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Kei car Honda N-WGN became more powerful in the new generation

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honda n-wgn

Honda n-wgn. Размеры не изменились: длина, ширина, высота — 3395×1475×1675–1725 мм, колёсная база — 2520. Снаряжённая масса разнится в пределах 850–930 кг. Клиренс составляет 140 мм. Размерность шин — 155/65 R14, 165/55 R15. Простой и чистый дизайн продвигается под девизом «New Simple!».

Konstantin Bolotov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Honda

The dimensions were not changed: the length, width, height — 3395×1475×1675-1725 mm, wheelbase — 2520. Curb weight varies in the range of 850-930 kg ground Clearance is 140 mm. Dimension of tires — 155/65 R14 are 165/55 R15. Simple and clean design is promoted under the motto “New Simple!”.

In Honda’s lineup of N Series clearly outlines the purpose of each model: N-BOX — for family, N-VAN — and N-WGN (previously N-ONE) — personal vehicle for the soul. Although all this N-BOX is the most popular kei car in Japan, which evolyutsioniruet eighth year. In 2017 the “box” is moved to the new platform, and now the “second” N-WGN may use it. Builders managed to make the car even roomier, while the designers have given her a lovely appearance.

Front seats for easy entry/exit turn on 63 degrees, but more interesting is that these chairs are placed in the tank. So managed to win the extra millimeters. Opening the baggage door is enlarged for the sake of reducing the loading height. Now the compartment is divided into upper and lower sectors.

The main color of brown interior selected. At the request of customers steering wheel is now adjustable for height and reach and the driver’s seat can be raised. The front panel is redrawn: vents blowing lay down, the Central display, on the contrary, stood up. Media system and a “climate” — new.

The three-cylinder engine volume of 660 “cubes” in conjunction with the variator, as before, develops 64 HP and 104 N•m with overboost and 58 HP, 65 N•m without it. All-wheel drive instead of front-available any performance. The main achievement of the “second carriage” is the security system Honda Sensing, which, together with the adaptive cruise control is “in the database”, recognizes signs, pedestrians and cyclists, even at night, helping to avoid all possible collisions. By the way, the four Parking sensor in the rear bumper for the first time included in the standard kei-car.

Version N-WGN Custom explicitly created with an eye for the male audience, therefore the design of the exterior “aquadrene” and tinted, and the interior is dominated by black. Everything else is the same.

New N-WGN addressed exclusively to the Japanese market and will go on sale the ninth of August. Prices for regular microvan start at 1 274 400 yen (745 620 rubles), and Custom costs 1 512 000 (884 630). Honda plans to release 7000 cars a month. While the N-WGN closes the top ten most popular kei cars in Japan, but will surely rise in the rankings closer to the leader, because it is a Honda N-BOX.


Letter N means Norimono (“vehicle”), and WGN — a reduction from the word Wagon (“wagon”). Microvan refers to the range of N Series, including N-BOX and N-VAN. Dimensions kei-cars and the return of their engines severely limited, so Atelier Mugen can offer them only decor.

The “first” N-WGN debuted along with “luxury” version of the Custom in the fall of 2013 at the Tokyo motor show as the successor model N-ONE. Platform beginner shared fellow N-BOX, and the body the Japanese built from scratch. Microvena got the new engine in volume of 660 cm3 in air (58 HP, 65 N•m) and nadobna (64 HP and 104 N•m) version. The CVT was uncontested, but along with front-wheel drive was offered a full. The moment of transition into the second generation N-WGN was in the list of the best kei cars of Japan in tenth place (the first was held N-BOX).


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Family Honda Civic Si little has improved in the United States

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Honda civic,Honda civic coupe. Светодиодные фары отныне размещены на чёрной подложке и работают эффективнее. Над новыми противотуманками внедрены Г-образные поперечины в цвет кузова. По мнению Хонды, этого достаточно для «более агрессивного вида».

Konstantin Bolotov, 22 Aug 2019. Photo: Honda

Led lights now on placed on a black substrate and work more effectively. On new foglights embedded G-shaped cross member in body color. According to Honda, this is enough for a “more aggressive look”.

Miser update of the family Honda Civic got “heated” version of the Civic Si for the American market. The coupe and sedan slightly modified exterior and interior. Security system Honda Sensing is included as standard. Meanwhile turboservice 1.5 for a couple with a six-speed “mechanics” still produces 208 HP, 260 N•m. However, the gear ratio the main couples increased by six percent, but how it affected the dynamics, Honda explains.

In the compartment of the feed has not changed at all, the sedan boasts a jumpers bumper. Wheels 18 inches in diameter different from the current ones only black color. For summer tires instead of all season will have to pay $200.

The most notable innovation in the cabin — red piping above the air vents. The “sport” seats with bright accents modified. Plus improved insulation.

Civici Si collected by Ontario in Canada, will appear at dealers in the United States on the sixth of September. Prices of the coupe and sedan are identical, and start with $25 000 (plus $930 for shipping), while a previous version is $700 cheaper. Interestingly, in 2018, Honda sold 30% more cars “on the handle” than in 2017 (601 45 a piece). However, the proportion of “mechanical” machines in the total amount is still negligible 2.8 per cent.

It became


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Pickup Ford F-150 LM650 offered an alternative to third-party tuning

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Ford f-150. По идее, тюнинг от дилера мало чем отличается от тюнинга в специализированной компании. Но дилер может демпинговать, а ещё даёт гарантию на машину в пять лет или 60 000 миль.

Leonid Popov, 3 days ago. Photo: Long McArthur, Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

The idea is that the tuning of the dealer is a little different from tuning to a specialized company. But the dealer can dump, and even gives a warranty of five years or 60,000 miles.

Model Ford F-150 enjoys the love of tuning Studio, which offer a variety of options update, up to such extreme as Shelby F-150 (it has several power levels up to 765 “horses”). But the price of Shelby — a hundred thousand dollars, even without taking into account many important features. Here, the Ford dealer Long McArthur of Salina (Kansas) thought, “Why not offer customers something similar but more affordable?”. And announced the release of the original specifications of the pickup — Ford F-150 LM650.

Casacci offered his pickup truck with a very long list of installed options at an attractive (given the equipment) price.

The letters LM obviously mean Long McArthur, but the 650 is a power in the American “horses” (metric is 659 HP). To achieve this level used drive supercharger Roush hoisted on a five-liter “eight”. At Long McArthur say that this is the same powerplant that is in the newly introduced “mad” truck Roush F-150 Nitemare (by the way, the maximum torque there is 827 N•m). Dynamics LM650 not announced, but Nitemare double cab accelerated from a standstill to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.1 s. In General, Long McArthur selects bread from the Raouche. And it’s not just in the identical impact.

A ten-minute overview of the model from the Manager Tim Barth can view the link.

The basis for the F-150 was taken LM650 version of the Lariat Luxury Package with cab Crew Cab, with heated seats in two rows and ventilation on the ground, leather upholstery, Bang & Olufsen sound system, led headlights, a blind spot monitoring mirrors (including the area around the trailer), automatic hold in the band, all-round visibility, a voice-activated navigation, dual panoramic roof, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, all-wheel drive, rear differential with electronic lock, motorized running boards, styling package Lariat Sport Appearance and increased in volume fuel tank.

Meanwhile, the original F-150 ready to change the generation, prototype pickup 2021 model year is already seen on the tests.

Moreover, Long McArthur added LM650 body kit includes a modified hood and front bumper with additional led backlight and ventilation slots on the wings, privacy glass, contrasting stripes on the back, a suspension lift is 51 mm, hardy Fox shocks, 20-inch wheels with bedroomi and 35-inch tires BF Goodrich T/A K02, package Ford Off-Road Survival (it is a compact blades, saws and the like), protective awning in the cargo Bay, red brake calipers, original floor mats, mentioned above drive the compressor is active and Roush exhaust system Roush. And for all this the company has asked for $89 945 (5.9 million rubles) excluding the current dealer discount of $5500, but including the cost of the original truck. To assemble this truck from the Raouche, perhaps, will be much more expensive.


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Electric car Porsche Taycan redefined the first 911

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Porsche taycan. Директор по дизайну интерьеров Porsche Иво ван Хултен заявляет: «Меньше — значит, больше», описывая салон Тайкана, в котором минимализм линий сочетается с новыми возможностями по управлению.

Leonid Popov, 2 days ago. Photo: Porsche

Director of interior design Porsche Ivo van Hulten says: “Less is more”, describing the salon of Taikang in which minimalist lines combined with new opportunities for control.

On the eve of the debut of the fourth of September, electric car Porsche Taycan opened his salon. This is another step in the hybridization of technologies and the appearance of simplicity after the Porsche 911 of the eighth generation. The designers were inspired by the first Porsche 911 1963: look at the uncluttered front panel extending straight lines from side to side, you should look for an elongated oval clean-up, with rounded edges. She deliberately made wider than the helm that matches the style of the first 911.

Digital instrument cluster — it’s a curved screen with a diagonal of as much as 16.8-inch, with a real glass polarizing and anti-reflective coating. At the edges appeared a touch panel for light control and chassis.

The power button located left of the steering column as the ignition on all the usual Porsche. And the right of the column is a small switch of direction as on the model 918 Spyder. Wheel from the Taikang can be of two types: the basic “classic”, with colored inserts to choose from, and GT, with visible bolt heads and switch driving modes.

And this is the 911 of the first generation (in this case 911 S 2.0 Targa 1967). For the Porsche 911 was the beginning of an era of development of the legendary sports cars. Taycan and also special, still the first production electric car brand.

Tidy can switch between Classic mode (chain typical Porsche round indicators in the center instead of the usual tachometer — power meter), Map mode (the power meter is replaced with a map), Full Map mode (map is stretched to full screen) and Pure mode (the amount of information is reduced to the minimum speed, road signs and navigation arrow showing the way). “Classic design features (s) was reconsidered and postponed in the digital age,” explains producer the basic idea of the salon. The number of mechanical switches is minimized. Most of the functions given to the screens.

Even the deflectors of ventilation does not require touching: they are motorized and are transferred between modes Focused (increased cooling, concentrated stream), Diffused (diffuse flow) and the Virtual Airflow Control (fully automatic thread allocation). Yes voice control, responsive to the phrase “Hey Porsche”. Console — touch display of the climate system (8.4 inch) with tactile feedback and handwriting recognition input for address navigation. With the optional four-zone climate control, Advanced on the second row appears its touch control panel (5.9 inches) with tactile feedback.

Two touch screen, Central (10.9 inches) and passenger (diagonal not specified), connected in dark glass tape, visually merging with the panel.

Promised great opportunities for personalization of finishes. In the car you can order a leather classic or Olea in the tanning process which uses olive leaves. You can select “printology” option even without using a skin material Race-Tex on the basis of microfibers, including polyester recycling. The flooring uses the Econyl fiber, part of the feedstock for which is an old fishing net.

In addition, there are a few packages contrasting accents (matte black, silver, neodymium, or champagne color). And for Taikang stated he is only available interior colors (Black-Beige Lime, Blackberry, Atacama Beige and Brown Meranti) doors and console can be trimmed in a choice of wood, matte carbon fiber, stamped aluminum or cloth.

Porsche has teamed up with Apple Music to create the first “fully integrated musical flow” in Taikang. “The Apple Music subscribers can stream more than 50 million songs without any advertising, thousands of playlists and global live Beats 1 and three years of free Internet data. The world’s first full integration of the Apple Music in any car”.

The main parameters of the electric vehicle is already known, although the final numbers may be refined. The company said that total power of electric motors of Taikang more than 600 forces, reserve on a single charge over 500 km, acceleration from zero to hundreds in less than 3.5 seconds, to 200 km/h is about 10 s, maximum speed — 250 km/h on-Board system there is 800 V, and this means that you can charge from the column with a constant current of the same voltage.

At a given power charging station in 320-350 kW (example — the new European network Ionity) traction battery Taikang is filled to 80% in just 15 minutes. This feature has helped to set a record: on the track of nardò in Italy Taycan drove 3425 km in 24 hours.

Slightly disguised Taycan (around the headlights there are fake stickers) for new York, show the audience on the stage of Formula E. Behind the wheel was Porsche factory driver Neel Jani.

Of course, the authors of the record took a lot of stops to recharge (and changing drivers). And yet this is a very impressive number, considering that the speed on the track was kept around 200 km/h (and the energy consumption in this case considerable). With the introduction of serial stations on 450 kW the above charging time will be reduced to approximately 12-13 minutes. We add that, according to unofficial data, the Taikang is not the only one modification. And it is also known: on the conveyor after a time fall and brother of Taikang — raised station wagons, the forerunner of which was the concept of Mission E Turismo Cross. Technically it would be battery sedan.


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