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House. Gift ideas for a New 2019 with their hands

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More recently, it was warm and summer happy look with its bright colors, but left quite a bit of time before the New 2019, and again to ponder what to give for this magical celebration. Because gift ideas in a predictable and cost, and to congratulate will have many.

So it makes sense to consider how much you can save, which also will help not to resort to trivial and pressed sets of socks, beautifully packaged stocking and towels, diaries and useless Souvenirs, hastily purchased at the last minute. A gift made with your own hands is the best solution of the demands of originality, of the budget and step away from the usual festive clichés.

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Christmas gifts with your own hands is an extensive list of products, which may require different amounts of imagination, and no matter how bitter it is to realize a small amount of money. Even handy, able to sew and knit, you will need thread, fittings, accessories and tools for the job.

And making the colors painted Christmas tree of chocolates, you realize that even on the New 2019 a gift made manually can cost quite a tidy sum.

So before pondering the problem of how to make a gift with your own hands, you need to define the cash budget, and decide what category it will be:

  • Potrebuje costs. A gift for the New year 2019 from the series “you can draw pretty”. Ideas such gift always simple to extreme, and expensive, starting with words can be beautiful (or original) packaging. Such gifts include beer bottles, champagne, large bars of chocolate, boxes of chocolates or cakes, certainly embellished with imagination and invention. Needlewomen can apply your talents to sew and knit, men – to use improvised tools and build something Grand. It is usually a good idea for a gift to a friend, capable to appreciate and Packed the contents of the gift and its whimsical design. Especially nice if with this gift to go to visit. While there is always a chance that its contents will also be able to try.

  • Master classfor which others will need step-by-step photos, is possible in the presence of certain skills. This is usually cute and pretty knick-knacks for which production, use available materials. As example, leather bracelet, incredibly beautifully woven from strips cut from a disused article of clothing or footwear, beaded bracelets, bracelets of beads – all made personally and with the highest degree of originality.

  • The use of conventional waste items in a non-trivial form requires no cash, but expects these unnecessary items and a certain amount of auxiliary materials. This is the famous incomplete candlesticks, wine glasses and glass bottles, decorative panels from threads or caps from bottles, painted vinyl records, or collected in the case of wood saw cut. They especially work beautifully decorating in a rustic style, if they are complemented by hand-painted and minimal accessories.

Such gifts can be done to anyone, but there is no guarantee that they will not be discarded immediately after the care or retracted to gather dust on the shelf.

The usual practice is to give that to my grandmother, informing that the product is made with his own grandson or granddaughter. It will be very nice, even if the child took only an indirect part. It definitely will keep this gift for a long time and enjoy it with affection.

  • Bourgeois chic is activated, if you want to impress, or gift a loved one so that he does not suspect a trick. For example, to financially help sister, who otherwise will not take the money but desperately need them, or beloved husband, raise funds for some particularly coveted object. Money tree – ideal for Christmas present to loved ones or those who do not know what to give, because there is everything and more.

  • Signs of attention. Usually this is the original trinkets hastily purchased symbol of the year in souvenir shops. Due to the necessary amount even a penny, the cost translates to a noticeable amount. Meanwhile, the original out of the situation, making his own origami. Such a pig, everyone will smile, but will cost nothing. And how it to make – you can see in the video (see video).

[embedded content]

You need to give in the coming Year of the Yellow Pig

The choice of gift in the coming year refers to the complex category because astrologers do not recommend to give expensive and useless trinkets, and Souvenirs that have no practical value. This year it is indecent to give unwrapped gifts, you can’t bring in an unfamiliar company food and drinks if you didn’t know about the master’s preferences.

Even loved ones not to give on the eve of the coming year things cool containing ridicule or mockery. Unreal is also considered to give cleaners or things similar to last year’s gifts.

Therefore, the idea of gifts in the form of perfumes, cosmetics, and even home-made soap is considered to be adverse and unfortunate. But the cash gift will be accepted graciously, the only thing that upsets – the inability to give it unfamiliar, strangers or superiors.

According to the published horoscopes, the Pig is very fastidious in the choice of the alleged gifts.

Gifts should meet the following requirements:

  • to be useful, necessary, or practical (the statue with the symbol of the year disappears, because it does not please the Pigs, who consider her a worthless trinket);
  • things for the home are excellent options, and if they have the symbol of the year is even better, but they should certainly be nicely Packed;
  • the everyday objects – Slippers, towels or kitchen pot holders, cups, plates or tea sets – all welcome, but again depends on the packaging;
  • perfect for token – pig-piggy Bank with a slot and with a coin inside;
  • welcome and table decorations or interior – candles, pictures, Christmas decorations, candlesticks;
  • pet, who appreciate the comfort, gladly accept hand-made sweets;
  • proceeding from modern realities, can give a useful and original accessories – mouse, flash drive, mini charging case for iPhone, made himself, cool headphones, wireless speakers.

As can be seen from the above list, making gifts or even packing your own hands is welcomed and encouraged. So you should think about the original package or making purposeful things, focused on a particular individual.

Gifts to family and friends

If the New year to meet with the family in advance to take care of the upcoming holiday and make the gift that will be especially pleasant to obtain. To do this, always need to consider ways to suggest that will be especially pleased to obtain each of the family members.

A present for relatives often cause difficulties in selection, and it ends with a formal set of essential items that are always needed.

Meanwhile, it is the mother I always want to do not the amount and not the road thing, and some special sign of love and attention.

For mom with love

The most common and most successful offer of a gift for mom is the crafts made by their own hands. Small children usually make them in kindergarten, or by using dads, adults preparing to sneak while she’s not home.

Gift ideas in the year of the Yellow Pig for the favorite following:

  • Very nicely decorated Bank with self-baked cookies, focused on the Christmas theme – Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, snowflakes, hearts, decorated with white and colored glaze;

  • Home amulet is made of poured colored layers, which can include salt, spices, powder for cake or any cereal – a gift of beautiful and iconic, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Nasipuri made factory method, perhaps looks better, but is expensive. But in order to do this at home always has everything you need.

  • Very colorful and unusual work Souvenirs from salt dough. All that is needed for its manufacture – flour, water, salt and a little starch. Crafts are of different shapes, painted and dried in the oven. Applying a little imagination, it is possible to make Christmas decorations, decorative figurines, gift wrapping and even a necklace on the neck. As decorative elements you can use icing, anise, sticks of cinnamon and even Bay leaves.

For mom you can make a Christmas tree out of champagne, bouquet of chocolates or flowers, original way to decorate a simple box for her jewelry.

The main condition is that it was thoughtfully, tastefully and beautifully, and importantly for it to create the Christmas mood.

Gifts for dad

The Pope, too, want attention and love, but for some reason, most kids pay attention to the mother, and the father receives formal and standard gifts. Meanwhile, if you think about it, to please my father, even easier than my mom. Top 5 gifts for dad does not require much cost, but it will give him pleasure.

We should not forget that men pay less attention to pleasant things, but more practical sense.

Considering that the hostess of the year – Yellow Pig loves useful and practical things, special problems will not arise:

  • a delicious arrangement of food preferences and food preferences, are decorated in Christmas spirit, bring dad a lot of fun;

  • good spirits (if the Pope uses it) with a cheerful outfit, beautiful packaging or decorated with tube – in second place;
  • a beautiful Cup with a funny inscription, chosen depending on preferences (for tea or coffee), beer glass, or plate personal particular form – the bronze prize if for Cup to do with their hands cover to keep warm, and a mug or glass to decorate with the invention;

  • a ticket for a favorite event in his own glued to the casket or in a very beautiful envelope (hockey, concert, theater is already determined depending on preferences, and if the mother go – then 2 tickets);
  • things for your favorite hobby or occupation, it is trivial – are still in the Top gifts because for many men is the subject of special preferences.

For this kind of gifts will come in handy skill crafting. Hand-knitted scarf, or warm woolen socks, mittens, homemade vest, potholder hot, cell phone case – all this will show that the gift was conceived long ago, and done with love. And for parents is the most precious of all that is possible to obtain for the New year.

Do not forget about beautiful decoration, gift packing, which will be the new owner of the coming year.

Nasipuri: quickly and without hassle master class

To make this simple, but iconic souvenir will require very little time and practically no costs. The house is certainly empty glass bottle, which is regretted to throw away because of the beautiful and original form. Carefully washed and dried, it will be a great option for making home talisman.

The easiest option is to use all that is at hand, salt, ground red pepper, pepper, peas, saffron, cinnamon and so on. The coloured layers poured through a funnel with a curved spout or any other improvised means.

If you can’t pour smoothly, you can gently shake the bottle to align, or ramming with a stick from the Chinese restaurant, cocktail straws. Through it, you can gently blow the air to give colored strata required thickness.

The second option requires more time, but it turns out more budgetary. Fine salt color gouache paints and placed into containers, then carefully poured into the bottle, achieving beautiful color combinations. With some skill you can create even simple drawings or landscapes, but it will take time before the New year no one. The tube can assume the simplest solution – a piece of burlap, tied with a rope with beads, coloured netting, wire, or even epoxy.

If used for nanyuki jar with a screw lid, it will only wrap a colored ribbon tie and beautiful satin bow.

[embedded content]

Gifts for the New year with their hands sometimes bring more fun to the one who showed imagination, worked and worked, than the one who got this hack. Getting such a product in any case should not show frustration, even if the calculation was more expensive, or a predetermined thing. Your effort is the most powerful testimony of love and good relations.


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News. “Grand Prix radio Monte Carlo”: Kozhevnikova in the way widows and Malikov with an unexpected message on the cap

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Also happened this time. Ladies practiced to each other and the lenses of photographers present at the event, extravagance of imagery, and of course, hats. The latter ranged from an unimaginably fantastic structures on the head to the classic “pill” and even caps.

Especially remembered by the audience the image of Mary Kozhevnikova. Actress, former MP and mother of three children, which promotes family values appeared at the races in a very unusual outfit. For the event she chose a black suit with a jacket and a bustier. Deep cleavage Mary impressed many. Reviews regarding the volume of Masha on instagram is enough.

Striking image of the actress added elegant hat with a black veil covering half her face. Members noted that in this form it is similar to the fatal widow of melodramas.

Maria if your image came with great responsibility, Dmitry Malikov dismissive attitude to the dress code. The artist has complemented his suit with a hat with an unusual inscription. Embroidered on her body picture subtly hinted, where you can pass all enemies.

By the way, Dmitry has once again confirmed that the event has the status of a secular parties, which themselves have little interest in horse racing. For example, it is even a symbolic rate do not. Malikov explained that the piano plays much better.

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News. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry posted a photo of her son Archie in Instagram

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to please his fans and post a photo of Archie Harrison of Mountbatten-Windsor, his newly born son, on the official website of the Dukes of Sussex in Instagram. This was done on June 16, when the whole Western and European world celebrated father’s Day.

And here it should be noted that Harry and Megan does not have to show your baby as soon after birth they refused for him from all his titles. However, knowing how eager fans are waiting for new photos of the grown-up Archie, Duke of Sussex did not hide the child. The publication was signed simply: “a very Special first father’s Day.” And it clearly points to the fact that her initiator was Megan.

Shortly after the appearance of the photo the whole world began to wonder, who’s more like the Royal baby. Many confused that the photo was processed by the filter, which does not allow to consider the color of the skin, hair and eyes of the baby. The review suggested that Megan did it on purpose to hide the dark skin tone Archie. However, there were also those who considered the child’s face Harry. Although, to judge it too early, after all, even the Duke of Sussex in one of the interviews stated that appearance Archie is changing every day.

However, this is not all the news that came from Frogmore Cottage – home of Megan and Prince Harry. So, a few days ago it became known that the Duchess in the new nanny. But before she started to work, taught by previous bitter experience Megan forced the employee to sign a strict confidentiality contract. Now in the case of dismissal, the nurse will not be able to tell the media or anyone about what is happening in the house of the couple Sussex.

Recall that some time ago a previous employee immediately after the dismissal gave an interview in which he told how uncomfortable she was to work with the wife of Prince Harry. She complained about the unbearable nature of Markle and her desire to control everything around. The words fired the nanny, the Duchess every minute was there constantly discussed and criticized her actions, and unwilling to listen to advice.

[embedded content]

That is why, wanting to protect himself from another gossip, Megan and forced to sign a new nanny Archie contract. However, there is one for women and good news. It turns out that she doesn’t have to work at night, because at this time, the Duchess prefers to care for a child herself.


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With her third husband Gela Meskhi actress was also unable to build the family fortune. Rumor has it, the husband was not happy with the excessive popularity of the couple and was jealous of the fact that she earns more.

That 41-year-old Ekaterina Klimova relationships with 33-year-old Gela Meskhi, there was talk in the society for a long time. Екатерина КлимоваAnd now the information is confirmed officially, on may 27th in Hamovnichesky court of Moscow the claim was submitted on divorce. Later, on 10 June, and their spouses were interviewed in court. And the meeting on the basis of the claim will, in about a month. At the same time and it is planned the solution of the question about who will live combines the daughter of actors — 3-year-old Bella. Екатерина Климова
Recall that all children of Ekaterina Klimova from previous husbands living with her. In addition to Bella, the actress has a daughter Elizabeth (17 years old) from Ilya Khoroshilov and two teenage sons from Ilya Petrenko — 10-year-old Korney and Matthew, who has reached the age of 12 years.
Екатерина Климова


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