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How to furnish your dining furniture?

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How to furnish your dining furniture?

During the opening of his own cafe, you have to solve a lot of issues, and the choice of furniture will be crucial.

With the right approach, the tables and chairs will not only fulfill its functional purpose, but also to create a certain atmosphere. About the most important aspects of this choice will be discussed next.

Specialist workshop for individual manufacture of furniture Alafa shares the details with us.


In order to create a truly cozy atmosphere in your institution, it is important to have a clear understanding of his overall style. There are many variants of processing facilities food service establishments, but all share the idea of uniformity and harmony of the situation. No matter whether we are talking about the classic interior or it will be done in the style of hi-tech furniture will set the basic tone and serve as a hallmark that distinguish your cafe from competitors.

In this sense, the modern market can offer a wide choice of options for the finished furniture, and also there is always the possibility to order the production of furniture for cafe, creating almost unlimited possibilities for individualisation of the interior. Given that essentially catering establishments differ little from each other, thanks to the original idea of interior decoration you can attract new visitors.


At the stage of selection of furniture for dining is worth paying attention to the used color palette. The fact that the colors are not only important from the point of view of stylistic balance, but the overall impression from visiting the institution. It is important to consider many factors: location cafes to specific premises and potential visitors. For example, for day cafe in front of any institution will be appropriate coloured furniture, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Цветовая гамма мебели для кафе

Also we should not forget about pure design issues. The color of the furniture should harmonize with the rest of the space and serve as a single idea. For example, thanks to the light shades can visually enlarge the inner space, and the choice of darker furniture will make the interior more comfortable and “evening”.

The arrangement of furniture

A separate item worth considering direct placement of items of furniture inside the cafe. You can also be creative component, but the basis should be practical considerations with regards to the convenience of visitors and staff.

Furniture must be placed so that customers and employees could move freely between the rows. By the way, this point is also important from the security point of view, as in the case of an emergency should be ensured unhindered movement of people to the exits.

Как расположить мебель в кафе

With regards to this issue there are special regulations governing the proper correlation of the dimensions of the room and set the furniture in it. For example, the width of aisles between tables should be at least 1.5 meters, which is sufficient Seating for visitors and for staff movements.


An important point when choosing furniture for your cafe is and its functionality. It is important to consider many things: from the actual occupancy of up to of dishes used. In other words, the area of the table should be enough for serving up to the maximum number of guests.

Функциональность мебели в кафе

As for the used materials, in recent years become increasingly popular cafe with a polymer coating. The use of this technology allows to obtain a presentable appearance, and greatly simplifies subsequent cleaning. Form tables also plays an important role, as its choice will depend on the rational use of internal space. Square or rectangular table tops offer greater versatility as they allow to move a few tables together if necessary. At the same time, round tables will be optimal for the zoned space and the unusual layout of the room.


Speaking about the purchase of furniture for cafes, it’s worth mentioning and chairs, as an integral part of the overall concept. In this sense, it is important to ensure stylistic uniformity of used furniture. This is not to forget about usability, both from the point of view of the client and staff. In simple words, the chairs should be beautiful, comfortable, durable and light.

High quality and beautiful furniture is an important part of the cafe’s design, and the correct choice will depend on many things. A comfortable chair and spacious Desk is no substitute of good food and helpful staff, but they can help to fully appreciate them, and do have a good time.

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SMEG released the Cabinet quick freezing

Home appliance maker SMEG has released a wardrobe to shock freezing, which allows you to cool hot food within a short period of time.

This gadget can chill food from 90 degrees to 3 degrees Celsius in less than 90 minutes. A function of quick freezing will cool a hot dish to a temperature of -18 degrees for roughly four and a half hours. This kitchen appliance has a function Ready to Eat, which allows you to store food at low temperatures and which works both in automatic as in manual mode.

Such a high cooling rate of the products will ultimately increase their shelf life by 70 percent. This prevents the growth of bacteria, and the food retains its taste, aroma and nutritional properties.

Kitchen gadget shock freezer SMEG not only rapidly cools food, but also can defrost and heat the food. For example, it regulates the process of proving, in three temperature and time modes, so it is possible to achieve professional quality yeast products.

New from SMEG are available in the series Linea Classica Dolce Stil Novo and goes perfectly with all other products from these collections.

Below are the models SAB4304X and SAB4604NR:

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How to choose a comfortable shower with massage jets?

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How to choose a comfortable shower with massage jets?

On the market of sanitary equipment presents such a variety of showers to choose very difficult. We suggest to enjoy hot boxes on is an online store with convenient search filter and a huge range.

Look for:

1. Size, shape;
2. Material, the height of the pallet;
3. Additional functions.

All attention to the dimensions

Visually, all shower boxes are the same. Especially if you look on the Internet. In the description of the model the size of the pallet and of the whole structure. The most often encountered rectangular corner model, measuring 90 by 90 cm to Owners of small bathrooms offer models 80 80 70 or 90. This is a corner cubicles that save space, but spacious enough for a comfortable stay.

Similarly, the market represented a classic rectangular model for corner or wall installation. There is also a corner cubicle with base round shape. They look softer, and most importantly – takes up even less space. Those with large bathrooms offer rectangular boxes, with a size of 170 to 80, the base of which stands a full bath. They are often bought by those who can’t decide between a bath and shower.

Душ с гидромассажем

How to choose a pallet?

High-quality base of a shower enclosure is a durable, non-slip coating that is pleasant to stand. Such characteristics possesses molded acrylic. It is a durable material that heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time. Consequently, it is a pleasure to stand in. And high the pallet will be an alternative to baths for kids. In addition, the molding material sheet is much stronger and does not require additional reinforcement.

Choosing a shower, keep in mind:

1. Material. Buy the base, made from liquid acrylic;

2. Height. If you need a classic shower — buy a product with low basis (2-5 cm). Those who need a deeper tank, there are options, up to 45 cm;

3. The thickness of the walls. The strength of the structure depends on the number of reinforcement layers. In this case, the more the better. The minimum wall thickness is 6 mm.

Душевая кабинка в интерьере ванной комнаты


Classic hot boxes consist of manual watering, as well as a set of injectors. Latest is 4, 6, 8 or more. They are placed vertically on the back or side walls. Many cabins have an additional attachment-the foot massager. Apart from Jacuzzi, modern boxes have a rain shower. It is 3-4 times more than manual watering, but also has an intense flow of water in big drops. Current models have the hood and some types of lighting. Not to mention shelves, mirrors, and dispensers for soap, gel, shampoo.

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How to decorate table for Easter

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How to decorate table for Easter

Easter is a beloved and revered by many holiday. This is the main Orthodox holiday celebrating the victory of life over death and good over evil. Carefully prepared, clean and decorate the house, bake Easter cakes, paint eggs. Traditionally at Easter, go to Church, and then the whole family gathers around the festive table to enjoy lit in the Church of the treats.

It is a joyful day you want to celebrate in a special way. One of the options for modern holiday decor for Easter, we saw the charming Kim Wilson is the host site Sand & Sisal , devoted to the arrangement, decoration and home decor. Kim Wilson creates a beautiful design and simple home decor items. On the website and in various social networks it shows with step-by-step guides in DIY, how to create the same beauty at home.

Как украсить стол на Пасху

An important moment in the creation of any decor is the choice of colors. To decorate this festive table: white-green tones, which is very symbolic. Green is the color of fresh, young spring greens, grass, the first leaves. And white is a noble color of purity and freshness and renewal.

To decorate the Central part of the table was used a wooden box, painted white. In the box put the banks mason jars with white tulips in the center – a large, ceramic rabbit, and cover banks green Spanish moss or green, sliced in ribbons of crepe paper.

Пасхальный стол 

Пасхальный заяц

In this embodiment, the decoration is not used the tablecloth – it is replaced by a square napkin. Each napkin is placed wicker stand for hot and arranged the utensils. Don’t forget a beautiful glass or crystal glasses for beverages.

Декор стола на Пасху

Very interesting and fun decor idea is a napkin in the shape of a Bunny. To make it very simple. There are special step by step guide to create a swipe.

Мастер-класс салфетка заяц

This “Bunny” out of a napkin you can use both standing up and lying down. Towel to wrap the present a boiled egg, but you can take the decorative plastic egg and fill it with small candies, jelly beans or put it in a small toy. Would make a great and tasty surprise.

Салфетка в ввиде зайца 

Салфетка зайчик на Пасху

Anna Kuznetsova

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