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Follow 7 simple tips and your skin will be perfect

In order to preserve the health and youthfulness of your skin, you need to decide once for yourself to do every day simple steps below. So you will long retain an attractive appearance, and with it, get your confidence and good mood!

To wash twice a day

Most of us washes with detergents once in a day doing this evening. But this is not enough to achieve a good effect of cleansing. During the night it is polluted is also quite intense. Night work actively sebaceous glands, and the micro dust from the pillow lead to contamination of the face, clogged pores. You need to wash in the morning and evening.

Always remove makeup before you go to sleep

The Board, as you can see, is quite obvious. Often neglected, especially if the night was fun and hectic. Left for the night makeup leads to excessive strain of the skin, allows the skin to breathe, leads to contamination and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Often such action can cause even a rash. To wash off the makeup every evening, and if you use a special tool to remove it, for example, micellar water, then after it, rinse your face with normal warm water.

Find and regularly use a toner and moisturizer for your skin type

кремы для кожи

In this case it is important regularity. You can find these funds even from the cheap cosmetics. Much more important is regular use of the gel cleanser, tonic and moisturizer than their cost. If you once again from cosmetics, often missing the procedure will have no effect. Let it be not the most expensive line, but to do this you need to process on a regular basis. And do not ignore the tonic, because it helps to remove makeup residue and contributes to the quality of the skin.

Sufficient water is necessary for healthy skin

Воды пейте поболе

Hydration not only outside, but also through its own reserves from the inside – here is a perfect balance of healthy and beautiful skin. Sufficiently hydrated skin is not scaly, it does not appear to be a variety of cosmetic defects, such as acne. Do not expose your body to dehydration, always carry a small bottle of clean water.

Proper nutrition is an important component of measures for skin care

A balanced diet that gives the body the right amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, promotes excellent skin condition. A low calorie diet, on the contrary, can cause the skin will look thickened and flabby. Lean on fruits and vegetables, cereals and maloprimetny carbohydrates, do not forget about foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The average daily diet should not be less than 400 grams of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Apply sunscreen

Here this rule is neglected very often, and absolutely nothing. The vast number of problems related to ageing skin, over active is due to prolonged exposure to the sun. This can include age spots, thinning of the skin and its flabbiness, the wrinkles. Many people mistakenly believe that means UV protection is needed only on the beaches. It is not, in the city of the sun can be equally harmful. A day cream with SPF or a BB cream with SPF 15-25 will suffice.

Sleep is a health


Get enough sleep. In the dream it is necessary to spend at least 6-8 hours a day, depending on the needs of your body. If you accumulate a lack of sleep, the skin under the eyes will become bluish tinge on the face visible skin hyperpigmentation and insufficient oxygen exchange. Leather actively breathes during sleep, so you cannot limit this time. During one of the experiments, the scientists found that those who slept 8 hours a night, look more attractive to others.


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