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Ignore the title Coupe sedan Mercedes-Benz CLA

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mercedes cla coupe

Mercedes cla coupe. Как и другие базовые автомобили A-класса, CLA 200 для России дефорсирован с европейских 163 л.с. до 150. Начальная комплектация Sport стоит от 2,5 млн рублей. Полноприводный CLA 250 4Matic (224 л.с.) обойдётся минимум в 2,9 млн.

Like other basic cars A-class CLA 200 for Russia deforsirovan with the European 163 HP up to 150. Primary Sport package is 2.5 million rubles. All-wheel drive CLA 250 4Matic (224 HP) will cost at least 2.9 million

To three-volume of CLA we’re used to. Without it, the front-line youth Bentov seems incomplete, even though the appearance of the sedan A-class. He, by the way, the new CLA owes more upmarket positioning and a higher price. And to lessen confusion, the name added the word Coupe. Factory index-it is still compartment, C118. Especially since there is also a universal CLA. Let Coupe no coupe, and Shooting Brake, the Mercedes mocks terminology since 2003, you have to ignore.

[embedded content]

Ride on two different sedans in southern Bavaria, I came to the conclusion that to pay for more powerful modification is optional. To complete the picture is not enough unless drive on bad roads.

Despite the fact that the prices on the sedan A-class posted a long time ago, in our test it was not. The photos I can’t decide whether it makes sense. Basic CLA is well stocked and comparable 150-strong A 200 Sport with mnogorjadnoj and the same set of equipment is a bit more expensive. Is it because A-sedan imported from Mexico, and CLA — from Hungary? In addition, the trunk of the Coupe is 40 liters more.

Since the most accessible version of the Sport is initially richer than the basic a-class, the poor small screens we see: only two modules of a diagonal of 10.25 inches under common glass. In the photo — chic salon premiere version Edition 1 (plus almost 700 thousand rubles to the Sport).

A trip computer and a configuration of virtual devices is a touch panel on the left spoke of the steering wheel. Similar sensor on the right needle commands the display multimedica.

Another thing is that if CLA is cheaper of the two and a half million does not happen, then A-sedan you can buy right for 1 850 000 on the price, if you give up 18-inch wheels, and with them — and multi-link suspension. So if you need it? Recall, our test editor Nikita Gudkov during a test of the hatchback A-class did not notice much difference between the two chassis variants. However, for CLA beam is not offered in principle.

Sedan С118 48 mm longer and 53 wider than its predecessor but a few millimetres lower. Base grew by 30 mm Four-door a-class with the same base compact: 139 mm shorter than the CLA, and 34 mm.

All test Mercedes — the base for Russia, the performance of the AMG Line has been reduced by 15 mm ground clearance, but equipped with adaptive shock absorbers (84 thousand), and 19-inch wheels (144 thousand). Ride on the Bavarian roads is acceptable, but Mercedes is still too detailed. Reports on small and large bumps, especially outraged transverse joints and holes with sharp edges. Short wave bounces slightly, but copes with the long and middle. Sportrack makes the chassis a little more focused, unfortunately, increasing sensitivity to coating defects.

In the presence of electrically adjustable control unit harsh chair located on the doors, as in other Mercedes. Nominally, the back was roomier in the legs and width, but subjectively still a bit crowded.

On good asphalt Mercedes interesting. Clearly keeps a straight line, the deviations of the steering wheel responds without delay. Easily, without opposing rises in an arc, he does not require correction in the rotation, but retains the responsiveness to the driver’s wishes. The wheel is free from vibrations and stable. Lightly wadded near-zero zone. Stabilizing the force increases is understandable, but the bagel is not heavy even with significant angles of rotation. The limit of coupling properties of tires, the sedan represents the outward displacement of all four wheels. However, if the bend across the minor irregularities, the CLA is trying to jump off the path.

Top 19-inch wheels — too much. The creators of the CLA recognize that the optimal balance of handling and ride is a sedan with 18-inch. “In the database” for Europe proposes the same 16 inch that we have for A-sedan. There “mechanics” are, if that…

It’s hard to say whether CLA seadna with passive struts and standard wheels with a diameter of 18 inches. The default is based on the Mercedes Run Flat tyres with hard sidewall. The idea is that they may be waived no additional cost in exchange for a kit, but such a soft option that buyers rarely use, preferring a reserve for emergency operation in case of a puncture. But without lowering and AMG body kit in Russia will be supplied only machines for fleet transactions — read for car sharing. This is the lion’s share: according to our information, one of the operators bought in 2018 400 sedan CLA from 673 sold.

Led selected a cosy yellow. Rear passengers have their air ducts of ventilation and steam while unusual connectors USB-C Handles on the ceiling are not provided.

The visibility of the CLA will certainly not change depending on the specifications. The glass area is still small, too small outside mirrors. Moreover, their spherical zones at the edges rather spoil the picture, rather than expand horizons. Personally, I’m more or less satisfied, and the test vehicles partially compensate for the lack of visibility through cameras (160 thousand), forming a clear image. The back is always clean, hiding under the emblem on the trunk lid.

Imagine the current CLA only five inches shorter than “one hundred and twenty-four” Mercedes and three inches wider! All colors, including Metallica, free, except for the Matt grey from the designo collection of over 222 thousand. “Database” — single-zone automatic climate control.

Effective brakes with extremely transparent actuator do not cause problems. But confused how they are being used the optional Active Lane Keeping Assist. Mercedes could suddenly be corrected, selectively prakusya wheels, even if completely harmless rebuild. With the included turn signal and in the absence of threats from other traffic participants. While Johan Ek, a senior Manager for testing compact cars, says that CLA is so to train the driver.

Chassis tuning for Russia do not differ from the European. On the one hand, it promises good handling on smooth surfaces. On the other — recall And Pro-sedan, which has a range of comfortable options wider: from the chubby wheels to the rough road package.

In fairness I must say that Mercedes is not immediately hits the brakes if he doesn’t like how you rebuilt. Before that, he delivers a warning signal with vibration on the steering wheel. Apparently, I reacted to her not carefully, because the disciplinary intervention of the stabilization system caught me off guard. Surely the Germans have good intentions, but your CLA, I would not equip such a zealous assistant.

In its current form MBUX — perhaps not the best multimedia in the industry. Particularly impressive is the augmented reality function when on-screen information and navigation prompts are anchored to the terrain image in real time.

Soundproofing worked wonderfully, although the Pirelli P Zero is still noisy. Wails under full gas and basic turbomotoren 1.33 (the same one that announced for rinochnoi Arcana), but cope with the work perfectly. A seven-step “robot” Getrag dual clutch is also good, still the quickest of the box. Stock of draught and speed of transmission enough that for city driving that country: for overtaking the CLA 200 comes out fearlessly and commit them without delay.

The rear lights are partly placed on the trunk lid, the extension of the opening 262 mm Volume decreased by ten litres, but due to the underground, and the main compartment even increased. The Central part of the sofa all Russian CLA is formed separately, in Europe it is an option.

If you don’t need AWD, I see no reason to pay 400 thousand for a two-litre CLA 250 4Matic. Yes, passport this Mercedes reaches hundreds for a couple of seconds faster, but does not cause the feeling of a fundamental superiority over “two hundred”. In fact, nine out of ten sold in Russia sedans CLA the previous generation front-wheel drive modifications to the motor easier. Likely, this will continue.

C 2695 cars in 2014, sales of the CLA fell to 673 units in 2018. the Effect of novelty could help, but the part of the audience will delay more variable sedan A-class. At the CLA has a head start: “two hundred” will arrive to dealers in June, the CLA 250 4Matic in August, but a 200 will get there not earlier than October.

As for cooperation with the sedan, it will certainly complicate the life of the CLA. But together they are more likely to move Audi A3 (965 sold sedans in 2018) with a leading position in the segment of compact premium sedans. Other players on the field, the popular car-sharing, no. Trehobemnyh first series, BMW sold only in China and Mexico. Anyway, in the premium we demand bigger sizes. The same Mercedes sedan C-class sold four times better than the CLA and E-class — almost nine.

Passport details*

Model CLA 200 CLA 250
Body type sedan sedan
Number of doors/seats 4/5 4/5
Length, mm 4688 4688
Width, mm 1830 1830
Height, mm 1439 1444
Wheelbase, mm 2729 2729
Track front/rear mm 1612/1602 1612/1602
Curb weight, kg (DIN) 1345 1475
Full weight, kg 1950 2085
Trunk volume, l 460 460
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, transversely front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4 in a row 4 in a row
Number of valves 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1332 1991
Max. power, HP/rpm 163/5500 224/5500
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 250/1620 350/1800
Transmission robotic seven-speed robotic seven-speed
Drive front plug-in full
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk disk
Tires 225/40 R19 225/40 R19
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 8,2 6,3
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 229 250
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 8,5 9,1
— extra-urban cycle 4,8 5,3
combined 6,2 6,7
Emissions Euro 6 Euro 6
Fuel tank capacity, l 43 51
Fuel AI-95 AI-95
*For the European versions

Appliances Nikita Gudkov, Alexander Tychinin, Cyril, Brevdo

The same technique hatchback and sedan A-class (W177 and V177, respectively), Mercedes CLA (C118) is based on a seriously reworked platform of the previous model ― now it’s not MFA, and MFA2. The chassis is completely reconfigured, changed even subframes. In contrast to the low-power versions of the “Ashkali”, which are equipped with a semi-beam, all without exception CLA multi-link rear suspension. Anti-roll bars slightly thicker than the A-class, and for a fee offers adaptive dampers.

The body is still predominantly steel: the share of aluminium parts does not exceed four percent. Over 63% of the parts are stamped from durable and high strength alloys. Almost a quarter (24.7 per cent) are ordinary steel, and another 8.9% is for hot forming. Body weight is 405 kg.

The entire engine lineup is new. Gasoline engines have got a diesel particulate filter ― but not for our market. Basic aluminum turboservice 1.33 index M282 developed jointly with Renault. In Europe, it produces 163 HP and 250 N•m for a compression ratio of 10.6:1. Compared to the previous 1.6 liter M270 unit returns increased by 25%. The head unit is a lightweight, direct injection pressure increased to 250 bar, the turbo got a wastegate valve with the electric drive. This is the first “four” Mercedes shut off two cylinders on light loads at engine speeds from 1250 to 3800 by closing the intake and exhaust valves.

Under the hood of the CLA 250 new turbo M260, forced version of which debuted on the coupe E-class. Here the Quartet 2.0 lacks powerful starter-generator and produces 224 power and 350 N•m. the Feature of aluminum Assembly — cast iron liners, extending from top to bottom, ostensibly to reduce friction.

In combination with powerful motors used a modified seven-speed “robot” 7G-DCT (photo left) with two “wet” clutches. And for younger models, in conjunction with the company developed a new Getrag double clutch gearbox, where the clutch packs also work in oil. The 4matic versions of the electro-hydraulic clutch drive the rear axle gave way to Electromechanical.


Original Mercedes-Benz CLA, which debuted in January 2013 at the Detroit auto show, sharing the MFA platform with the a-class third generation (W176). The main feature of the machine of steel door with no frame, which, combined with a low roofline give the Germans a reason to give the sedan a typical compartment according to Mercedes standards index С117.

In Russia, all CLA equipped with double clutch “robot” 7G-DCT of their own design, and for the top versions as options offered four-wheel drive. In Europe, the base sedan can be ordered with a six-speed “mechanics”.

The sedan got a similar A-class stuffing: four-cylinder gasoline turbo engine family M270 1.6 (122 and 156 HP) and 2.0 (211 HP) and diesel engines OM607 (1.5, 109 HP) and OM651. The latter was offered in two volumes: 1,8 l (136 HP) and 2.1 liters (136 or 177 HP). It has sold over 750 thousand cars in the family CLA, which was formed in the fall of 2014 with the advent of the station wagon Shooting Brake.

Shooting Brake is the third model, the production of which was mastered at the Hungarian plant in kecskemét in addition to B-classand CLA sedan.

Elegant pyatidverka with stuffing from the sedan was unified with him until the b-pillar. The volume of cargo compartment “under the curtain” has increased by 25 liters to 495 L. But when folded the rear seat capacity of the wagon was increased to 1354 L. a Little earlier in 2013, the sedan has a charged version of the CLA 45 AMG with the two-liter turbo engine M113 capacity of 360 force, modified “robot” and all-wheel drive.

Externally, the AMG version is different from the original aerodynamic body kit. The salon was distinguished primarily by the transmission selector on the center tunnel instead of the turn signal / multifunction lever at normal modifications. Other features treated sport steering wheel and anatomical chairs.

The chassis was subjected to the upgrade: was enhanced front subframe and rear beam mnogoryichazhka, there were more hard fists to the front and the original rear hub, features revised springs and shock absorbers, recalibrated electric power steering installed power brakes. Its AMG-version was the “barn” Shooting Brake, which was released almost simultaneously with the main model.

During the restyling upgraded optics, bumpers and grille. In salon correction, center console and entertainment system, received support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In 2016, front-drive family of Cars was updated. Appeared the basic version of the CLA 180 BlueEfficiency c d a-liter diesel with 109 HP Shortly before the “charged” modification of the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 got forced up to 381 HP motor. In turn, the efficiency of the engine in the CLA 200 version for Russia was reduced from 156 to 150 forces for the sake of tax benefits.

Behind the scenes

Racing BMW E10 has attracted attention not only in itself, but the contrast with the prosaic Sorento, which was drawn by the trailer. I could not pass and past beautiful standing in the street coupe Mercedes-Benz W111. Mazda CX-5 surprised reznikom: it seems that the owner of big on numerology. And, of course, impossible to stay near the red CLA past generation. All the progress in one shot.


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Department AMG has in store for fans a number of surprises

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mercedes a
mercedes a amg
mercedes amg gt
mercedes amg gt3

Mercedes a,Mercedes a amg,Mercedes amg gt,Mercedes amg gt3. Сплиттер и воздухозаборники у «сорок-пятого» (на фото), как ни странно, выглядят менее агрессивно, чем у младшей модели А 35. Однако решётка радиатора Panamericana с вертикальными зубьями ясно даёт понять — кто здесь топ-вариант.

Leonid Popov, 30 minutes ago. Photo: Mercedes-AMG, Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

Splitter and air intakes at the “forty-fifth” (photo), oddly enough, look less aggressive than the younger model And 35. However, the Panamericana grille with vertical teeth makes clear — who is the top option.

Mercedes-AMG has pleased us with three events over the past few days. On the last weekend in the paddock “24 hours nürburgring” it showed the public a pre-production hot hatch A 45. Still painted colorful stripes car was disguised much less than previously seen samples.

The second news: the premiere of redesigned racing shell Mercedes-AMG GT3, whose sale to customer teams starting at the end of this year at a price of 399 000 euros. Externally, the newcomer easier to spot on the radiator grille: it has increased in size, and the vertical teeth are provided less frequently (them here two less than it was).

According to the publication A 45 will have two electronically controlled clutch that transmit traction to the rear wheels. Apparently, in their interactions and the secret announced drift mode, which is not expected from a car built on a FWD platform. The company itself about the design details of the hot hatch has not yet spoken, but very in detail told about the motor 2.0 M 139 — the most healthy in the world serial turboservice (421 HP, 500 N•m variations S and 387 HP, 480 N•m “in the database”). Premiere of the Mercedes A 45 is scheduled for July.

After road racing AMG GT has received new headlights and taillights, but more important than that the car is redesigned aerodynamic components (splitter, side wings and side skirts, rear bumper with diffuser). The promised increase in downforce.

Also at the Nurburgring, the Germans presented the new Mercedes-AMG GT3. Changes in the machine is aimed not only at improving outcomes, but also on cost reduction teams per season. Thus, the aspirated V8 6.3 now rarely need to touch (increased its survivability in race mode), and the power to redraw body parts in the bow to better protect the units in a collision, which reduces the cost of repairs after a racing incident.

In the cabin of the GT3 has a new rubberized coating on the steering wheel, improved drinking system and ventilation of the helmet.

Design optimization reduced the time required to change the settings of the splitter and anticrime that it is important for a quick pit stop. Implemented a new Drop system Start (automatic start of the engine when the “fall” of the machine with built-in pnevmomaketov). For the first time in the world, by the conviction of the company, in GT3 there was a system of automatic time recording operation of all components.

And this is a different model, civil. Curved wings kenardy installed not only on the front bumper, but even on the front fenders behind the wheels. Additional “blades” implanted in the front bumper. The machine promises to be interesting in terms of aerodynamics.

Simplified access to air filter and reduced the total number of threaded connections to facilitate the work of mechanics in the pits. Another bonus of the machine 2019: stronger luminous flux core and additional (for the 24-hour marathons) headlamps. The client team will appreciate these changes next season, but Mercedes will release a car for a few races already this year, for the final tests in “combat” environment.

Exhaust pipes changed the location but I can not vouch that this is the final version. Some footage of the tests suggest a very tightly tuned suspension.

The last while a curious rookie laps at the Nurburgring in camouflage film, where he shot paparrazi. It focused on the extreme track, but still road model named the Mercedes-AMG GT R EVO (the last two pictures in the news). She needs to be more powerful and faster than the supercar AMG GT R PRO (some commentators remember the traditional console Black Series, but insiders promise the EVO). Besides the obvious improvements of aerodynamics and other chassis characteristics to variations of EVO we should expect a growth of power biturbomotor 4.0 585 to 600-640 forces (roughly). The model will premiere or at the end of this year, or in 2020.


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