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How to choose the right place for paintings in the interior: shares his experience of Mobilecash

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How to choose the right place for paintings in the interior: shares his experience of Mobilecash

The use of various art objects in the interior, and in particular paintings, one of the classical techniques, which allows to emphasize the status of the owners, their individuality and good taste.

At the same time, choose the place for the painting carefully, so she became a visual focus in the room and does not distort its geometry.

Hanging the paintings have their particular functions. With the appropriate size and shape of the frame, you can visually change the proportions of the entire room.

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At first glance, it may seem that to choose a suitable place for the painting is easy. But if you want a work of art really stood out, you must follow several principles.

Features choice places

When choosing the location of the picture, it makes sense to take into account the layout of the room. Height, lighting and view from different positions are the significant factors. There are some simple rules:

  • high walls suitable for high and wide paintings of landscape paintings;
  • small pictures should be placed in front of paintings of large dimensions;

The paintings in one room must be in a uniform style, but we should not forget that there may be individual solutions. Most often, the paintings are at a height of 165 cm from the floor. Psychologists and designers have found that it is best perceived images that are at eye level.

Painting a large area visually increase the total area of the premises. If large pictures are smaller, it will create a sense of height.

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Как правильно выбрать место картин на стене

Pinning pictures on the wall

For mounting large and heavy paintings used anchors, which will serve as the mounting system. Small paintings are mounted on special hooks that can withstand about 20 kg of load.

If the frame image has lost its former strength

In a situation when the picture frame began to fall apart, you can try to seal it in small inconspicuous nails. In the case of large images, there are special wooden parts of different sizes.

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Tarkett flooring in the interior

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Tarkett flooring in the interior

Company Tarkett is a world leader in the production and sale of floor coverings. For more than 130 years for their buyers it offers beautiful, high-quality, environmentally friendly products. The company produces parquet Board, laminate, vinyl coating for household and public premises, sports and special coatings, modular cover Art Vinyl.

Within the construction and interior exhibition Batimat Russia 2019, the company introduced a variety of Tarkett flooring, as well as demonstrated a new technology – digital printing any pattern on the floorboard, which gives more opportunity for creativity to interior designers. The company first showed at the exhibition modular laminate that allows to combine different colors and formats, trims and designs in the same room.

The history of the company Tarkett is from 1886, when the city of Malmo in Sweden began to operate a small factory for the production of solid parquet, which pretty quickly gained a reputation for producing high quality floor coverings.

Напольные покрытия Tarkett 

Экспозиция Tarkett на Batimat Russia 2019

To date, Tarkett has 34 modern production centers, which employ about twelve thousand employees. Has production in Russia. So, in the city of Otradny in Samara region the company produces Tarkett linoleum. The production capacity reaches 114 million square meters per year. In Mytischi situated near Moscow the company Tarkett laminate is made. The plant capacity is 12 million square meters per year.

Манекен и напольное покрытие. Реклама Tarkett 

Напольные покрытия на выставке Batimat Russia

At the exhibition Batimat Russia 2019, the company Tarkett has introduced a technology Tarkett Digi Lab, which allows you to put a picture on natural wood, thanks to its innovative method of applying color, there is a possibility of accurate selection of the slightest nuances and combinations with the individual structure of each Board. Now the wood can be applied to almost any prints from simulate green grass to create art masterpieces.


Виды напольных покрытий Tarkett

During the exhibition, a Tarkett company invited the famous designer and decorator Irina Dymov, who shared her experiences with a large audience that had gathered that day. In particular, the designer said that in her opinion “the flooring is already fifty percent of the interior. They need to pay particular attention, because their choice depends on the mood in which the person will reside most of the time indoors. I prefer to lay in their projects “brutal counter” – wide, solid, natural wood. In my opinion, the more natural, the more it livens up the interior“.

Декоратор Ирина Дымова

The designer also noted that if the design project is very active floor with some large colourful images, laser cutting or intensive pattern, the best option would be to combine such flooring with minimalist interior. If the room you plan to put the furniture and how to speak in textiles, in this case it is better to use the floor as background.

Irina Dimova said she loves in their design projects to combine styles and trends, factors and designs. Special attention is paid to decorator flooring choice, correct selection which allows you to create exclusive personalized harmonious interiors. She noted that “a Tarkett company found the solution in a variety of color palettes and materials, which have a wide range for use“.

Паркет Tarkett

For ease of implementation of design ideas company Tarkett has developed several scenarios for implementing in your digital lab Tarkett Digi Lab that will allow in terms from 30 to 45 days to create a unique flooring under the plan of the designer: – “short”, in which the figure is confined to a unique Board; – “art-house”, where the image is composed of multiple boards that fit between them only along the long edges; – “biopic”, in which the image is composed of multiple boards that fit between them as short and long ends; – “fantasy / adventure”, which involves the development of a new unique design of floor coverings; – “remake”, which gets a new color or shade for an existing design.

Learn more about the types of flooring company Tarkett and services visualization and modeling of interior website:

Author photo Irina Rusina

Vyacheslav Rusin

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Spring with Laura Ashley

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Spring with Laura Ashley

Outside the window is still snow, but spring is very close. Nature and all-around waiting for updates. And, of course, want to let spring into your house and update on the spring mood interior. This can be done inspired by the ideas of the famous English brand Laura Ashley. Under this brand each season are new collections of furniture, fabrics, decor items and home products.

Striking confirmation of this is the new collection from Laura Ashley – Floral Yard (Floral Courtyard). Still cold outside and there’s nothing better that could liven up the space than the decoration in tropical style. Home collection Floral Courtyard guest house made in this style and is replete with bright colors, playful accessories, tropical prints.

Цветочный декор 

Кресла в интерьере 

Розовое кресло

The collection includes Wallpaper, curtains and pillows with tropical leaf-print palm trees, Wallpaper, curtains, tablecloths and other decorative items with bright floral print. Paintings, boxes, dishes, cute little things and accessories with the image of flowers and fruit will enliven and beautify any interior. Colorful tropical design is sure to lift the mood, whatever the weather outside.

Цветочный принт 

Спальня Лаура Эшли 

Цветочный принт обои 

Дизайн зеркала

To decide on decorating in a tropical style need not be afraid to experiment and use the brightest shades. A new collection of Flower Yard is the best place where you can go for inspiration, if you think about this bright and beautiful update. Whether you just want to spice up your space a luxurious new accessories or you want to completely transform your interior, where everyone will find something for themselves.

Anna Kuznetsova

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Curtains that are struggling with air pollution

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Curtains that are struggling with air pollution

In the near future to reduce the contamination of indoor air will be using simple curtains. Thanks to special treatment minerals new curtains from IKEA in contact with the light destroys the polluting elements.

Air pollution is a global problem, especially standing in large Metropolitan areas. According to the who, about 90% of people breathe air in one way or another do not meet the standards of cleanliness, from what was estimated in the world die each year up to eight million people. IKEA has pledged to contribute to air purification, actively preventing pollution, and providing each with the opportunity to deal with this problem at home. Curtains of GUDRID, cleaning the air, is another step along the way.

We not only want to help people to breathe cleaner air at home, but also hope that GUDRID will increase General awareness about the pollution of indoor air and inspire people to change their behavior, which ultimately will make cleaner air in the world, – said Lena Pripp-kovács, head of Department of sustainable development Inter IKEA Group. – So far we have used this technology only in GUDRID, however, as it develops, we will look for opportunities to use and other textiles“.

Шторы ИКЕА

In the manufacture of curtains uses a unique technology that IKEA was engaged in recent years in conjunction with universities in Europe and Asia, as well as its suppliers and innovative customers. At the heart of her work is the principle, much like photosynthesis in nature. The process starts upon contact of the fabric with light – indoors or outdoors.

It’s important for me to create people need products that solve actual problems. Textile products are in every home, and developing a curtain is, we actually offer people an affordable and compact solution for air cleaning, which also makes the house more beautiful, “said Mauricio Affonso, product developer , IKEA Range & Supply.

For many years, IKEA conducts an active policy to reduce its impact on the atmosphere, refusing to hazardous chemicals and reducing the amount of harmful emissions. Last year IKEA launched the initiative “Better Air Now!” with the aim of using rice straw – a plant waste generated in the production of rice and usually burn with a significant emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, as material for reuse in the production of IKEA products. The company has also made a commitment by 2030 to achieve the overall positive impact of their activities on the climate, reducing the negative impact of each product in average by 70% (compared with 2016).

[embedded content]

We understand that the problems of air pollution there is no single General solution. We work for the future, try to gradually achieve positive changes that will enable people to live healthier, more eco-friendly life, “added Lena Pripp-Kovach.

Curtains of HUNRED will go on sale in IKEA stores next year.

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