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House. Gift ideas for a New 2019 with their hands

More recently, it was warm and summer happy look with its bright colors, but left quite a bit of time before the New 2019, and again to ponder what to give for this magical celebration. Because gift ideas in a predictable and cost, and to congratulate will have many.

So it makes sense to consider how much you can save, which also will help not to resort to trivial and pressed sets of socks, beautifully packaged stocking and towels, diaries and useless Souvenirs, hastily purchased at the last minute. A gift made with your own hands is the best solution of the demands of originality, of the budget and step away from the usual festive clichés.

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Christmas gifts with your own hands is an extensive list of products, which may require different amounts of imagination, and no matter how bitter it is to realize a small amount of money. Even handy, able to sew and knit, you will need thread, fittings, accessories and tools for the job.

And making the colors painted Christmas tree of chocolates, you realize that even on the New 2019 a gift made manually can cost quite a tidy sum.

So before pondering the problem of how to make a gift with your own hands, you need to define the cash budget, and decide what category it will be:

  • Potrebuje costs. A gift for the New year 2019 from the series “you can draw pretty”. Ideas such gift always simple to extreme, and expensive, starting with words can be beautiful (or original) packaging. Such gifts include beer bottles, champagne, large bars of chocolate, boxes of chocolates or cakes, certainly embellished with imagination and invention. Needlewomen can apply your talents to sew and knit, men – to use improvised tools and build something Grand. It is usually a good idea for a gift to a friend, capable to appreciate and Packed the contents of the gift and its whimsical design. Especially nice if with this gift to go to visit. While there is always a chance that its contents will also be able to try.

  • Master classfor which others will need step-by-step photos, is possible in the presence of certain skills. This is usually cute and pretty knick-knacks for which production, use available materials. As example, leather bracelet, incredibly beautifully woven from strips cut from a disused article of clothing or footwear, beaded bracelets, bracelets of beads – all made personally and with the highest degree of originality.

  • The use of conventional waste items in a non-trivial form requires no cash, but expects these unnecessary items and a certain amount of auxiliary materials. This is the famous incomplete candlesticks, wine glasses and glass bottles, decorative panels from threads or caps from bottles, painted vinyl records, or collected in the case of wood saw cut. They especially work beautifully decorating in a rustic style, if they are complemented by hand-painted and minimal accessories.

Such gifts can be done to anyone, but there is no guarantee that they will not be discarded immediately after the care or retracted to gather dust on the shelf.

The usual practice is to give that to my grandmother, informing that the product is made with his own grandson or granddaughter. It will be very nice, even if the child took only an indirect part. It definitely will keep this gift for a long time and enjoy it with affection.

  • Bourgeois chic is activated, if you want to impress, or gift a loved one so that he does not suspect a trick. For example, to financially help sister, who otherwise will not take the money but desperately need them, or beloved husband, raise funds for some particularly coveted object. Money tree – ideal for Christmas present to loved ones or those who do not know what to give, because there is everything and more.

  • Signs of attention. Usually this is the original trinkets hastily purchased symbol of the year in souvenir shops. Due to the necessary amount even a penny, the cost translates to a noticeable amount. Meanwhile, the original out of the situation, making his own origami. Such a pig, everyone will smile, but will cost nothing. And how it to make – you can see in the video (see video).

[embedded content]

You need to give in the coming Year of the Yellow Pig

The choice of gift in the coming year refers to the complex category because astrologers do not recommend to give expensive and useless trinkets, and Souvenirs that have no practical value. This year it is indecent to give unwrapped gifts, you can’t bring in an unfamiliar company food and drinks if you didn’t know about the master’s preferences.

Even loved ones not to give on the eve of the coming year things cool containing ridicule or mockery. Unreal is also considered to give cleaners or things similar to last year’s gifts.

Therefore, the idea of gifts in the form of perfumes, cosmetics, and even home-made soap is considered to be adverse and unfortunate. But the cash gift will be accepted graciously, the only thing that upsets – the inability to give it unfamiliar, strangers or superiors.

According to the published horoscopes, the Pig is very fastidious in the choice of the alleged gifts.

Gifts should meet the following requirements:

  • to be useful, necessary, or practical (the statue with the symbol of the year disappears, because it does not please the Pigs, who consider her a worthless trinket);
  • things for the home are excellent options, and if they have the symbol of the year is even better, but they should certainly be nicely Packed;
  • the everyday objects – Slippers, towels or kitchen pot holders, cups, plates or tea sets – all welcome, but again depends on the packaging;
  • perfect for token – pig-piggy Bank with a slot and with a coin inside;
  • welcome and table decorations or interior – candles, pictures, Christmas decorations, candlesticks;
  • pet, who appreciate the comfort, gladly accept hand-made sweets;
  • proceeding from modern realities, can give a useful and original accessories – mouse, flash drive, mini charging case for iPhone, made himself, cool headphones, wireless speakers.

As can be seen from the above list, making gifts or even packing your own hands is welcomed and encouraged. So you should think about the original package or making purposeful things, focused on a particular individual.

Gifts to family and friends

If the New year to meet with the family in advance to take care of the upcoming holiday and make the gift that will be especially pleasant to obtain. To do this, always need to consider ways to suggest that will be especially pleased to obtain each of the family members.

A present for relatives often cause difficulties in selection, and it ends with a formal set of essential items that are always needed.

Meanwhile, it is the mother I always want to do not the amount and not the road thing, and some special sign of love and attention.

For mom with love

The most common and most successful offer of a gift for mom is the crafts made by their own hands. Small children usually make them in kindergarten, or by using dads, adults preparing to sneak while she’s not home.

Gift ideas in the year of the Yellow Pig for the favorite following:

  • Very nicely decorated Bank with self-baked cookies, focused on the Christmas theme – Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, snowflakes, hearts, decorated with white and colored glaze;

  • Home amulet is made of poured colored layers, which can include salt, spices, powder for cake or any cereal – a gift of beautiful and iconic, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Nasipuri made factory method, perhaps looks better, but is expensive. But in order to do this at home always has everything you need.

  • Very colorful and unusual work Souvenirs from salt dough. All that is needed for its manufacture – flour, water, salt and a little starch. Crafts are of different shapes, painted and dried in the oven. Applying a little imagination, it is possible to make Christmas decorations, decorative figurines, gift wrapping and even a necklace on the neck. As decorative elements you can use icing, anise, sticks of cinnamon and even Bay leaves.

For mom you can make a Christmas tree out of champagne, bouquet of chocolates or flowers, original way to decorate a simple box for her jewelry.

The main condition is that it was thoughtfully, tastefully and beautifully, and importantly for it to create the Christmas mood.

Gifts for dad

The Pope, too, want attention and love, but for some reason, most kids pay attention to the mother, and the father receives formal and standard gifts. Meanwhile, if you think about it, to please my father, even easier than my mom. Top 5 gifts for dad does not require much cost, but it will give him pleasure.

We should not forget that men pay less attention to pleasant things, but more practical sense.

Considering that the hostess of the year – Yellow Pig loves useful and practical things, special problems will not arise:

  • a delicious arrangement of food preferences and food preferences, are decorated in Christmas spirit, bring dad a lot of fun;

  • good spirits (if the Pope uses it) with a cheerful outfit, beautiful packaging or decorated with tube – in second place;
  • a beautiful Cup with a funny inscription, chosen depending on preferences (for tea or coffee), beer glass, or plate personal particular form – the bronze prize if for Cup to do with their hands cover to keep warm, and a mug or glass to decorate with the invention;

  • a ticket for a favorite event in his own glued to the casket or in a very beautiful envelope (hockey, concert, theater is already determined depending on preferences, and if the mother go – then 2 tickets);
  • things for your favorite hobby or occupation, it is trivial – are still in the Top gifts because for many men is the subject of special preferences.

For this kind of gifts will come in handy skill crafting. Hand-knitted scarf, or warm woolen socks, mittens, homemade vest, potholder hot, cell phone case – all this will show that the gift was conceived long ago, and done with love. And for parents is the most precious of all that is possible to obtain for the New year.

Do not forget about beautiful decoration, gift packing, which will be the new owner of the coming year.

Nasipuri: quickly and without hassle master class

To make this simple, but iconic souvenir will require very little time and practically no costs. The house is certainly empty glass bottle, which is regretted to throw away because of the beautiful and original form. Carefully washed and dried, it will be a great option for making home talisman.

The easiest option is to use all that is at hand, salt, ground red pepper, pepper, peas, saffron, cinnamon and so on. The coloured layers poured through a funnel with a curved spout or any other improvised means.

If you can’t pour smoothly, you can gently shake the bottle to align, or ramming with a stick from the Chinese restaurant, cocktail straws. Through it, you can gently blow the air to give colored strata required thickness.

The second option requires more time, but it turns out more budgetary. Fine salt color gouache paints and placed into containers, then carefully poured into the bottle, achieving beautiful color combinations. With some skill you can create even simple drawings or landscapes, but it will take time before the New year no one. The tube can assume the simplest solution – a piece of burlap, tied with a rope with beads, coloured netting, wire, or even epoxy.

If used for nanyuki jar with a screw lid, it will only wrap a colored ribbon tie and beautiful satin bow.

[embedded content]

Gifts for the New year with their hands sometimes bring more fun to the one who showed imagination, worked and worked, than the one who got this hack. Getting such a product in any case should not show frustration, even if the calculation was more expensive, or a predetermined thing. Your effort is the most powerful testimony of love and good relations.


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House. Create Christmas decorations from scrap materials

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If there’s any possibility (in terms of free time) to decorate your home for the New year decorations of your own making, you should definitely use it. Just so you can understand why this option is elegant dwelling decoration is becoming more popular, acquiring the outlines of a kind style. Of the many advantages such a choice difficult to determine the basic, all important, but the fact that Christmas decorations for your home, made with his own hands from scrap materials, will create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, an indisputable fact.

In addition, the creative atmosphere will unite all family members by a common idea to celebrate the coming year of one inseparable and happy team of creative like-minded people. We have written such positive-minded families, the most interesting master classes of crafts, easily performed with his own hands to decorate the interior with a detailed description of the process.

Alternative tree

There are a huge number of reasons why home is not a traditional forest beauty, they will not be considered, let us a better choice alternative. Such a choice is not so simple to do, offers a lot, almost all quite interesting, however, you need to alternative tree look in your interior seamlessly.

Christmas tree in rustic style

Of course, for the ordinary apartment this option will not work, but for the lucky owners of residences, including country, such extravagant stuff very much like and will give a special flavor to the living room.

You will need:

  • sustainable stump 30-40 cm in diameter;
  • metal rod;
  • the base of the tree, another stump of 20 cm in diameter and 30 cm in height;
  • tree branches of different lengths, the approximate diameter of 4 to 7 cm;
  • drill wide drill bit;
  • thin saw cut trees and branches for decoration;
  • a bright braid of two types;
  • other elements of the decor.

Process manufacturer:

  1. The process of making a stylish Christmas trees is incredibly simple, the difficulty lies in the preparation of the necessary material that is collected in the forest or another nearby green area.
  2. Set is quite heavy stump to the desired location in the room, drill a hole of suitable diameter to insert a solid metal rod.
  3. Drilled a through hole the same diameter and in a prepared basis as well as in all branches of a stylized tree.
  4. Put all the branches on the rod turning, to give the tree the required volume on top instead of the star installed on the rod small cut branches vertically.
  5. Decorate the Christmas tree prepared by saw cuts, drilling holes in them under the braid, which is threaded and tied a spectacular bow or glue a bow on the bottom of the loop of the braid a different color.
  6. The tree in country style, you can decorate other elements of the Christmas decor handwritten manufacture from scrap materials.

[embedded content]

Tree of sweets

This alternative Christmas tree, beside all other advantages, even and manufactured in a wide range of sizes. You can perform a small Christmas tree to decorate a small horizontal surfaces, desks, shelves, and you can make a base out of cardboard big enough height and set the level slightly above the floor on a special stand.

You will need:

  • paper or cardboard for the base of the necessary size;
  • candy in the right amount of colored or plain wrappers;
  • Christmas tree ornaments;
  • the adhesive gun.


  1. From prepared paper or cardboard to be glued or fastened by means of staples a cone that will be the base of our tree.
  2. If the candy we have the same color, then just glue them in rows starting from the bottom of the cone, the rows of candy tightly have to each other.
  3. In the next row, glue candy location will be shifted so that the candies in each subsequent row placed between the sweets of the previous row.
  4. When you are finished to glue the cone with candies, proceed to the decoration of stylized Christmas trees, set on top a star or another tip using any manual crafts or Christmas decorations.

Decorate Christmas decoration for home, made of scrap materials on the New 2019other items in its discretion.

Other ideas alternative Christmas trees

Modern Christmas trees can be made from absolutely any material can always be chosen such, is most suitable to your interior, showing the creative ingenuity or by using the existing workshops.

Some examples of the most popular alternative Christmas trees:

  • hanging balls, snowflakes and other decor elements;
  • wallof garlands, Christmas toys and other elements.

Christmas composition with candles

Candles for the New year not much happens with them new year’s eve can be turned into a fabulous, and in addition, the inclusion of various Christmas songs can be quite effectively to decorate the house.

You will need:

  • thick cardboard;
  • burlap;
  • 3 large candles;
  • bumps;
  • white acrylic paint and brush;
  • glue gun;
  • elements of decor: star anise, cinnamon sticks, artificial flowers, dried or paper in the form of crafts.


  • From cardboard cut a ring of the desired width, put it on the cut from a burlap circle with a Central cross-shaped incision.

  • The corners of the Central cut wrap into a circle and glue, then paste the sacking of the entire ring of cardboard, making the necessary bending.

  • Buds covered by white acrylic paint to create the effect of snow cover varying degrees.

  • On the ring, covered with burlap, glue candles, arranging them in a certain symmetry, have prepared and glue bumps.

  • Decorate a composition of cinnamon sticks, tied them in pairs with a rope as shown in the video. Also use in the decoration of star anise and flowers, which are also glued, creating a beautiful Christmas composition.


These snowmen you can make several different sizes to use for decor of the interior as self-sufficient and as an element of home for Christmas compositions.

You will need:

  • bouncy balls – 2 PCs.;
  • white thread crochet;
  • PVA glue;
  • buttons for decoration;
  • a band of bright fabric;
  • carrot toy;
  • glue gun;
  • cap of yarn for knitting;
  • black marker;
  • tape;
  • wire.


  1. Inflate two balloons of different diameters, connect them together with tape.
  2. PVA glue dilute with a little water, in the resulting adhesive solution is sprayed over the white thread and wrap them into balls, leave to dry during the day.
  3. After the thread on the balls has dried, pierce the balls and extracted them from the design, proceed to the decoration of a snowman.
  4. Glue eyes and nose – a carrot, buttons on the second ball, draw mouth with black marker.
  5. Neck tie belt prepared from scraps of fabric, glue the pre-made of thread, small hat.
  6. From chenille wire or plain, covered with fabric, make the snowman hands, Christmas decoration for home ready.

Toy – card “Santa Claus”

This ornament can be hung on the Christmas tree, and on each it is possible to write in the wish and 12 hours each family member can choose one of these Christmas decorations with a suggestion.

You will need:

  • paper;
  • scissors;
  • cotton balls;
  • red colored paper;
  • PVA;
  • sequins;
  • eyes – buttons.


  • Fold the paper in half, draw out a circle, using improvised means, cut.
  • Of red paper cut out a triangle, glue on the fold line, coat with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

  • Glue cotton balls, first one to the top of the hood, then a series low.

  • In the center of the circle glue eyes and small bobbles of thread, then all the free space of the paste with cotton balls, a very simple but effective toy – the decoration is ready.

Decoration of plastic bottles

Such an incredibly striking decoration can be hung as a Christmas tree and decorate their interior, adding in new tracks above the door, on the window curtain over the mirror, etc.

You will need:

  • plastic bottle;
  • braid;
  • chenille wire;
  • Christmas beads;
  • shiny decorative elements;
  • chains or other suspension;
  • bells or Christmas tree balls;
  • a thin wire;
  • the glue gun.


  1. In a plastic bottle cut off the upper part of the tube, which is removable.
  2. Slice from the outer side coat of adhesive and glue the braid to the mounting strength of the subsequent part of the decor.
  3. From chenille wire and beads, weave a kind of hair, fasten the ends and glue on the braid from the bottom, and the neck.
  4. Remove Christmas decorations stitches and put rings of wire, prepared in advance, attached to chains fastened from the inside of the neck, screwing small piece of chenille wire.
  5. Glue the mount to the lid, also fixable with glue and a loop of chenille wire, pre-jamming it in the hole made in the tube. Tube also decorate by tying chenille wire and securing everything with glue.
  6. Top Christmas decorations for the house, which we made from scrap materials on the new 2019 additionally decorate cooked shiny elements.

Christmas bouquet made of wire and beads

Great stylish Christmas decoration for home interior by following a few of these twigs, you can create a spectacular winter bouquet of fairy tales. All the elements for the decorations are readily available in the store for needlework and devote a cozy family evening work.

You will need:

  • beads of different sizes and colors;
  • leaves decorative holes;
  • any other shiny decorative elements;
  • a thin wire, the diameter of which allows free entry into the holes of the beads and other elements, but also maintains the shape.


  1. To make separate branches, it is necessary to fold the wire in half the desired length, thread the first bead and tighten the wire on a small piece.
  2. Next, again put another decor element or bead of a different diameter and also to tighten the wire, by choosing the size of this segment according to your composition.
  3. So we make all wire crafting one of the branches.
  4. Likewise wrap a few sprigs with a diverse combination of decorative elements, and then fasten the twigs to each other in a specific order, ensuring the lush branches.

Putting several of these twigs in a vase prepared, will get a fabulous winter bouquet made by this step-by-step description with photos.

Acorns for pigs

If you want to attract to himself the favorable attention of the new year symbol, you will certainly should make this hack, a favorite treat pigs.

You will need:

  • two plastic eggs or eggs from a “Kinder surprises”;
  • canvas harness;
  • adhesive;
  • coffee beans;
  • green cloth.


  1. Eggs wrapped canvas harness having rows, close to each other, we coat with white glue, leaving small pieces of the harness on each egg.
  2. With the wide end of the egg glue on top of coffee beans are also close to each other, so we got two cute acorn on the ropes.
  3. The green fabric draw the outline of leaves an acorn, you can use a stencil, but you can natural leaf.
  4. Around the circuit, and internal veins, glue the harness, all the space on the fabric sizing, the dried sheets, after which they are twisted together, forming a dense cut, sizing it with glue for greater rigidity, allow to dry.
  5. Tie acorns to a leaf in the center, make the top loop, all fixed with glue, got a great decoration, as well as the other can be used in any Christmas compositions for the interior decoration.

[embedded content]

Decoration from paper

This elegant new year’s ball to do just enough and then decorate the interior with its use. To perform such beautiful balloons in different colours according to your creative idea.

You will need:

  • paper color;
  • glue gun;
  • the foam ball;
  • PVA glue;
  • decorative elements;
  • bright ribbon.


  1. From paper cut out 6 squares with sides 8, 5 cm, each such blank turn first half, giving the shape of a triangle, bend it in height, making a clear crease and straighten.
  2. Now, the sharp corners of the triangle wrap up to the previous Central crease, both of the resulting triangle to bend in half, averting her edges in different directions.
  3. Straighten the formed shapes at the edges of the big triangle, make each of your room.
  4. Side of the top triangles are folded inwards, in half turn, sizing the side surfaces with glue and join.
  5. Make five more such elements of our decorative flower, and glue them together, put under the press and give thoroughly dry.
  6. After the design was fixed, unfold it and glue the edges received a beautiful flower, in the center of which is pasted a glittering spectacular decor element with hot glue or glue “Moment”.
  7. In each flower stick below the match for subsequent attachment to the balloon.
  8. The required amount of these flowers to create our jewelry depends on the size, your chosen foam ball.
  9. Stick in a balloon made of flowers, fastened with glue. In the Central hole of insert the cut end of the ribbon, glue.

Of the braid produce a lush bow, glue it to the base of the previously glued cut. Decorate the bow with two sides a brilliant part of the decor, an elegant Christmas decoration for home, made from scrap materials ready, proceed to the decor of the room.

[embedded content]

Topiary on the glass

Interesting production version of the tree of happiness, without which can not do the decoration for the New year.

You will need:

  • glass;
  • the foam ball of the desired size;
  • cones, fir branches and other decorations;
  • small foam beads;
  • sequins;
  • felt white;
  • card with Christmas motif;
  • white paper;
  • glue “Moment”;
  • the glue gun.


  1. Choose a sufficiently large glass, turn it upside down on the paper and cut out the bottom.
  2. Put the template on card, cut out another detail of the bottom with a Christmas motif, merge them, leave to dry.
  3. On top of the bottom glue any decorative figure, which later will be located inside our jewelry, it is advisable to find the stick figure symbol of the coming year, the small pig.
  4. On the foam ball make a small cut, so he firmly kept in glued condition.
  5. Glued to the prepared balloon prepared all the elements, arranging them according to your creative idea.
  6. On the leg of an inverted glass glue first a small circle cut out of felt, for greater structural strength, and then embellished bead.
  7. Pour into a glass foam small balls and sequins, coat with glue the edge of the glass and the bottom on the circle, glue to each other.
  8. Decorate the bottom seam, gluing the braid with hot glue, and glue the ribbon with sequins.
  9. You can also arrange small beads with a bow or other decorative element at the base of the stem of his glass so that the decoration effectively hanging on the glass.
  10. Stylish topiary ready, great decoration for home interior.

The tree with legs

This cute toy for Christmas decoration, made with their own hands from scrap materials for the New year is 2019, will certainly raise a smile from others that will help create a cheerful and joyful atmosphere of the bright expectations of the holiday.

You will need:

  • cardboard;
  • shiny paper;
  • glue gun;
  • two plastic containers from the “Kinder surprise;
  • a long stick – legs;
  • red colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • paper for the manufacture of the cone;
  • braid;
  • artificial fur;
  • tinsel;
  • Styrofoam cone, painted green;
  • sisal;
  • wire;
  • mesh green;
  • bright shiny decor elements tree;
  • Christmas beads;
  • silver snowflakes;
  • Golden ribbon to make the bow.


  1. From cardboard cut out a circle of the intended diameter, glue on top of the same circle of shiny paper.
  2. From each container from children’s toys performed the basis for the Shoe, which is detachable both parts with scissors, then a small part of make the cut, glue to the first big part, as shown in the photo.
  3. In large parts of the basics of the shoes, holes for attaching the legs – sticks.
  4. Of red paper cut out 2 strips of size 4 cm * 19 cm, paste them the basics for the shoes.
  5. Do typical creases, glue glue.
  6. Insert in the shoes prepared with sticks and legs, pre-pasted green paper.
  7. Bottom shoes glue pieces of ribbon to hide seams and decorate also with this purpose, glue the top to the shoes stripes faux fur and small pieces of green tinsel.
  8. On top of the foam in cone of the inserted wire, the entire structure is tightly wrapped with sisal, subject to readiness.
  9. Pre-cut squares in the grid with sides of 8, 5 cm, collapsible flowers, fixed with glue.
  10. Glue the bottom of the cone several layers of such triangular elements, ensuring the bouffant skirts at the Christmas tree.
  11. Insert the foam cone in the legs – sticks, proceed to the spectacular decor, Christmas trees, using prepared items.
  12. The entire surface of the herringbone wrapped beads on top of the folded end glue a big bow of Golden ribbons with brilliant decor.

And paste the Christmas tree silver snowflakes, turned Christmas decoration incredible beauty, positive, pleasing to the eye and soul.

[embedded content]


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And time cannot conquer… Beautiful and rejuvenated Irina Saltykova pleases fans with new photo

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We all want to keep youth and freshness as long as possible. But for some it turns out just the same, “cheers.” Singer Irina Saltykova recently not really spoil us with new hits, but his flourishing and vigorous appearance pleases permanently.


In new photo appeared on the network of Instagram, Irina looks stunning. We see a young girl, glowing with health and beauty. Never thought that Saltykova was 52 years.


Probably, Irina learned the secret of eternal youth because the years do not spoil her beautiful face and figure. Original black polka dot dress really suits Saltykova. And her signature charming smile makes just fit a nursery rhyme, where “from the smile will brighten all”.


Even on the picture taken up close and depicting Ira without much makeup, we see the cute blonde that the entire former Soviet Union fell since the mid-nineties.


Most recently, last summer, the actress posted pictures of the beach, and we all could see that the figure of Irina, a full order.


Maybe it’s in the right mood of the heroine article? In all the photos she’s smiling and you can see that she is really in good spirits. If our assumption is correct – well done Irina and keep it up!


As you know, all diseases of the nerves, perhaps, a positive attitude helps Saltykova to preserve her beauty and to please their fans?
Incidentally, they do not skimp on compliments:

  • You are just lovely!
  • The girl from the last century, a beautiful and young…
  • Irina is the beautiful girl on the planet..


Some of the subscribers account Irina even try to write a verse of praise

“And the beauty of you is undeniable, and your songs are pleasant and are loved!”, writes Ira a certain timur.umahanov.

And it is difficult not to agree. But in the photo below we see Irina with her daughter Alice.


Well, I agree, that photo of the two sisters? And with a small age difference. I did not like most of us, Irina Saltykova on the role of an adult woman.

We wish her happiness, peace and ageless beauty, and songs of the hit, of course! Let the world and fate gives her more reasons to be sweet and charming smile!


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News. Analysts have called the worst actors of the 20th anniversary

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British analysts did a great job, and named the worst actors of the last 20 years. The undisputed leader of the list was Jessica Alba. It is on account was more movies that failed miserably at the box office and received the worst rating from critics. She appeared in 35 films. Much money and success to the creators they brought.

Interestingly, in recent years Jessica practically does not take part in the filming. 37-year-old woman is totally immersed in family and business. Children she had three, and it deals with the production of environmentally safe products.

In addition to Alba on the list were Jessica bill. Among her works, proved a failure, analysts called the film “the Illusionist” and the film “Easy virtue”. In addition to his wife Justin Timberlake in the list of worst hit Heather Graham.

Were the leaders of animating among men. The palm took Josh Duhamel. Ex-husband of singer fergie is familiar to spectators on films “Life as we know it” and “when in Rome”.

In addition to Josh’s list of worst actors turned out to be Gerard Butler. His most notorious failure was recognized tape “trapped In time”. Partner Gerard on the set was the late Paul Walker. Adjusted for inflation, the producers of the film lost it about 42 million dollars.

Oddly enough, in this interesting list was Robin Williams. Just a year before the death on the screens was shown a tape of “the Big wedding” with his participation.

Except for Robin in the shooting was involved and other famous actors, but the producers barely managed to repel half of the attached budget. $ 13 million was wasted.


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