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Health. How to sunbathe in the Solarium for the first time

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There are several nuances, which are important to see before the procedure. We will tell you how to sunbathe in the Solarium for the first time.

Important information

The first thing you must care their own health. Talk with your doctor. See if any of your relatives predisposed to cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Not recommended such procedures and pregnant women.

Also contraindicated such procedures to people who have recently undergoing surgery.

Tip! If you came here to sunbathe in the Solarium for the first time, do it right. As it is impossible by the way will pre-treatments gentle exfoliation. So a tan lie smoother and will last longer. However, exfoliation should be done at least 6 days before the procedure.

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If during the procedure you have such discomfort like pain, burning, discomfort, itching – you should immediately stop the session in the Solarium. Otherwise there is a risk of heat burn. Also, if you found the body redness, it is recommended to abandon a visit to the Solarium, at least up until the skin will not bounce back.

Before starting the procedure you should consider a few points:

  1. Tattoo and nevus should be covered with special stickers.
  2. Before the procedure you must drink plenty of water to compensate for moisture loss.
  3. If the procedure you want to take a shower or bath, do not use soap and shower gels.
  4. The skin on the lips is not cracked, you should apply a special protective lipstick.

How to visit the Solarium for the first time

With particular care for such procedures should be people with fair skin.

To properly tan the first time and not get burns, you should not spend in the tanning bed more than three minutes. However, even increasing the duration of sessions to achieve bronze color, most likely, will not work.

For different skin types there is a separate grading the duration of the procedures:

  • light skin, difficult-to-tan – 7 minutes twice a week;
  • light skin susceptible to sunburn – 10 minutes twice a week;
  • tan skin 10-12 minutes, often just one or two visits to a smooth acquisition of the southern sun.

To maintain the tan after the holidays is also recommended in the Solarium with a duration of 10 to 12 minutes.


Many women and girls wonder: “From what age you can start in the Solarium?”. Many experts in one voice say that you must wait at least 28 years.

However, some European legislation prohibit visits to such procedures to 18. Also, do not use a Solarium after 40 years. This restriction is conditional, but allows you to avoid some of the diseases associated with aging.

Good to know

It is worthwhile to discuss some of the nuances and answer the most frequently asked questions.

  1. The difference between vertical and horizontal Solarium, virtually no. The only difference may be in “technical stuffing” and the number of lamps. However, it should be noted that the vertical cab is more hygienic.
  2. Most antibiotics, antidepressants and birth control pills, have a number of contraindications about the use of UV treatments. Some of them increase the skin’s sensitivity, others are destroyed by heat and light, reducing their effectiveness.
  3. Before you go for the procedure, don’t forget to bring the following things: towel, Slippers, goggles, a swimsuit, a scarf or bathing cap (to remove hair).

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In General, the acquisition of the sun with special UV lamps – just a safe and cheap procedure. However, it is worth emphasizing that the holders of the mole it should be treated with extreme caution. If after visiting the salon on a body of new birthmarks and old ones increased in size and began to ache immediately contact your doctor.

It is important to learn not only about how to tan for the first time in the Solarium, but if you do sunbathe.


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