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House. Planting hydrangea garden and caring for it

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Many gardeners want to see on your site some unusual plant. Such is the hydrangea. So many at the first meeting interested in the question – how is planting and caring in the open field behind the garden hydrangea.

Species and varieties of hydrangea

This plant has a huge number of species, which differ not only in color but also in form. At first glance it is not always possible to understand what is before you is the hydrangea. But the fact that this flower will stand out among other decorations of your site – that’s for sure. Besides, this plant has a very long flowering period, this means that it will please you quite a long time.

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Planting and care in the open ground for garden hydrangea is in the suburbs and in other regions about the same, because the plant is highly endures changes in temperature, and in different regions of Russia will feel comfortable.

Many designers and gardeners use hydrangeas as their main ornamental plants, because it is good as a focus on the plot. Hydrangeas by themselves can be very different in appearance, so they are divided into several types:

  1. “Bella Anna”. This variety has rich pink color, and form refers to the spherical. The diameter of the Mature plant capable of reaching three meters, and the bloom of this flower can last up to late fall.
  2. “Annabel”. This shrub blooms so saturated and bright that can be seen from afar. From a distance it looks like a large dandelion due to the dazzling white colour of the flowers. Planting and care in the open ground for this species of hydrangea garden is in the fall, so it’s important to choose wisely for the landing day. After the plant is wintered, it remains a deep green color for some time.
  3. “Grandiflora”. This species is able to bloom over four months, and its flowers have a bright red shade.
  4. “Sterilis”. Planting and care of the outdoors of this variety of hydrangea garden is in Siberia, as this plant likes it cool. During the period of its flowering, this species is able several times to change color, so every time it looks like this place has grown quite a different flower.
  5. “Vanilla FRAS”. This flower has soft pink and light beige buds. He loves heat, so it is best to plant in the spring, before the warm days.
  6. “Pinky Winky”. Planting and care of the outdoors of this variety of hydrangea is the garden in the Urals, where this species is so well caught. The flowers have a pointed shape, and color may vary from light pink to crimson-red or even plum purple.

How to plant a hydrangea

This plant is somewhat peculiar, but do not think that you will be hard to plant flower on your summer cottage-or in your flower garden around a private home. To successfully plant and produce competent plant care even a novice gardener.

The most important thing when boarding and leaving outdoors – to consult the instructions and photos that will help you clearly understand what you will need to do to hydrangea garden you have to offer.

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First we need to choose the right place where you want to plant this plant. It is best to carry out the planting and care in the open ground in the North-West, since this direction is best suited for the hydrangea garden. This flower requires a large amount of sunlight, so try to give that to him in large quantities. It is best planted in spring or early autumn. The best time to plant this plant will be in may, or the beginning of September.

Before boarding and care in the outdoors garden of hydrangeas, it is important to understand the principle of its reproduction, since this will depend on how to plant this plant. Reproduction of hydrangea is either as individual bushes or cuttings.

In order to properly plant a plant, you must perform the following steps:

  • to dig a hole, which will occupy an area of about 60 cm;
  • if you are planning to plant a few shrubs, the distance between them should be not less than five feet;
  • in the hole you must put special fertilizer consisting of peat, soil and compost.

It does not contribute to the fertilizer, lime, as for hydrangeas, it is especially damaging. Planting and caring outdoors hydrangea garden in the Urals, judging by the photo, is made in a specific way.

First excavated pit, backfilled it with fertilizer and filled with water, and then bury it again and wait a while. After that it is possible to land plants. This is done in order to saturate the soil additionally with oxygen and at the same time to see how it penetrates into the soil air.

When you plant a plant, consider the fact that the neck of the flower should be at the level of the soil. After you put the seedling in the hole and covered it well with earth, thoroughly watered it.

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How to care for plants

To care for a hydrangea is quite simple if you understand the principle. All care is to periodically loosen the earth, water the plant and feed it mineral and organic substances. Sometimes it is necessary to produce a mulch to keep moisture from the soil evaporates not so fast. Mulching is recommended in early summer with peat or sawdust.

Correct planting and care, OTC

rytom soil hydrangea garden shown in the photo below.

It is important to know how to prune the bushes to relieve them of unnecessary wear and necessary to watch, that all nutrients are not left to fuel unwanted plant shoots. Proper pruning of plants should be made mandatory in the spring, until the moment when the plant will start the growing season.

Hydrangea pruning is necessary to remove all old and unnecessary shoots and thus leave the young. If you notice a process or a whole sprig of the old Bush, it is best to cut it off almost at the root. On small penechki that will remain after this procedure, will develop shoots.

How to feed hydrangeas with fertilizer

After you have planted hydrangeas for the first time, in the first few years she won’t need any additional feeding. However, after this time you will need to give the plant a reserve of mineral and organic substances, to enable it to develop further.

The fact that in a few days the entire stock of nutrients from the soil virtually disappear, therefore the plant will have nothing to feed on.

Fertilize the plant after a few years of planting, as follows:

  • with the advent of spring should be the fertilizer for every hydrangea Bush, a fertilizer must include phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium;
  • re-feed hydrangeas need at the time when the plants will appear the first buds (best to use potassium and superphosphate);
  • at the end of the season you need to make a little chicken manure or cow manure under every Bush, because in addition to chemically complex compounds of the plant essential organic components.

As hydrangea treats diseases and pests

Hydrangea is quite stable with respect to different types of harmful insects, but it can catch some kinds of diseases. In order to avoid this, use infusion of garlic. Mix the garlic, shavings of soap and water, then pour it round the hydrangea. Thanks to this infusion you will not only hold the prevention of certain diseases, but also banish the annoying guest hydrangeas are aphids.

[embedded content]

You don’t have to worry that the malicious insects and diseases will harm your flower – garlic infusion is a reliable protection against these diseases.


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House. How to plant strawberries in the fall in open ground

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Probably no owner of a suburban area, which would not grow strawberries. But even if it grows long, the bushes periodically need to rejuvenate and planted. How to plant strawberries in the fall – when and how to plant in open ground, this will be discussed in the article below.

When to plant strawberries in the fall by region in 2019

The timing of planting and features depend on the landing of plants.

The suburbs

To get early berries, the strawberry plant is suitable to the climate of the region. When planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground in the suburbs, certain conditions are necessary:

  • the night temperature not below +5 degrees;
  • daily from 10 to 20;
  • dry weather.

In the Moscow region in such an optimal period is the second half of September. But that doesn’t mean I can’t plant them sooner or later. Worth keeping an eye on the weather.

Krasnodar Krai

Krasnodar Krai stretches from the Rostov region to the black sea coast, where it is covered on one side by the mountains of the Caucasus.

The climate is also varied: from moderate in the North, to the sea from the Azov sea and the Mediterranean to the Black.

Fall weather comes rather late, so the timing of planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground in Krasnodar region can push into October, November.


Climatic zones of the Republic of Karelia also have their own individuality. In some areas, the sea air gives a fairly mild winter. The continental weather can be very harsh. The end of August can already be considered autumn period.

Therefore, planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground in Karelia carried out in the first ten days of the month, that she would have time to build up the root system to the first frost that can appear in September.

Rostov oblast

The region is mostly Sunny, but the climate is continental, only around the sea of Azov sea.

Autumn, as a rule, is delayed until October. So that planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground in the Rostov region to produce at this time.

Preparation of seedlings

As you know, strawberries are propagated mustache. Therefore, the planting material is prepared in advance. When the processes take the best, rest of antennae removed. In this case, Bush will get more nutrients.

There are several advantages if you take plants from his garden. First, you can propagate your favorite variety, secondly retains the properties of the parent Bush.

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When planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground mustache Bush is separated from the mother plant and carefully dig to avoid damaging the roots.

Good seedlings should be at least three leaves and length of the root system of about 10 cm.

Better a few days before the excavation of the berry to handle drugs against diseases and harmful insects, and before planting for some time to put the seedling into the water to stimulate growth.

If you buy plants, try to choose those varieties that have not grown in your area. Each year, breeders create something new, enhancing the protection of plants. You should look for something better.

The choice of the landing site

Competent gardeners lay new beds under the berry every 4-5 years, because the soil remains nutrient, and bushes are depleted. The plant loves the place was flooded with sun and no water stagnation.

Groundwater must approach the surface to a depth not less than metre. Best grown on a South or East side, nothing to shade the strawberries. North landing is necessary to cover a fence or next to plantations.

As strawberry is a native of the forest (a relative of the wild strawberry), the soil should be slightly acidic. Best black soil and the earth brought from the forest.

For acid you can make special fertilizer, for example, conifers or rhododendrons and hydrangeas, but in smaller quantities.

The rotation

To put on the same place the berry is not recommended. To observe crop rotation. The best area to do the patch after pumpkin crops, root crops, greens, herbs and legumes.

Moreover, since planting takes place in autumn, in the beginning of the growing season to plant radishes, Basil, dill, parsley and other herbs. And then, after harvest, which occurs early enough to prepare the soil for planting strawberries. Disinfection and removal of pests.

You can’t lock up the berry after the family Solanaceae, which include tomatoes. They have a strawberry one and the same diseases and pests.

Soil preparation

It is better to make in advance, even in the spring or early summer. From the beds, remove all weeds, fallen leaves, branches. Instead of weeding you can use a solution of Roundup or a Tornado that is sprayed on the leaves.

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Be careful, it is not necessary to get on the cultivated plants. Usually after 2 weeks the weeds will pouchot and they can be collected even with a rake. Do not use Lontrel, it does not remove the grass as it is designed specifically for spraying lawns.

The earth dug up with a shovel bayonet, no deeper than its height, and remove the stones. Make organic and mineral fertilizers: compost, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus.

All actions carried out around 2-3 months before planting strawberries. And then only remove the weeds and loosen. The process of planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground can be seen on video.

Fertilizing strawberries in autumn

When planting strawberries, you need to feed to supply nutrients helped the plants are well rooted and ready for winter. You can add special tools right under the roots, as is done normally for any plant.

But perhaps the sowing or watering in the aisle or some distance away from the berries. So make the spreading of manure or bird droppings. Their diluted 10 times with water, then shed the ground.

The depth of planting

After preparing the soil and making the dressing begin to plant the bushes. To do this, pull pits at a distance of 40 cm from each other.

Strawberries do not bury. Should be closed roots, and the place of their growth is necessarily at the level of the soil.

Planting plans

There are several ways of planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground in the suburbs during the reproduction of a mustache:

  1. Rows. In a number of planted shrubs at a distance of up to 30 cm, But between them is a large opening 60. This technology will give the best results, if you make planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground at the AGROSALON. On textiles it is possible to mark the point of landing, then cut cross-shaped holes, where to make the hole. It will also protect the plant from weeds and frost.
  2. Socket. First put the Central plant, and then around another 5-6 30 cm, leaving between nests two feet.
  3. Carpet. In a row of bushes planted close to each other to obtain a solid Mat, approximately 0.2 m, but between the rows leave a lot of space.

Fit under agrotextile

This method of planting increases the yield and protects plants from weeds. The berries from rotting and dirt. Also easier getting care, and mustache do not give the roots, is well removed.

Another advantage of agrotekstil ‘ that he passes water, but under it the soil dries out very slowly and no formation of crusts. Accordingly, it is possible to reduce the glaze.

When planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground under agrotextile choose the dark material of great density.

Before putting lutrasil have the soil filled with fertilizer, collecting plant residues and stones, leveled using a rake.

Stacking the textile, it must be fixed with clips or hooks, such as when you install a tent to a gust of wind pulled the material and new bushes.

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Next mark the fabric for planting. You can use chalk or special marker light. Draw a cross of 5 cm and cut. In the center make holes no more than 10 cm deep, planted the berry, not buried root collar. Covered, put the edge of the AGROSALON closer to the roots. Produce watering.

[embedded content]

Planting strawberries in the autumn in the open ground is preferable to spring. Plant and enjoy the berries in the next season.


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Fashion. Fashionable and beautiful lingerie 2019

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Underwear – detail ladies ‘ toilet, which bears lots of functions: hygiene, aesthetics, high level of comfort, and perhaps the most important visual correction. Below are the collection of fashionable clothes in 2019, which wear not only on a romantic date, but future moms, to fully feel like a temptress.

Varieties of bras

Female beauty is a relative concept, in which each person puts something. For each individual their own ideal of beauty, however, has a mandatory component.

One of the most important attractiveness is the proportions of the body: the harmonious slender silhouette that may even be those ladies, whose volume is very far from the model.

  • Women’s soft bralette – perfect for a first underwear of a young girl. This fashionable bodice carries more decorative than functional load, but it looks very cute and lovely. Options 2019 represented in the collection.
  • Classic underwire bra is an indispensable part of any woman’s wardrobe. The model is well supported by the chest gives it an exciting dimension and provides comfort when wearing.

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  • Bra with special support – the good choice for women, the shape of the breast which needs to be corrected due to age or changes postpartum. A feature-fitting supportive underwear is a broad transition between the cups and reinforced shoulder straps. This shape provides better support and fixation of the chest, which is particularly important for owners of magnificent forms.

  • Push-up – favorite kind of underwear for girls who can not boast of exciting forms. A distinctive feature of this type of bras is the original cut of the calyx: it has special pockets, where to invest corrective pads are made from foam, gel, air. This little secret allows you to visually enlarge and lift the chest and bring it to the center due to lateral pads. Thanks to such fashionable underwear every woman in 2019, may become the owner of luxurious neckline. On the provided photos, you can see the patterns to fill your wardrobe with new products.

  • Bra for pregnant women underwear is specially designed to compensate for specific load on the organism of a woman expecting a child. Comfortable elastic model well maintain the increasing breast, does not create discomfort when worn. Typically, these bras are made from natural fabrics to provide comfort and breathing to the breast skin, which in this period is particularly delicate and sensitive.

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  • Bra for nursing mothers underwear, the correct choice which will not only provide comfort to the young mother and her baby, but will retain their shape and elasticity of the breast. Fit models feeding provides the possibility of fast, convenient and the most discreet access to the breast. This allows at any time to feed the baby without having to undress. And the design features of this kind of underwear provides good support and comfortable fixation of the chest in the most comfortable position that minimises the risk of stretch marks and loss of form.

How to choose the right bra

The bra selection is affected by two parameters: the volume of the breast and the Cup size. To determine the first of them is sufficient to measure the circumference of the body directly below the Breasts – this is the volume.

To determine Cup size, you should measure at the most protruding points of the chest. The difference between the obtained value and volume will determine the Cup size of the bra that will fit.

When choosing size fashion lingerie in 2019 should not be rigidly attached to the numbers and letters listed on the tag. The particular cut modern bras allow you to adjust the volume through the zipper: a few pairs of hooks provide maneuver within a few centimeters in both directions from the stated volume.

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Cup size is also not a strict value, because it directly depends on the selected volume. Make the right choice will help carefully the measurements taken and the advice of a competent seller-consultant.

Panties – plenty of options for a good choice

The choice allows you to choose a model for any time of year, any clothing and lifestyle:

  • Knickers – panties, side of which significantly exceeds the size of the openings. Pants are good at hiding figure flaws, provide comfort and warmth in the winter. Due to the volume, this fashionable underwear can be interesting options of stripes. Model 2019 provided in the collection below.

  • Slips model ladies panties with a narrow sidewall. Slips usually have a high cut for the legs, and wearing them provides a visual elongating and shaping the body.
  • Tanga – women’s fashionable panties, which are almost entirely absent side: they successfully replace thin ribbons are United. This option of underwear is almost invisible under thin clothing, which makes them perfect to wear in hot summer. Model 2019 is presented below, after reading, you can complement your collection of original innovations.

  • Bikini – classic today panties have a low rise and a regular fit, half closing the buttocks. They are very comfortable and well suited for any time of year.
  • Thong is perhaps the most seductive and the most popular among ladies of all ages women’s panties. The main feature by which they can accurately classify among many varieties of lingerie, is a characteristic fit: the back of the panty instead of a triangle or rectangle is represented by a narrow strip of cloth, sometimes the width up to the ribbon.

  • Corrective fancy panties – a characteristic feature of slimming underwear is not cut and used for sewing materials. The maximum correction effect to give tight stretch fabric, well take and maintain the form, correcting thereby the female figure xxl size. Model 2019 can be seen below.

Select panties: what to pay attention?

For selection of stylish women’s underwear is the importance of the waist and hips. Even if their height is not reaching to the waist line, the value of this parameter must be considered, as it is of great importance for comfort while wearing.

If the circumference of the hips and waist correspond to different sizes, the final choice should be made in favor of the more – chosen lingerie will fit better and look more beautiful on a woman.

[embedded content]

When choosing lingerie, you should consider the new 2019 and to add to their collection seductive models.


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While Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov to walk at the wedding, fans share photos and videos from the celebration

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Judging by the material on the web, the couple are having a great time.

Yesterday began the wedding festivities of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov. While celebrities are not in a hurry to share photos and videos from her wedding. But excellent job with this their admirers. So, Instagram video is already available with a fun and romantic dance of the newlyweds

even the moment when Regina’s father comes to the altar. There are also pictures of the bride and groom. Регина Тодоренко

Регина Тодоренко Came the first criticism towards the image of the bride — not everyone liked the choice of leading outfit and hairstyle. But as they say — on taste and color… as long as you were happy. Well, all the fun you can look under the hashtag #sadbut.


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