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Honda rolled out to the test, the redesigned Civic Type R

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In particular, as red and white, the instance appeared with a camouflaged front bumper, which received the intakes, updated forms, and new grille. The white copy was tested with a new rear bumper and high rear wing, red instance, have passed tests c low wing. It is possible that one version of the kit designed for the special version, or the company plans to bring a new modification Type R, than last year, by the way, was chief engineer of the Civic family, Hideki Matsumoto. Both the prototype has an updated front optics.

[embedded content]

According to colleagues from the edition Autocar, the hot hatch will receive a modified suspension settings and steering, because the Japanese don’t want to upset the balance that allowed previous Type R to win the title of world’s fastest production FWD car on the Nurburgring. Also buyers will probably be able to order the car with optional track suspension.

As for turbo “four” K20C1 volume of two liters and output of 320 forces, it is the most powerful in the class, and the Japanese, apparently, are not going to make major changes. But if there is derived a lower cost version of Type R, then it is, no doubt, has lost some of its power.


Photo: two-liter “turboservice” K20C1

Colleagues have also reported that the updated Civic will get slightly updated multimedia system. Allegedly, on their place will return the rotary volume knob that Honda engineers were replaced by touch buttons in the current Type R.

As for the timing of the debut, it is likely that the updated hot hatch will be presented later this year.

Previously portal of the reported that the redesigned Honda Pilot is slightly more expensive, but got a new option.


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Cut: guess the car from Soviet movies

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Articles / Military equipment

Armored, sanitary, secret: unknown version of the ZIS-5

The famous three-ton Moscow automobile plant named after Stalin, as well as a light lorry, which we have already told, has experienced all the difficulties of self-organization of serial production, and in the years of the great Patriotic…


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Dreaming of a diesel, driving a petrol crossover Audi Q8 55 TFSI

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Audi q8. Цены известны с октября 2018-го: от 5,1 млн рублей за Q8 55 TFSI quattro с двигателем V6 3.0 (340 л.с.). Иных модификаций пока нет, но трёхлитровый турбодизель (249 сил, 600 Н•м) включён в ОТТС. Конфигуратор позволяет набрать допов ещё на пять миллионов.

Prices known from October 2018 from 5.1 million rubles for Q8 55 TFSI quattro with the 3.0 V6 engine (340 HP). Other modifications yet, but the three-litre turbodiesel (249 forces, 600 N•m) included in the cu Tr. The Configurator allows you to gain special stages for another five million.

Stylish Audi Q8 difficult to interpret other than the belated response of Ingolstadt to the emergence of direct competitors of the large crossover sport hatchback. Even Mercedes GLE Coupe — the late child, but he is already the fifth year goes. As for the BMW X6, the founder of the genre is preparing to shift to a third generation. The demand for these machines is stable, but not everywhere they are equally in demand.

[embedded content]

Dealers offered us Q8 a month ago, but in inappropriate conditions. From the official test drive we were waiting to meet with the creators, but in Portugal they were not. Fresh car thrill-ride did not bring the crossover is predictable and has almost no effect of novelty.

The Europeans are buying such models can be three times less often than the machines in the traditional form factor of the wagon. The Americans seven times. But in Russia a massive cross-hatchback sold only slightly worse than the basic version of the relevant lines. For example, last year sold 3790 “x-sixth” against 4927 “x-fifth”. Mercedes picture is similar: 2958 “compartment” GLE and 3154 regular.

The base color for Q8 black and Orange Dragon for 73 655 rubles. Paint Audi exclusive expensive: 354 113. Standard wheels are 20-inch, and for such 22-inch asking 225 thousand, or 126 thousand in the presence of a package Design for 750 000.

Audi in 2018 managed to sell 3721 “ku-seventh”. The new flagship Q8 went on sale in December and just over a month, according to official data, found 205 buyers. A good result could be even better if from the start to offer diesel versions that have dominated the market. “Eight” at least until the end of the spring will be uncontested petrol. At the presentation in Portugal, the people of the Russian representation of General uncertain talked about expanding the range of engines.

The quality of materials and ergonomics, the traditionally high level for Audi. But to distinguish salon “ku-eighth,” for example, from the interior of the A7 immediately is unlikely to succeed. Needless to say that the glossy panel is very easily soiled?

Doors are deprived of the window framework. Not the fact that it’s good for winter use, but looks cool. It is gratifying that the creators of Q8, despite such attributes, almost no use in vain the term “coupe” — there was at least one theory respecting the company. Perhaps they have a marketing reason. Because a relatively high ceiling does not restrict rear passengers: seats over the heads of plenty of, the feelings more than the opponents, calling kupeobrazny.

By default, Q8 based on conventional analog instruments. The display diagonal of 12.3 inches, shown together with a top multimediai. Separate order it will not work.

Sofa moves in parts within approximately ten centimeters, varying the boot capacity. The load compartment is well-constructed geometrically, but hiding in the underground can not count: it settled a stowaway deflated with a compressor, a minimal tool kit and a subwoofer… With the front rise is no problem, although I would have preferred to sit lower than the chair allows. The rapids are covered with grease will not work. When opening the front doors optional chair pushing lateral support rollers, facilitating input and an output.

The front seats are thick and sit perfectly on the figure, with the right profile and exhaustive set of settings. Back row seems a little flat, but provides a hefty supply of places on the head and legs. Backrest is adjustable in angle.

Visibility forward is satisfactory. Wide rack, and left the janitor does not reach three centimeters. But the heated atomizer built right into the leashes wiper, with two sides. The minimum fluid flow is achieved by supplying only the brush stroke, so that it always moves in the wet. Mirrors no questions, happy all-round visibility with a 3D mode that allows you to look around by rotating the projection machine to the screen. Somehow the color of her body is not the same as real.

The grille on the right has a built-lidar, which is already phased out on all new models except the A8 sedan. The promised autopilot third level under threat? The Germans admit that without lidar, the car is worse than focused, but radars and cameras would be enough for her at this stage.

Multimedia complex with a couple of touch screens brought from circulation the usual buttons. At first he is delighted, but in the fading wow-effect of tire monitors, and the understanding that even in the presence of sympathetic vibration drawn keys can not replace the physical. By the way, if you habitually unresponsive touchscreen, feedback is disabled. Clicks and stops automatically when the system activates Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, noticing the connected smartphone.

Diode lights for an extra 96 805 rubles can be adaptive matrix. More of these are included in the Design package for 750 thousand together with other options. When unlocking the car Q8 shows a little light show.

When adjusting radio stations or, for example, during the search for the desired object to navigate the lower display goes to touchpad mode. See it should on the top that is slightly unnatural and requires habits. But the head-up display under the windshield all is good, except the price: nearly a hundred thousand rubles is too much.

Ground clearance is explicitly stated only for the base spring suspension — 220 mm. In the upper position of the body with the intention of taking turns 254-260 mm, depending on the data source. In middle position — 204-210. At the speed of clearance is reduced by 40 mm, when loading — 65.

Audi Q8 combines the chassis “ku-seventh” and micro-hybrid powertrain with a 48-volt starter-generator, already used for example in A6/A7. But if there is a three-liter petrol “six” combined with the seven-step “robot”, the crossover with vosmidiapazonnym “automatic” ZF, as on sedan A8. Like invisible engine start on the move (read more about how Q8 saves fuel, discussed below in “Technology”). Not like always a delayed response to accelerator.

Test Urus showed that automatic control light does not give on-the-go to keep only the dimensions in the dark — for example, to correctly disperse from the counter in the yard. The right button at the base of the centre console activates all the systems of preventive security.

Dynamics in General is a little disappointing: Q8 like not going to his 340 forces. When accelerating the “machine” almost always resets the transfer, there is a hitch. Given sedentarianism gas to the kickdown spent so much time that it seems it would be more efficient not to switch, the benefit of dispersal within a single transmission is quite peppy. Sport mode does not solve the problem, but smooths: the pause is reduced, the motion becomes less ragged, more linear response. But still can’t shake the feeling that going for a very heavy car.

Wireless charging located unsuccessfully — under the cover of the armrest. Holding the button a voice call, you can activate Siri when you include Apple CarPlay. The selector transmission is good as a stand under the arm.

Perhaps the Q8 will come alive with a three-liter turbodiesel. On the eve of the trip to Lisbon, I traveled on the Touareg 3.0 TDI (249 HP, 600 N•m), comparable to the Audi in terms of weight and dimensions. There is generally no problem with the draft control! In the end, Volkswagen subjectively more fun, though, according to the passport data, it is inferior to Audi second acceleration to 100 km/h Diesel “Ku” (286 in Europe) makes a hundred in 6.3 — and this figure is comparable to European Touareg (6,1) with the same power motor.

Four-zone climate control option 56 of 118 rubles. Both Windows can be controlled from either side of the sofa. Glass is completely omitted even in the front. Window blinds with electric drive it is necessary to pay 42 thousand.

Test Q8 mounted on optional 22-inch wheels with non-standard winter tires Pirelli Scorpion Winter. Even in this configuration it provides a high level of comfort, although markedly inferior “ku-seventh” on the ride. Detail reports in salon, information about defects, said short wave and is quite sensitive to transverse joints and speed bumps. However, God knows how to behave Q7 in similar shoes — I’m on one, did not go. Excellent insulation: the cabin is not to find a single unnecessary sound.

The black grille is included in the styling package for 49 of 104 rubles. There are a total of four different looks for the front. The rails also need to pay 28 thousand. In the basic configuration, no front Parking sensors.

The selector driving modes allows you to experiment with chassis settings, and should not give up. Not to say that the character of the car changes radically depending on the selected program. Not on these wheels. But the difference is still felt, even if you switch between the factory settings. Q8 I like in mixed mode: with light wheel, suspension in the “Comfort” and the powertrain in “Sport”. This makes the crossover more responsive, without unnecessary rigidity.

If the diagonal of the bottom of the display (8.6 inch) is unchanged, the big top (10,1) put only the top system, MMI Navigation plus for 283 503 of the ruble. Maps are updated for free every quarter throughout the life of the machine. The file update can be up to 32 GB.

Dense compared to Q7 move kompensiruet more vibrant handling. The characters of the two elder Q-crossovers in General are similar. The actions of driving a hatch reacts quicker, however the behavior is not called sports. Just a very balanced car with moderate, balanced stabilizing force on the steering wheel. There are no active anti-roll bars, as SQ7, and do not particularly need them, because the rolls barely felt.

The base of Q8 just a millimeter longer than the Q7, and the rear overhang by 67 mm smaller than that has no noticeable effect on accessibility.

Feel how taxis rear axle at high speed, is impossible. Paropronitsaemost manifests itself through a pronounced stability in the turns. But in the Parking lot immediately clear that the rear wheels add maneuverability: Q8 not in size nimble. Decent grip, even on winter tyres. Actually, at +17 they are not needed and complicate the assessment of the running properties, but the cars arrived to Portugal from Moscow on their own. The same Makarov go back until you read this…

Under the floor of the cargo Bay is 48-volt battery, and the usual — in the front passenger footwell. Loading height more than the Q7. Docatch should inflate before use. The servo door is paired with Usmanova sensor under the bumper.

Russian prospects Q8 depend primarily on how soon the dealers will receive diesel cars. If it’s not too much options, it is carefully configured hatchback will fit in the six million rubles. First and foremost, do not get hung up on the 22-inch wheels. The standard diameter of 20 inches will have a positive impact on smoothness.

The black strip between the tail lights should recall the classic coupe Audi quattro. Without explanation and not guess. The exhaust pipes of the expected false.

On the one hand, six million is objectively expensive. Overpaying 350 thousand rubles relative to Q7 in a comparable configuration, we get less comfortable by and large four-seater car with a docked boot. On the other hand, competitors appreciate the design no less. Ceteris paribus X6 half a million with superfluous is more expensive “IKS-fifth”, a version of the Mercedes GLE near capacity share of about 400 thousand. And given the fact that hatchbacks are to the legacy lineup. Q8 have not much time to gain a foothold in the market before the arrival of a new generation of rivals.

Passport data

Audi Q8
Body type hatchback
Number of doors/seats 5/5
Length, mm 4986
Width, mm 1995
Height, mm 1705
Wheelbase, mm 2995
Track front/rear mm 1663/1667
Curb weight, kg 1907
Full weight, kg 2805
Trunk volume, l 605-1755
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, longitudinally
The number and arrangement of cylinders 6, V-shaped
Number of valves 24
Working volume, cm3 2995
Max. power, HP/rpm 340/5200–6400
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 500/1370–4500
Transmission automatic, eight-speed
Drive permanent full
Front suspension independent, spring, double wishbone
Rear suspension independent, spring, multilink
The front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc
Tires 275/50 R20
Ground clearance, mm 220
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 250
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 5,9
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 10,5–11,1
— extra-urban cycle 7,2–8,0
combined 8,4–9,2
Emissions Euro 6
Fuel tank capacity, l 85
Fuel AI-95

Technique Alexander Tychinin, Nikita Gudkov And Kirill Vasilyev, Kirill Brevdo

The Audi Q8 crossover built on a modular platform MLB second generation (the MLB evo) and the chassis is practically similar to the Q7. Basic steering with electric power steering and variable pitch teeth on the rack. Custom offers polnopravnym chassis, which includes active front steering gearbox and mechanism for turning the rear wheels at an angle up to five degrees in the same direction as the front, and five in the opposite. Turning circle with it decreases on the meter.

Front suspension double wishbone, rear — mnogoryichazhka aluminum on the subframe of high-strength steel. “Database” — the springs, the surcharge — pneumococci adjustable: the ride height ranges from 170 mm to 260 (164-254 according to others). There is a separate mode for loading when the body is lowered to 65 mm relative to the standard position.

The design of the body is dominated by aluminum. It accounts for 41.1% of the mass of the body is the main part of the floor, front rails, mounts front struts and almost all exterior panels (except hood). The share of ultra-high-strength steels made by hot stamping, to 14.4%. The rest is ordinary steel.

Forced engine V6 3.0 TFSI family EA839 with a single turbocharger in the collapse of the aluminum block and thin cast iron sleeves gives 340 forces at peak torque of 500 N•m. the peculiarity of the motor — high geometric compression ratio of 11.2:1. At partial loads it works according to the optimized Miller cycle with early intake valve closure on the intake stroke. Fuel system develops a pressure of 250 bar, shifters installed on both camshafts, and the intake used and the system changes the valve stroke. Due to the high thermal loading the wastegate valve of the turbine is not fashionable now, the actuator, and is controlled the old fashioned way through the solenoid and vacuum actuator.

This microhybrid with a separate 48-volt network and a powerful starter-generator. At speeds from 55 to 160 km/h at the released pedal of gas the engine turns off and in this mode the car can move up to 40 seconds. In addition, the system start/stop can turn off the engine since the 22 km/h. All these tricks can save up to 0.7 l/100 km Transmission ― all-wheel drive with mechanical center differential and planetary gear, the torque between the front and rear axle by default distributed in the ratio of 40:60, but depending on the driving conditions may vary: up to 70% on the front wheels and up to 85% on the rear.

Behind the scenes

Tell about sights of Portugal can be infinite, but must see is the statue of Christ the King in Almada, across the Tagus river from Lisbon, and the estate of QUINTA da regaleira, where you will find a unique Park complex. The highlight of the Park — “the well of initiation” (a sort of inverted tower) and the adjacent tunnel system. Spent the night at the hotel Fortaleza do Guincho near the town of Cascais. Fortaleza is translated as “fortress” than in the past and was a five-star hotel with stunning views of the Atlantic and Michelin-starred restaurant. Haute cuisine is unlikely to impress negenman. Unsightly cars were products of the local industry. Company UMM (stands for “metallo-mechanical Union”) has released a model Alter II until the mid-nineties. And Yes — it is not a tuk tuk, but a real SUV with all-wheel drive and panjiakou.


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Hatchback of Opel Corsa the first in the class will offer matrix light

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opel corsa

Opel corsa. Матричный адаптивный головной свет в сегменте B, по заверению Опеля, является примером демократизации технического прогресса.

Matrix adaptive head light in the B segment, the assurance of Opel, is an example of the democratization of technological progress.

Inspired by a succession of novelties, prepared for the Geneva auto show, we slightly overlooked the progress of work on a new a withdraw and their. Meanwhile, a few days disguised car in the final body photospin caught on the tests, and the company Opel has pleased the audience with interesting news: in the option Corsa for the first time in the class will get matrix led headlights IntelliLux LED matrix that is able to adapt the light beam to the traffic conditions, external lighting. For example, this will allow out of town constantly use the high beam without blinding oncoming (due to the temporary shutdown of part of the diodes on the correct side).

Matrix lighting technology, launched in 2013 with the segment F, gradually descended to a more affordable classes. For example, the Opel, these lights can be ordered on the Insignia and Astra. The Insignia matrix lights contain 16 switchable led elements each, and in the Astra — eight on each side (a total of 32 and 16 respectively). The number of such sections in the Course have not yet solved.

The contours Corsa is more reminiscent of the platform of the Peugeot 208 (top right), rather than a bright concept GT X Experimentalfrom which borrow is that the philosophy of “new germanskoto”, the pursuit of simple lines but still the shape of the navigation lights.

Recall that the period of development Corsi came at a critical time when firm Opel passed from group GM group PSA. Designers were forced midway to redraw the whole project is to translate already created a hatchback with a platform Gamma in French CMP. You will wonder if with all these complexities and the recent road tests, the Germans would have time to March. Most likely it will premiere in Frankfurt in September. Anyway, the Corsa should get the newest variations of engines of PSA group’s petrol and diesel PureTech BlueHDi. They complement the fully electric version of the hatchback, which will be called eCorsa.


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