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Insurance will rise at the end of summer

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Rising prices for CTP is expected in the next few months: according to “Vedomosti“on 31 August 2018 it is planned to change as base rates “avtograzhdanki” and the coefficients for them. This date is stated in the relevant draft guidelines, prepared by the Central Bank. Recall that to change the tariffs for this type of insurance in Russia is possible only once a year.

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Earlier, the Central Bank has already used the right to change the base rate, both times their size increased. We will remind, last time the regulator has increased the tariff in April 2015. Then it was expanded tariff corridor which was supposed to increase competition among insurance companies, but in the end the main players of the market just used the top bar. Insurance policies last time rose by about 60%.

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Russian insurance should look to the experience of Germany

In an attempt to reassure car owners of Russia, in the throes of an increase in the cost of insurance, which is expected due to the planned transition to “free fares”, the experts of the Russian Association of motor insurers was found in Berlin…

5672 2 0 08.05.2018

According to RSA, to date the price of the policy “avtograzhdanki” is calculated from the base rate: from 3 to 4 432 118 rubles. It is multiplied by different individual customers for the coefficients taking into account the region in which the car is used, the engine power of the machine, as well as experience and age of the driver. In addition, the MSC is used (coefficient of bonus-Malus): in case of accident-free driving, he gives a discount on OSAGO, in case of a “history of accidents” – allowance.

Note, at this point, the Central Bank has no plans to change this system, although the long-debated translation on the availability of insurance tariffs. It is expected that this will increase competition (which in theory should lead to a reduction in the price of the policy), and will also make the rate more equitable. According to representatives RSA, in this case, an experienced and careful drivers do not have to pay for the young and gets into an accident. According to the President of the Russian Union of insurers Igor Jurgens, in this case, the break-even clients the cost of services could decrease by 50% for loss-making – to increase by 25-50%.

The increase in tariffs CTP has repeatedly insisted that the insurers, who continue to refer to the loss-making segment because of the actions of the so-called “criminal avtoyuristov”. The top ten most affected by the scams of subjects of the Russian Federation entered Krasnodar Krai, Volgograd, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Tatarstan, Sverdlovsk region, Bashkortostan, Primorsky Krai, Chelyabinsk and Lipetsk region.


The current rates and coefficients will be terminated on August 31. The draft of the Central Bank not specified new minimum and maximum base rates, and also changed the factors taking into account region, age and experience of owner. Presumably the former will leave the power factor of the engine and KBM.

We will remind, according to the calculations of SAR in the first quarter of 2018 the average cost of the policy CTP was 5 769 rubles (reduction to same period last year was 2.2%). In the same period, average payment under the contracts was equal to 64 225 rubles (that is, the index decreased by 12.7%).

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Flexing its muscles sedan BMW of the third series

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In March, the first buyers will get the cars versions of the 320d (2,58 million), 320d xDrive (140 thousand more) or 330i (minimum of 2.87 million). Fully equipped BMW 330i would cost about 5.2 million rubles.

During the presentation of the BMW the third series index of the G20 do not sound words with the root “electro”, and “hybrid” is pronounced once or twice. Without these versions, of course — nowhere, but they will appear later, and the locomotive will be conventional gasoline and diesel. Diesel? “While there is demand — make it clear in the BMW, we will be offering diesels because they are good”. And we are talking about the best-selling model of the group, keeping the leadership in spite crossover expansion. Side trends. How much it says about the company and its consumer.

Attending the test drive version of the 320d and 330i with M-suspension and steering with variable-pitch slats, is not very significant. Hope that chassis machines the popular models are not much confused fighting enthusiasm, and will grow more insulation from road noise.

Is it any wonder that the modernization is aimed not to improve comfort? By increasing the wheelbase by four centimeters was recovered only 11 mm at the knees of the rear passengers. The tall man is still sitting in the back breaking. The amount of Luggage and is unchanged. But the front track has grown on 43 mm, rear 21 mm, which is subject to the reduced 10 mm of the centre of gravity promises the driver a new sensation. Praise the Germans and the ideal static weight distribution, and increased by a quarter of a rigid body.

The tunnel is massive, but not closely as before. It is a new push the selector is working fine. Interior architecture is simple but quite elegant. With visibility all is well, but the retractable rear head restraints remain optional.

Now he’s not all steel: aluminum hood and fenders saved 15 kg, the power structure of lightweight 20 kg. In some embodiments, a three-pointer dropped more procenter. However, the most popular of those present at the test version of the 320d gained five pounds, even despite the ridiculous 40-litre fuel tank. With her and begin. All the test machines are equipped with optional passive M Sport suspension and steering with variable-pitch slats. And the first time “treshki” will only be supplied with the chassis. Simple petrol version Kaliningrad production will appear in Russia in the course of the year.

This renders the base of the salon with the usual steering wheel and analog devices, similar to the crossover X3. The size of the Central screen ― 8.8-inch 10.25 inch versions with Live Cockpit package BMW Professional, and an operating system of the previous generation 6.0.

Together with the visual sensation of outright distress, stiffness of the cabin disappeared and the old retro mood, which asked installed at a greater angle windshield stand. However, the distance to “five” designed for sure: the car is not perceived to be too large, although the dimensions of the E39 is superior to the late 90’s. Doors have to slam, so it’s a pity that lost grip inner handle, and D-shaped handle locks are not as convenient as previous straight.

Sport seats with adjustable cushion length and electric drive will initially all sedans. Back added unless that equipment. Has its own climatic zone, grew pockets for small items. But here, and throughout the car they are not a record capacity.

The materials are mostly high quality, but Gill ventilation and their adjustment wheels are perceived cheap. Mourn “krutilki” climate control and raised the start button — the current go and find the tunnel. Grip the chair with a huge range of adjustments allow you to sit low, is relatively thick M-steering, unified with the older models.

Voice dictation is activated with the button on the steering wheel or a code phrase like, “Hey, BMW,” which you can change. In Russian language it is sometimes confused. Liked the clips in the holders, reminiscent of the impeller. Wireless charging is unlikely to surprise someone.

Disgraced the upgraded diesel engines: 318d version even now equipped with dual supercharged. Developing 190 motor have a 320d ― great. Without vibration, powerfully and smoothly drawn under a distant smoothed rocotos. Eight-speed automatic does a real fine job, although the acceleration control floor pedal slightly smooth.

Design has become more concise. Live machine lean and balanced. Like!
Different casting and schemes of finishing of the bumpers give five options for the design of a front and three rear. The first time all “treshki” will be available in M Sport decor (see photo).

Retaining the old scheme, the suspension completely redesigned. Due to the new geometry increased shoulder moment side force for the improvement of the reactive action on the steering wheel (we had questions for him). If simple terms, the axis of rotation of the wheel is now further away from the contact patch of the tire. For the rear wheels chosen a more “relaxed” angles, giving a smaller turning under load in the turns.

Feedback on the steering wheel really pleasant, also it is well isolated from vibration and shock caused by irregularities. When Parking do not “retract” on the steering wheel: and the force is small, and from lock to lock it makes 2.3 turnover. This notorious Active Steering is finally dismissed.

The electronic instrument panel with a simplified map in the center like the X5. Ordered for 230 thousand rubles, together with the advanced multimedia system generation 7.0. But it is better to spend 80 thousand on the projection display, the area of which increased by 70%.

Instead of the intermediate gear — simple progressive rail, but it is sliced so that the gear ratio of the steering gear changed smoothly. As a result of near-zero position, the response became sharper, and switching to a wide tooth smooth when rejecting bagels more than a quarter turn.

The ideology is the same: on the straight reaction calm in tight turns aggravated. Of course, such ambiguity reactions requires habits: what you need to know how nonlinear it is necessary to turn the steering wheel in certain turns. But this experience is formed rapidly, and with it comes the fun of almost missing rolls and a fantastic “stick” even on 18-inch tyre Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

Average consumption happy: when brisk country drive, the mid shows about 6.5 l/100 km for the 320d and a couple of liters more petrol 330i.

To limit the rotation of the machine is really less nervous than before. Balance of drift and skidding calibrated perfectly. The new geometry and original for the M Sport suspension the elastokinematic help wheels tires. And ground clearance reduced by 10 mm relative to the base suspension. From continuous enthusiasm holds only the understanding that the vast majority of cars sold will be different ― with the usual rail, which became even sharper, with conventional suspension and other wheels.

In the database, even a head light, including fog lights, led. Offers optional headlights with laser main beam, beating at 530 m vs. 270 m at the diodes.

Therefore, to ride and acoustic comfort are issues. Overall 320d at low sportchassis goes on-beamview elastic and pedigree, but shakes on short wave and skips the painful blows in the pits with sharp edges.

On the test car with M-chassis dampers with progressive characteristic (see “Technique”) “sandwiched” by 20%. I guess they will show themselves better as part of a normal, not too low and “loose” suspension. At the same time more massive versions designed other tires. When the diameter of 16-17 inches they will also be common, even despite the lack of a spare wheel, but for 18 – and 19-inch wheels in Russia is supposed to Run Flat, which was not in Portugal.

Like many competitors, washer nozzles moved on leashes janitors and water glass only when you move up. Paramilitary no. Sound insulating front Windows ― option for 17 thousand rubles.

It is difficult to predict how certain tires will affect acoustic comfort. In this case “three” seems to be noisy, although to a lesser extent than before. Amid excellent isolation from external sounds and the engine of the party bus is still too audible even on perfect pavement.

It is shown only the sedan, but the contours of the wagon is already clear ― it will appear in a few months. Then waiting for the updates coupe fourth series.

Unlike the BMW 320d xDrive for the 330i petrol version is available all-wheel drive, and it shakes it on the asphalt the wave of the already too — all this makes “three hundred and thirties” with M-package chosen fan. Cheerful 258-horsepower engine, razor-precise control, the sound of his quiet, but nicer on the ear.

Test rear-drive turboscan is equipped with the optional differential lock with electronic control. You smell that? Alas, in a skid like this BMW takes too willingly and stabiliziruemost harsh — a huge stock of grip on dry ground does not allow to call it a full drift car. But in fast turns, to slides, adds lock precision and balance.

The trunk is well finished, and for 40 thousand rubles available, the actuator cover with Usmanova sensor opening and closing. Underground is no more. When ordering dokatki floor rises, reducing the useful volume of approximately 100 liters.

On the new level of service electronics. “Three rubles,” for example, you can talk to, ask about the average consumption or tire pressure. For Russian although it is clearly not native. The design of the “the oil level is fine?” confuses me, and the machine itself, though this phrase appears in the hint list.

Management system the band needs to bring the hands back on the wheel after less than ten seconds to half a minute against the competition, and all quasioptimality automation is not as intuitively clear as in the Mercedes. However, the assistant to movement in reverse, memory last 50 meters of the way ― thank you!

The previous three years collected eleven plants worldwide. New starts in three: the head of the Munich, the Chinese in Shenyang and the new plant in Mexico. Kaliningrad Assembly will begin during 2019 expected of her more accessible releases.

To him, these systems are not particularly interesting to me. After the first kilometers shut off “everything” button next to a button of the alarm system. Confusing electronic instrument panel trying to ignore ― thank God, it is an option. New “treshka” ― like a breath of fresh air in the gathering around the engine and drivers stuffiness. Honest, sincere, “iron” car. Unlike the comfortable “five”. And the “pennies” on the front drive of the third series will once again be the most affordable BMW for purists.

Overture to M3

In pre-production M340i xDrive with a 374-strong “six” was given to ride on the track. In the salon, I noticed only two differences: the index of the model inscribed in the instrument panel, and seats are allocated ultimate lateral support. Much more mutters exhaust (or an imitation of it in the speakers). “Stick” is not much better than the 330i because it uses the same 19-inch Michelin. However, on a wet track is not difficult to catch up with the instructor on a 410-strong rear-drive M2 Competition in slow turns and at the exit of the turns. XDrive rules!

Deaf “nostrils” are conspicuous. The appearance has declassified camouflage underlines the status of the prototype. A pair of exhaust nozzles put any “three-ruble note,” but here they are large and trapezoidal. Order M340i xDrive in Russia from July 2019.

The nature of its work depends on the mode. In the “Comfort” skid go and call, and in “Sport Plus” — only catch. Optimal Sport with a great balance of slides. On the track the wheel with a variable transmission ratio do not cause problems. But the brakes they have the M Sport kit with blue monoblock front calipers to “float” after two or three laps. In General, some softness in the reactions on the steering wheel and the gas (by track standards) in combination with a good comfort level leave no doubt that “treshka” has come only at the halfway point of the formation of M3.

Passport data

BMW 3 series 320d (320d xDrive) 330i
Body type sedan sedan
Number of doors/seats 4/5 4/5
Length, mm 4709 4709
Width, mm 1827 1827
Height, mm 1442 1442
Wheelbase, mm 2851 2851
Track front/rear mm 1589/1604 (1573/1587) 1589/1604
Curb weight, kg 1455 (1540) 1470
Full weight, kg 2085 (2170) 2060
Trunk volume, l 480 480
Type Barbadian petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, longitudinally front, longitudinally
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1995 1998
Max. power, HP/rpm 190/4000 258/5000-6500
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 400/1750-2500 400/1550-4400
Transmission automatic, eight-speed automatic, eight-speed
Drive back (full) rear
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
The front tires 225/40 R19 225/40 R19
Rear tires 255/35 R19 255/35 R19
Ground clearance, mm 136 (135) 136
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 240 (233) 250
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 6,8 (6,9) 5,8
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 4,9 (5,6) 7,9
— extra-urban cycle 4,3 (4,5) 5,6
combined 4,5 (4,9) 6,4
Fuel tank capacity, l 40 59
Fuel diesel fuel AI-92-98


The shortage of technical illustration is becoming a sad tradition, especially offensive for such through engineering firms like BMW. New “treshka” is based on the architecture CLAR in its simplified version (as in X3) ― suspension is a McPherson front dvurychanski. In the factory photos with the bodywork received some aluminum elements and dropped 35 lbs. torsional Stiffness has grown by 25%, and in some areas of the upper bearings of the front suspension ― up to 50%.

At the front MacPherson BMW tradition the two lower arm attached to the knuckle with different ball bearings. Back recycled piatyrichka. Like Audi with the A4 model, the third series BMW has remained faithful to steel springs, while Mercedes C-class surcharge can be equipped with air suspension.

Pendants a choice of three, the coolest ― with an electronically dampers. Two basic ― regular and M Sport c 20-percent increase in stiffness and a 10 mm lower suspension ― equipped with passive shock absorbers with progressive characteristics. Similar solutions were used on the sedans of BMW, including the “three-ruble note” in the beginning of the 80s, but it was such a constructive implementation is used for the first time. The resistance of the absorber increases during the course of a couple of inches, when the auxiliary piston enters the tapered portion of the pipe (its beginning is marked by an arrow). In the a-pillar of the progressive characteristics of the rebound, and in the rear, for a fair compensation of the payload (lower photo) compression. According to engineers, the most difficult was to choose the profile of the transition to a pipe of small diameter to the change in characteristics was noticeable to the rider.

In Europe, once will be available in three diesel engine, 150-horsepower version of the 318d (firmly attached bicarbonato) until the only in the whole range of six-cylinder 330d motor (265 HP). In the middle of the series ― the 190-strong two-liter “four” 320d (illustrations), proposed in Russia. A family unit B47 with the same power adapted to new environmental requirements Euro 6d-TEMP ― at least, for the European market.

Index 330i lies recycled two-liter petrol turbinada the Quartet B48. She raised the injection pressure from 200 to 350 bar, lightened crankshaft, reduced internal friction, modified the control system and temperature control. Despite the use of the particulate filter, power is up by six horsepower to 258 HP

“Three” came back the mechanical rear differential lock with electronic control ― albeit only for 330i and 330d versions. Node from the M Sport similar to that on the crossover BMW X4. All-wheel drive xDrive will initially get only model 320d, also as an option.

The Story Of Sergei Udachin, Kirill Vasilyev

The historical roots of the model line BMW of the third series are drawn from the family of compact sedans, coupe and liftbek Neue Klasse, which is considered the direct ancestors of the Bavarian “treshka” and “fives”. These machines, produced from 1962 to 1977, was equipped with petrol atmospheric “Quartet” M10, the working volume which, depending on the model (1500, 1800, 1600, 1602, 2000 C/CS, 2000, 2002, 1502 and 1802) ranged from 1.5 to two liters. They had fully independent suspension with McPherson struts and front disc brakes.

The first generation of BMW third series (E21) was introduced in 1975 as replacement for the first time in 1602. Model produced in coupe and cabriolet (the latter made the Stuttgart firm Baur), equipped with a familiar “Quartet” M10 volume of 1.6, 1.8 and 2 liters, and the “six” M20 volume 2 and 2.3 liters In the end of 1975 two-liter engine equipped with Bosch K Jetronic injector. Transmission was provided for three: four-speed and five-speed (with motor 2.3) “mechanics” Getrag, and also a tri-band “automatic” ZF 3HP22 as an alternative. Distinctive feature of the model — the wedge shape of the front, as in running a few years earlier “five” (E12). The interior introduces a new concept of organization of space with slightly angled towards the driver front panel. Subsequently, this approach was used in many BMW models.

The second generation “treshki” (E30) appeared in 1983 and was represented by four body styles: sedan, coupe, convertible (manufactured before 1993) and universal (until 1994). The range of engines were petrol and diesel units: inline “four” M10, M40 and the M42 (volume of 1.6–1.8 l) and the six M20 and M21 (2.0 to 2.7 l).

For the different versions of the second three-pointers were offered seven options of gearboxes. Of these, four of the “mechanics” Getrag (four – and five-speed) and three “automatic” ZF (three and four). From 1988 to 1991, the Bavarians released a four-wheel-drive sedans, coupes and station wagons 325ix, and from 1986 to 1992 and more powerful dvuhdverka M3 with a slightly altered appearance, upgraded the Quartet 2.3, configured production and sport suspension.

Next, the third generation of BMW third series (E36) appeared in 1990. Due to the increased length and width of the body and stretched wheelbase younger and prettier the car has become roomier and more comfortable. In addition to the already previously proposed variants of the coupe, sedan, wagon (Touring) and cabriolet, there is also a three-door hatchback (Compact), proved quite popular in Europe and have not found a buyer in the United States.

Compared with the predecessor, significantly increased motor line. It includes nine petrol engines (the”Quartet” of 1.6–1.9 and the six 2.0–3.2) and a pair of turbodiesels (1.7 and 2.5). Them agregatirovatsya with five – or six-speed “mechanics” or four – or pyatidiapazonnogo “automatic”.

Sedan fourth generation (E46) was launched on the world market, excluding the United States, in 1998. A year later he was joined by coupe and wagon, and in 2000 — a convertible and hatchback. This generation model was a huge success with customers and has become a kind of benchmark among classmates. In 2002 sales amounted to a record 561 249 units. From 2000 to 2006, he was offered a sports version of the BMW M3 coupe and convertible, and in 2003 in Europe edition of just 1400 copies were issued light weight 110 kg modification of CSL the BMW M3 with a more powerful modified version of the 3.2 motor (S54).

Sedan and station wagon of the fourth generation was updated in 2002. They received new headlights, bumpers and more powerful engines. Later, in the spring of 2003, similar changes have occurred in the convertible and coupe. This “treshka” was equipped by 13 options of engines — petrol “Quartet” (1.8–2.0), “sixes” (2.0–3.2) and even a V8 engine (4.0) and turbo diesel (2.0–3.0). Transmission five – and six-speed manual and automated.

Fifth generation of BMW third series (E90–Е93), bigger, more modern and technologically advanced, produced since 2005. Was available with four options of a body: sedan (E90), wagon (E91), coupe (E92) and coupe cabriolet (E93).

Under the hood such “treshki” and equipped with rear or all-wheel drive, could be atmospheric and supercharged petrol four-, six – and eight-cylinder engines of 1.6–4.0 or diesel engines 2.0, 3.0 and 3.0 Twin Turbo. Two transmissions — “mechanics” and “automatic”. Both six-speed. Minor cosmetic changes to the bumpers, mirrors, lighting and finish materials in the cabin, the sedan and wagon experienced in the fall of 2008, and for the first time in the spring of 2010. “Charged” modification of the M3 was offered for all versions except the “shed”.

The sixth generation of BMW of the third series (F30–F35) was produced in 2012. This “treshka” was sold in sedan, wagon, ultimately the newest and also the sedan with a long wheelbase for the Chinese market. In 2015, the model has undergone restyling. This generation did not have the coupe version — it isolated in a separate fourth series (F32, F33, and F36), which also includes the convertible and five-door liftback GranCoupe. All the engines of the F-generation supercharged. Junior units — petrol three-cylinder 1.5-1.6. Two-liter “four” and three-liter inline “six” was available in both petrol and diesel variant. To the restyling has sold a hybrid version. In the sixth generation to replace the hydraulic servo came Electromechanical node.

In the “charged” M-versions of row “six” has replaced the naturally aspirated V8 engine 4.0. Unit with two turbochargers produces 431 BHP Sport model is only available in sedan coupe and convertible are separated in the new fourth series.

Behind the scenes

The trip was rich in interesting people. On track pilot the pace car BMW M2 Competition was a pleasant guy of middle age. Round and round, word for word ― and here we are on this very worn M2, converging in the opinion that “comfortable” mode of operation of the electric power steering on the track stageline sports. It was Walter Gault, the former chief engineer M Sport, retired after the completion of the project X5 M / X6 M. Another instructor was test-assistam, which left us with a colleague he and Sasha Tychinina until I explain the whole theory of the suspension with progressive characteristic. But most of the time, as Portuguese Shawarma, we shared with the operator Christian whose primary work is a German program about astronomy.


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Family Ford Mondeo will survive the technical upgrade

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ford mondeo

Ford mondeo. Немного переработанный передний бампер, изменённая графика задних фонарей да хромированная отделка крышки багажника — это всё, что случится с экстерьером. Причём на некоторых рынках, например в Германии, эти обновления уже доступны покупателям.

Konstantin Bolotov, 8 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

Slightly redesigned front bumper, new graphics rear lights Yes chrome finish trunk lid is all that happens to the exterior. Moreover, in some markets, for example in Germany, these updates are already available for customers.

By 2021, the “blue oval” will send in his resignation a few sedans, including the Fusion — twin brother of our Mondeo. However, Ford officials have hinted that directly Mondeo, the European flagship, the death is not threatened, saying that he still has time to change the generation. But far from it, and in the spring or summer of 2019, we will show the results of the restyling. On the exterior, the reform almost no impact, but the stuffing will be affected severely.

The Mondeo wagon, according to rumors, next year will be the first hybrid. Then to the gas station will have to stop less: related overcomes sedan on a single tank of more than 980 km.

The most important innovation in the cabin — rotating the selector (Hello supercar Ford GT), replacing the traditional gear lever. Also cleaned up the control panel, media hub, Sync 3, and climatic setting.

The selector in the form of washers indicates that the Mondeo for example, “the fourth” Focus will get eight-speed automatic transmission is six-speed (and “robot” Powershift, too). At the same time the model will have a diesel EcoBlue. To liter EcoBoost case, most likely, will not come. Since participation in the Geneva auto show the company refused, we will wait for the premiere of the updated Mondeo on any special event in Europe.


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Zotye trying to get rid of the fame of the brand-copycat: preparing to debut a new crossover

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Appeared the patent image of the new SUV for Chinese brand, but also “live” photos of the prototype test. In sale the model will arrive next year.

Like many Chinese companies, their activities, Zotye brand (established in 2005) started with the production of machines, very similar to the model the more famous brands. For example, the crossover Zotye T600 first generation resembles the previous Volkswagen Touareg, sedan Zotye Z300 is obviously created with an eye to the Toyota Allion, but the Zotye SUV SR9 at all is a almost exact copy of the Porsche Macan. Over time, the line Zoti began to see a pattern with the original design (e.g., cross-T300 and T500, T600 new), although a complete copy of mark not yet abandoned – in the fresh SUV T700 traces of the Land Rover.


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