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“He used the force and is the father of the unborn child”. Daria Druziak pressing charges against Alexander Serov

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29-year-old participant of “House-2” told the whole world that Alexander Serov is absolutely immoral people. What made her make such accusations? Whether used it or is it another PR stunt?

Whether the proximity of

Друзьяк и Серов
Daria claims that were. And she announced loudly in the framework of the program of Andrey Malakhov “live”.

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The model told that the singer promised to help her with housing and to promote her name in show business. And at first, everything was arranged by both sides. Three weeks Daria lived in a mansion Serov. And after she decided to report the following:

  • the star of the 90s forced her to have intercourse;
  • it was a group of reach without her consent.
  • now the victim is pregnant by her ex-patron.

As for Alexander, he denies these rumors, blaming Darya in the quest to get fame this way.

Александр Серов


Now let’s look at the exact facts:

  1. So far there is no confirmation either said Daria, nor Alexander.
  2. There is a video that the girl lived in the mansion of a celebrity.
  3. There is also a post Druziak where she declares “war” Serov, signing it properly — “revenge is a cold dish! Stay tuned for developments! It’s only the beginning!”.Друзьяк и Серов
  4. There are indications ex-boyfriend of the model, whom she met in the framework of the project “Dom-2”. He calls Daria greedy, cynical and cruel girl.
  5. Also available evidence that the singer has a grown-up illegitimate daughter of Alice Arishina, who lives in Los Angeles with his biological father does not want to have anything to do. Алиса Аришина The girl said in a special address: “There are people I will never understand and are not worthy of the title of father, actor, men, man.”
  6. Alexander Serov admitted many years later that Alice was his daughter. And he approves of her mother for a proper upbringing, rejoicing that “the girl never claimed”.

That’s all the facts. This story has a lot of unclear moments. And it’s open whether the truth is what it really is. Therefore, all interested can follow the course of events. As Daria advises in its publication.


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News. Olga Budina explained why returned the child to the orphanage

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Actress and TV presenter Olga Budina admitted to fans that once wanted to take the child from the orphanage. But the relationship with the teenager did not work out and she was forced to return the boy back to the orphanage.

Once a popular actress who became known for starring in the television series “the Border. Taiga romance”, for several years closely involved in charity work. She has a private Foundation that supports orphanages throughout the country. In one of them, the artist became acquainted with an orphan Alexander Ismailov.

At that time, Sasha was already in adolescence. Olga he was very impressed and she seriously thought about adopting a child. Bunin was several times taken him to Moscow, together with his son Nahum and even drove to have a rest abroad. Unfortunately, the absolute trust between the foster mother and the son arose. Gradually she had begun to realize that the teenager that just enjoys a good location and the benefits that it gives him. The boy repeatedly caught in lies and Budina was seriously worried, as if he has not had a negative impact on its native son.

“I wanted to become a foster mother to Sasha was flat, so he could go to University,” shared with viewers the actress, “but it is impossible to build relationships when no trust”. Another stumbling block for Olga became a bad habit Sasha is Smoking. The woman repeatedly found in the house the butts, but the adopted son denied that matter to them in any way. In the end, patience Budina snapped and she returned to Alexander to an orphanage.

[embedded content]

Now the young man is 22 years old. And he finally found the strength to apologize to Olga for his deception. He also regrets that “did not meet her expectations” and, in recognition, often remembers the happy time spent with her.


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News. Hailey Baldwin took her husband’s name

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Hailey Baldwin decided on some changes in myself since then as she married Justin Bieber, but if you forget the new tattoo, her new big step seems to be much greater. Haley took the name of the spouse.

Haley, who was 21 years, married 24-year-old Bieber during a secret ceremony in September. And only now she began to use her husband’s name. She changed her account on Insta and now it is signed by Hayley Bieber.

In the account information is also listed Haley Born Bieber. This change happened shortly after Justine was published in Insta combines with Hayley’s picture and signed it: “My gorgeous wife”.
The couple got married, making the same tattoos, and the singer also added handwritten tattoo above his eyebrow, which is made so thin and delicate that it is barely possible to distinguish. Fans assume that the word grace, which can be translated as “grace”.

Justin at the time, some retired, to spend more time with his wife, and sources close to the singer claim that he’s happy with his life. “He’s happy and satisfied, – says the source. He was in love with Haley, she inspires him to do what he wants, and above all in revealing himself.”

It is also alleged that Bieber has no plans in the near future to return to the Studio to work and gets irritated when asked about returning to music. The source says that the reason for this is that Justin worked hard for many years and this is the first real vacation that he himself is now allowed. In addition, the sound and the words that Bieber is looking for his “purpose in this world,” so his return to work may be not music, but something new and unexpected.

[embedded content]


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News. Maxim Fadeev gave the first 20 years of solo concert

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Max Fadeev returned to the stage after 20 years. Due to health problems, the singer and composer for many years could not speak. But now, after all this time, the solution was found. And to the delight of all the fans, Maxim had his first solo experimental concert under the roof of Crocus city Hall.

Recall that for many years the producer was trying to restore his hearing, which was broken because of severe concussion. The doctors strictly forbade him to be where can be sharp and very loud sounds, so all his musical activities, he had been exclusively in the walls of the Studio. And suddenly the long-awaited news – Fadeev returned to the stage as a performer. However, he did not deny that to restore health to the end, he had failed, and that means certain limitations for Maxim still was the place to be.

So, especially in order to keep the singer from noise in the hall, for him to build a separate work area, where he barely was. There was located the necessary apparatus for his “helmet”. By the way, this clever device helped Fadeev to go on stage.”I have for many years tried to learn without hearing to hear and today I am completely closed his ears to show what happens at the concert”, – said the artist. Maxim also noted that all the vibrations he felt through his own bones, and the tempo of the music he suggested indicators lights.

[embedded content]​

In addition to the artist, in the Crocus city Hall his songs were performed: the rapper Basta, Nargis, Grigory Leps, “Silver”, Emin and others.


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