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Kinds of hardware methods of hair removal – devices and methods

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To remove the hair effectively and without harm to health, beauticians use hardware depilation. The advantage of the procedure is that it allows you to eliminate nielamu vegetation for a long time. But to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to choose the right instrument based on individual problems and the patient’s skin.

The hair removal technology hardware methods

Depending on the used apparatus is divided into the following types.



There are several varieties:

  • thermolysis — a quick painful procedure with the risk of burns, which, by exposure to a high-frequency current is rectified up to 30% of hair in one session;
  • electrolysis is a long painful session with the use of DC low voltage, which is recommended for the treatment of small areas;
  • flash less painful and very quick procedure, during which problem areas are exposed to the pulse;
  • blend — a kind of “mix” of thermolysis and electrolysis;
  • pinata hair removal — painless method with use of the tweezer-electrodes and high-frequency current, which is for one session only partially destroys the hair.

Laser hair removal

Лазерная эпиляция

Popular less painful technique which involves exposure of the laser beam on the root of the hair, resulting in a burned bulb. The session is light energy interacts with the pigment melanin. Therefore, the most effective laser for dark (pigmented) hair. An effective way to get rid of hair for a long time — up to 2 years or more. After the first treatment hair growth slows down. For a lasting effect you will need a course of 3-8 sessions every 1-3 months.

ELOS hair removal


The technique, which combines the action of three types of energy — light, electrical, laser. Allows you to remove hair with pulsed light penetrating the subcutaneous layers at different depths. At the same time plots affected by high-frequency current waves. Skin, thus, remains intact due to rapid cooling system in the machine.

Painless procedure to get rid of any vegetation of any kind forever. To achieve the desired result, it will take from 5 to 12 sessions with an interval in 1-1,5 months.

The types of devices

Depending on the destination and the condition of the skin, devices for hair removal are divided into different types. In the priority — epilatorsthat can eliminate the problem effectively and permanently, while maintaining healthy skin. These are the following devices.

Cosmetic lasers

During exposure to direct laser beam directly on the bulb. Here energy is actively absorbed by melanin, water and hemoglobin, gradually destroying the hair. There are also devices that work simultaneously on the vessels feeding the treated hair follicles. In this place the hair no longer grows and as a result, the skin remains smooth forever. It is worth considering that the laser affects only active hair follicles, so the procedure is repeated periodically, until you have treated all the hair in the active phase.

Depending on skin type, laser devices are divided into types:

  • diode;
  • alexandrite;
  • ruby;
  • aluminum garnet;
  • NdFeB.

The most popular in hair removal are diode and alexandrite lasers.


Recommended for people with a low pain threshold. During the laser exposure, the skin is cooled using the cooling system of the prism (“tip” through which passes the beam). This reduces the sensitivity of the dermis.

[embedded content]

Diode lasers are used not only for hair removal. They are equipped with a system of rejuvenation and tightening.

[embedded content]


Give immediate effect owing to the simultaneous mechanical destruction of the follicular unit as a result of laser radiation. During the procedure the hair absorbs the laser pulse, and the skin is not heated.

In addition to hair removal, alexandrite lasers remove the vessels, varicose veins, smooth wrinkles.

With a properly selected device, laser hair removal is painless and does not cause burns. Due to the fact that in the process of the impact beam must be a sufficient amount of melanin, lasers are most effective on dark hair. For removal of light vegetation apply: living room or combine both methods.

Tiles: ceramic / glazed


The line includes Elos (E-light) epilators. Devices affect hair comprehensively at one time:

  • by sending pulses of intense light (IPL);
  • the flow of high frequency currents and currents of radio frequency (RF) through a special electrode pads.

The simultaneous use of IPL and RF can effectively remove hair, regardless of the presence and amount of melanin. To reduce pain, the devices are equipped with a system semiconductor cooling. It allows you to instantly cool the dermal cover, creating the effect of anesthesia.

As the lasers: living room allow to solve and other problems: eliminate pigmentation, rejuvenate the skin, remove vascular, acne, acne scars, tattoo.

To laser and ELOS hair removal cost were more affordable, when buying better to give preference to multifunctional devices that not only remove hair, but also able to solve other cosmetic problems.

The choice of apparatus

The key to a successful SCS is the right equipment. Because of the poor quality of the device leads to:

  • the lack of effect — the hair is not removed;
  • disruptions in the operation mode;
  • harm to the health of the patient.

Therefore, before purchasing the shaver, you should pay special attention to:

  • technical characteristics of the product;
  • the reputation of the seller.

High-quality equipment for laser hair removal to buy from a trusted supplier that sells certified hardware and is ready to fulfill all warranty obligations. These principles, adheres to AP-COSMETICS that works directly with manufacturers and is the exclusive distributor of many of the devices in Russia.

The advantages of AP-COSMETICS

  • guaranteed a quality product at a reasonable cost;
  • operational delivery;
  • flexible payment methods;
  • the presence of private licensed service center;
  • a learning center where you can receive training and learn in detail about the operation and capabilities of devices.

Hardware device for hair removal is an essential thing in the modern aesthetic medicine centers, beauty salons and clinics of plastic surgery. A quality machine will become a reliable assistant in carrying out various beauty treatments. And choose it responsibly. Because at stake — the reputation of the institution and the patient’s health. Therefore trust trusted supplier and let your efforts are rewarded, and the business is booming!



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