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IKEA creates new opportunities

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IKEA creates new opportunities

Completed during the summer holiday and school holidays. Coming home soon fans of country travelers and vacationers. Many will bring a bronze tan and striking Souvenirs from a holiday on the sea, armfuls of flowers and a good harvest from the summer garden beds, and all together – a lot of joyful holiday experiences. Getting a little sad that summer flew by so quickly. But do not despair, because we are waiting for new deeds and accomplishments – someone preparing to start the new school year, someone wants to create a home office, and someone just wants to update the interior of the house. And whatever we had planned, we have a reliable assistant. IKEA will support you in all your endeavors, because she has a lot of interesting and affordable solutions.

A little to paraphrase a famous saying, if the theater begins with a hanger, the apartment starts with a hallway. Usually in the hallway is stored outerwear, shoes and other things. We need shelves, lockers, racks, baskets for storage. All these various objects for decorating the hall can be found in hypermarkets IKEA. And using experienced consultants to find the best solutions for your hallway.

Прихожая ИКЕА 

Место для хранения в прихожей 

Дизайн прихожей 

Стильная прихожая

You are a blogger, freelancer or someone who works at home. Then you just need a home office, the place where you will work and spend sufficient amount of time. That is why it should be comfortable, well lit, functional and still beautiful, as it is part of the interior of your home. Here IKEA offers many interesting solutions. From the table and a couple chairs on wheels, to a whole set of cabinets, shelves and racks, special lighting, and many other very necessary work things.

Домашний офис 

Офис для блоггера 

Офис на дому 

Офис в квартире

Your family is a student, and maybe your child this year for the first time to go to school. You need to think about the room of the student and his workplace. IKEA offers everything you need to make the learning process easier and more comfortable. Also, very important, all the furniture for baby’s room is durable and made from sustainable materials.

Комната школьника 

Мебель для ребенка 

Мебель для подростка 

Мебель ИКЕА для учащихся

IKEA gives any person to arrange your space according to your taste and your abilities. There is an interesting and thought-out options and solutions for almost any interior. Generally, IKEA is easy to learn, easy to operate, easy to relax, easy to live with!

Обустройство комнаты 

Шкаф ИКЕА 

Декор ИКЕА 

Мебель ИКЕА

Irina Rusina

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5 ideas simple fall decor

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5 ideas simple fall decor

Autumn time, eyes charm. Nature is wearing her bright outfits and really want to bring a piece of this autumnal beauty into your home. Today we’ll show you how you can easily and quickly using a minimum of effort and materials to decorate in autumn your house, apartment or room.

1. The first and easiest option fall decor. For it requires any natural materials that you find while walking in the Park or in the yard. This fallen dry branch, a branch of dried leaves, twig with cones, or just cones that can stick to branch and finally, a beautiful glass vase.

Осенний декор

2. Create a composition with the effect of falling leaves. To do this, collect fallen branches and with twine connecting them and forming a small tree. Then, from the paper cut out leaves, slightly twist them and glue on branches and there like the leaves fell off and drifted autumn wind.

Композиция с эффектом опадающих листьев

3. In this case, decorate in autumn cupboard. For this we use artificial pumpkins that are sold in specialty online stores or hypermarkets of the goods for the house. Arrange pumpkin on the shelves, place in a glass container for storage or tortonto with glass lid. It was very beautiful and atmospheric!

Тыква в декоре

4. Also a very simple way to decorate your space in autumn. For this you just need dry Sunny weather to go to the Park and collect fallen acorns. Then rinse them under running water and several days to dry in a ventilated area. Then they can be painted in any color or varnish.

Желуди в декоре

5. In this case, for decorative use fallen leaves. First they need to dry and then place in a frame under glass. It is a kind of autumn herbarium. Several of these paintings will decorate any interior.

Опавшие листья

Natalia Mishina

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Extended reception works for the contest “the Granite in the architecture of 2018”

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Extended reception works for the contest “the Granite in the architecture of 2018”

The organizers of the competition “ceramic in architecture 2018” decided for a few days to extend the deadline of the projects. Reception works for the contest will run until October 20.

We will remind that this year in the competition “ceramic Granite in architecture” will be five contest nominations:

1. “The granite in the interior of residential buildings”

2. “The granite in the interior of public buildings”

3. “The transport infrastructure”

4. “Sports facilities”

5. “Student projects”

In each category the jury will choose three project, which will occupy the first, second and third places. The contest will be 15 prizes.

Also this year will determine the winner in the nomination “Prize of spectator sympathies”. To determine its will by voting on the contest page by likes, comments and views.

At the moment the competition has already received work from the participants, living in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Vladivostok, Voronezh, Omsk, Sochi, Ulyanovsk and other cities of Russia. Also in the competition “the Granite in the architecture of 2018” will involve the people of Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic.

Vyacheslav Rusin

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Creating attractive home interiors and garden – online training

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Creating attractive home interiors and garden – online training

The desire for beauty is inherent in the soul of every man. We dream about that apartment in the city and in the country we were surrounded by comfort and aesthetics, helping you to truly relax and feel at home.

In order to create an attractive design in the flat or to grow a delightful garden on a country site, not necessarily to seek the help of professionals. We can educate ourselves – and then successfully apply in practice the obtained theoretical knowledge.

Materials on home decor on the Internet

Information on creating home design is not a secret – it can be find in free access in any quantities. However, it can be difficult separating the false information from the authentic. It is not always clear, written training articles by professionals or random people, and whether to believe them.

Instead of learning the basics of design on the disparate materials, you can download electronic collections of articles from famous authors – and spend a lot of money. From training materials from recognized professionals you can learn about:

  • available home styles and landscape design;
  • methods and techniques of creation of interiors in practice;
  • the rules of selection of materials – important aspects of selection, compatibility of materials, textures and colors;
  • common mistakes – can’t hurt to know in advance what actions can irrevocably spoil the impression of good interior.

Good materials for home and landscaping will help to organize the space around them with minimal cost – and to achieve impressive results.

The lessons of gardening – a quick way to decorate your country site

Not all gardeners agree to spend time growing vegetables in the garden. However, the idea of creating a garden causes excitement among many. Shrubs, fruit trees and flower beds adorn the area, and some of them can get delicious berries and fruits.

To grow beautiful flowers or trees, not having the relevant experience, quite difficult. Before buying saplings and seeds, should pass courses of gardeners. This will allow to know the breeding of any crop, in principle, is to do in the region, and for which not even worth to take. The cultivation of trees and flowers after a good theoretical training will be easy and enjoyable affair, and will bring mostly positive emotions.

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