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How to use twisted wire in the interior?

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How to use twisted wire in the interior?

Apply usual covert way of fixing electrical wiring in the room does not always make sense and justification. It is inappropriate and from a technological point of view, and for security purposes. In such situations, use of open wiring, however, lay her on the contrary – most noticeably, deliberately exposing cords on display. Of course, that wire must be the most spectacular sight, ideally twisted, bright, textural, that is, successfully performing aesthetic function.

Apply usual covert way of fixing electrical wiring in the room does not always make sense and justification. It is inappropriate and from a technological point of view, and for security purposes. In such situations, use the open wiring, but lay it on the contrary – most noticeably, deliberately exposing cords on display. Of course, that wire must be the most spectacular sight, ideally twisted, bright, textural, that is, successfully performing aesthetic function.

Selection of twisted wires for wall decor

Twisted wire for an open transaction is not a plastic product, as usual, but with a textile braid. That is, through various shades of thread and braid, you can pick up such leads under the various options cover the walls. For example.

– If the walls are decorated as is typical of loft-style (i.e. with areas of “bare concrete” or “bare brick”), the twisted wires to them can come in silver or gray braid, or braided deliberately contrasting color (say, red, orange or black). In residential apartments and homes, these walls do rarely, but for cafes, pubs, coworking or other institutions (where, of course, also cannot do without electricians) this is a very stylish and appropriate choice.

Витой провод в интерьере

In wooden houses or interiors, where the walls are wood-panelled on the inside, twisted the exposed wiring absolutely necessary as to lay the wire in the thickness of the wooden walls, beneath a combustible material, is very labor intensive and not always justified. In such cases, do so – on the wall reinforce the so-called isolators, which, being arranged in equal distance from each other allow the wire to be stretched over the wall, and not to lie to her. Shade textile braid in this case gets to the shade of a tree (natural or resulting from staining of the wall).

– If the wall has Wallpaper, or if the interior walls are painted, we want to find the wires in the braid in the colour of Wallpaper or paint. In cases when the Wallpaper with multicolor print choose sometimes twisted wire is not the color of the background, and under one of the shades of the print. For example, in retrouterine can be used Wallpapers with effect screen printing and twisted wire-cord for external wiring in the color of one of the elements of the picture.

What other interior parts you should consider, picking up and stacking the twisted wire?

The interior consists of many components and should consider not only the design of the walls, which will pass directly the wire, but also furniture, textiles, decorative items and more. . what can be “in tune” outer twisted wiring in color and style?

– Vintage-interior – with cords for curtains, frames for paintings, upholstery, curtains, tablecloths, lamps , etc. for Example, if the couch has bright wine-red cushion, a twisted wire can be the same shade of scarlet.

Витой провод как украшение интерьера

In hi-tech or loft-interior – with metal parts: legs of tables and chairs, staircase railings, etc., Sometimes directly on a decorative twisted wires fixed pendant lamps is a very good fit in the loft.

– In the style of “rustic retro” or “Provence” is to correlate the electrical wiring or wood, or fabrics – so as both to “provincial” interior is usually a lot. Beige twisted wire look good on top of unpainted lumber, and covered with stain wooden panels are combined with Golden-brown wires. And if you find the wires under the textiles (curtains, pillows, bedspreads, etc.), variants of color solutions can be 3-5 one interior as “rustic” style involves the use of fabrics of different colors.

Как использовать витой провод

It should also be noted that the location of the external wiring in the walls is usually dictated by the need (i.e. the location of the points where you want to bring electricity outlets, fixtures and appliances). But if you have a choice, experts are trying to lay decorative twisted wiring in places delineating certain zones in the room (for example, the wire can pass between the sofa and working area).

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Step ten: 7 ways to protect homes from the sun

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Step ten: 7 ways to protect homes from the sun

We all love the sun for heat and light, vitamin D, and the good mood it gives you. Apartment or house, filled with sunlight, become more beautiful, more comfortable and more spacious. But there is the sun and the reverse side. Summer heat threatens to overheating of the room, the fading of upholstery and furnishings, and harm indoor plants. In addition, not everyone likes to Wake up from the bright sunlight beating straight in the eye.

Consider the basic options for interior sun protection areas.

1 Sliding curtains.

The classic way of protecting premises from the sun and prying eyes.

Раздвижные шторы

Pros. Great variety of textiles of different colors and density. Easy-care surface. Can be entered in any interior – from minimalist to luxurious solemnly. Combined with other types of curtains such as roller or pleated. Dense fabric not only provide excellent protection from Intrusive sun, but also serve as soundproofing.

Cons. Take up much space, requiring some space in front of the window. Love to accumulate dust, so Allergy sufferers will often have to be vacuumed or washed.

2 Roller blinds.

One of the easiest ways to close the window. Represent the shaft on which screw the leaf tissue. Usually mounted directly on the window. Material of blinds should reflect the task to be solved. If necessary to tightly close the window, this blind-blackout — dense opaque cloth. But there are other designs — perforated, translucent or textured.

Рулонные шторы

Pros. Designers traditionally consider blinds “simple and straightforward solution.” They are really comfortable and easy to use and clean.

Cons. Blinds are rarely used on wide Windows. If the window width three meters or more, it makes sense to consider other ways of sun protection.

3 Cluster: medical.

Such curtains painting “walks” on two vertical guides and winded into a closed box. When you open the fold (even on a micro-ventilation), the canvas is always tight to the plane of the window.

Кассетные рольшторы

A big plus of curtains – closed the box and protects the fabric from dust and fading. Cassette curtains are attached to each window sash separately. The advantages also include their compactness, and the ability to use the space of the sill. In addition, furniture can be moved close to the window. But do not forget that cluster: illuminated is a budget decision, so they may not look as glamorous as we would like. In addition, the guides cover a part of the light opening window. And this is also minus.

4 Roman blinds.

When lifting these curtains, the fabric is not wound on the shaft, and going in wavelike folds. This is one of the most ancient methods of sun protection, invented in Ancient Rome.

Римские шторы

Pros. Well suited for small widths. Fit perfectly in a minimalist design. The choice of colors is limited unless the imagination of the designer. The thickness of the fabric can be any, but often use thick fabric. The material of the fabric is also unlimited — it may be silk, linen, cotton, synthetics and so on.

By cons include the fact that the Roman blind is fully not going. Assembled strips of fabric will be hung at the top of the window, Recalling the pelmet. In addition, the dust just loves Roman blinds, you need to turn on the vacuum cleaner or use cleaning services.

5 Blinds.

Blinds come in vertical and horizontal. Strips-slats horizontal blinds move up and down, vertical – left-right. Material horizontal blinds can be different: fabric, wood, aluminum, plastic. Vertical blinds almost always tissue.


The main plus any blinds – adjusts the light. The rotation of the blades can increase or decrease the intensity of the transmitted light. Among the advantages is space saving because you can hang them directly on the window.

The main minus – hanging close to the glass blinds are not compatible with opening Windows. The slats first, you need to lift (push), and then open the window. So blinds are often mounted directly on the frame of the window.

6 Roller blinds “day-night”.

Another name is “Zebra”. A cross between blinds and roller blinds. Two strips of material (with different degree of transparency) are moving relative to each other by adjusting the light from the “completely closed” to “half open”.

Рулонные шторы "день-ночь"

Pros. A good adjustment of the brightness of room lighting. Large selection of fabrics and colors. Fit snugly to the window. How to roll, are well combined with classic curtains.

Cons. To fully “turn on” the light of the sun, you need to pull the “Zebra” in its entirety. Can not hang on sliding Windows.

7 pleated Curtains.

A fairly fresh invention, they were invented by Germans in the second half of the twentieth century. Resemble Roman blinds, only the material is not in the folds and into a compact accordion. Mounted directly on the window frame.

Шторы плиссе

Pros. Well with classic curtains. Really work well applied on other than vertical Windows (e.g., attic or ceiling) with an inclination angle up to 60 degrees. The only way to shuttered Windows of irregular shape — round or arched.

Cons. Open along with the window, opening the room to the streams of sunlight. In addition, the corrugated shape of the material limits the options of prints on the surface.

Managing sun protection. Modern management trends curtains tend to automation. Hanging from the window of ropes and cords confidently leave in the past. All of the above types of Svetozara can be automated. Roller or Roman blinds, shutters or classical cornices – all can open and close from the comfort of your sofa.

Manufacturers of actuators for Svetozara, quite a lot. This is mainly a European company. For example, one of the most famous and well-known Russian manufacturers, – the French company Somfy.

Control curtains with electric actuators is very flexible. The easiest option is the switch on the wall. A light touch on the switch, and the curtain began to move.

Управление шторами с электроприводом

By the way, the aforementioned company Somfy uses an interesting technology that enthralls everyone who sees it for the first time. Quite a bit to move the curtain in the desired direction with the hand (e.g., open) as the engine “picks up” movement, and he opens it to the end.

People who are accustomed to television (and not only) the remote controls seem quite logical, the use of such panels and curtains. One remote, you can connect the control once all the curtains in the room or even house. If Windows a lot, then the remote will become simply indispensable.

Управление шторами 

Жалюзи в квартире

Control sun protection through a system of “smart home” – another modern technology. It can help, in particular, to create a visible presence in the hosts ‘ house while they are on vacation.

Another advantage of automation is the ability to open and close blinds at certain times or if the room gets too hot. Timer, sensor sunlight and temperature, connected to a common control system with curtains, easy to realize such a task.

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Quiet electric blinds for

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Silent drive for blinds

The company Somfi presented a silent drive system for roller blinds – 30 Sonesse WireFree RTS. The noise level of this drive is only 44 dBA.

The drive has a built-in battery, allowing the actuator to be Autonomous and to work even in the time of lack of electricity in the room. It should be noted that the time of Autonomous work without recharging is 10-12 months.

There is also the possibility to regulate the speed of lowering and lifting the curtains.

Sonesse 30 WireFree RTS

Vyacheslav Rusin

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Decor plastic bottle

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Decor plastic bottle

Summer is a happy time, vacation time, travel, fun walks and camping. And enjoying the beauty around you – the summer nature, birds singing, beautiful flowers, I want to keep those happy moments, to be creative, to do something with their hands.

Today we will tell you how at minimum cost you can decorate an ordinary plastic bottle and make a beautiful basket with a cozy nest for birds.

Декор пластиковой бутылки

To create our masterpiece, we need:

– a plastic bottle of water or juice,
decorative moss on the substrate is sold in stores for needlework
– thin branches
– decorative vine with flowers
– natural filler
decorative bird
– glue gun

Пластиковая бутылка для декора

Пластиковая бутылка для декора

Step 1: Remove the label from the bottle. Don’t worry about cleaning glue residue, because the whole bottle will be covered with moss.

Step 2: Cut out the center and rear part of the bottle with scissors. Express top, side and bottom of the bottle so that it resembled a basket, as shown above.

Что сделать из пластиковой бутылки

Step 3: Cut a piece of moss on a substrate of such size that they could wrap the whole bottom of the bottle.

Мох на пластиковой бутылке

Step 4: using a glue gun, glue the bottom part of the bottle with moss.

Декорируем бутылку

Step 5: Cut a piece of moss the size of a pen and stick moss.

Step 6: Wrap the moss around the bottle neck and on the back side of the handle

Мастер-класс по пластиковым бутылкам

Step 7: Glue the moss blank translucent areas on the bottle

Step 8 Using glue gun, attach the vine and the branches to the basket with moss.

Декорировние бутылки

Птичка в бутылке

Step 9: Fill a basket with natural fillers and glue a decorative bird.

Decorative basket is ready! It may be the original interior decoration of apartments, country houses or even infield.

Natalia Mishina

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