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House. Potatoes Red Scarlet – description of the variety

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Popular potato variety “Red Scarlet” continues to be interested in increasing the number of farmers. Many find in it the necessary advantage over other varieties. Offer a relatively detailed description of the variety “Red Scarlet” with photos and testimonials from those who have grown it and wants to share the experience.

Description and characteristics

The most popular variety of potato , the Dutch breeders are characterized by the following main characteristics:

  • thermophilic, but cannot tolerate the heat and drought. The preferred regions in the Central part and South of Russia.
  • high requirements for humidity of both soil and air. In the absence of rain requires daily watering to prevent lower yields.
  • has good keeping quality and transportability;
  • has a beautiful presentation;
  • taste qualities are excellent;
  • in cooked form has a low friability;

Due to this feature of the varieties low in starch content of only 10 – 16 %.

Bush potato varieties:

  • quickly formed a green crown ground part;
  • stems low;

Prone to quickly be placed on the ground, but the yield is not affected.

  • the thickness of the stems of average and above;
  • blooms red-purple flowers.
  • the leaves are medium sized, smooth, dark green, slightly wavy at the edges.

Peel the tubers of the variety “Red Scarlet”:

  • thin;
  • saturated pink, close to red;
  • the surface is smooth to the touch;
  • eyes rare, not deep.

Description of tuber placed in the following main characteristics:

  • form oval elongated. The right size of potato tubers “Red Scarlet”, judging by the description of the variety, can be broken only in case of great weight, if one tuber weighs about 150 grams.
  • the weight of tubers from 80 *C to 120 *C;
  • the number of tubers in one Bush varies from 15 to 20 PCs.;
  • the sheer size of each tuber in a single hive is minimal. The peculiarity of the brand is the simultaneous formation of all tubers, which makes them the same size.
  • the flesh of the tuber has a yellowish tint.


Judging by the description of the cultivar “Red Scarlet”, and according to the available reviews, the taste of the tubers remain satisfactory despite long-term storage.

In this variety attracted by the fact that the potatoes keep their shape, as when boiling, and frying. However, for mashing, where the crisp quality of potatoes, it is better to choose other brand.

Many have noted a few watery taste potatoes and others, on the contrary, it is the quality that attracts. Those who like the taste of variety “RET Scarlet”, was pleased to see that it does not dry and can be consumed even without oil.

Potatoes this variety contains a complex of essential vitamins: A, b, N, and PP.

Taste the potatoes gaining 7 points from 9 possible.

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The pros and cons of the variety “Red Scarlet”

The selection of potatoes for cultivation is produced from a balance of pluses and minuses inherent in each class, take a look at them in more detail.

The advantages of the variety “Red Scarlet” are:

  • excellent presentation;
  • firm flesh;
  • high storability (subject to all the rules of the premise);
  • a long rest period (tubers do not germinate) for up to 6 months;
  • fairly high resistance to viral disease;
  • resistance to the nematode;
  • fit without germs;
  • the possibility of rapid cleaning (due to shallow eyes);
  • the immutability of taste in the storage.

Cons of cultivar “Red Scarlet”:

  • capricious to the choice of climate;
  • can’t stand lowering the temperature even a short;
  • sensitive to pest attacks;
  • does not allow integer division of the tubers on the planting part (reduced productivity);
  • the need to provide for planting in Sunny locations;
  • require any dressing;
  • demanding quality air exchange during storage.

Yield and ripening

On the yield of potato varieties “Red Scarlet”, however, as the yield of the other varieties, the significant impact of two main factors:

  • growing conditions;
  • the correctness and timeliness of carrying out all farming activities.

Under these conditions, the variety has very high yield, characterized by the main indicators:

  • the number of tubers per plant – up to 25 PCs.;
  • 1 square meter you can collect up to 19 kg;
  • 1 hectare: 45 t fully matured tubers and 250 quintals of potatoes.

Potatoes “Red Scarlet”, according to the description of the variety and feedback, has an early ripening and refers to early maturing varieties. The first digging of new potatoes can be produced in 45 days after planting.

Harvesting is done in 70 – 80 days.

When to plant potatoes, “Red Scarlet”

Since potatoes are of this variety quickly Matures, it is not worth the risk (given theplaylist grade) and rush with the landing.

Depending on the region time of planting potato varieties ranging from early may to early June. Even in the later stages of landing, the harvest will be ready in August.

Immediately after harvest of the previous year need to prepare the soil for the next planting, then:

  • the plot is dug over;
  • make the necessary fertilizer;
  • planting legumes.

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Plant potatoes of the varieties “Red Scarlet”, according to the description of varieties and reviews, only after a thorough preparation of the planting material.

If you plan on planting potatoes with the sprouts, then their length should be at least 2 – 5 cm Diameter of tubers should not exceed 5 cm, large tubers cut in half. Cut be sure to dry before planting, so this procedure should be done a week before planting.

For sprouting potatoes are spread in a single layer in a well-lit room when the air temperature is 15 ° C.

For faster “Wake-up” shoots, as well as if you wish to use for planting tubers without sprouts, they are heated to 40 ° C.

Grow potatoes “Red Scarlet” and the seed method to obtain high-quality tubers for planting in subsequent seasons. Fragile seedlings of potato, early varieties, judging by the description and reviews, put at the beginning or middle of may.

Planting and growing the cultivar “Red Scarlet”

Planting should be prepared not only planting material, but also the landing site. The important point is the adequacy of the warm-up phase of landing. The main works to be carried out with a plot for planting:

  • clearing of weeds and other debris;
  • the introduction of chemicals against pests, especially wireworms and mole crickets;
  • introduction into the wells of nitrogen fertilizers and ash.

Potato varieties “Red Scarlet” is planted in ridges with a height of 12 cm, this feature landing provides high productivity.

Two weeks after planting potatoes “Red Scarlet”, according to the description of varieties and reviews gardeners, it is already possible to observe the emergence of the first shoots. This means that it will be possible to dig up the potatoes for storage.

Step by step guide to landing photo:

  1. The plot is dug over to form rows of ridges, a height of 12 cm, the Distance between beds should not be less than 70 cm. Planting is done according to the scheme 70 x 35 cm
  2. Potato tubers for planting are laid out in a pre-prepared hole with a recess to 8 cm
  3. Lay one tuber, having it sprout up.
  4. Tubers seal land should not exceed 5 cm.

See step by step photos.

Care variety of potato

The main agrotechnical receptions traditionally include:

  • watering;
  • weeding from weeds;
  • hilling;
  • fertilization;
  • spraying against pests.

Watering should be not less than 3 times per season, focusing on the timing of the growing season:

  • after the emergence of strong stems, but before flowering;
  • during the flowering;
  • after flowering.

In the absence of rain the number of irrigations to the potato varieties red scarlet, judging by the description of grades and feedback, you can increase one or two. This concern will have a positive influence on the taste of the tubers.

After all spawning has sprouted stems, it is necessary to conduct soil loosening, both in the Bush and in the aisles, combining this work with the destruction of weeds.

Usually weeding is two, both aligned with the hilling. If the first weeding is small ridging, during the second height of the ridges should reach 20 cm.

Fertilizers are applied a month after planting the tubers, and spend at least 3 feedings. Feed grade nitrogen-potash complex fertilizers according to the scheme:

  • a month after landing;
  • during the flowering;
  • a week after flowering.

For feeding you can use the ready complex, but you can make yourself, taking for processing of 1 square meter: 2 h l urea, 2 tsp of potassium sulfate, 4 parts of superphosphate.

With the advent of the Colorado potato beetles, wait until they lay yellow eggs and produce spraying with a suitable insecticide. You need at least two spraying against this pest.

If the planting is small, we can do without spraying, collecting eggs of the affected leaves. All collected leaves need to not just throw away and burn.

Feedback about the sort of “Red Scarlet”

Based on the available database of reviews on potato varieties “Red Scarlet”, they are the most controversial. This is due to the fact that the causes of discontent gardeners whatever “flaw” varieties of potatoes, according to the description, may be and failure to comply with all rules and recommendations.

Stepan, Serpukhov:

“Planted “Red Scarlet” in early June, at your own risk, now I regret that the share of “experimental” varieties were quite small. Surprisingly, this “Teplolyuks” gave just a record harvest. Maybe it is a coincidence, because for the Moscow region variety is considered “risky””.

Nina, Rostov-on-don:

“I grew up in the country a good harvest, we can say even good, but in winter the special conditions for storage was not the tubers is not something that sprouted, began to rot. Get when cooking a big waste. Bad, well, I knew about it, but the seeds I got for free, so planted the following year to plant just will not”.

Valentine, Krasnodar region:

“Ecstatic, grow crops without any problems, interestingly, not even fed, only the fall of nitrogen fertilizer made. Look stems well developed, however, quickly fell to the ground, but not rot. To be honest, there was no time to feed, I think that will grow, then grow. Planted in late may and early July, is already sold potatoes. But still so much enthusiasm from buyers was, the tubers are beautiful, smooth, all the same, as calibrated”.

Rita, Liski, Voronezh region:

“Potatoes “Red Scarlett” haven’t been watered even once, the feeding was done once, may weather conditions were favorable, but the crop just struck me. When digging in the beds just the beauty lay, not potatoes. Smooth, smooth, equal size. Taste the one, just need me don’t like dry potatoes.”

Diseases and pests of potatoes

Pest management for potato varieties, “Red Scarlet” is, as for any other varieties to fight against two major pests: Colorado potato beetle and mole cricket.

How to deal with them are familiar to every gardener:

  • color of any effective insecticide;
  • from Henkel’s better to use traditional methods and tools: soapy water in the moves and watering concentrated infusion (for 5 days) of onion peel.

Of diseases the variety is susceptible to late blight and scab, control is carried out by special agents with detailed instructions (photos).

[embedded content]

In conclusion, we note that gardeners are willing to acquire planting material of this cultivar “Red Scarlet”, as tubers and seeds. The reasons of such popularity not only in appearance and taste that is certainly captivating, but also sufficiently unpretentious varieties.


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Tatevik Karapetyan for the first time after her divorce from Igor Bulatov gave an interview and spoke about the adultery of the former husband. To speak frankly about the incident, the woman agreed with representatives of the magazine “Tatler”.

Tata said that he was familiar with 15 years. Their luxurious wedding took place at the insistence of her parents. Immediately after the triumph of the young began to live with them in the same house. Father-in-law and mother-in-law was good in law. Tats my mom often had to cook them Breakfast, and his father introduced Bulatov own business. Samvel, had taught him many things and gave a strong career start.

Tatevik is convinced that the test of money and fame are not all. Igor could not resist. He thought he could continue to go on their own.

The daughter of the billionaire said that about the cheating spouse has learned from the media. For her it was a big surprise. She consulted with her parents and immediately filed for divorce. Igor was dismissed from his post.

According to Tata, the life after the betrayal and departure of Igor it is not stopped. On the contrary, the situation has become for her a big step forward. A woman in a fully realized its responsibility towards its own family. She has no right to throw tantrums and scandals, and should behave with restraint and dignity.

The act of a former husband Karapetyan called a big stupidity and idiocy, because the man loomed large prospects, personally disowned them, in fact, reversing the future in big business. According to Tata, it is a voluntary self-destruction.

About a new relationship the woman is to say not ready. Moreover, at the moment it does not allow in the mind thoughts of the future marriage. Now Tatevik educates children from Igor and combines this with work. In the company of his father, a woman holds the position of first Vice-President of the Tashir group.

[embedded content]​

During that time, Bulatov, since the publication of photos from Miami in company with lopyrevoy, Tatevik never seen Igor, but to prevent contact with children, neither she nor her family are not going to. If you wish to meet with children Igor must agree in advance on the time and place of the meeting. However, for all this time the man saw them only twice.


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