km/h. how Often do you ride in an empty ring road with the Ring?

On winter models accounted for 55% of sales of the Russian tire market. The share of studded versions, according to Michelin, is 77% and growing.

Norway, for example, recently refused to allow on the road tire certified by “over-wound”. Fifty studs per meter ― and that’s that, or whatever it will be in Norwegian. However, Russia, Sweden and Finland from the consumer point of view X-Ice North 4 vying for the title of favorite the new winter season. A brief introduction has shown that he is certainly a cut better than dull Michelin third generation ― by the way, spiked old-fashioned, in accordance with the rate of the number of spikes per meter. Now waiting for the competitors three hundred thorns. Who’s first?

Gnaw granite of Kuru

The size of one 300-gram tiles for the certification test of granite Kuru — 90x75x20 mm. weighed Her before and after the test, pre-dried according to special standardized methods.

Finnish test center Test World since 1980-ies of the developed technique of measurement of the wear of the coating with the studded tires. The basic idea is that the bus (or rather, car) rolled a number of times in the sample of material, the weight of which is precisely measured at the beginning and end of the cycle. How much easier was the sample was so worn out surface. Experiments with different types of coatings forced to stop the granite from the Finnish field of Kuru. It was stated that the dies of this breed is the most stable properties over the entire area and depth.

In the package, on which the car passes, 15 tiles.

“Over-run” provides 200 passages on samples on the car, shod in new tyres features with the speed of 100 km/h ― it’s 400 effects of tires on granite. Granite cubes pre-cutting for the emergence of grooves and flow (wear a wet coating and a half to three times more dry). Initially after administration of the test evil tongues hinted at a friendly relationship test with the Finnish company Nokian, whose tires are the first to fully use the advantages of the new method of certification. But the example of Michelin says it is likely speculation.

Behind the scenes

Scale Michelin tire presentation, held in March, at least not inferior to that of many car ― dozens of journalists and bloggers, excellent organization and logistics. However, many of the guests were not in the theme. In the “Peregrine” I heard about this conversation between two young people: “Hey, how the tires to test? I first”. “Nothing complicated, take, and worn. Last time even a Porsche to drive Dali”. Fortunately, did not disappoint the weather: despite the beginning of calendar spring, steady minus 10-15 degrees allowed not only to travel around a full ice, but like right on the Fontanka and the Moika.


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SUV Audi SQ7 TDI appearance has changed after Q7

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Audi sq7. Издали SQ7 легко спутать с Q7 — настолько близко оформление передней части. Верные признаки SQ7 (кроме шильдиков) — сдвоенные вертикальные планки решётки радиатора (как у SQ8) вместо одинарных и корпуса зеркал в декоре «под алюминий», а не в цвет кузова, как на простых «ку-седьмых».

Leonid Popov, 2 hours ago. Photo: Audi

SQ7 from a distance easily confused with the Q7 — so close the front part. Sure signs SQ7 (except for signboards) — twin vertical slats of the grille (as SQ8) is single and the body of the mirrors in the decor in aluminium and not in body color as a simple “ku-seventh”.

That “charged” crossover Audi SQ7 TDI has been updated according to the General scheme together with a simple “ku-seventh”, the Germans said a month ago during the premiere of the restyled model Q7. But limited words, “esku” not showing. This has now been fixed: the manufacturer has declassified the appearance of a powerful diesel models and revealed some details.

In addition to the new rear lights connected by a silver strap, and a redrawn bumper should pay attention to the exhaust pipes. From the past SQ7 they were a four box and four round (like SQ8).

We have been told that out of diesel 4.0 V8 (435 HP and 900 N•m) combined with turbocharging, the engineers did not change. The motor is combined, as before, with eight-speed “automatic” Tiptronic and all wheel drive. On the spot and all the advantages of chassis: standard sports suspension, progressive steering and steering rear axle and active sport differential and optional Electromechanical active damping system rolls. Brake discs (front/rear) — diameter 400/370 mm, and the surcharge — plerodomiana (420/370 mm).

Most strongly changed the interior received a few touch screens on the centre console with a multimedia system MMI Navigation Plus, the communication module LTE Advanced, access point, Wi-Fi, voice control and Audi connect.

Differences from the Q7: dark leather plus Alcantara “in the database”, sports seats, brushed aluminium décor (for a fee will supply CFRP). Options: S plus seats with integral head restraints, embossed S on the backrest, pneumatic adjustment, lumbar support and upholstered in Valcona leather with diamond pattern.

In General, the number of options is large, and many refer to a variety of interior decoration and equipment (you can buy environmental lights switching on, 30 colors, four-zone climate control, air ionizer with fragrance and the sound system Bang & Olufsen 3D). And the program exclusive to Audi SQ7 SUV you can get a special exterior color Daytona Gray with the “pearl effect” (as the pictures in the news). In Europe, the updated car will appear in late September at a price of 94 900 euros (6.7 million) for the five and variation from 96 420 (of 6.81 million) for a seven-seater. In Russia, SQ7 and SQ8 his brother will go on sale in the first half of 2020.

It became


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The new model Cadillac Escalade will be an electric version

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cadillac escalade

Cadillac escalade. По последним данным, «пятый» Escalade (тут показана длинная версия ESV) поступит в продажу лишь в 2020 году как модель 2021-го. Полностью электрический вариант выйдет не сразу, а через некоторое время после запуска обычных исполнений.

Leonid Popov, 46 minutes ago. Photo and illustration: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien, Cadillac

According to the latest data, “the fifth” Escalade (here shown long ESV version) will be available only in 2020 as the model 2021-th. A fully electric version will come not immediately, but after some time after starting regular performances.

Concern GM intends to have the portfolio of two dozen electric vehicles by 2023. However, hardly anyone expected that among them will be a giant Cadillac Escalade new (fifth) generation. We are toldthat the insiders tipped him to aspirated V8 6.2 L87, biturbomotor 4.2 LTA and hybrid variation with charging from the wall (with economical “Quartet” or “six”). Now Society says Cadillac: other Escalade will appear in the all-electric modification.

While the electrified version of the model was the Escalade Hybridthat entered the market in 2008 (in the third generation the Escalade) and stayed in the arena until 2014. (In the current, fourth generation, interestingly, this version does not.)

The Escalade will move to the new platform T1XX, like the latest Chevrolet Silverado, but with an important difference: independent suspension front and rear. Obviously, this platform is built on various power settings, but not created from scratch as a “battery”. More surprising forecast Society Cadillac — Escalade EV will supposedly be able to run on a single charge of about 400 miles (644 km). This number is needed to compete with the crossover Tesla Model X. That by the time an Escalade EV will certainly be upgraded, says Cadillac Society. And now Model X drives 325 miles.

The hybrid system, the Escalade consisted of engine V8 6.0 LZ1 (turning off half of the cylinders) and two 60-kilowatt electric motors, integrated in a specially designed transmission (multiple planetary gear sets and clutches). The SUV could go only on electric. At such moments, the engines were powered by Nickel-metal hydride batteries. Worked and recovery. Total return — 384 HP, average consumption of 13.0 l/100 km and 19.6 from purely gasoline counterpart.

This story does not preclude the establishment of electric cars, GM electric on specialized platforms. In addition to the models on the “cart” BEV2 from the Bolt (e.g., crossover Bolt EUV) will come out with a whole galaxy of cars improved platform BEV3. According to Green Car Reports, it resembles the basis of The concept of AUTOnomy of 2002. A large crossover on the basis of build, and Cadillac (roughly in 2023-2024 years). Even more interesting is that it will electric pickup. Under which of the brands GM is still unclear. The truck is going to compete with such new products as Rivian R1T and Tesla Pickup. About it this summer, told GM President mark Reuss.


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CD BMW i3s from AC Schnitzer got a bright wrapper

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Bmw i3,Bmw i3s. Наш тест показывал, что i3s рулится точно, живо и с лёгким заднеприводным акцентом. Так что не стоит думать, будто электрокар с максималкой всего в 160 км/ч — это история исключительно про «экономичные поездки в городе».

Leonid Popov, July 17, 2019. Photos: AC Schnitzer

Our test showed that the i3s rulitsya accurately, vividly and with a light rear-wheel drive accent. So do not think the electric car with a top speed of just 160 km/h — this is a story solely about “economical travel in the city.”

The German Studio AC Schnitzer often mentioned in the news in connection with some powerful BMW. Get at least a 570-strong ACL2 based on a coupe-kopeck piece. But far less incendiary models, with a claim to environmental friendliness, in view of the Schnitzer got no time (hybrid i8). Therefore it is not surprising the latest proposal of the Germans: the package of improvements for the compact electric BMW i3s.

[embedded content]

For “AI-third” of the proposed new lowering springs and 20 mm, splitter, black aluminum cover for the iDrive controller, aluminum pedals, spoiler, protective film on top of the rear bumper, dilators gauge (12 mm on each side).

Usual BMW i3 for six years my life has undergone several upgrades, and two years ago got sportivnoi version index i3s. From the base it is not only the appearance, but also efficiency electric motor: 184 HP and 270 N•m against the original 170 HP and 250 N•m. the Dynamics of such electric cars is already possible to characterize as a vigorous — dispersal to hundred in 6.9 vs a 7.3 source S. So now Atelier AC Schnitzer was not to change anything in the electrical part of the BMW, but simply emphasized its playful nature with new parts in the exterior.

That the BMW i3 was not invented for the sake of saving money on fuel, they say, and the price tags. For example, the base i3 in the Russian catalogue of stamps costs 3 840 000 rubles, and sportively i3s — 4 140 000.

We add that the popularity of the i3 model in Europe is going up. Only in January — may this year implemented 13 357 instances, whereas for the whole of 2018 — 24 252, and for 2017 — 21 010. Apparently, it affected the update, conducted last fall, which brought the little one the traction battery with a capacity of 42.2 kW•h On the machines of yesteryear was 33,2 and 22 kWh.


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